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Are you planning to start your own online business, provide you the Fantastico E-commerce scripts, which you an opportunity to create your web design quickly.

What to ask when choosing a Web hosting service?

Choosing a reliable web host is one of the more important decisions you’ll make for your business. Whether you’re online to promote a product, service, or other business, your income depends on your website being available to customers. There are plenty of hosting companies available, but you’ll need to do your homework before signing up.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing your hosting company:

  • Can you host multiple domains? If you’re just starting your online business, you may think this doesn’t apply to you. However, as your business grows, there is a stronger possibility of you adding complementary websites. It’s better to find out if the host will provide for your business growth.
  • How much bandwidth and web space given? Bandwidth refers to some bytes transferred from your site to visitors when they browse your site. Large sites with active user communities need considerably more than brochure-style, static websites.
  • How much has technical support given? Ask what type of tech support is available. No matter how much preparation and planning is involved, servers do fail, sites go offline temporarily, and other tech problems can crop up.
  • What kind of spam filtering services does web host provide?
  • What are other features available?

In addition to hosting your site, they can also provide a more or less user-friendly control panel so you can administer your web space without outside help. A good host will also offer a webmaster service and other administrative tools for customers who do not have the time, technical skills or desire to do it themselves.

If you have a small personal website devoted to family news or a favorite hobby, you’ll probably be happy with a free web hosting provider such as Ads usually support free web hosting companies, however, so they aren’t the best choice for business websites.

Design tips for creating graphics in the best Web formats:

  • When creating a website, there are two major phases where the first is the designing and the second is the coding. You can start with the coding phase if you think you are skilled, but the problem is that coding takes time depending on your skill and if ever corrections to the design need to be made, recording is necessary.
  • After your mockup design finishes, check the design before putting it as HTML. Remember, you should make sure your design is final to make your coding as easy as possible.
  • Now apply as much CSS as possible to make the pages more interactive.
  • Use the Right Formats for Images: As you start to construct your website, you will find yourself exporting graphics from your favorite graphics design tools and importing them to your website editor. But before you start to rush yourself on these natural procedures, try to take a better look at your graphics and see if they are using the right format.
  • Website designs and layouts must be fairly consistent in all pages.
  • As long as the content is rich, concise, brief, and contains a bit of light humor every line or two, readers will keep coming back.
  • Most people think that once a website is published and available online for viewing, audiences will find them automatically. This, however, is not completely true. Driving domain traffic may take a little effort if the aim is to capture relevant views. One of the proven ways to increase readership is to submit addresses to popular search engines and directories for indexing.

Instructions for creating Web pages in Dreamweaver®

Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver) is a proprietary web development application originally created by Macromedia. It is now developed by Adobe Systems, which acquired Macromedia in 2005. Dreamweaver is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Dreamweaver helps you create, modify publish and manage Web pages as well as organize them into a professional-quality Web site.

The visual editing environment allows you to develop web pages without having to learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) source code.

When working with Dreamweaver for the first time or on a new website for the first time, you need to define the site so that Dreamweaver can work with it. This process includes naming the site, placing the local files on a directory on your hard drive, and showing Dreamweaver where those files will be published on the web.

First, you should go to the “Site” menu and choose “Manage Sites.”

The second thing you need to do is name your site. It helps to give it a name that is both meaningful to you and describes the site. Dreamweaver integrates quite easily with server technologies such as PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP. One nice thing about Dreamweaver is that it is possible to edit the files directly on the web server, which cuts down on the time it can take to edit files. But this is less secure, as you can’t make any mistakes when you edit files right on the server.

Dreamweaver provides many different ways to access your website including WebDAV, FTP, and others. Most hosting providers allow FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. Fill in the details to connect to your web hosting provider’s FTP site. You will need to know:

  • The URL of your FTP site.
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Where your files are stored on the FTP server.

Once you’re done creating your new website, Dreamweaver will show your new site in the Manage Sites window. To start editing pages in your site, highlight the site name, and click “Done.”

Great ways to add video with YouTube® and e-commerce with Google Checkout

YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos. Embedding a video onto a web page becomes as easy as cutting and pasting. When you visit a site that hosts videos, such as YouTube, you are presented with a video box on the page. You can watch the video directly on the page, or the Flash player allows you to view the video full screen, just by clicking a button on the player.

YouTube has undergone an immense rise in popularity and if you take a video from YouTube and put it on your site which helps in increasing the popularity of your web site. People aren’t just watching the videos like crazy — they’re uploading like crazy, too.

Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at one point in the transaction’s life-cycle, although it may encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices and telephones as well.  Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases.

