web hosting affiliate

Web Hosting Affiliate

Internet marketing can be run by what to which we call Websites Affiliate. Companies run affiliate

programs to generate leads and sales from other Websites. They pay the sites who host their ads a commission for products sold through the links on their sites. Thus this sort of e-business activity which is carried out by mean of web-hosting services is termed as Web Hosting Affiliate. For example, if a site owner signs up for Amazon.com’s affiliate program, he will receive ad banners or links from Amazon.com that he can place anywhere on his site. Then, if a visitor clicks on the Amazon.com banner or a link on his site and buys something, he will receive a commission. Unfortunately for Website owners, affiliate commissions are seldom above 5%, since most Web sales are made with small profit margins.

Hosting affiliate was introduced in the late 1990’s and thus raises the level of internet marketing to a good position. Hosting affiliate involves two or more parties that work in conjunction to provide a certain level of benefit to each other. The websites of affiliate hosting are run by third parties who sell products and services for the Internet Company. Affiliate hosting is meant for everything which we can imagine.

The advantages of webmaster affiliate program are as follow:

  • High commission rates;
  • Min Trade Point (MTP) equal spread for each instrument;
  • An opportunity to create your own partner network;
  • 5 levels of affiliate commission;
  • No initial investment required;
  • Easy registration of a partner account;
  • Detailed statistics on trade transactions;
  • Reports on partner commission;
  • A wide choice of advertising materials;
  • Informational support by RoboForex

Domain Hosting Affiliate can be discussed with regard to its following features:

  • Client earns commission as long as he remains a referral.
  • The cookie duration is for 6 months in domain hosting affiliate.
  • Domain hosting affiliate does not comprise any sort of risk and it only provides an opportunity to earn extra income.

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs:

  1. Commission Junction
  2. ShareASale
  3. Amazon
  4. eBay
  5. ClickBank
  6. Max Bounty
  7. Peer Fly
  8. Link Share
  9. Never Blue Ads
  10. Pepper Jam
  11. More Niche

The best affiliate programs which are mentioned above are relative to what market we are in.

By mean of above discussion, we are well known about the fact that what Affiliate Program is. Now we will discuss about Web Hosting Affiliate.

Advantages Of Web Hosting Affiliate

  • Existing clients know other people with websites, and with the incentive of an affiliate program, they’re more likely to refer people they know to their web host.
  • Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money without having any responsibility for the clients after they’ve signed up for a service.
  • Expenses incurred by affiliate marketing are low.
  • Affiliates who have accounts with several web hosts put their own reputation less at risk than web hosts do as they aren’t the ones providing the ongoing service.

Disadvantages Of Web Hosting Affiliate

  • Affiliate marketing is very competitive in the web hosting industry, and a lot of big web hosting companies have affiliate programs with high payouts. It can be difficult to compete with their affiliate programs.
  • Affiliates generally prefer affiliate accounts with established companies, so new companies may have difficulty attracting affiliates.
  • Some affiliates become spammers by posting their affiliate links in forums, blogs, and wherever they can without regard for the rules and conventions where they’re posting. This practice makes these affiliates and the companies they’re promoting look bad.
  • It takes a lot of work (and sometimes a lot of money) to set up and maintain. Thus, smaller companies may not find it very beneficial to offer a web hosting affiliate program.

Thus, inspite of such disadvantages there is no better time to join a web hosting affiliate than now as it is one of the easiest ways to earn high commissions with nominal effort.

Website page rank

 website page rank

This is a normal question for Everyone That “Is website Page Rank Important Or Not ?”

Basically a website page rank is created by working on the important pages of your website and how many times that page is visited by the users and what all kind of links you provide to that page. website Page rank is actually judged by the number of incoming links on the page. Page rank is basically a value given to that web page. The page rank is given out of 10 that mean if a page is ranked good and is searched by many users then its rank will be 1/10.

website page rank is displayed as a green bar to the left of the webpage in the Google directory. The basic factor behind page rank is the keyword. If your keywords are rare and unique then your page rank doesn’t matter and if your keywords are in the competition the page rank becomes an important part as that you have to compete with the rest of the sites that use the similar type of keywords.

There are two types of website page rank :

First is the rank which sits in the algorithm on the Google. And the second is the visible page rank which is what we can see in the browsers on the toolbar or by using a widget in your browser.

The visible page rank is not updated oftenly for rankings and is just a snapshot. Suppose you have a page rank of 4 which were made few months ago but the now Google has stopped updating the ranks oftenly and the ranks are updated within a period of long time. Google says that the visible page rank is now updated only a couple of times a year.

But most of the people are focused on their website rank which is probably not an issue. If your website page rank has dropped but the customers have risen up then page rank does not matter in that case. The website page rank does not matter a lot the page owners because if there sales are rising up and the rank is not good then who cares about the page rank of that web page.

Website Page Rank

The importance of inbound links is known to everyone. As the number of links in the website increases, the performance of the website will becomes much better in the search engine ranking. For example, if you place the website to the competition, and everything on the page (metatags and keywords) are the same, and then the website with the most inbound links would rank higher. The above stated theory is termed as link popularity. What most people are not aware of is that some websites make for better link partners than others. A system which measures the link value of any webpage is called Website Page Rank.

Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns weight or a value to web pages. The algorithm is used in determining the authority and relevance of a webpage for search engine results. Basically the higher the Page Rank, the better the search engine ranking.

