Quick Experience With Music Services

I decided to go in-depth with the four biggest players. But here are a few quick thoughts on some others:

  1. Tidal: This is Jay Z’s company. Tidal’s biggest selling point is supposed to be the audio quality (it’s lossless and not compressed). But it’s $20/month. The artists get paid more, and that’s cool, but that doesn’t help you as a listener. It’s been described as a flop by most people in the tech industry and it could be an acquisition target.
  2. Deezer: I don’t know much about Deezer and haven’t yet tried it, though I plan to. It seems similar to Spotify. For $10 a month you get access to 30 million songs, and there’s a free version too.
  3. SoundCloud: SoundCloud is great for up-and-coming artists looking to upload their work. I like that you can embed songs inside your blog with SoundCloud’s script. But the company is losing a lot of money and will be acquired soon (possibly by Google).
  4. Pandora: I like Pandora. It’s great for mindlessly listening to radio and is good at discovering new music based on your tastes as you upvote and downvote music. I haven’t tried their on-demand service yet, but I will!