Users store their credit or debit card and shipping information in their Google Account, so that they can purchase at participating stores by clicking an on-screen button. Google Checkout provides fraud protection and a unified page for tracking purchases and their status. To take the use of Google checkout first you have to create an account on it.

How to promote your site with social media, WordPress® blogs and podcasts

Social media marketing offers all new dimensions to your business as it drives effective traffic for your site online .So if you are already thinking and planning to hire a social media agency, look for the best professional experts online. Indeed web publishers and marketer share utilizing effective ways to drive traffic for your site. It is imperative that all publishers and owners incorporate a social media plan into their online marketing efforts.

Social media offers diversification of traffic for your site, thus generating traffic apart from those given by search engines. Facebook and twitter are among the best sites that are popular among the social networking nexus, thus traffic opportunity grows right alongside it.

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. So, if you use WordPress for the promotion of your site, it is the best to make your website on the top as WordPress is one of the best promoting sites with blogs. If your marketing plan has anything to do with reaching your audience through other sites, WordPress is where to focus your attention – arguably, all of your attention.

Podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication. Communities use collaborative podcasts to support multiple contributors’ podcasting through generally simplified processes, and without having to host their own individual feeds. A community podcast can also allow members of the community (related to the podcast topic) to contribute to the podcast in many different ways. If your podcast is not listed in iTunes, you are missing a great opportunity to get hundreds (if not thousands) of new listeners or viewers.

Secure a domain name and plan the perfect site from start to finish:

Steps for securing a domain name:

  1. Go to a domain name registration website and Type your desired domain name into the search window and choose its extension such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info.
  2. Choose whether you want to purchase the domain name with an email or hosting package or just the name itself.
  3. Select for how long you want the domain name registered. Options range from a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten years depending on what registration website you use.
  4. Wait a few days until the order has been processed and the DNS (Domain Name System) servers become active. To activate the domain, copy and paste your web hosting site’s DNS servers (IP addresses or host names) into the DNS profile of your domain name provider.

Steps of how to plan the perfect website from start to finish:

  • Plan of how to Build a Website
  • Finding niche websites
  • Create a website business plan
  • Register a domain name
  • Choose the best software to create a website
  • Find the best web hosting plan suitable for your website
  • Upload the website
  • Write articles for your website
  • Create hyperlinks for your website
  • Do marketing of your website
  • Use SEO for the promotion of your website

Customize the templates included to create professional-looking Web sites

A site template is the best option to give your web page an attractive yet professional look. It offers an excellent way to get a new, professional quality site online quickly and easily. Ready-made website templates, developed by world-class professional designers are ready for you to customize and make your own. You will want a site that looks good, is easy to navigate and has everything that you will need regarding information that people are visiting your website will need.

You can select templates from under categories, as per your requirements. For instance, if you run an online business and need a classy appearance for your business website, you can browse through and find the right one that best suits your need and make your presence felt on the net. The templates are compatible with HTML editors so they can be customized by anyone with basic HTML knowledge and deliver unique, professional and prosperous sites.  

Use Flash® to enrich to your website

If you are taking Flash for your website production then it is one of the best ways. As flash is now everywhere these days.Flash movies can be a great thing. They can help catch eyes that are otherwise bored with static looking pages, and they can help tell a story better than plain text. However the use of flash must be tempered with the ability to rank in search engines.

Business website with Linux Host

Business website

Build a personal website, an e-commerce site, a blog, or a website for a specific occasion or promotion, Fantastico and Site Builder can be convenient for users. tenders various hosting plans so one can prefer the best suitable hosting plan for his website. The frequently used hosting plans are shared, virtual private server and dedicated web hosting.

  • Personal websites are those that are created by an individual to contain content of a personal nature rather than on behalf of a company, organization or institution. Personal web pages are often used solely for informative or entertainment purposes.
  • E-commerce websites are web-based shops or stores from where real purchasing and selling of products or services can be carried out. An e-commerce website is the virtual retail outlet of your organization. However, unlike a physical retail store, your virtual shop will not give you the time or opportunity to convince and convert reluctant visitors into loyal customers.
  • A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is going on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people.

You can get the tools, techniques, and expert guidance for developing a professional and reliable web presence.

Do you know how useful your site is to the people who visit it? Do you know how often they use your site? These sorts of questions should concern you; because they can help you develop a site which specifically addresses the needs of the people who use your website. A strong web presence is increasingly necessary to provide a method of publicity and reach out to new potential customers. Poorly designed websites with cheap looking graphics and tools for clients can be harmful to business.

The tools that are provided by include free RVSitebuilder and Free Fantastico scripts that will help you to create a website and also to gain a strong web presence. RVSitebuilder is an advanced site builder application. With the support of RV site builder, you can create the website quickly.