So having higher Website Page Rank linking to lower Website Page Rank will benefit the lower Website Page Rank, but not necessarily detract from the higher Website Page Rank. The criteria for determining Website search engine Page Rank is different for every engine, but all engines share several commonalities. Thus tailoring the website for getting improved Website Search Engine Page Rank is termed as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Page Rank was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996.

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank is a number between 0 and 10 that a web page receives from Google. As it is the intellectual property of google so there is no need to apply, buy or rent it. Having a higher Page Rank than your competitor’s PageRank is what defines a “good” Page Rank, regardless of its absolute value.

Google Page rank is based on backlinks. The more quality backlinks the higher Google Page Rank.

If a page rank of 4 is compared to page rank of 3 then page rank of 4 is five times more valuable than page rank of 3.Similarly, page rank of 5 is five times more valuable than page rank of 4. There is no “good” or “bad” Page Rank in an absolute sense. The page must be at least equal our competitors’ Page Ranks. For selling shoes online, a PageRank of 2 can be enough if the corresponding competitors’ Page Ranks are lower. Higher is always good, of course, but the value of PageRank can be determined by its corresponding competitors’ Page Ranks.

Google uses its indexes to find and display the most relevant pages. The relevancy of a page is called its “PageRank,” and Google calculates PageRank in a number of ways. For getting the site to the top of Google search results Understanding PageRank proves to be very helpful.

Web Workshop, a Search-Engine Optimization resource, explains the calculations that Google uses to calculate PageRank. It’s a complex formula, but the basics can be simmered down to this: When another site links to our site, that site is basically casting a vote for our keywords. When someone types “cat medicine” into Google, Google looks at the meta tags and body content of all the websites in its index and pulls out all the ones that match “cat medicine” exactly. It then looks at how many “votes” our site has from other sites. Lots of links equal lots of votes, and the number of outbound links from your site to those other sites are taken into account, too. Google crunches the numbers and creates a ranking, which it displays as the search results.

The Top Page Rank sites are-

The List of Top Page Rank Sites which is mentioned above reveals that the blogs behind the website can easily be found by such a list of Top Page Rank sites.

Thus, Website Page Rank determined the relevance of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data.

Linux Hosting

linux hosting

Linux Hosting

Linux is the open-source operating system and has a greater amount of protection & flexibility than options such as windows when used on servers. It also has a reputation for stability and speed. The cost of it is also less in comparison to other OS. It also supports a wide range of software’s. It is highly reliable and secure OS for use with web hosting services. Many versions of Linux are also available, each one with different set of software.

The next version of web hosting solutions is the Linux hosting services is actually a common name with quality website hosting services for a variety of operating systems. Linux itself is open source and Linux hosting offers all the advantages associated with open source software. Open source software allows constant improvements to be made by any person who is interested to do so.

Linux hosting refers to a web host that is running the Linux operating system on their server, as well as the database and other software. Linux web hosting is sometimes referred to as a LAMP, which is a server model based on the Linux operating system, plus Apache server software, MySQL database and PHP programming language. Linux is the first choice of many website owners for serving web pages and powering web based applications.

Linux hosting has a good reputation in particular for the provision of both stable and reliable web hosting solutions. The stability of Linux comes with quality website hosting such a website is very good. Linux hosting is also compatible with e-commerce functions for small business web hosting.

Linux hosting supports more cross platform applications, and offers a higher portability than most proprietary operating systems. Linux runs on a variety of hardware platforms, which means that you have the freedom to select the hardware or even migrate to a different hardware later without any hassles. Apache is the server of the operating system of Linux. It is also a better accessible project and largely acclimated web server.

Linux Hosting Services Features:

  • PHP and MySQL support
  • Apache Web Server
  • Mod Rewrite Support
  • Chmod file permissions

Why cheap Linux hosting is preferred?

There are many reasons as for which cheap Linux hosting is preferred. The reasons are as follow:

  • When you are at the start of your website or business, you don’t need a big website and a huge disk space on the server and probably look for companies offering affordable web hosting plans.
  • Linux operating system for computers remains one of the most common examples of free software services available for users.
  • The flexibility of availing the best and popular technologies like MySQL, Python, XML and PHP remains with Linux based hosting platforms.
  • A Linux web hosting company follows in line with a strict tradition of budget web hosting and turning heavy profit in little time and this signifies a lot to the consumer as many consumers react to profit in a positive way, you can see the same at linuxhost.net
  • Linux is basically one of the worldwide growing operating system and many consumers and business owners are interested in running their on line business using Linux web hosting.
  • For the midsized and the small sized enterprises it is best to go for the shared server. The downtime of a site influences mood of the browsers and to attract and motivate web travelers it is necessary to ensure fast downloading speed.
  • If you are looking for a cheap web hosting then Linux hosting is best choice for you as it comes with free of setup charges.

Features of Linux scored over MAC and Window hosting:

  1. If you are looking to make your determination on price, you will likely find that Linux if usually more affordable than both Windows and Mac web hosting plans.
  2. Linux is well known throughout the industry for being as stable as they come, able to maintain a hosting operation under a wide range of demanding situations.
  3. Linux is the operating system that can truly help you harness the processing power of the underlying machine.
  4. In order to make more resources available to the computer and users, Linux utilizes a command line similar to old DOS systems, making it a real challenge for those who lack technical experience. Windows and Mac OS X platforms both offer graphical user interfaces, presenting vivid backgrounds, icons and links to greatly simplify the administration process.
  5. When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to host on Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting is almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers.
  6. A web site designed to be hosted on a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server easily, where as the reverse is not always true.
  7. If you want to host ASP/ASP.NET and MS SQL/Access then Windows. If you want to host PHP and MySQL then Linux.

