Latest News And Review IDrive

About the Company

A privately held company

Headquarters: California

Services Offered

File sharing, compliance

IDrive Face

It enables users to build facial recognition apps

IDrive®: cloud storage

  • Enterprise-Class Cloud Object Storage
    An Amazon S3 compatible service powered by OpenStack Swift
  • A cloud backup platform-as-a-service accessed and managed by the Web Management Console, always readily available via HTTPS. The clients can create user accounts, stay updated on storage utilization, manage billing, and grant permissions using S3 Access Keys or OpenStack Swift API Keys.
  • It provides massive storage scalability for securely archiving data, hosting web or mobile applications, and as robust storage for data analytics.
  • It offers eleven 9s of data durability, for each object stored, three replicas exist at all times on different disks and servers to avoid data degradation.
  • Pay-per-use pricing: Simple pricing model based on storage and no egress charges
  • High-performance
  • Massive scalability: can meet the increasing requirements of storage
  • Periodic integrity checks: regularly monitors the integrity of stored objects to ensure data is intact, especially in the case of long-term storage.
  • Self-healing: disk or server failures handled seamlessly. At any point in time, if one of the three replicas of an object is lost or destroyed, the system automatically recreates the additional copies.

RemotePC™ : remote access

IBackup: online backup

Hosting Plans

IDrive Cloud

  • It starts at $6.95 for 2TB/month, plus$0.0059per additional GB/month
  • Free 30-day trial

What for Customers?

Number of Customers: 3+ million customers back up over 100 Petabytes of data

Target Customers: Individuals, Businesses

Latest News And Review 8thwall

About the Company

A computer vision software company, breaking down walls between the digital and physical worlds

Establishment: 2016

Company: 8th Wall, Inc.

Headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.

CEO: Erik Murphy-Chutorian

Services Offered

  • Cloud-based WebAR authoring and hosting platform: It provides tools to creators and brands to develop immersive content and build frictionless interactive augmented reality (AR) experiences that can be instantly published and run on all mobile devices.
  • A full-featured Wall Cloud Text Editor allows a user to edit code for WebAR projects.
  • Developers have an end-to-end cloud solution to create, collaborate, instantly publish and host host augmented reality browser-based WebAR projects. It provides a unified in-browser solution to create and host WebAR projects.
  • 3D Asset Viewer

Hosting Features

  • WebAR Project Templates: developers are quickly able to bring large scale augmented reality experiences to market

What for Customers?

  • The Cloud-based WebAR authoring and hosting platform offered harness the power of the web. The platform gives the ability to work across teams and built-in hosting.

Customers: powered AR content for brands including Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man, Miller Lite, British Gas, Heineken, Swiss Airlines, Porsche, Toyota, Red Bull, Time Magazine, LEGO and Ally + MONOPOLY.

Latest News and Review Act2

About the Company

Founded in: 1990

Services Offered

  • Distributing IT products and services
  • Provides one point solution to the distribution, support, sales and marketing services needs of software and cloud companies willing to enter the Japanese market.

Target Market: Japanese corporations, SMBs, Systems integrators and end users

Latest News And Review OnlineSuccess.Site

About the Company

A UK-based web hosting provider

Services Offered

  • Hosting Services
  • Marketing services: original web design, content marketing, a comprehensive social media campaign, and executive coaching

Hosting Plans

Basic WordPress hosting package

  • Single website, database

Virtual private server (VPS)

Fully dedicated server services

What for Customers?

  • Highest service level and uptime performance
  • Quality service
  • Responsive, secure, capable of handling high data-traffic
  • Near limitless storage
  • Dependable, robust infrastructure
  • Multi-service premium offerings
  • An extensive line of products and services
  • Smooth and hassle-free transactions
  • The company keeps clients satisfied by giving out the best experience when transacting with them

Target Customers

  • blogs, professional profiles, informational, and personal websites
  • significant client base in the US and worldwide

Uptime: Websites are always available

Latest News And Review Stormweb Canadian Web Hosting

About the Company

High-technology web hosting company

Headquarters: Sarnia, Ontario, at the base of Lake Huron, Canada

Founded in: 1996


Tel No.: +1 888-399-3537

Partners: Weebly

Data Center

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Secured building with state-of-the-art network and power redundancy

Services Offered

Unlimited Hosting

  • Monthly – $9.95, Yearly $119.4
  • Unlimited Web storage, traffic, MySQL Databases, FTP Sub users
  • Free Domain Name (.com, .net, .org, .ca)
  • Emails: 50
  • Addon-domain: 3

Hosting Features

  • SSD Ultra-Fast storage using motionless flash memory
  • Free SSL/TLS Certificates for HTTPS
  • Advanced Anti-Spam, Virus Protection
  • Heavily peered high-speed upstream providers for internet connection
  • Servers run OpenSSL 0.9.8y, hence not affected by Heartbleed vulnerability
  • Free Script installer: It provides easy one-click management of over 70 of the web’s top applications, including WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, Roundcube, Gallery, and more.
  • Free domain registration for life
  • Site Builder (130+ Templates)
  • PHP 5.2 & Zend Optimizer 3
  • Perl 5.8
  • CGI and SSI Support
  • Web Statistics
  • Web-based Control Panel

What for Customers?