Fantastico is a commercial script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. Fantastico scripts get executed from the administration area of a website control panel such as CPanel. Fantastico’s website claims that they are installed on ten thousand servers, with a million users worldwide. provides the user an expert guidance for how to create a reliable and professional web presence which can guide you in making your website famous.

We do provide the technical wizard to build a great internet site.

  • Creating a Website is like creating a virtual world. It is a way of actually defining who you are and what you are about.
  • Building a website is a very personal experience and is different for every client.
  • You can choose to be involved in every step, or you can leave the details up to us, either way, we guarantee the final product will be a professional website with a look unique to you.
  • Creating a website is a process that involves some services. Building a website is only half the battle, the other half requires more work with driving traffic and learning how to market your site. guides its customer through a step by step instruction followed by a full customer support. As we all know that World Wide Web is a vast land area where you are going to create your website, and the first thing you need to do is buy a piece of space to start building your site. The area is nothing but the domain space, and nowadays you get good domain space for cheap money which is providing.Once you have got the domain space, then it’s time to name your website or give a website address for your site.

If you are a Blogger, you can get everything you need to plan and launch a website, including detailed instructions and clear-headed advice on ready-to-use building blocks, powerful tools like CSS and JavaScript, WordPress.

Nowadays the most efficient way to share your thoughts and opinion is to create your blog. But how to start your blog? Fortunately, starting a blog site is an easy task. You do not need to know anything about web development to start blogging: you can create and manage your blog site using some of the free blog tools that are available.

First and foremost, they are a great source of latest information. Usually blogs are regularly updated; as a result, they can sometimes provide the most recent information which many ordinary websites may not be able to offer. Blogs can also be very helpful in establishing a relationship between the blogger and his followers. The members can comment on the blogs and put forward their opinions. Thus they are a great platform for an exchange of views and help in giving rise to new ideas.

All you need to do is open a hosting account where you can have a blog application installed and activated. At we offer ready to use building tools like CSS, WordPress, and JavaScript.

  • What is a CSS? Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language used for describing the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. It’s most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language is applied to any XML document, including plain XML, SVG, and XUL.
  • What is WordPress? WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. Originally intended as a simple way to set up a blog. But, thanks to the efforts of a large “open source” community of WordPress programmers working to extend and improve its capabilities, WordPress has become much more than just a tool for bloggers.
  • What is JavaScript? JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the internet and works in all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages. JavaScript is a scripting language. A scripting language is a lightweight programming language. JavaScript is usually embedded directly into HTML pages.

With all these tools you can quickly set up the blogging site in simple steps. can assist you to get your site up and running quickly and correctly.

website host LinuxHost

web hosting

What does it take to set up an extensive website?

To create a website, you only need to do these two things:

  • Sign up for website hosting, and choose a domain name (
  • Create your website.

A domain name is the Internet address of a website or blog. (For example, is the domain name of this site.) You’ll need to choose a domain name. Your domain name should be simple, obvious, and as short as possible.

It’s more important to make your domain name memorable and speakable than it is to make it accurate. Don’t stuff your whole business name into your domain name. Don’t use numbers or dashes (without perfect reason).

There are different packages that a web hosting company offers to its clients and the clients have to choose according to the website’s traffic and what all kind of users are going to visit your site.

If you’re an Internet marketer, you know the value of choosing the right web host for your site. Your overall success will be affected if you choose the wrong one.

Your business depends on how well your site operates you must be cynical in selecting your web hosting service. In this article, you will learn three tips that will help you choose a web host service that can be beneficial to you in the long run.

In this article, you will learn three tips that will help you choose a web host service that can be useful to you over the long term.

The important points to remember while choosing the best website hosting is:

  • Uptime: You must choose the host with uptime nearly up to 100%.
  • Support: It is a very crucial part of the web hosting company. Because if you get stuck in any problem, then the customer support of the hosting company will help you out of the problem.
  • Reliability: For sure your business will grow gradually and may be shortly you need to upgrade your plan or need to transfer, so make sure before buying that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan or you can quickly move to new place. Also, keep in mind the price of next plan you may need in future.
  • Price: One of the most important part, many hosting companies gives you cheap rate, but then you will surely need to compromise in services then, so don’t go with that, choose the one those who offer quality over quantity. You can use many online tools to compare prices and find the best plan for you and make sure you are getting best price and service.
  • Hosting features: Make sure that hosting company is offering all latest tools like Cpanel, Softaculous, etc.

Does your hosting company hold your hand while uploading your website?

Once you have a hosting provider, you still need to move your files from your local hard drive to the hosting computer. Many hosting companies provide an online data management tool that you can use to upload your records. But if they don’t, you can also use FTP to transfer your records. Talk to your hosting provider if you have specific questions about how to get your files to their server. guides you step by step in uploading your site. We provide you steps on how to make your site available online.

