SEO Hosting Australia

SEO Hosting Australia

SEO Hosting Australia

Website hosting solutions provide any business including total revolutionary deals set for internet marketing and advertising techniques to make their online businesses develop short period of time to appealing levels. All Australian web hosting providers have online methods that make sure each and every client gets instant operation results for their company. It is important that customers get top ranking at every SEO outcomes along with promotional strategy and unique choices provided by the hosting company, using advanced technical support team. In addition, clients will find skilled configurations in all websites, and hosting providers manage efforts and time to offer hosting services at very affordable rates.

Furthermore, SEO hosting providers in Australia can easily handle intranets, associated tasks, HTML website styles and models. Customers will get facilities for all perks such as domain name registration, internet hosting, and any site. Beside this, there is additional benefit for site ad and marketing, advertising development, and associated functions as well. Australian hosting providers offer services that ensure total stability and monitor each client’s requirement and supplied best support for optimum business improvement.

We have collected some popular Australian SEO hosting providers according to reviews, ratings, cost effectiveness and satisfaction. Below you can find latest web hosting reviews to help compare best companies in the industry.

HostPapa web hosting is also known as green web hosting industry offering reliable and green hosting services. It offers 3 packages that is Starter for small personal site, Business for more than one site and Business Pro. All hosting plans are feature rich and provide functions such as photo galleries, blogs, surveys and streaming media. Apart from this, company also includes some extra features including SEO tools, website builder, and Google ad credits.

Godaddy is a popular Australian web hosting provider and offers various web hosting packages. It has included list of additional services like SEO, security, marketing and more. Moreover, company has introduced new level of reliability for fourth generation web hosting packages. Their economy, deluxe and ultimate plans come with more space and options. Moreover, plans include unlimited subdomains, databases, MySql and disk space. Godaddy is not an Australian company, but it has developed services to provide rock solid support, fast and reliable services.

Crazy Domains
Crazy Domains is another reliable hosting provider based in Australia. It offers domain hosting, domain registration, and website solutions. It is privately owned hosting with advanced services and technology at affordable rates. Their datacenters are located globally that offers excellent services and network speed to customers. Crazy domains offer wide range of hosting solutions to meet online needs of their clients.

Crucial Paradigm
Crucial Paradigm hosting provider is a popular Australian company since 2003. It has built excellent technology and game changing technology. Company has strong focus on offering business services along with best hosting packages to grow personal or businesses. Moreover, they offer excellent add-on options, backup service, access to multiple script libraries and more.

Oz Hosting
Oz hosting founded in 1997 and is the popular in Australian web hosting market. After its implementation, it has been providing reliable services with cutting edge features. Its local and professional team is offering hosting solutions to Australians and their online business. Oz hosting offers wide range of hosting services, VPS and email services. Company has introduced four shared hosting packages that is perfect for starters.

Anchor Web Hosting
Operating successfully, Anchor web hosting is well known Australian owned and operated company. It’s hosting packages are for all type of businesses including control panel, daily backups, and detailed statistics. More features are depending on the package you choose for your website.

Choose SEO Hosting

Choose SEO Hosting

A website is an income generation tool, which needs greater visibility on Search Engines. For ranking, an excellent web hosting services required featuring:

  • 100% Up-time: Guaranteed up-time tumble up the ranking.
  • Speed: Faster page loads with fast delivery of website resources like content. Search Engines correlate Time of the First byte (TFB) in deciding to rank. Thus you need speedy web hosts, who provide enough bandwidth.
  • Security: Web server security is paramount which safety from malware, viruses, and hackers. E-commerce portals need high-security as they handle critical information belonging to a customer including credit card information.
  • Local Servers: Server Location is relevant for local searches.

Nowadays the internet is a source to reach anyone with a convenience of just a click. Therefore, wise people opted the internet for various means and marketing of their business via the internet is one of them. Marketing is a whole research and can be done in unlimited ways. One of the most promising ways of marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. An individual needs to select SEO hosting from a free, cheap or pricey web hosting provider. This is quite tough to decide for him if he is new to web hosting or web business. It is quite easier for experienced personals.