Basically, Linux is a Unix-based Operating System. Although, presently it support GUI features but still it is superseded by window application. It was developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991 when he was the student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Now, it has become most widespread web hosting platform.

The web hosting which drive its server by using the free and open source Linux Operating System is called Linux Web Hosting. Hosting Linux mostly depends on a LAMP structure where LAMP stands for:

L – Linux Operating System
A – Apache Server Software
M – MySQL database
P – PHP scripting

Linux Operating System is free and open source means there is no need to pay licensing fee in order to use it. Linux Web Hosting is highly termed as Affordable Linux Web Hosting as it offer relatively cheap web hosting packages. Affordable Linux Web Hosting offer the ability to reach customers around the world, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance communication and customer service with little investment. The first, foremost important, thing that we are going to need in order to start our own web hosting company is an account of Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting. Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting does not bother about pricing it only deals with the fact that what sort of company it is, to

which we are going to be considered. Cheap Linux Web Hosting is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting which we can consider if we wish to receive the best value for money from our chosen web hosting package. Cheap Lin

MyIdealHost is Cheap Linux Web Hosting with free domain registration, unlimited hosted domains and mailboxes, cPanel control panel, 24/7 mail/chat/ phone etc.

Linux operating system is much more compatible with the two technologies i.e. PHP and MYSQL. Linux Website Hosting Provider offer stable and reliable environment to the website.

Features Of Linux Hosting

Low Cost Hosting:

Linux Hosting is going to be the cheapest Web Hosting platform available to us at any stage. Linux Shared Web Hosting packages are ideal for those who are on a lower web hosting budget.

PHP And MYSQL Hosting:

Linux Website Hosting is much more suitable to PHP and MYSQL technology.

Ruby Hosting:

The server side scripting language that can be used to create dynamic web pages and script for hosting in a Linux Web Hosting Environments.

SSH Access:

SSH Access is provided by default with all Linux VPS server and Linux Dedicated server as it enable us to have a root access to Linux Server Hosting Service. It proves much helpful in performing advance administrative tasks.

Advantages/ Disadvantages Of Linux Hosting

The advantages of Linux Hosting are:

  • Due to free and open source feature of Linux Website Hosting, it provides Cheap Hosting services as Linux Website Hosting Provider don’t have to pay for Linux Operating System.
  • The security offered by Linux Hosting is at par. By applying security measures and tools we can protect Linux server from direct external attacks.
  • Hosting Linux is reliable.

The disadvantages of Linux Hosting are :

Linux is exploitable if the server is not secured beforehand. Linux is not compatible with Windows applications and the coding conversions.

  • A Linux Web Hosting Server will not be able to support popular Microsoft technologies such as classic ASP and ASP.NET, nor will the user be able to host databases that have been created in Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • In some situations, the security measures that are put in place by web hosting providers actually have a negative impact and instead affect the performance of the websites that are hosted on the server concerned.

Therefore, Linux Hosting has got preference due to its features of low cost, stability, uptime and speed. As all Linux website Hosting Providers guarantee reliability, security, speed and money back at low cost. Linux Web Hosting can be highly effective for those who are on a budget but wish to be able to make the most of what web hosting has to offer.

Expert Hosting

expert hosting

Expert Hosting

CPWebHosting offers Expert Hosting Plans to fit any need. No matter whether you’re starting a Blog with Word Press, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHP, starting an Online Store with e-commerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Expert Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

As a expert web hosting service provider, it is most essential to know the importance of having a top-notch army of server administrators and specialists who cannot just install, configure, maintain or backup an OS but can effectively keep the server and your website operational with optimum performance.

An expert hosting provider offers a bunch of advanced web servers to ensure fast and prompt response from the server and other vital operating systems resources. Most of the web hosting service providers offer good amount of support in very affordable price on the Operating systems like Windows NT, Sun Solaris UNIX or LINUX.

An additional part of expert hosting provided by CPWebHosting is that you can acquire enough web space to aid additional content, for example pictures, videos and audio tracks. Can be challenging be a vital strategy for making your web blog be noticed, or of communicating information for your readers. Again, without having enough bandwidth, adding this additional content can very seriously lessen the pace of your blog, so having expert hosting professional’s on-hand to offer advice and support is certainly worth the investment.

Expert Hosting Package for Customers:

Price $13.9
No. of Websites 40
Bandwidth provided 200 GB
Disk space given 20 GB
Email Accounts 40
MYSQL Database 40

Expert hosting is that hosting activity which comprises all the Web Hosting features in a perfect manner, it avail the services of Web Hosting in an efficient and convenient way as per the user requirement.

The concept of Expert Hosting undergoes different functionality and strategies if web hosting services are taken into account. This would be clear by the following example which explains the services and strategy rendered and followed by Expert Hosting.

If the strategy of Expert Hosting Online is considered, a person needs not to order products and to be an affiliate member for registering an account on the specific website. Each affiliate user is given a unique affiliate link and banner advertisement that can be post on his/her website, any user who follow the link and purchase the items within a 90 day period will earn that affiliate commission.