Some steps that will guide you to upload the website:

  • Decide where you are going to put your pages.
  • Find out the details of your account: your username, your password, the “hostname” (the machine where you’ll upload your files), and your URL or Web address
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Open up an FTP program (like Fetch – Mac or WS-FTP – PC)
  • Put in the hostname of your Web site
  • Put in your username
  • Put in your password
  • Connect to the site
  • Highlight the files you would like on your Web site
  • Click on the option to transfer them to your Web site.

How to project your traffic?

When you create a website, whatever your goal is, the primary purpose of a website is to be seen by large masses online. The term website traffic refers to the sum of all the visitors to your site. Of course, you want to know how many visitors you have. To be able to do that you need to know how to check your website traffic.

Steps of monitoring the web traffic:

  1. Install a hit counter: A hit counter is a code that you put on your web page, which counts how many times the page being viewed.
  2. Use Google Analytics: Google provides this tool if you have a Google account of course, which not only tells you how many times your site has been viewed but also gives you all kind of information about your site visitors, their locations, loyalty, etc.
  3. Check Alexa: Alexa also tells you about your site traffic and it gives you all kind of valuable data about your site.
  4. A lot of other online services offer to count your website’s visitors if you create an account with them.

What feature is available for backup and recovery, security and so forth?

The answer to the above question is Cpanel which is provided by the hosting companies to their user’s so that they can easily use it for backup, recovery and security features of the website.

  • cPanel is a Unix based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website.
  • cPanel utilizes a 3 tier structure that provides functionality for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser.
  • In addition to the GUI interface, cpanel also has command line and API based access that allows third party software vendors, web hosting organizations, and developers to automate standard system administration processes.
  • To the client, Cpanel provides front-ends for some standard operations, including the management of PGP keys, crontab tasks, mail and FTP accounts, and mailing lists.

Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels:

  • Access to server logs.
  • Details of available and used web space and bandwidth.
  • Email account configuration.
  • Maintaining FTP users’ accounts.
  • Managing database.
  • Visitor statistics using web log analysis software.
  • Web-based file manager.

Does your web hosting company have enough potential?

Does your hosting company hold your hand while uploading your website?

Handle potential disasters inherent in web hosting? has enough potential to protect your website from the disasters.

Record your pertinent site information: Be sure that you know your login and password information. It may include some or all of the following:

  • Login information for email accounts and any additional information such as email groups and email aliases
  • Content management system login
  • Hosting control panel login
  • Domain registrar web address and login

FTP login information: You should also have the customer support phone numbers, email and other contact information for your website hosting provider.

  1. Perform and save regular backups of your site: Most hosting companies and application service providers back up their server data regularly. However, you should maintain your backups in case there is an emergency, or you need to move to another provider quickly.Many hosting companies offer the ability for you to back up your website through your hosting control panel, such as Plesk. It is also a good idea to keep copies of all of your files (i.e., images, videos, etc.) as well as the text of your website in an easily accessible location should a need for them arise.
  2. Determine an implementation plan for recovering your site: Understanding what you will need to do in case of an emergency will help ensure a smoother recovery. Be sure to keep your backup data and login information accessible, and determine who will be in charge of restoring the backups or uploading the files to your new website.
  3. Keep an extra copy of your website data in a safe place

Make sure that you have an extra copy stored off-site in case your main office is inaccessible. It might be in a safe-deposit box at a local bank, or for some small organizations, and it may be at a trusted employee’s home. You might even backup the data to an off-site backup service.

Whatever it takes, establish a disaster recovery plan, and protect your website. Accidents happen, but when you have a plan in place, you’ll better set to recovering quickly and recovering your site in order!

Linux Host Overview

IT professional’s arms with the Hosting services of for developing successful websites, especially e-commerce site vendors. Web developers get all the tools with Linux Host to determine what they need and how to manage it. We understand that while choosing the hosting, IT professionals need to know the real cost of bandwidth, domain name services, shared servers, backup and recovery, service-level agreements, security,  hardware maintenance, and support.

Designers are mastered with Photoshop to develop killer websites and to host such site, Linux host does provide them a comparison of their shared Hosting plans on the Home page. Linux host believes in managing a healthy relationship with its customers, once the website is up and running. We ensure our clients to have an active, substantial impact on the reliability, performance, and accessibility of your site.

Linux Host better understands the different technologies available for building a website on Linux Platform, which is our core, which makes us successful web hosting company. This Hosting industry is huge, there are more than 30 million websites worldwide, and nearly every one of them is running at one of more than 15,000 web-hosting services. IT executives and managers need to understand the services available to them and how to manage them.

