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In today’s world and age cyber security is a big issue. Therefore, it is very important to build a secure website that protects all the confidential information and encrypts communication between the server and the person visiting the website.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Protocol is a standard for allowing a secure transition of personal and confidential information. SSL or Secure Certificate is known for providing security to a variety of websites. Obtaining SSL certification is not easy. One of the easiest ways of obtaining SSL certification is purchasing it from WP Engine or any other certificate provider. It is hassle free and allows easy access at a decided rate. SSL certification is of many types depending on the various requirements of the websites. SSL certifications can be either Domain Validated SSL or Extended Validated SSL depending on the purpose of the website. For obtaining the SSL certificate, having a dedicated IP address is also necessary. Customers can choose the required SSL accordingly and can make it shared SSL or dedicated SSL depending on the necessity. Therefore, for every Website Hosting Server SSL Web certification is very much important and necessary as far as security is concerned.

Over these years, the problem of security has risen to a great extent. Therefore, most of the commercial websites or bank websites are resorting to securing their websites and encrypting their transactions using SSL. Apart from that, stickers of “the website is safe” are also available from some certificate providers.

In a nutshell, SSL certification is very important and thus is gaining popularity.

Major Certificate Authorities

Hosting Company
Visit Site
  • Single Website SSL @ $62.99/Yr
  • Multiple Website SSL @ $134.99/Yr
  • Wildcard SSL @ $269.99/Yr
  • EV SSL @ $99.00/Yr
  • EV Multi-Domain SSL @ $235.38/Yr
  • Rapid SSL @ $12.99/Yr
  • Rapid SSL Wildcard @ $124.00/yr
  • Thawte SSL 123 @ $45.00/yr
  • Thawte SSL Web Server with EV @ $156.50/Yr
  • Thawte Wildcard SSL Certificate @ $349.00/Yr
  • Secure Site @ $274.00/Yr
  • Secure Site Pro with EV @ $1049.00/Yr
  • Secure Site Wildcard @ $1582.67/Yr
  • QuickSSL Premium @ $65.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID with EV @ $149.00/Yr
  • True BusinessID Wildcard @ $366.33/Yr

To implement HTTPS/ SSL on any website, following steps need to be performed.

1. Get an appropriate SSL Certificate-

In the first step, user is required to obtain an appropriate SSL Certificate & to obtain this, a Certificate Signing Request or CSR must be generated by user on their own web server. If user is having complete administrative privileges on their server, it can be created by themselves. But contact your hosting provider is recommended. After getting this encrypted CSR, purchased an appropriate SSL Certificate, from the reliable certificate providers.

2. Configure https on server-

Now user must ask their hosting provider to install SSL and configure https on his server.

3. http to https-

User is required to redirect all their old non-https links to https. This task can be performed manually if there is a small site. On viceversa, if site is big, following code is used in .htaccess file
In case of Apache
# For http to https
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{https} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

If user is using Nginx
server {
listen 80;
return 301$request_uri;

4. Insecure elements to be removed from site-

Now remove all the elements which are considered as insecure from site either manually or with the help of certain tools. To check this, see if chrome is having a yellow coloured triangle with a grey padlock. If yes, insecure elements are still there,otherwise, a regular green lock is visible.

5. Add http Strict Transport Security Header-

To redirect http links to https on part of clients, add HSTS. For this used the following code.
# This forces all requests to be over https
Header set Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=31536000”

# This forces all requests to be over https
add_header Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=31536000”;

6. Perform Test of SSL-

Qualys SSL test is used on site to perform a SSL test. It helps to know whether SSL is implemented on site and server properly or not and then verify it using webmaster tools.
Above process is quite simple and easy to follow. So, if HTTPS/ SSL implemeted on website, safe and secure transmission of information takes place between client and server and it leads to user satisfaction.

Certificate Expiry Monitor

Allow to check for expiry certificates for you daily and alert you in advance. Subscribe to this service and Arklinux will email you the alerts at 2 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 day before the certificate expires.

PeakHosting Review

About Company

PeakHosting, one of the top OaaS Managed hosting provider, was founded in 2001. World’s largest Web properties are design, create, support and maintain by this company. It also offers 17 important elements which are essential to run any data centre. As internet plays a significant role to lead your business and internet plumbing cannot be handled by you properly, so you required more than managed hosting provider. So, here PeakHosting helps you.