Purpose of SEO Hosting

SEO hosting services help an individual to optimize his website on World Wide Web & manage his website through the third party. If an individual’s website is having various data which has all the content he would like to circulate on the World Wide Web then web hosting provider will give space to his website on their servers with connectivity via their data center. Simply an individual is hiring server space and connectivity via the web hosting company. This is what a web hosting service provider & a user’s role in web hosting. Now after getting space in server, an individual would like to be known by the world through his website. Here comes role of SEO hosting.

Choose SEO Hosting

Now an individual needs to choose between SEO hosting which is cheap and quite affordable or else SEO hosting which is quite a pricey. Even an individual can opt for free SEO hosting service. It all depends on an individual’s smartness and knowledge. It is quite easy to get SEO hosting services if an individual is knowledgeable but is quite difficult if an individual is unaware of hosting and is entirely new. There is no need to get upset as the internet is a great source of marketing as well as a great source of knowledge for anyone. It furnishes all required information about almost everything. What an individual needs to do is spend some if his time and he will be aware of everything he needs to know about SEO hosting.

Few things which come only via experience

There are many things an individual can know about SEO or any other type of hosting through the internet, but few things are there which he can learn through his own experiences only. Experience is the best teacher which an individual can have with time. It is same for any type of learning and can’t be changed. If an individual wants to be an expert, then he has to give time with proper attention to learning.

SEO keywords

While doing marketing an individual should select legitimate keywords which can lend his website at the top most position after the search. It is quite important and can be changed. This facility is available for most of the SEO hosting provider, and an individual needs to check whether it is available with his hosting service provider or not. If an individual is opting for free or cheap hosting service, then he needs to check every term carefully before any final deal.


There is nothing bad in choosing an SEO hosting service which is with less or affordable price. It all depends on an individual’s capability how he takes out best from the worst.

Top SEO Hosting

Top SEO Hosting

Top SEO Hosting

We all know, SEO plays a vital role in the success of our website. To increase the no. of visitors to the site or huge volume of traffic, SEO is very important.
When people search on web, results displayed in search engine. No. of links having sites appears but if your website is not in the top results or not visible, it states that your site is not available to the visitors, thereby leads to loss of clients, business, profit.
So, SEO Hosting is essential for the success of any website.
A no. of SEO Hosting Providers are available in market but which is the best one, is not easy to find. So, here present some top rated SEO Hosting companies, just for you.

Best SEO Hosting Providers

Topseohosting with unique C-Class IP, one of the best SEO Hosting company launched Multiple C Class IP SEO Hosting services. Backlinks for sites are created from a single web hosting account which is managed in WHM. Seo Hosting Packages offered includes features like Unlimited E-Mail Accounts & Database, Multi-lingual Control Panel, Data Backup on daily basis, 24/7/365 Customer Support, Support of FrontPage Extensions, Custom MX, A, CNAME Records, Anti-virus Protection9, Support of PHP4, PHP5 & PHP6 & Auto-responder E-Mails.

OverthetopSEO offers the best possible SEO hosting services for your sites to offer you the best possible results. Best SEO Experts are working with company offering best SEO Hosting services online with optimal customer support. If you are looking for an SEO optimized web hosting solution, then this is the perfect one.

Miss Hosting
Miss Hosting has a rich base of clients from all over the world. It assists in registering over 650 top class domains. An excellent customer service is offered by dedicated staff for all, round the year. Company has a rich experience of more than 15 years in the hosting industry. Miss Hosting offers pre-configured and customized SEO Hosting solutions. It includes VPS Solution, Dedicated server and SEO Hosting solutions. All of them includes features such as Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Bandwidth of 2 TB, Stellar Customer support, Proactive Monitoring & Managed Server option.