A cookie is placed on the user’s computer with a life span of 90 days, if it is purchased within that 90 day period the cookie is used to make sure the correct affiliate earns commission payments. Thus, this system will not work if people delete their cookies meant for corresponding website since there is no way of knowing which affiliate link they came to us from. There may be a minimum amount of commission earnings before a payment is made, if used, the commission delay will usually be set to around 25.00 which means that once an affiliate has earned at least that amount, a payment will be made on the next commission payment run, this usually occurs on the first of each month.

The plan of Expert Web Hosting is designed for webmasters or those who are comfortable with the website development and hosting. The package of Expert Hosting includes cPanel access and pre-installed scripts (wordpress, joomla etc.) for easy automation or installation. It allows us to easily set up and control the website(s) by mean of in-built features i.e. rich Control Panel. With the package of Expert Hosting, up to 10 commercial websites can be hosted. It proves a perfect solution for those acquiring personalized websites. This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) package. WordPress Hosting Experts can help track down and troubleshoot WordPress issues. The WordPress Hosting Experts are ready to solve every issue and find a solution for every need.

Features Of Expert Hosting

The most common features of Expert hosting are:

  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Perl, PHP5, C++, Python
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Full CGI Access
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Free SSL Secure Server
  • Detailed Website Statistics
  • SSH Secure Shell Access
  • Add-on Domains
  • Redundant Nightly Backups
  • Virtual FTP Accounts

It is necessary to hire an expert web host for running online business successfully. If a company has newly started it’s business then it is necessary to check whether their hosting partner is capable enough to deliver the desired services. The basic hosting is sufficient at the time of pre-stage of the business which has been started recently. Not all the startup businessmen are much familiar with the hosting requirements so in such a situation hosting partner should impart knowledge about the benefits of different plans and packages that is suitable for the business.

Any reliable and expert web host can provide the technical assistance to the areas of obstruction which is due to poor performance of the website.

Now we will study about the companies providing services of Expert Web Hosting:

  • The Hosting 24 hosting company : The hosting 24 hosting company was started about 8 years ago to provide expert hosting services to people from all over the world.
  • Maya Web Services : This hosting plan provides much better services so as to meet the requirement of large or personal website.
  • Liquid Web : A variety of Expert Shared Hosting Plans are offered by Liquid web so as to meet out any sort of requirement and this requirement can be start-up of a Blog with word press installation of a CMS solution with Drupal, Forum-opening with PHPBB, start-up of an Online Store etc.

Thus, Expert Hosting is essential to meet out every sort of business need and application which is possible by mean of updated technological features and tools.

small business web hosting

small business web hosting

Let know small business Web Hosting

We all have become dependent on the computer technology for all our work to be done fast. So the market of Internet marketing has grown up in the recent years. It has become the need of every small and well established business.

It is certainally working out great for the small business to expand their wings in this sky of tough competition. All over the world the people are making their own websites to expand their business globally.  To build up a site and to maintain it has now become cheaper.  The impressive vision of your website can make a big impact on the customers online. Sometimes the results are unbelievable.

Earlier the Television, Newspaper and Radio were the only means to advertise. The biggest problems with television and radio advertising campaigns is that they offer real only when your ad is heard or seen. But now internet advertising has left all these modes behind, as it is the fastest and cheapest way to advertise globally all the time 24/7.

The Internet has opened the door to success for many small and new businesses. This is because the marketing cost associated with the Internet is relatively lower as compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Devices such as email marketing, social marketing, web marketing and associate marketing to name a few have been much-admired as the future of the business industry. The ROI of an Internet marketing campaign is huge since there are millions of potential users out there waiting to buy the right product and service.

By creating a positive image among these users, you will be able to enjoy huge volume of traffic and subsequently, huge sales volume. By having a good website that is user friendly, you will have laid the foundation to a great marketing campaign.

basic requirement for Small business web hosting :

The basic requirement for web hosting account is to place the site online. It would be helpful to apply for it before you start the actual site development process. There are so many good devices installed on the web hosting account and you will be able to make the site using them. Some of the programs are also good to maintain the site and update its content.

There are lots of things to do, by which your site can gain lot of popularity.  The structure and its component should be familiar and it shouldn’t be complicated. The looks should be alluring and impressive if you wish the site to be visited by more and more potential visitors.

Small Business Web Hosting deal with the following two terms:

  • Web Hosting
  • Business Web Hosting

Web :

If any individual and organization wants to visualize their website on the internet then it will be possible by mean of Web Hosting service. It is a business by virtue of which storage, connectivity and services are to be provided that is essential for a website. Web Host is a company which enables the services of web hosting. Web Hosts provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing internet connectivity, typically in a datacenter (facility for housing computer systems and associated components like telecommunication and storage system).Web Hosting services includes leasing of hard disk space, maintenance of hardware and software, provision of back up and security, content integrity, credit-card processing, email boxes and high speed internet communication.

Business Web Hosting :

The prevailing and upcoming phase of development prefers online presence with respect to business climate. That’s why a big number of organizations who were following traditional channels are rapidly moving towards internet for establishing their brands. Business Web Hosting has now become a crucial requirement for organizations of all sizes. Basically, Business Hosting is a type of web hosting that emphasis on the need of business which has to be fulfilled so as to operate online in a well-defined manner. Business Web Hosting Services includes search engine optimization, robust email systems, shopping cart programs and more. Business hosting can be very affordable and cost effective. By mean of business hosting all technical burdens are transferred to a capable service provider which assures that you are staying up and running. The platform of Business Hosting Service fully supports the efforts of our branding.

