No More Default iPhone Headphones For Me

I used the headphones that come with iPhone almost exclusively for the last ten years.

They were free, fit in my ears, and sounded good enough.

I’ve used different wireless headphones but never as my primary headphone.

Wireless headphones didn’t appeal to me because of terrible Bluetooth setup, battery issues, and price.

Last year, Apple eliminated the headphone jack from iPhone. This accelerated headphone technology in an already fast moving sector.

It’s been a year without the headphone jack.

Where did I go for wireless headphones?

Amazon, obviously.

Amazon’s great, but you’ll run into obstacles if you don’t know exactly what you want.

It can be hard to determine if something is really a five-star product, or if it’s been rated five stars because it’s a good deal. Is a $40 pair of highly-rated headphones the same as a pair with the same rating for $200? Has the reviewer tried more than one pair? (When you’ve only tried one brand of headphones you don’t have a great perspective.)

And that’s not to mention “no name” brands that pay for fake five-star reviews to increase their social proof. (I use this site to sniff them out.)

I’m not an “audio guy” but I like to listen to music and finding the best products in different categories like I did with streaming services and smart speakers.

I’ve tried eight different wireless headphones this year.

I looked at comfort, sound, sweat resistance, battery life, syncing, and how well each pair stays in place.

I tried terrible options, affordable options, pricey options, and reached a few conclusions. Here were the budget options.