The pros and cons of Linux host web hosting provider: is one of the most popular types of hosting provider because it is cheap and easy hosting. However, most people don’t realize why Linux so favored amongst web hosting companies and webmasters. Choosing an operating system for a web hosting plan is not easy, especially for those without an adequate amount of technical knowledge of web hosting. offers advantages for webmasters that are interested in developing e-commerce stores, as well as amateur webmasters in search of a more personalized solution. If you’re concerned about the pros and cons of Linux web hosting, then you may want to consider the following summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Linux web hosting.

To figure out which one is the most suitable for your website one has to analyze Pros and Cons:

  • Application Requirement: First of all you need to check out what sort of applications or scripting languages you are using to develop your website as these web-applications required some additional support regarding web hosting.
  • Security Level: If you give priority to the security of server than Linux web hosting is what you are looking for as Linux is considered to be the most secure OS for hosting server, you can easily customize your server security using Linux.
  • Cost: Linux is free that’s is one of the reasons to choose Linux as compare to that Windows is a paid OS and your hosting provider charge you to have Windows as an OS.
  • Training: Well regarding managing Linux and Windows, one has to get trained about the chosen one. If you decide Linux you have to learn about its interface and other applications same is the case with windows, so it doesn’t make much difference.

Modeling website traffic and capacity planning and then choosing the right plan:

The growing importance of Web traffic on the Internet makes it important that we have accurate traffic models to plan and provision. In this paper, we present a Web traffic model designed to assist in the evaluation and engineering of shared communications networks. Because the model is behavioral, we can extrapolate the model to assess the effect of changes in protocols, the network or user behavior. The increasing complexity of Web traffic has required that we base our model on the notion of a Web request, rather a Web page.

Web traffic modeling is complicated for two reasons. Firstly, many of the system components interact with one another. Web browsers and Web servers from different vendors behave differently and have different parameter values. Secondly, a Web interaction becomes more complex because of the changing nature of the Web environment. Browsing patterns of different users are diverse.

After modeling your website traffic, you should now check the capacity requirement. Because the capacity you would be having a need for your site is essential, and also you have first to plan, and it then proceeds.

How to evaluate connectivity quality and performance:

Website quality and performance is a crucial factor in determining today’s online business’s success. When testing the performance, one has to simulate a large number of users using the website simultaneously.

Tools are used to simulate heavy loads and analyze websites. Massive load simulation helps us to determine the site-load our site can handle, what needs to be fixed and where to fix to achieve the desired result.

Sometimes we may have enough content on our website, and we think we are already visible online despite the fact that visitors are not taking any actions and they are not returning. The main reason for this might lie with the effectiveness of your website.

Maintaining the quality of a site, especially a corporate and monetized one, involves continuous updates and activities, as the internet is growing and changing every day. Some points, experiments, and ongoing studies are vital to keeping up to date with the changes.

Security, backup, and recovery, and monitoring:

Web security is the most overlooked aspect of securing data. Acunetix Web Site Security Center offers a series of articles and white papers on web-security, a web application security blog and up to date news on web-security. Also, information on the latest website security concepts and the most important web-attacks, such as SQL injection & Cross site scripting.

By downloading the newest versions and updates of Windows, WordPress, and your antivirus platform, you can make your applications or website just tough enough to crack. That way, hackers won’t bother with your site and instead move on to some other site whose owner hasn’t been as vigilant. Use SSL to send emails.

For many business owners, finding the most suitable backup options for their specific needs and organization can be a nightmare, without first knowing the basics and inner workings that go into the various options that are available to them.

Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website or web application. Website monitoring is often used by businesses to ensure that their sites are live and responding.

Website monitoring companies that offer website performance monitoring allow businesses to simulate the actions of thousands of visitors to a site and observe how it responds. They also affect visitors across multiple geographies and servers Internet connections. Performance monitoring tools send out alerts when pages or parts of a website malfunction, which allows the webmaster to correct issues faster.

LinuxHost Web Hosting

premium-hosting offers best-Hosting Plans to fit any need. No matter whether you’re starting a Blog with Word Press, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHP, starting an Online Store with e-commerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

An additional part of hosting provided by Linux host is that you can acquire enough web space to add other content, for example, pictures, videos, and audio tracks.