  • The provision of Cheap Business Web Hosting from fast
  • Business Web Hosting is quite similar across the board.
  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a measuring tool for the reliability of a Cheap Business Web Hosting.

When buying from a Business Web Hosting Provider is whether or not they are capable of offering reliable Business web hosting. Our Cheap Business Web Hosting guide focuses our reviews on three Business Web Hosting Providers. They are

  1. Best Business Web Host Provider #1-HOSTMONSTER
  2. Best Business Web Host #2-BLUEHOSTING
  3. Cheap Business Web Host Provider #3- IX WEBHOSTING

Best Business Web Hosting is created to help business website owners for finding best business and e-commerce hosting. Best Business Web Hosting produces good ideas regarding starting a new business website and how to extract money from it. After discussing Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting, we come across to our topic that is Small Business Web Hosting which is discussed in a following manner? They are:-

If we are running a small sized business than an Affordable business web hosting is much more preferable. Affordable business web hosting is basically meant for small or medium size businesses. For starting small online business a large investment is not required. The reasonable price does not mean quality and package options are compromised. This is something of great importance for smaller businesses as every saved expense is highly appreciated. For small size company a reliable website is required in which we does not want to pay too much. Unlike basic hosting plans Small Business Web hosting provides us a professional touch. Thus when online business hosting services are carried out on a small scale then it is said to be Small Business Web Hosting.Advantages of Small Business Web Hosting

    • Money Saving
      • Small Business Web Hosting saves money by sharing server space.

    • Easy administration
      • Web host control panel makes the administration of business website easy because server resources are shared, the maintenance of the system is carried out by the host.

    • DailyBack-ups
      • Small Business web Hosting provider performs the daily back ups of the databases and website when professional business plan is going to be taken into account.

    • More Goodies
      • More MYSQL databases, more parked domains are usually offered.

    • Emails
      • It provides several email account options.

    • Security
      • SSL(Secure Socket Layer) and secure Shopping Carts (to sell goods online) are also offered in Small Business Web Hosting.

The Small Business web Hosting which cover up all these advantages is considered to be the Best Small Web Hosting. Best Small Business Web Hosting has remarkable hosting features, uptime, server speed and customer support.

As far as we concern about Small Business web Hosting service, a professional plan came in front of us which still proves to be very remarkable and outstanding.

Round cube hosting Vs Zen cart hosting

Round Cube Hosting, Zencart Hosting

Roundcube Hosting Vs Zen cart Hosting

Roundcube Hosting:

Before analyzing our topic i.e. Round cube Hosting Vs. Zencart hosting, first of all we have to discuss that what is Round cube hosting and what is Zencart hosting?

When you run a website, you have to be sure that your inexpensive web hosting is always up to speed. If your servers aren’t working, or if they even get a little bit of downtime, that can mean a loss in revenue and that’s not what anyone wants.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with downtime, or problems you shouldn’t be seeing in the first place, it’s time to start going with a service that keeps you the customer in mind at all times.

Many hosting companies around the world such as linuxhost, CPWebHosting, webhostingcheap use Round Cube.

Round cube Web-mail IMAP client was incorporated into epesiBIM (epesi Business Information Manager) – a web based, open source CRM like application. Round cube Webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface.

It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking. The user interface is fully skinnable using XHTML and CSS 2. Round cube is released under the GPLv2 license. Round cube can be installed with an easy 1 click installation with Fantastico and/or Simplescripts which is offered by all of our recommended hosts.

Round cube is a web-based IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol is a protocol that is meant for email retrieval) email client written in PHP programming language. The most dominant feature of Round cube is the proliferous use of Ajax technology so as to present a more streaming and answerable user interface if compared to traditional webmail client. Round cube is free software released under GNU General Public Licensing. After facing the phase of 2 years of development, the first stable release of Round cube was announced in early 2008.

Many universities use Round cube so as to provide email services to students and staff.

These Universities are-Harvard university, UC Berkeley, University of Utah, University of Oregon, Stevens Institute of Technology, Tilburg University and the university of Sussex.

The Round cube plugin collect each address that we send an email to and records it in an address book, so as to make it available for later use or auto-completion. Round cube plugin adds the functionality of Round cube. Round cube skin are meant for mobiles and desktops.The latest versions of Round cube skins are fully compatible with Round cube 0.8.4.A number of Round cube themes are available for desktop and mobiles. Mobile Cube is a new and fresh Round cube theme for the popular open source email system.

Zen Cart Hosting:

There are lots of hosting packages that some websites need, especially when you’re dealing with e-commerce. What might work for some sites doesn’t work for others—and in this case, Zen cart inexpensive web hosting is an option you always want to check out.

Why? Well, the ease of use and simplicity you’ll find while using it is second to none. You won’t need any previous experience, and, thankfully, it’s easy to get used to. Perhaps that’s the best advantage when it comes to Zen cart hosting—but it’s not the last one, not by a long shot.

