Shared Hosting


Shared hosting is best for starters building online presence of their business with a personalized domain name.

Target Customers: SME’s and individuals

Why Shared Hosting?

  • Provide you tools to build a website.
  • Most of the hosting providers offer fast SSD space and unlimited data transfer.
  • Backups: If your hosting provider is not backing up, then there is a chance, that you could lose your saved resources, if something happens to the servers.
    Client: How many backups you store and how often?
    Most of the reputable providers backup content and up to 15 such backups are stored thus minimizing clients storage backup responsibility.
  • SSL: Secure hosting provider requires browser or app to use encrypted connection for upload and download.
    URL says it “https://.”
  • Optimized Hosting: Hosting expenses reduced by optimizing and charging for only you consume.
  • Scale: If a need arises, space and bandwidth scaled.


  • Metrics analytical tools are available to analyze various features.

SEO Website Hosting

SEO considered as a key driver to attract traffic to the site. Hosting companies provide Hosting packages, which support SEO.