Dedicated Hosting

Client hires entire server which gives flexibility it terms of full control, choice of Operating System and Hardware. The servers are housed in data centers, similar to colocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems.

Why choose Dedicated Hosting?

  • A dedicated server hosts only yours or your client’s websites.
  • High Traffic Websites: Ideal for large medium or business website with substantial traffic.
  • The website and the auxiliary components are usually stored and operated at a remote location which saves the company money and valuable space.
    Companies prefer remote locations in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters when they must depend on safety and reliability of the web host and data.
  • Flexibility: You get root access to install any application. Thus you gain total control of server resources like Operating System, bandwidth, space and hardware.
  • Can be customized for high security and reliability
  • TV Channels especially news channels develops online streaming video content for their website, they need huge bandwidth and space..
  • Questions in mind with long term Hosting contracts

What if?

  • Provider goes out of business
  • equipment becomes obsolete
  • unhappy with customer service
  • Server gets stuck

It leads you to shop around and find good quality server provider. You want 100% uptime, and in case, the server goes down, you can contact server provider to get the issue resolved immediately. Any downtime means business loss or money loss.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Budget Dedicated Server

  • Attractive incentive such as No Setup Cost
  • Discounted Monthly Fees

You do not want to sacrifice service for cost; you want reliable servers, excellent customer service, and large bandwidth and space.

Gaming Dedicated Servers

Internet gaming is much widespread that millions of people addictively spend their hours of a day playing online games, casinos or even do gambling online. Web sites offering Role Playing are becoming popular and getting tons of traffic on a daily basis.


  • Bit expensive than shared or VPS hosting, so must be optimally utilized.

Virtual Dedicated Hosting


Virtual dedicated hosting

Virtualization technology converts one physical server into multiple virtual machines by using virtualization software. Each virtual server runs its operating system and rebooted independently.
There is no physical partition, but virtual or software partition. Each user is given more privacy and security and gets advantages of dedicated hosting but at low prices.

 VPS Hosting Features

  • Isolated stand-alone server: It can have its processes, IP addresses, port numbers, tables, own versions of system configuration files, system libraries. For ex: – Multiple versions of Linux can reside on the same physical server.
  • The quality of Service: It has some standard and uniqueness which includes CPU disk space, Guarantees on disk I/O, network I/O, Memory-user and Kernel.
  • VPS is not a Virtual Machine: VPS runs only on the same OS as root OS. For ex- Linux on Linux. It gives 100 times better efficiency and some dynamic changes for traffic control.
  • Mass Management: User can create application and OS templates. All the requests can be grouped together for the updates to specific systems. It improves system uptime and security.


There are numerous benefits of VPS which are as follows:

  • Zero Worries: User need not worry about speed, updates, performance, infrastructure as well as backups, as the maintenance of the server is done by VPS provider.
  • Safety: User get an IP address, and mail server in VPS hosting that prevents from bounced emails due to spamming activities.
  • Isolation: With the use of own resources and OS, one user gets completely isolated from another user.
  • Cost effectiveness: It provides freedom to a user associated with owning his machine like a dedicated server at considerably low prices.
  • Scalability and Customization: Data is hosted on scalable servers so that user can customize with website traffic.


The only limitation is that user gets lesser resources than a dedicated server. A user may be receiving his portion in the server hardware, but resources are less as compared to dedicated hosting.

Who should move to VPS?

  • High website traffic, and therefore speed is needed.
  • Full or semi-managed hosting support is there.
  • There are advanced security features, monitoring, and backups.
  • It fulfills the online SEO aspects of a website by fast loading pages, dedicated IPs, and private name servers.
  • Virtual Dedicated Server runs in groups in a virtual environment. The user has full control over the hosted website. In this hosting CPU and RAM are virtualized. To use this hosting one should have the technical knowledge to manage the server on which website is hosting.