So if you’re thinking about making a change, like to a better cheapest hosting package, it’s one you’ll have to check out. . It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components. Support is provided for numerous languages and currencies, and it is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

Where we concern about the term Zencart, it reveals an open source ecommerce application, which is written in PHP and require a MYSQL database. Zencart provides an easy customization of the online store. Zencart has built-in system for receiving online payments, setting tax and discount rates, etc. It has been developed to provide user-friendly and powerful ecommerce solution. It supports multiple payment shipping and tax options as well as setting up different currencies and languages. Professional Zencart templates and professional Zencart themes is the best way to create an online website shop in zero amount of time. Free Zencart templates, Premium Zen cart template etc., fit well on any device, including ipad, iphone, blackberry and android. Template system of Zen Cart allows us to create another Zen Cart theme leaving the core files untouched. Clients prefer Zencart Pros because the advice they received in a Zen Cart forum resulted in lost data, costly downtime for their store, or hours of frustration. Phpbb2 is a Zencart forum script use to add a forum to the shopping cart. Quantum Gateway Modules are the official release of the Zencart modules for the Interactive integration method. 2CheckOut Payment Zencart Modules incorporates the 2CO products listing on checkout. Zen Cart reviews showed that the platform lacks innovative plug-ins. Zencart reviews also reveals that the upgrades are complicated and may take a while.Zencart Add-ons

  • improve the ZenCart based store by adding new functionality.
  • ZenCart Add-ons and Modules are designed to expand or modify the
  • functionality of ZenCart itself. Zencart SEO maximizes our site’s page
  • rank. Zencart SEO supports heavily modified ZenCart shopping cart.

The basic difference between round cube hosting and zen cart hosting:

Roundcube Hosting Zen Cart Hosting
Connects to any IMAPv4 server Easily keep your products/catalog updated – no HTML coding required adding, deleting, or modifying products.
Full support for MIME and HTML messages Works on the popular combination of PHP and MySQL technologies
Compose Rich text/HTML messages with attachments Secure – no one but your administrative personnel can access your customer/catalog data
Full featured address book based on vCard with group support User front-end is validated to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Support for external SMTP server Any PHP coding changes can be protected during upgrades by using the built-in override protection system.
Support for shared/global folders and IMAP ACLs Products can be linked and/or copied to multiple categories.
Template system for custom themes Attributes can show image/colour swatches.

Now we will deal with our topic i.e. “Round cube hosting Vs. Zencart Hosting”. As far as we concern about the given topic – “Round cube hosting Vs. Zencart Hosting” we does our distinction on the following ground:-

  • Round cube hosting can be connected to any IMAPV4 server while Zencart Hosting can easily keep our products/catalog updated, and thus there is no need for any HTML coding and also there is no need for adding, deleting or modifying products.
  • There is full support for MIME and HTML messages in Round cube hosting, on the other hand, Zencart Hosting works on the popular combination of PHP and MYSQL technologies.
  • Round cube hosting can compose rich text/HTML messages with attachments while although Zencart Hosting is secured, no one can access our customer/catalog data but administrative personnel can do so.
  • In case of Round cube hosting, there is full featured address book based on vCard with group support while in

Zencart Hosting User front-end is validated to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

  • Round cube hosting support for SMTP server while in Zencart Hosting, any PHP coding changes can be protected during upgrades by using the built-in override protection system.
  • Round cube hosting support for shared/global folders and IMAP ACLs, while in Zencart Hosting product can be linked and/or copied to multiple categories.
  • In Round cube hosting, there is template system for custom themes while in Zencart Hosting attributes can show image/color swatches.

Although the above written article emphasis the concept of “ Round cube hosting Vs. Zencart hosting “ which not only highlights the distinction in both the terms with respect to their features, but also specifies their meaning, roles and applications in different aspects of new era of development.

Fantastico Scripts


Fantastico Scripts

Fantastico is a commercial script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. Fantastico scripts are executed from the administration area of a website control panel such as cPanel.

Fantastico scripts are usually executed when a new website is created, or a new application is added to an existing website. The scripts typically create tables in a database, install software, adjust permissions, and modify web server configuration files.

Although Fantastico primarily targets open-source software, a handful of scripts are also available that install proprietary products. Once installed, these are available to all of the domains hosted by a physical server.

Fantastico is a php based web application that integrates with cPanel and gives you the ability to install popular open source applications. With Fantastico, installation procedures take only seconds and can be performed by novices without the need of setting up MySQL databases, importing structure, chmoding files and without the need of other tasks usually associated with installations. It houses the scripts for these procedures and does all this for you.

If you are choosing a web hosting company then I would definitely prefer CPWebhosting.com as it provides great pricing and hosting options for businesses to host multiple sites on one account at one low price. CPWebHosting offers free Fantastico scripts.

The Free Fantastico scripts offered by CPWebhosting.com are:


  • b2evolution
  • Nucleus
  • WordPress
Polls and Surveys

  • Advanced Poll
  • LimeSurvey
  • phpESP
Site Builders

  • Soholaunch Pro Edition
  • Templates Express
Content Management

  • Drupal
  • Geeklog
  • Joomla 1.7
  • Joomla 1.5
  • Mambo
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpWCMS
  • phpWebSite
  • Siteframe
  • TYPO3
  • Xoops
  • Zikula
Customer Relationship

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • osTicket
  • PHP Support Tickets
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager
Other Scripts

  • Dew-NewPHPLinks
  • Moodle
  • Open-Realty
  • OpenX
  • PHPauction
  • phpFormGenerator
  • WebCalendar

  • CubeCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart

  • CubeCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart
Image Galleries

  • 4Images Gallery
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
  • Gallery

So stop wasting time and get with Cpwebhosting.com that offers Fantastico. We’re sure you will be pleased with the ease of use and how quickly you can get a site up and running.