  • high-quality web hosting services

Support: 24.7.365

Uptime Guarantee: 99.9%

Money-back Guarantee: 30-days

Latest News And Review YOORshop Hosting

About the Company

Data Centers: 20

Services Offered

  • SSD hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • nvme hosting
  • cloud hosting

Hosting Features

  • Amin panel
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Data confidentiality
  • Daily data backups
  • Real-time security

What for Customers?

  • Affordable, reliable, and secure
  • High performance and quality services
  • Hosting services on the latest and evolving server technologies

Target Customers: Online Businesses

Support: Highly responsive and effective by a professional team

Latest News And Review MSEDP

About the Company

New York’s #1 Technical Support & Web Design Company

Establishment: 1973


President and CEO: John A. Mannino

Partners: They have partnered with top technology companies and managed service providers (MSP), which include Google, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, SonicWall, GoDaddy, HostGator, InMotion, Rackspace, WP Engine, VMware, ConnectWise, Datto, and Lexmark. It helps the company to reduce operational costs, conserve capital budget, and lower IT operating expenses.

Services Offered

  • Technology Solutions Company
  • Web Design: custom-designed websites, WordPress design, custom web development, e-commerce, content management
  • Technical Support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, business continuity planning, social media marketing
  • web hosting: cloud services
  • Network services: installation, and monitoring
  • Security: virus, and malware removal
  • Disaster recovery

What for Customers?

  • 100% reliable
  • An impressive array of products and services
  • Enables businesses to focus on critical business innovation

Target Customers: SME’s on Long Island and in the New York City metropolitan area

Support: 24.7.365 tech support

A nonprofit organization promoting Technology

Technology enables amazing things but grows with risks when not used properly or maliciously. In today’s digitized environment, it’s paramount to educate and creating awareness in kids, parents, and teachers about using technology safely, dangers of the cyber world and social media.

Savvy Cyber Kids

About the Organization

The organization is playing a role of being a leader in helping to keep kids safe and responsible online. Thus, empowering them with age-appropriate cyber safety, cyber ethics, and digital parenting resources and education

Founded in: 2007 by Internet Security Expert noted speaker and author Ben Halpert

Board of Directors: Jodi Daniels, Ngozi Eze, Adam Ghetti, Susanne Gurman, Tammi Hayes, Bryan E. Hurd, Titania Jordan, Ken Levine, Scott Merlin, Amy Nadler, Steve Pugh, and Jennifer Spindel

Sponsors & Members: EarthLink, Steve Pugh, CISO, Adam Ghetti, Founder, Ionic Security, Susanne Gurman, VP, Revenue Marketing, SecurityScorecard, and Jodi Fink Halpert Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, Amy Nadler, Partner, Levy Tax and Consulting, Scott Merlin, Partner, Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner, P.C., Ken Levine, CEO, ShieldX, Bryan E. Hurd, Vice President, Stroz Friedberg, Aon, Titania Jordan, Chief Parent Officer, Bark, Tammi Hayes, President, Capital Strategies Group, Ngozi Eze, VP and Chief Business Security Officer, ADP, Jodi Daniels, Founder, Red Clover Advisors

Services Offered

  • Recognizes children as ‘Digital Natives’
  • Empowers youth, families, and school communities with technology to those who lack understanding of the implications of their digital actions.
  • Its resources are used in 43 states and 27 countries worldwide to help parents and teachers educate today’s youth. The topics included cyberbullying, digital reputation, technology, screen-time balance, mental health, body and self-image, physical safety, sexting, privacy, gaming, strangers, and more.
  • Aid the safe and smart use of technology in the ever-growing cyber landscape to increase the positive impact on youth

Latest News And Hosting Review EarthLink

About the Customers

Establishment: 1994

Headquarters: Atlanta


EVP Consumer Experience: Jennifer Spindel

Services Offered

  • Internet Access – No data caps, no throttling
  • Premium email
  • Web hosting

Other Services Offered

  • Privacy and data security products to protect families, their data and their devices

What for Customers?

  • Fast, secure and affordable internet access

Target Customers: The US customers