Company Services

PeakHosting Internet offers various types of hosting services and solutions to their clients.

1. Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution- This service serves as a technical department for your business. Company allows you to focus on your business growth and left all the technical aspects such as handling of servers, software up gradation, OS installation etc. It takes care of applications, networking, databases, security, data centre, monitoring, operating system ,storage and others.

2. Managed Hosting Service- Service offered by company comprises of following:

  • Managed Hosting Service: Design- To develop a successful managed hosting solution, first you need to design the same.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Build- After designing same, now it is going to build. For this, everything is put together in bi-coastal data centres and migration process begins. Application softwares which are available free will be installed by company. And those are licensed, for them, company helps staff to install and run quickly.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Migration- When your present managed hosting company is outgrown by your business, then you are required to search or explore something good. Everyone resist change as they are complicated but here it is not.
  • Managed Hosting Service: Maintenance and Support- Staff of the company is from technical background as they have done engineering. With this, they are having an average experience of around 15 Yrs. They are completely dedicated towards your systems design and deployment. And they take good care of your infrastructure.

3. Always Up Architecture- This term suggest that the architecture offered by company for your website hosting is always up. This is required as sometimes when your site goes down due to any reason, it may affect your business tremendously. There are severe losses occurred like you may loose your confidential data, increase the costs incurred in redeployment of code, configuration of applications etc., your customer database can be reduced or you may loose your new customers and many more. So, in consideration of this, PeakHosting offers great services which offers a good platform and keeps your website always up. And in case, if any issue occurs, they took immediate action on the same.


PeakHosting offer high performance based web hosting services and solutions.

Customer Service

PeakHosting offers a good customer support to their clients for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, as its team of employees is highly skilled and trained. They provide satisfactory answers to your queries within a short span of time. With other services, company offers a very good customer service to their customers.

What’s New

PeakHosting has recently announced regarding the expansion of their Executive Leadership team in order to promote their growth.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them by following ways:

  • By visiting their website
  • E-Mail for Sales:
  • Mailing Address:
    19801 SW 72nd Avenue
    Suite 300, Tualatin
    OR 97062
  • Phone: (888) 476-7325, (909) 945-4826, (855) 901-7325
  • Fax: 503-783-6116 Review

About Company leads the way of businesses through their ultra-fast, scalable and reliable hosting services especially designed for enterprise clients. Company offers managed and unmanaged VPS hosting along with managed dedicated servers and SSD VPS hosting.

The Company has proven track records and follows all essential standards to serve unbeatable VPS hosting services with unbelievable support.

KnownHost Reputation:

With years of hands on experience, KnownHost has Ultra high VPS performance with unparalleled support by professionals. The well-known managed hosting service provider featuring:

  1. Economic hosting solutions for enterprises in the form of managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, managed SSD VPS and managed dedicated servers with a 30 days money back guarantee.
  2. KnownHosttake care of their users and respond quickly in order to maintain a better user experience.
  3. The company believes in better customer relationship and provides a better user interface with an easy to interaction feature.
  4. The customer centric company provides 24*7*365 instant professional support to make their customers feel special.

KnownHost Performance and Product Offered

With a biometric scanner, 24*7 on-site technicians, independent power source and clean and clear data servers, KnownHost has everything that a business looks for their hosting needs. Servers in the company haveproven 99.996% uptime with a reliable support (recently, it has faced DDoS attack in their Texas network, but resolved it within 30 minutes of duration).

The company has multiple hosting options for organizations, such as:

  1. Managed VPS hosting
  2. Managed SSD VPS hosting
  3. Managed Dedicated Servers

KnownHost Reliability

The company offers pocket friendlymanaged Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that begins in just $25 per month’s cost with 24*7*365 support by professionals, 99.996% uptime from 3 networks, powerful, speedy and feature rich dashboard for customers including multiple third party script support feature.

Customer Support and Uptime:

Recently company reported a DDoS attack which was approx 100Gbps in size and multiple VPS faced downtime in server loading. Minor complaints were placed on several web hosting forums, but technical staff recognized it soon and placed updates on their official forum. Not only the staff, but the COO also tweets on the forum about their Texas network’s server issue. Support group addressed the issue quickly and respond back within 30 minutes of time span.