Adobe Dreamweaver for Web hosting and building

adobe dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver for Web site building

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 web design software provides an intuitive visual interface for making and editing HTML websites and mobile apps. Use Fluid Grid Layout designed for cross-platform compatibility to create adaptive layouts. Review designs with Multiscreen Preview before publishing.

The new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 are:

New site manager: – The Manage Sites dialog box (Sites > Manage Sites) has a new look and feel, although much of the functionality remains the same. Additional functionality includes the ability to create or import Business Catalyst sites.

Fluid grid-based CSS layouts: – Use the robust new fluid grid layouts in Dreamweaver (New > New Fluid Grid Layout) to create adaptive CSS layouts that respond to varying screen sizes. When you build a web page using a fluid grid, the layout and its contents automatically adjust to the user’s viewing device, whether desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone.

CSS3 transitions: – Use the new CSS Transitions panel to apply smooth property changes to CSS-based page elements that respond to trigger events such as hovering, clicking, and focusing. (A common example is a menu bar item that gradually fades from one color to another when you hover over it.) You can now create CSS transitions using both code-level support, and the new CSS Transitions panel (Window > CSS Transitions).

Multiple CSS class selection: – You can now apply multiple CSS classes to a single element. Select the element, open the Multiclass Selection dialog box, and choose your classes. After you apply multiple classes, Dreamweaver creates a new multiclass from your selections. The new multiclass then becomes available from other places where you make CSS selections.

You can open the Multiclass Selection dialog box from several access points:

  • The HTML property inspector (Choose Apply Multiple Classes from the menu.)
  • The Targeted Rule pop-up menu of the CSS property inspector
  • The context menu of the tag selector at the bottom of the Document window (right-click a tag and choose Set Class > Apply Multiple Classes.)

JQuery Mobile 1.0 and jQuery Mobile swatches: –

JQuery Mobile 1.0 : adobe Dreamweaver CS6 ships with jQuery 1.6.4, as well as jQuery Mobile 1.0 files. Starter jQuery Mobile pages are available from the New Document dialog box (File > New > Page from Sample > Mobile Starters). You can also now choose between two kinds of CSS files when creating your jQuery mobile pages: full CSS files, or CSS files that are split into structural and theme components.

JQuery Mobile swatches : Preview all the swatches (themes) in a jQuery mobile CSS file by using the new jQuery Mobile Swatches panel (Window > jQuery Mobile Swatches). Then use the panel to apply swatches to or remove them from various elements in your jQuery mobile web page. Use this feature to individually apply swatches to headers, lists, buttons and other elements.

Now, I think that all the questions that came into your mind regarding the version features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and CS6.

Plone Open Source CMS Project to Adopt HTML5, CSS3

Open Source CMS

About plone open source CMS content management

Plone CMS is a free and open source cms ( content management system) built on top of the Zopeapplication server. In principle, Plone can be used for any kind of website, including blogs,internet sites, webshops and internal websites.

It is also well positioned to be used as adocument publishing system and groupware collaboration tool. The strengths of Plone Open Source CMS are its flexible and adaptable workflow, very good security, extensibility, high usability and flexibility.

It is built on the Zope application server, which is written in Python. plone cms by default stores all information in Zope’s built-in transactional object database (ZODB). It comes with installers for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, along with other operating systems. New updates are released regularly on Plone’s website.

These are some of the features available in plone Open Source CMS :

  • Inline editing
  • Working Copy support
  • Link and reference integrity checking
  • Automatic locking and unlocking
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Versioning, comparing history and reverting content
  • Upgraded visual HTML editors
  • Workflow capabilities
  • Authentication back-end
  • Full-text indexing of Word and PDF documents
  • Collections
  • Presentation mode for content
  • Support for the search engine Sitemap protocol
  • Support for multiple mark-up formats
  • Wiki support
  • Automatic previous/next navigation
  • Rules engine for content
  • Auto-generated tables of contents

Plone’s recently released roadmap outlines near-term plans that include adopting HTML5 and CSS3 and improving user experience.

The project will also focus on an improved interface for collections and for developing content types as soon as Plone 4.3, along with Diazo theming support out of the box. In either Plone 4.3 or 4.4, users can expect improved Plone calendaring and event management.

The project also plans to replace its Zope Page Templates with Chameleon, a faster engine for rendering page templates. A standard method for handling forms, how pages are viewed and where Plone CMS settings are stored is also in the works.

Plone CMS Open Source Content Management

Plone is basically software which is a free and open source content management system that is built on the top of the Zope Application Server. A content management system is computer programs which carry out the process of publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. Generally, CMS platforms are used as blog software. The key function of CMS is to present information on website. Plone is open source means that it is licensed under the GNU and by which we get the right to use plone without a license fee.

The usage of plone comprises any kind of website, including blogs, internet sites, webshops and internal websites. It occupies a crucial position so as to be used as a document publishing system.

Plone CMS is an open source content management system that is being developed so as to manage information and administration content. The availability of Plone Open Source CMS is under a dual licensing scheme, GPL and a commercial license.