SEO Hosting
SEO Hosting, a leader in multiple IP SEO Hosting, offers unparalleled hosting solutions with a range of IP’s for ensuring high site performance. Shared SEO Hosting, VPS SEO Hosting and Dedicated SEO Hosting solutions are offered, which are highly flexible and scalable. They all developed on a powerful virtual infrastructure using reliable, secure first-class hardware. SEO Hosting packages they offered, includes no. of features. Security related features are R1 Soft Bare Metal Backups, Daily backups; Password protected directories with IP-blocking. Tracking based features are Web-based file manager, AWStats site statistics, Webalizer. E-mail related features are spam and virus filtering, access to POP3, IMAP and web-based e-mail, E-mail forwarding, auto-responders, filters and Mailing lists. Software such as PHP, Perl, Python, cPanel, FTP, Cron Jobs, Ruby on Rails, Shell access, PhpMyAdmin, Error pages, Recommerce ready is also offered. Standard features received with every plan are more than 250 Class C IPs, 24/7/365 Technical Support, Unlimited MySQL Databases, Softaculous script installer, Subdomains and FTP accounts with a free domain.

Besides the above, some other web hosting companies are also there which are considered as best SEO friendly hosting companies. These are Hub, iPage, Fatcow, Bluehost and KVC Hosting.

SEO Hosting USA

SEO Hosting USA

SEO Hosting USA

SEO Hosting plays an important role in increasing the visitors to any website. By displaying the website in the top results of search engines, it generates the huge volume of traffic. It results in a rich database of clients, increased profit, increased revenue, sound business.
Understanding the importance of SEO Hosting, a no. of SEO Hosting service providers are located all over the world. But in this article, we are covering the companies in reference to the USA, as the name of this article suggests.
So, Have a look at some of them…

Aseohosting offers simple and easy to use tools such as WordPress software and IP Manager to publish your important content easily. A Multiple IP Hosting account is offered by company with many unique Class C IP addresses.

SEO Hosting Plans includes the following features;
·1 24/7/365 Support
·2 Softaculous
·3 cPanel/WHM
·4 99.99 % Uptime Guarantee
·5 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
·6 Different Class C IP’s
·7 Unlimited FTP/E-Mail accounts
·8 Unlimited MySQL Database
·9 phpMyAdmin, PHP 5, Perl / CGI / Frontpage Extension, Cron Jobs
·10 SpamAssassin, File Manager
·11 Webalizer / Awstats
·12 Backups on regular or weekly basis

The company is offering reliable SEO Hosting services from last several years and has a good track record. SEO Plans are offered at best possible low prices in the SEO market. Separate Class-C IP Nameservers, One Click WordPress Auto Installer, A Separate cPanel for Every C-Class IP, Secured & Optimized WordPress with High performance all are offered at just one place.

Features offered are
·1 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
·2 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with SLA
·3 Support Response Time in just an hour
·4 Backups on Daily & Weekly basis
·5 Free Website Migration
·6 POP3/IMAP/SMTP, Autoresponders and Forwards, Mailing lists, etc.
·7 RVSiteBuilder
·8 Add-on Domains, Parked Domains, Sub Domains
·9 Softwares such as CGI, SSL, Perl, Python, PHP5, SSI, etc.
·10 MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL
·11 Web Based Control Panel | cPanel, File Manager
·12 Web Statistics & Multimedia
·13 E-Commerce features & many more

Smart SEO Hosting
A-Class IP’s are offered by Smart SEO Hosting with Global SSL for free, Instant Setup, cPanel and WHM Control Panel. Servers are hosted in Data Centres all over the world, many of them are in USA.

Smart SEO Hosting Package consist of no. of features;
·1 Super Fast SSD Servers
·2 Separate A Class/Private Branded Nameservers
·3 Unlimited Email/FTP Accounts
·4 Unlimited MySQL Databases
·5 Over 330 One-click Installers
·6 No Contract
·7 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
·8 Free Setup

Company is having industry experience from last few years, offered great SEO web hosting solutions with quite innovative and useful features. It includes Dedicated Technical Support, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 99% Server Uptime Guarantee, Free website transfer, SSL Certificate, Free website builder and Auto Script Installer.