Apart from the above mentioned instant response on technical issue, KnownHost has profound customer support team, who can address the problem and resolve it sooner than others. KnownHost has 3 network areas in Texas, Western and Maryland with 24*7 on-site technicians and unbelievable technical support system with 24*7*365 availability. With such great customer support system, KnownHost offers almost 99.996% uptime guarantee with all hosting plans.

Cost effective Options for your hosting needs:

The company especially deals in VPS hosting, it can be identified as its forte or its specialty, but KnownHost treat it as their opportunity to serve better with better options. To make it more real, KnownHost offers multiple options to enterprises to choose the best suited package for their enterprise.

The service packages that company offers are:

1. Managed VPS: Company offers almost 7 different packages for enterprises, which reveals their grip over their managed VPS services. The starter price is just $25 per month, which is economic for enterprises as well as individuals.

2. Managed SSD VPS: Enterprises that wants a combination of managed VPS services and ultra-fast speed of SSD drives for their hosting requirements, here, the company offers Managed SSD VPS at a modest price with a variety of choices. Company provides 5 different packages with a starter price of $35 per month.

3. Managed Dedicated Servers: Company provides custom built, secured and fully optimized managed dedicated servers with a premium bandwidth. Including top notch 24/7/365 support, company offers 4 different choices to enterprises.

KnownHost’s dedicated servers can be customize as per enterprise needs and requirements. Configuration that company offers to enterprises includes:

  • CPU: i7-4770 4×3.4GHz
  • Cores: 4Cores
  • Threads: 8Threads
  • Clock: @ 3.4Ghz 8MB
  • Installed RAM : 16GB DDR3
  • Maximum RAM: 32GB DDR3
  • Storage Drives: 750GB SATA – II
  • Max Drives: 2
  • Bandwidth: 10TB
  • Price: $179/Month
  • Control Panel: cPanel + Softaculous

Contact Details

  • Comapny Address :
    KnownHost LLC
    1379 Dilworthtown Crossing
    Suite 214
    West Chester, PA 19382
    United States
  • Email Support :
    KnownHost’s sales and billing staff is available 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST
    Monday thru Friday via phone and email.
    Technical Support is available 24x7x365 via its email or helpdesk.
    For Sales Inquiries – sales
    For Billing Inquiries – billing
    For Marketing Inquiries – marketing
    For Technical Support – support or Help Desk
  • U.S. Toll Free: 1-866-332-9894
  • Fax: +1-703-991-8896

Rackspace Review

Rackspace is managed cloud company which provides companies to tap power of cloud without pain of hiring experts in dozens of complicated technologies. Now company has increased more attention on cloud management services comparatively than infrastructure might expand to running applications on third-party clouds.

Company has agreement with users where it manipulates private cloud setups for them in on-premises data centers. Plan for open a new state-of-the-art data center in Crawley, near London.

In cloud infrastructure companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have more resources to invest. So, move towards services is analytical advancement for company that started with pure hosting offering.

Rackspace use single-tenant cloud networking to :-

  • Connect application or website to database
  • To set up site-to-site VPN.
  • Easy to manage through cloud control panel and powerful APIs.

Cloud networks are software defined offer complete control over architecture, network topology and IP addressing.

Company only provides managed solution offers user to tap power of the cloud strategic business objectives without cost and frustration. From e commerce to hosting, big data to hybrid cloud , specialists will support and architect all of user’s cloud workloads 24*7.

With Rackspace get fast, scalable and fully managed MySQL database services in minutes.

Cloud database offers :-

  • On-demand provisioning and open API
  • Deploy MySQL ,MariaDB with minimal Effort.

Cloud database is available in all of global data centers and support by MySQL experts who can help user with tasks like:-

  • Replication
  • Backups
  • Migration
  • Indexing
  • Query Optimization

Advantages of Cloud servers :-

  • User need powerful and quick way to frequent monitor whole infrastructure and customizable level of detail which identify core issues for quick resolution. It helps to keep applications running fast .
  • Cloud backup protects business through protecting confidential files or application needs. Server quickly restore files after system failure or lost file.
  • Provides object storage for media and files and delivering them globally at blazing speeds over worldwide content delivery network. Store as many files as require.