The project of Plone CMS open source content management was started in 1999 by Alexander LIMI, Alan Runyan and Vidar Andersen. The release of first version of plone was encountered in 2001.Plone 2.0 was released in March in September 2010.It was mainly developed in Python. By mean of Plone CMS Open Source Content Management we can make our internet, portal, website or community site up and running in minutes.

Features Of Open Source CMS Content Management

The features Of Plone CMS Open Source Content Management can be described as-

  1. Powerful and Flexible
    • Plone CMS open source content management is perfect tool with regard to intranet and extranet server, document publishing system, a portal server and a groupware tool.
  2. Easy To Use
    • It makes the platform easy and attractive so that content manager can add, update and maintain content.
  3. Easy To Install
    • Plone CMS open source content management can be installed with click-and-run installer and have a content management system running on our computer in just a few minutes.
  4. International
    • The interfaces of Plone CMS Open Source Content Management have been translated into more than 40 languages.
  5. Standards
    • The standards of usability and accessibility are followed carefully by it.
  6. Supported
    • Plone development team comprises over 300 developers.

Advantages Of Plone CMS Open Source Content Management

The advantages of Plone CMS Open Source Content Management are-

  • It includes a powerful, rich editor with the abilities of text formatting, image and link insertion.
  • We can search all content including Word document and PDF files.
  • Plone occupies a dominant position regarding Google search Results.

Hence, Plone CMS Open Source Content Management is mock and easily customised to our exclusive environment.This includes assorted document workflow, security and roles-based permissions, and configurable content types.

Information Graphics

Information graphics

Image Information graphics

Information graphics, or infographics, are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. The graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly, such as on signs and maps and in journalism, technical writing and education. Today, Information graphics surround us in the media, in published works both mainstream and scientific and in road signs and manuals. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form and act as visual shorthand for everyday concepts, such as “Stop” and “Go.”

Creating an effective Information graphics requires both artistic sense and a clear vision of what to tell the audience. The following are some cool Information graphics we have collected. Some are colorful, some are simple, but all are informative and visually pleasing. Not only do they provide information in a format that is easy to understand, but they are also artistic creations in their own right.

Features of Information graphics:

Short Attention Spans

With the constant hustle and bussle of modern life, people have short attention spans. This is demonstrated by the fact that most people will decide to leave a website or continue exploring it in the first 2-4 seconds of seeing the page. With very little time to convince people to stick around, Information graphics and visualizations are a more effective way to literally catch peoples’ eye.

Information Overload

With the world’s information currently doubling every two years, it is no wonder people experience information overload. With smart phones, tablets and the ubiquity of the internet, people are constantly receiving, analyzing, sharing and creating new information. Due to this overload you need to stick out to get people’s attention. Creating a compelling visualization of data or information can make it really stick out from all of the other noise of day-to-day life.

Easy to Understand

As humans, we are very visual creatures. Our ability to quickly interpret visual information is far greater than that of written words. By creating visualizations you can make complex information easier to understand.

Reading Retention

People have horrible retention rates for the information they read. According to the data sited in the Information graphics on data visualization below, people only remember about 20% of what they read.

More Engaging

With such a large volume of new content published every day, people are inundated. By creating something that is visually compelling, people are more likely to be engaged.

List Of Information Graphics Software

By mean of Information Graphics Software the user can create, store and display or print charts, graph, maps and drawing. It enables users to collect more information more quickly and point out relationships and trends in data more easily.

Here is the List of Information Graphics Software i.e.

  • Presentation graphic Software
  • Analysis Graphic Software
  • Computer Aid Designs

Now It’s time to take a glance on Top 10 Information Graphics.

Following are the top 10 Information Graphics:-

1. The Physics Of Oil Spill :

This infographic give information regarding number of cellphones with respect to per capita in various countries, the rate at which cellphone is being adopted in the U.S. during the past decade and the acceptance of certain behaviors regarding cellphone use.

2. Shocking demographics Of cell Phones Use :

The Infographic give information regarding number of cellphones with respect to per capita in various countries, the rate at which cellphones with respect to per capita in various countries, the rate at which cellphones is being adopted in the U.S. during the past decade and the acceptance of certain behaviors regarding cellphone use.

3. Could Your Daily Commute Be Killing You :

The infographic reveals us the dismal picture of daily commute by signifying its hazards.

4. Meet iPAD’s Competition :

The infographic expound the introduction of the iPAD and the number of devices in different markets facing direct competition to the power of iPAD and the Apps store.

5. So You Want To Use YouTube :

This Infographic helps us to find a You Tube Channel as per our interest.

6. So You Need A Typeface :

This Infographic comprises that subject which chooses the right typeface for a project.

7. World Cup 2010(Marca.com) :

This Information Graphics reveals the complete information of World Cup 2010 regarding number of countries participating, schedules, cities and stadiums and groups and stages.

8. “Map Of Online communication”Infographic :

It shows the stuff of interaction between communities and what place they occupy in the “Internet World”.

9. World Cup Prediction Infographic :

It plots the forthcoming World Cup which can be predicted by means of a formula based on each country’s GDP.

10. The Best Beer In America :

This infographic illustrates the location(by states) of the top breweries in America.It provides statistics for beer consumption in America, types of breweries and number of breweries and number of in each state.

Thus, these Top 10 Information Graphics are the mirror of our day to day development.

People Love Sharing Information graphics

The visual nature of the human species is highlighted by just how much people love sharing infographics and interesting data visualizations.