The plan structure is as follows:

Monthly Hosting Business Hosting $ 1 Hosting
Cost: $ 3.5/month Cost: $ 1.45/month Cost: $ 1/month
Disk space: 5 GB Disk space: 1 GB Disk space: 1 GB
 Bandwidth: 10 GB  Bandwidth: 5 GB  Bandwidth: 5 GB
Domains: 10 Domains: 10 Domains: 1
Free Instant Setup Free Instant Setup Free Instant Setup
Linux Operating System Linux Operating System Linux Operating System
Free Migration Free Migration Free Migration


Plan Features:

Server configuration:

E7 Servers 32 GB Ram Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) PHP Version 5.2.17 MySQL Version 5.1.61 mysqli enabled


Latest Visitors Bandwidth Webalizer Raw Access Logs Analog Stats Error Log


Add-on / Parked Domains Redirects DNS Zone Editor


ClamAV Anti-Virus Spam Assassin POP3/IMAP/SMTP


Password Protected Protected Directories Hotlink protection

Free Fantastico & Site Builder:

RVSitebuilder is a professional website builder, designed especially for those, who do not have any site and don’t have sufficient knowledge of programming to construct a site. Using RVSitebuilder, unskilled users or beginners can build their website with professional quality in simple steps within few minutes.

Basically, RV Site Builder is a website building tool, developed by the creators of the RV Skin and the RV Skin Manager Software tools, both very useful for any Cpanel user and reseller. It offers quick website creation even if you have no experience in the field of web design or dealing with pre-defined templates and their customization.

Features of Fantastico:


  • b2evolution
  • Nucleus
  • WordPress
Customer Relationship

  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • osTicket
  • PHP Support Tickets
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager
Polls and Surveys


  • Advanced Poll
  • LimeSurvey
  • phpESP

  • Noahs Classifieds
Discussion Boards:

  • phpBB
  • SMF
Site Builders:

  • Soholaunch Pro Edition
  • Templates Express
Image Galleries:

  • 4Images Gallery
  • Coppermine Photo Gallery
Project Management:

  • dot Project
  • PHProjekt

  • CubeCart
  • OS Commerce
  • Zen Cart

Safe Secure Hosting Environment:

A safe and secure server is the need of every website which deals business online. There is an apparent reason why companies choose a dedicated server over a shared server to host their website is the safety feature. Because you are not sharing the server with other businesses or websites, you have full control over the security of the site.

The huge majority of the secure hosting companies recurrently monitor security and then any excuses in security could be shocking for the clients remarkably if your site is internet commerce based. It is also smart to be sure that the group should continuously improve security measures and then any internet business transaction ought to be coated beneath SSL. In SSL, each transaction is encoded to ensure that it permits safe obligations in the direction of the clients.

Domain Hosting Package

domain hosting

As time goes by, the potentialities of the World Wide Web grow bigger and bigger and are gradually reaching the beyond-restrictions line. One of the indications of this huge progress of the Internet is the unlimited domain hosting option included in some popular web hosting platforms available online.

Domain web hosting will be a perfect match for you if you are planning to build multiple websites. This is because you can keep multiple domains on one hosting account. Most hosting services that offer unlimited domains will also give you access to the other services that they offer, as well as the ability to create sub-domains, databases, and email accounts for each of your domains.

Basically, domain hosting service opens up many opportunities for your online growth. It enables you to host unlimited domain names and subdomains within one single website hosting account and to maintain unlimited websites that can be managed through separate FTP, email, database, domain control, etc. options.

All the domains that you can host in your account are fully qualified and can be either registered with the company you get this service from or somewhere else, but have to point to the company’s servers. You can add as many new domains as you wish without any additional cost. The only limit you will have will be the allowed quota of the other web hosting resources in your particular account such as disk space, monthly traffic, etc.

If your existing website has Domain Hosting, then you can add your second domain to the account. All it takes is an FTP account that is supplied by the web host provider. Many providers require a subfolder that is created within the root folder of your current website.

Linux host provides you a great cost effective solution that enables you to host domains within one single web hosting account and manage unlimited websites from one location, greatly increasing your efficiency and substantially reducing cost.

You save a lot of money by using plan domain host as it allows you to host an unlimited number of websites using only one account. It also saves you a lot of time and energy as you get to manage all your websites from a centralized location. With the facility of plan based domain host, you can log into your account and administer features and services for each domain via the same control panel.

Plan based domain hosting can have several benefits for customers which need to be able to host several websites under a single hosting plan.  That does not go without consequences though as most hosting services which offer the multiple domains option will lack proper memory resources to cover several websites when they are accessed by a large number of website visitors.  This means that access to the sites may be restricted depending on a number of resources available.  It is up to the client to choose the options in multiple domains hosting that are appropriate for their needs.

Power packed Premium Hosting


Choosing the best website hosting provider can be a challenge. The website-hosting-advisor has come across thousands of companies that offer limitless products and services for website design hosting.  Now it is no secret that a website considered essential for business these days. It helps your customers find you, know what you can offer and acts as a unique sales channel – driving direct sales or steering business opportunities to your door.