Exlhosting, a best USA SEO Hosting solutions comes with multiple C-Class IP’S, offers a Separate cPanel for Every C-Class IP, WHM, Auto Script Installer, WHOIS Privacy Protected Nameservers, Unlimited Addon Domains. Features it offers in different SEO Hosting plans;

·1 Free Website Migration
·2 Database & MySQL
·3 Email, Webmail, Mailing Lists
·4 Website Builder
·5 Daily Weekly Backups
·6 One Click Script Installer
·7 Tools for Site Management
·8 Web Statistics
·9 Ecommerce Features
·10 SSL & FTP
·11 White Label Nameservers

SEO Hosting Reviews

SEO Hosting Reviews

SEO Hosting Reviews

As the name of article suggest, here we have covered some of the reviews of SEO Hosting of different SEO Hosting providers.

Reviews on SEO Hosting

·A) Miss Hosting
1. If Users are looking for pre-configured and customized SEO Hosting solutions, Miss Hosting is the right provider.
2. In terms of SEO Hosting solutions, Miss Hosting provides VPS Solution, Dedicated server and SEO Hosting solutions. Features offered in all the SEO Hosting packages are quite useful.
3. Excellent Customer Support is provided to the clients of Miss Hosting. A dedicated and talented team of members is forever ready to serve their clients. A Stellar Customer Service is offered.
4. For SEO Hosting, Great features such as Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz, Bandwidth of 2 TB, 4 GB RAM, Proactive Monitoring, Excellent Customer support & Managed Server option are provided by Miss Hosting.

·B) SEO Host
1. SEO Host has designed its SEO Hosting solutions in such way that they are able to offer leading edge quality SEO hosting services with quick load time at an affordable price.
2. SEO Host is an excellent option if users are looking for good SEO Hosting providers. Their Shared and Dedicated IP Hosting Packages comes with industry’s leading cPanel control panel. It offers a complete control in the hands of the users by which they are able to manage and control almost everything.
3. Key, excellent features offered by SEO Host are Softaculous One Click Script Installer, More than 1000 Class C IP’s, 24*7 Technical Support, 99.99% Uptime guarantee, Daily backups, Statistics tracker, Unconditional Money back guarantee, Easy Upgrades, Redundant Data Storage, Average Response time within 5 min, etc.
4. Servers of SEO are reliable, accessible without any restriction and offers complete control. They offer highest performance. SEO VPS / Dedicated Servers comes with features such as dedicated IP’s, full root access, free control panel, RAID 10 Technology, high-quality hardware, high uptime guarantee with 24*7 support and others.

·C) SEO Hosting
1. SEO Hosting, is a top notch service provider, in offering multiple IP SEO Hosting solutions. Shared SEO Hosting, VPS SEO Hosting and Dedicated SEO Hosting solutions are offered.
2. SEO Hosting packages of SEO Hosting are great. They consist of features related to various categories such as security, performance, tracking, e-mail based and relevant software. A right combination of no. of features with software makes this provider an excellent one.
3. Great security features such as daily backups, Password protected directories with IP-blocking, R1Soft Bare Metal Backups are offered by SEO Hosting. With this, e-mail based features like access to POP3, IMAP, spam and virus filtering, Web-based e-mail, E-mail auto-responders, forwarding, mailing lists, filters are too offered. All this offers by SEO Hosting.
4. Seo Hosting is simply great. Services they offer are of highest quality with optimal support. A no. of Softwares such as Cron jobs, PHP, Perl, Python, cPanel, Ruby on Rails, FTP, SFTP, Shell access, Error pages, PhpMyAdmin, E-commerce ready are offered in SEO Hosting packages.

·D) 2GB Hosting
1. 2GB Hosting is considered as a top notch SEO Hosting service provider. It provides top quality web space, control panel for site mgt.and multiple C Class IP hosting.
2. SEO Hosting packages of 2GB Hosting used Linux Servers. They come with latest cPanel Pro WHM Control Panel. Servers are housed within top class data centre facilities and hosted on latest technology of server.
3. All SEO Hosting packages offered are branded with SEO Company logo and includes core features. Key features comprise of no hidden or additional charges, Choice of CPanel, Support of PHP & MySQL Server database, Choice between Shared Or Dedicated Different C Class IP Addresses with 24/7/365 Live Customer And Technical Support.
4. 2GB Hosting SEO Hosting packages are designed in such manner that they can meet any budget. They are quite affordable and hence desired by everyone.

