Hosting Website by Creating own web server


In this today’s scenario, almost all small businesses and companies store their web site on a server to mke web site visible to the world. I know can provide me the server, can I host my website, by creating my own server. What are the different problems, which I need to consider for this?

Yes, you do have this option, but my dear friend, there are few problems associated with this, which is taking care of, for which it charging very nominal, let me provide you three major problems by hosting a website by creating your own web server which we could get easily by paying very nominal to the

Hardware Expenses
To run a “real” web site, you will have to buy some powerful server hardware. Don’t expect that a low cost PC will do the job. You will also need a permanent (24 hours a day ) high speed connection to your office, and such connections are expensive.

Software Expenses

Don’t forget to count the extra cost for software licenses. Remember that server licenses often are much higher than client licenses. Also note that some server software licenses might have limits on number of concurrent users.

Labor Expenses

Don’t expect low labor expenses. Remember that you have to install your own hardware and software. You also have to deal with bugs and viruses, and keep your server constantly running in an environment where “everything could happen”.

Disk Space for a site

Hi, How much disk space do I need for hosting my site?

Well, it depends on the nature of your website, usually a small or medium web site need between 10 and 100MB of disk space.

If you look at the size of HTML pages, you will see that the average size is very small. Maybe even smaller than 1KB. But if you look at the size of the images (button, gif, banner, jpg) used inside the pages, you will often find images many times larger than the page itself.

Expect each HTML page to take up between 5 and 50KB of disk space on your web server, depending on the use of images or other space consuming elements.

If you plan to use lots of images or graphic elements (not to mention sound files or movies), you might be needing much more disk space.

Make sure that you know your needs before you start looking for your web host.
I can suggest you to go with the Basic Unix Plan of the, if you need more resources, you can easily get them.

Monthly Traffic

What is monthly traffic, and how can I calculate this ?

You can calculate this by multiplying your average page size with the number of expected page views per month. If your average page size is 30KB and you expect 50,000 page views per month, you will need 0.03MB x 50,000 = 1.5GB.

Larger, commercial sites often consume more than 100GB of monthly traffic.

A small or medium web site will consume between 1GB and 5GB of data transfer per month.

Email Forwarding

What is email forwarding? What we can do with this?

Email forwarding allows you to have multiple email personalities.

With email forwarding, you can setup aliases for other email accounts like should be forwarded to should be forwarded to

What this instant domain alias is

hi, i know that i have to use an instant domain alias to register my account.please tell me that what this instant domain alias is?

Instant Domain Alias is an additional web address which lets you access your site during the first several hours after the domain name registration, the time when the site is yet unavailable at the newly registered domain.