Latest News And Review Pacific Software

About Company

Parent Company: Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

Establishment: 1987, started hosting services in 1996


Founder and President: Ken Uchikura

Services Offered

Hosting packages: Email, Web and Domain Services

Other Services

Google Suite, Office 365

What for Customers?

  • Allow individual channel choices with customizable solutions
  • Affordable low price full-service packages
  • Number of Customers: hosts over 45,000 clients with more than 250,000 email accounts

Latest News And Web Hosting Review Diadem

India’ leading cloud service provider


Co-Founder and CEO: Hriday Biyani

Services Offered

cloud, dedicated and hybrid hosting solutions

What for Customers?

  • The customers can manage apps, websites, servers, and technologies using a singe and secure Plesk user interface. The customers thus save time in redundant and time-consuming sites and security management tasks.
  • Value-added services to the customers