·E) Indianets
1. Indianets, one of the most experienced SEO Hosting service provider, has been in business since 2008. Due to its experience, it is recommended most.
2. Highly reliable SEO Hosting solutions are offered by Indianets. These solutions come with Shared and Dedicated IP’s and Multiple C-Class IP Hosting.
3. Indianets is a reasonable SEO hosting service provider includes a no. of key features. It includes Geo locations, More than 300 Softaculous Script Installer, SSD / RAID10 Storage, Custom Nameservers, 99.99% Uptime guarantee, Separate rDNS Records, set up for free of cost, Add-on Domains, Unlimited MySQL Db/ FTP Accounts, Support of PHP5.

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux web hosting is widely acclaimed hosting in Canada, having data centers and servers situated in Canada. This web hosting is designed to upgrade the uptime of emails and website. It provides the benefits of each and every customer which makes the more reliable server without any investment in costly hardware. This hosting provides more options, resources and big cloud servers. The storage options are more flexible which include VMware vSAN or SAN distributed storage. Free domain facility is there with some annual plan. The overall hosting plan involves data center of highest reliability.

Why Linux hosting Canada is famous

Canadian hosting gives best performance in terms of storage which is RAID 10 SSD storage. Automatic backup and 100% network uptime facility is also available. The other features are 99.95% uptime, unlimited traffic, fast and reliable server and 5 email accounts. Elastic host provides flexible, cost-effective cloud services with performance and scalability. The virtualization feature provides automatic backup, complete isolation, automatic resource auto-scaling and privacy. The overall hosting plans consist of full UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) which is industrial-grade component. The domain registration is provided by this web hosting. Highly skilled professionals give assistance to the user delivering excellent quality of values and standards.

How to select Canada Hosting

Dedicated server solutions are provided with different options of multi-core hardware. The hosting platform delivers good quality of infrastructure for its web presence. The features involve are technical support of great level, 99.99% uptime SLA policy and networking technology. The benefit of client from high-priced infrastructure with enterprise-level networking technology access at a price so that all levels of organizations can afford. The hosting plans deliver many other features such as unlimited bandwidth, CPU cores, fully managed w/cPanel and SSD disk space. It has optimized security, advanced firewall configuration, mail queue monitoring, PCI Complaint setup, secure anti-spam configuration and having HTTP monitoring support.

Use of Application

In this hosting, Litespeed technology makes server faster than any other. Additionally, the tools used are website stats, easy one-click application installation and SEO. The advanced features are also involved like Redirect URL, MySQL, Php 5, GD Library, Apache Handlers, Free Module Installation, Traffic Builder, page counters, SSL Certificate, 1-click setup and IP Deny Manager. To purchase a package of website hosting, user gets his own space on server. This application has storage of website on their servers, and a unique DNS is assigned to server.


This Linux plan includes cPanel, Cage FS, Resources On-Demand, free applications, DNS Management, Direct Database Access, disk space, FTP users and Cloud Linux. The use of one-click app installation is Joomla and Drupal. There are 125+ apps which are available with this hosting. These are the main CMS provided by this hosting. It provides high-level security which protects website from any harmful effect like DDoS attacks and thwart activity. User will get domain on which he can upload his content. This domain address is necessary so that clients can view the website properly.


Linux hosting Canada delivers many necessary things like easy resource upgrades, security monitoring and dashboard robust in nature. There is a website backup that restores all data and files related to sites. The customer will be attracted towards the website made by the user. The control panel is flexible and easy to use. Hence, this hosting is more beneficial as having various features.

Best SEO Hosting Company

Best SEO Hosting Company

Best SEO Hosting Company

Picking the best SEO hosting is important way to boost your business visibility in search engines. Benefit of SEO hosting is that you can get BLT advertising plans and all appropriate information. This type of hosting offer services with press releases and web blogs. Moreover, when it comes to choosing SEO hosting company, you will consider some factors. For this, you will go through company’s all features, cost and benefits as well. Necessary information available on all hosting providers web pages. You can simply search your query in a fraction of time.