Our Premium Hosting solutions powered by the industry standard cPanel control panel system featuring the easy to use Fantastico Automatic Script Installer for easy script installation and deployment. PHP 5, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Python, Site Builder, IP manager and Hotlink Protection are just some of the features which are all supported by every premium plan with free setup, no minimum contract or cancellation fees.

Having an affordable business website hosting would be a perfect marketing solution to make your products and services easily recognized among customers. Everyone knows web hosting is the process which opens the door for a website to the competing world of World Wide Web. Being one of the leading web hosting companies, we ensure high-quality web hosting and excellent customer support.

Important points to remember while choosing the premium hosting

  1. Uptime: – You must choose the host with uptime nearly up to 100%.
  2. Support: – It is a very crucial part of the web hosting company (Because if you get sucked in any problem, then the customer support of the hosting company will help you out of the problem)
  3. Reliability: For sure your business will grow gradually and may be shortly you need to upgrade your plan or need to transfer, so make sure before buying that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan or you can quickly move to new place.(Also keep in mind the price of next plan you may need in future).
  4. Price: One of the most important part, many hosting companies gives you cheap rate, but then you will surely need to compromise in services then, so don’t go with that, choose the one those who provide quality over quantity. You can use many online tools to compare prices and find the best plan for you and make sure you are getting best price and service.
  5. Hosting features: Make sure that hosting company is offering all latest tools like cPanel, Softaculous, etc.

Ideal Expert Hosting

expert hosting

Linux Web Host offers Expert Hosting Plans to fit any need. No matter whether you’re starting a Blog with Word Press, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHP, starting an Online Store with e-commerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Expert Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

As an expert web hosting service provider, it is essential to know the importance of having a top-notch army of server administrators and specialists who cannot just install, configure, maintain or backup an OS but can effectively keep the server and your website operational with optimum performance.

An expert hosting provider offers a bunch of advanced web servers to ensure a fast and prompt response from the server and other vital operating systems resources. Most of the web hosting service providers offer a good amount of support in very affordable price on the Operating systems like Windows NT, Sun Solaris UNIX or LINUX.

An additional part of expert hosting provided by Linux host is that you can acquire enough web space to add additional content, for example, pictures, videos and audio tracks. Can be challenging be an important strategy for making your web blog noticed, or of communicating information for your readers. Again, without having enough bandwidth, adding this additional content can very serseverelyssen the pace of your blog, so having expert hosting professional’s on-hand to offer advice and support is certainly worth the investment.

Features of Expert Hosting provided by Linuxhost

  • Presence of Data Centers and Network Infrastructure: Data centers are fully equipped with tools to check data center security and disaster recovery measures.
  • Incredible Service Security Measures: The security measures include privacy and confidentiality of data and other major information security concerns as well.
  • Data Authentication and Encryption: Linux host uses a number of authentication measures to ensure fully verified information transmission across the servers.
  • Global Hosting Platform Expertise: An expert hosting provider offers a bunch of advanced web servers to ensure fast and prompt response from the server and other vital operating systems resources.
  • Linux being open source initiative is freely downloadable and most of the software products do not incur you high licensing cost as against other operating systems.

Recommended Expert hosting requirements

  • SSH access: This gives you access to your pages directly from the server. Plus it’s a great way to test CGI scripts.
  • Control panel: Hosting control panels can help you maintain your website more efficiently by giving you access to administrative commands like permissions and dot-files.
  • PHP: This gives you some server-side scripting.
  • Database: With a database you can create more dynamic sites.
  • Email accounts: This gives you an email address (or several) from your site’s domain.
  • A web server configured to execute CGI scripts.
  • A web browser with JavaScript enabled.

LINUX Dedicated Server Hosting

dedicated servers

A dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. It is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. The hosting company can usually provide server administration as an add-on service.

Dedicated hosting services are beneficial for business websites that cannot afford to be bogged down by slow loading speeds or frequent site crashes. Dedicated hosting means that your site hosted on a server that only serves your website. No other websites hosted on it. This is generally used for business websites that have high-quality requirements which are aided by the various features of dedicated hosting.

In simple terms, Linux dedicated server hosting means the construction of websites on the pattern of the Linux system. Open source technologies like MySQL are compatible with Linux dedicated server hosting. Linux Dedicated Web Hosting has made such a success in the hosting world that it is now used in the dialect as a generic term for many UNIX based operating systems still in existence.

Dedicated hosting services should be the only choice for websites that receive a huge amount of traffic. The high amount of traffic could easily go down if you face problems with a shared hosting service on account of problems created by the other sites hosted on it. Cost-effectiveness is one of the most prominent aspects considered by anyone who is considering getting dedicated web server hosting.