Best SEO Hosting- ASEOhosting Overview
ASEOhosting is a popular company offer and handles hosting services to web developers. It helps customers to get higher ranks in search engines, the main goal for website owners. ASEOhosting is one kind of service provider.
Reasons to choose ASEOhosting:
Clients are satisfied with the results which company gives. Due to its low and reliable hosting plan prices, you will get maximum profit. To start with their plan packages, company offers you discount code on each subscription. Coupons are redeemable within website for value added services to purchase more hosting services. In addition, ASEOhosting provides more than 300 GB bandwidth. Their customer care is superb and technicians available 24/7. Therefore, representative is ready to help you with your issues anytime and will give you suggestion to choose the best way to get coupons.

Best SEO Hosting- SEOWeb Hosting
SEOweb Hosting offers multiple hosting packages and search engine optimization for your websites. It gives easy and simple services for customers to monitor and manage their page ranks in search engines at affordable rates. Customers find number of reasons to choose this hosting and search engine optimization tools. SEO web hosting comes with single package at lower price. Their hosting is done on dedicated server to handle amount of bandwidth.
Features of SEOweb Hosting:
SEOweb hosting provides user-friendly hosting services globally. They ensure all customers are satisfied by offering C class IP hosting and allocation to website hosted by them. Due to this, individuals and companies can start more than one website with service provider. Apart from this, it provides additional multiple DNS hosting also to support websites privacy in search engines. After start with SEOweb hosting, redeemable coupon code is given with the services. It is a kind of promo to offer discounts on web hosting owners for using services. These coupons can be used for discounted service on SEO. You can find more details about these offers online.
Through company’s plan packages, makes one stop shop for web needs. Website owners subscribe hosting services along with search engine optimization tools that is added benefit for new customers. Good news for affiliate marketers and advertisers that their multiple DNS hosting allows one to use has multiple websites hosted by same provider. Company’s customer support is available 24 hours to help on hosting solutions. Their server speed is brilliant and quickly load pages as servers are located in multiple locations to ensure that websites are running at full speed with 99% uptime.


Overall, SEO is the essential element of a successful online business. Nowadays, every online business on web will not be there without SEO support. It is all about present you website to be visible on the net with various techniques. SEO drives traffic to your website and build rank on search engines.

Cheapest SEO Hosting

Cheapest SEO Hosting

Cheapest SEO Hosting

There is no specific definition of SEO hosting as it is not any process or product, which have some features, characteristics, attributes, etc. It is a simple term used by people for the description of the web hosting company which is SEO friendly. These SEO friendly companies are not providing anything special by which SEO can boost but with this, they are also not doing anything wrong which adversely affect SEO.

Some Cheapest SEO Hosting Providers

SEO Host
SEO Hosting solutions designed by SEO Host in such a way that they are able to offer the highest quality SEO hosting services with prompt load time at an affordable price. Shared/ Dedicated IP SEO Hosting Packages offers key features like industry’s leading cPanel control panel, 99.99% Uptime guarantee, 24/7 Technical Support, Average Response time of 5 min , Over 1000 Class C IP’s, Softaculous One Click Script Installer, Statistics Tracker, Daily backups, Unconditional Money back guarantee, Redundant Data Storage, Easy Upgrades, etc.
Servers of SEO offers high reliability, performance, accessible without restriction and provides a full control. SEO VPS / Dedicated Servers offers dedicated IP’s, full root access, free control panel, RAID 10 Technology, high uptime guarantee, high-quality hardware, 24*7 support and others.

Host The Name
Host The Name offers Dedicated IP SEO Hosting plans at low prices. They are offering the latest client inspired hosting solutions. Company’s SEO Hosting plans are easily upgradeable. Key features it offers includes some unlimited features like Addon/Sub/Parked Domains, Email & FTP Accounts, MySQL Databases. Other notable features are cPanel and WHM Control Panel, 24x7x365 Support, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Instant Backups, Linux Hosting with Apache, Fantastico, Webstats/ Logs, No Contract, Cron jobs, .htaccess enabled, Separate C Class IP’s/ Nameservers, Private Branded Nameservers, PHP 4/5 with MySQL 4+.

2GB Hosting
SEO Hosting Services of 2GB Hosting are designed to offer multiple C Class IP addresses on just one web hosting account. Using these addresses, performance of site is better in search engine results, thereby leads to increased traffic.
It is a leading and most affordable SEO Hosting service provider offers clients a control panel for the mgt. of full site, multiple C Class IP hosting and high-quality web space. SEO Hosting packages offered are quite reasonable using Linux Servers with the latest cPanel Pro WHM Control Panel. These servers are housed within top class data centres hosted on latest server technology. All packages offered comprises of key features such as Support of PHP & MySQL Server database, Choice of CPanel, Different C Class IP Addresses and 24 hrs, 7 days a week & 365 days a year Live Customer And Technical Support. Company has designed its SEO Hosting packages deliberately that they are able to meet any budget.

KVC Hosting
KVC Hosting, a top notch and cheapest USA SEO Hosting company, offer a no. of SEO Hosting plans. All the plans include various unlimited features such as Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth, Email Accounts, Domains & Sub Domains, Mysql Database, FTP Accounts. Some free features are also offered like Free Site Builder, Templates, Icons, SEO tools, Fonts. Key features offered are Private Nameserver, cPanel 11 & WHM, Over 200 Softaculous scripts, Daily Backup, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, No Contract, Prompt Setup with no cost, .htaccess enable & CRON Jobs, Awstats, No Hidden Fees, 99.9% Uptime guarantee, 45 Days Money Back Guarantee with 24/7/365 Support.

SEO Hosting Packages

SEO Hosting Packages

SEO Hosting Packages

This article covers SEO Hosting packages offered by some of the good web hosting companies. However, before going ahead, let’s have a brief intro to SEO Hosting Plans.

Overview of SEO Hosting Plans

SEO hosting plans use both, traditional and non-traditional techniques to optimize the website, for generating high volume of traffic, leads to high sales. Companies by whom SEO plans are offered also provide services such as creation of accounts, multirole C-class IPs and some other services by which SEO strategy can be improvised. With the help of SEO hosting packages, multiple websites can be set up on a single account in which each website has its initial Class C IP address.

SEO Hosting Packages by SEO Hosting Providers

SEO Hosting
SEO Hosting, a leader in multiple IP SEO Hosting offers services of Shared SEO Hosting, VPS SEO Hosting and Dedicated SEO Hosting. SEO Hosting packages includes no. of features. For ensuring security, daily backups, Password protected directories with IP-blocking, R1Soft Bare Metal Backups are offered. In terms of tracking, features like Web-based file manager, AWStats site statistics, Webalizer and e-mail features are spam and virus filtering, access to POP3, IMAP and web-based e-mail, E-mail forwarding, auto-responders, filters and Mailing lists are offered. Softwares such as PHP, Perl, Python, cPanel, FTP, SFTP, Cron Jobs, Ruby on Rails, Shell access, PhpMyAdmin, Error pages, Recommerce ready are also offered.

Miss Hosting
Miss Hosting offers pre-configured and customized SEO Hosting solutions. It includes VPS Solution, Dedicated server and SEO Hosting solutions. All of them includes features Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Bandwidth of 2 TB, Stellar Customer support, Proactive Monitoring & Managed Server option.

SEO Host
All SEO Hosting solutions are designed to offer the top quality SEO hosting services with prompt load time at a reasonable price. Shared/ Dedicated IP Hosting Packages includes industry’s leading cPanel control panel, 24/7 Technical Support, Over 1000 Class C IP’s, 99.99% Uptime guarantee, Softaculous One Click Script Installer, Daily backups, Unconditional Money back guarantee, Statistics tracker, Redundant Data Storage, Easy Upgrades, Average Response time of 5 min etc. SEO Servers offers excellent performance, reliability, access without restriction and full control. SEO VPS / Dedicated Servers offers full root access, dedicated IP’s, free control panel, high-quality hardware, RAID 10 Technology, 24*7 support with high uptime guarantee and others.