Benefits of using Linux dedicated hosting

  1. Linux being cost effective and performance wise very good, is a good cheap long term decision.
  2.  Linux allows changing your hosting environment in easy steps and also being cheap, it is easily tried by many technicians.
  3. Customer support aspect is Linux is that you can call for help immediately and explain your problems right away.
  4. Linux is premium to you if you want to use SQOL or other scripting languages for your website.
  5. One of the reasons why companies and organizations use Linux dedicated servers for virtual private server hosting is because they have superb control over the web host.
  6. Easy to connect to its provider is also one of the advantages of the virtual private server hosting with Linux.

Linux Hosting for Small Business Website

Linux is the open-source operating system and has a greater amount of protection and flexibility than options such as windows when used on servers. It also has a reputation for stability and speed. The cost of it is also less in comparison to other OS. It also supports a broad range of software. It is highly reliable and secure OS for use with web hosting services. Many versions of Linux are also available, each one with a different set of software.

The next version of web hosting solutions is the Linux hosting services is a common name with quality website hosting services for a variety of operating systems. Linux itself is open source, and Linux hosting offers all the advantages associated with open source software. Open source software allows constant improvements made by any person who is interested in doing so.

Linux hosting refers to a web host that is running the Linux operating system on their server, as well as the database and other software. Linux web hosting sometimes referred to as a LAMP, which is a Server model based on the Linux operating system, plus Apache server software, MySQL database, nd PHP programming language. Linux is the first choice of many website owners for serving web pages and powering web based applications.

Linux hosting has an excellent reputation in particular for the provision of both stable and reliable web hosting solutions. The stability of Linux comes with quality website hosting such a site is very good. Linux hosting is also compatible with e-commerce functions for small business web hosting. Linux hosting supports more cross-platform applications and offers a higher portability than most proprietary operating systems. Linux runs on a variety of hardware platforms, which means that you have the freedom to select the equipment or even migrate to a different hardware later without any hassles. Apache is the server of the operating system of Linux. It is also a better open project and broadly acclimated web server.

Linux Hosting Services Features

  • PHP and MySQL support
  • Apache Web Server
  • Mod Rewrite Support
  • Chmod file permissions


Price Comparisons of LINUX hosting:

Business starter Premium Hosting Expert Hosting
Price $7.95 /month Price $11.9 Price $13.9
10 websites 30 websites 40 websites
Bandwidth: 50 GB Bandwidth:120 GB Bandwidth: 200 GB
Disk Space: 5 GB Disk Space: 15 GB Disk Space: 20 GB
Email Accounts: 10 Email Accounts: 30 Email Accounts: 40
Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain


Why is cheap Linux hosting preferred?

There are many reasons as to which cheap Linux hosting is preferable. The reasons are as follow:

  • When you are at the start of your website or business, you don’t need a big website and a huge disk space on the server and probably look for companies offering affordable web hosting plans.
  • Linux operating system for computers remains one of the most common examples of free software services available for users.
  • The flexibility of availing the best and modern technologies like MySQL, Python, XML, and PHP remains with Linux based hosting platforms.
  • A Linux web hosting company follows in line with a strict tradition of budget web hosting and turning huge profit in little time, and this signifies a lot to the consumer as many consumers react to profit positively, you can see the same at
  • Linux is one of the worldwide growing Operating-System, and many consumers and business owners are interested in running their online business using Linux web hosting.
  • For the midsized and the small sized enterprises, it is best to go for the shared server. The downtime of a site influences the mood of the browsers and to attract and motivate web travelers it is necessary to ensure fast downloading speed.
  • If you are looking for a cheap web hosting, then Linux hosting is the best choice for you as it comes with free of setup charges.

Features of Linux scored over MAC and Window Hosting:

  1. If you are looking to make your determination on price, you will likely find that Linux if usually more affordable than both Windows and Mac web hosting plans.
  2. Linux is known throughout the industry for being as stable as they come, able to maintain a hosting operation under a wide range of demanding situations.
  3. Linux is the operating system that can truly help you harness the processing power of the underlying machine.
  4. To make more resources available to the computer and users, Linux utilizes a command line similar to old DOS systems, making it a real challenge for those who lack technical experience.  Windows and Mac OS X platforms both offer graphical user interfaces, presenting rich backgrounds, icons, and links to simplify the administration process significantly.
  5. When it comes to web hosting, it is easy to host on Linux web servers. The process of uploading and hosting is almost same for both Linux and Windows web servers.
  6. A website designed to host on a Linux based web server can be hosted on a Windows web server quickly, whereas the reverse is not always true.
  7. If you want to host ASP/ASP.NET and MS SQL/Access then Windows. If you want to host PHP and MySQL then Linux.