2GB Hosting
It is a top notch SEO Hosting service provider and comes with a control panel for site mgt., top quality web space, multiple C Class IP hosting. SEO Hosting package uses Linux Servers with recent cPanel Pro WHM Control Panel. Housed within first class data centre facilities hosted on latest technology of server. All packages are branded with SEO Company logo, includes key features like no hidden charges, PHP & MySQL Server database support, Choice of CPanel with Choice between Shared Or Dedicated Different C Class IP Addresses with 24/7/365 Live Customer And Technical Support. All the packages are designed in such manner that they meet any budget and thus affordable.

Indianets an experienced SEO Hosting service provider has been in business since 2008 offers reliable SEO Hosting solutions which come with Shared and Dedicated IP’s and Multiple C-Class IP Hosting. It is an affordable option includes Geo locations, SSD / RAID10 Storage, Custom Nameservers, Separate rDNS Records, Add-on Domains, Over 300 Softaculous Script Installer, Unlimited MySQL Db, Unlimited FTP Accounts, free setup, Support of PHP5 WITH 99.99% Uptime guarantee.

SEO Hosting Plans

SEO Hosting Plans

SEO Hosting Plans

We have to say that hosting services do affect search engine ranking efforts as speed plays significant role. Faster site will get better rank. Google has decided ranking for hosting providers. So if site doesn’t load within 2 seconds, you might lose traffic from your site. Therefore, Google’s algorithm considers site loading time. Apart from ranking, linking is also important aspect for any site. Lots of SEO agencies and professional have networks of websites and high PR blogs; they use to do back linking for customers. We have mentioned below 5 best SEO hosting providers with their plan and packages. Let’s check out:

IX Web Hosting:
For SEO hosting services, we highly recommend IX web hosting provider. Reason behind this, they offer you something which most other providers can’t – Multiple C-class IP addresses. Customers don’t have to pay for costly dedicated and VPS solutions. The beauty of this provider is its all shared hosting plans provide few dedicated IP addresses which is more than enough for you. Mostly customers never expect to host high traffic sites on shared hosting price. Keep in mind that most high PR sites for backlinking are not made for high traffic.
Plan packages are affordable starts from $3.95/mo if paid in advance for 3 years. Monthly payment can also be done that is $9.95/mo along with one-time additional set up fee $30. With these prices, you will also get unlimited disk space, free domain, data transfer and 2 dedicated IPs. For more IP addresses there are highest priced plan also – Unlimited Pro at $7.95/mo if paid advance for 3 years. For monthly plan $16.95/mo and $30 is set up fee. With this Unlimited Pro plan get 3 domains with loads of IP.

HostGator Host:
HostGator offers shared hosting plan including one IP address. Their shared plans are affordable and reliable. Customers can build main associate sites with the company. HostGator is perfect for small size business as it is very popular web hosting provider in the industry. For SEO people and internet marketers this provider is best choice.
Shared hosting plans starts from $7.16/mo, for 3 years billing cycle costs $3.96/mo. Their shared hosting plans include unlimited data transfer, disk space and 45-day money back guarantee. HostGator has highest their plan costs $10.36/mo.

HostMonster Host:
HostMonster provides hassle free web hosting plans. They offer only one shared hosting plan that costs only $4.95/mo with Cpanel, one free domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space. In addition, you will get $100 AdWord credit. Company has been providing excellent customer service since its development.

JustHost Host:
JustHost is a perfect budget hosting provider for those who have multiple accounts for backlinking websites. They offer only shared hosting plan that costs $8.95 along with $20 setup fee monthly or quarterly, and $3.25/mo will charge if you pay advance for three years. In addition, plan includes features such as unlimited data transfer and storage. JustHost is best for high traffic sites.

SiteGround Host:
SiteGround has been providing all type of websites since 2003. Their shared hosting plans are affordable and very well optimized along with excellent customer support. They provide really fast speed as it is popular for offering high speed servers. Siteground shared hosting plans starts from $3.95/mo including unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Their one-time setup fee is $14.95.


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