Business Website Hosting Services

Cpwebhosting is the best business hosting provider that is able to satisfy all your requirement and provide your website with stability and security. Cpwebhosting is the best solution for your growing online business needs because we specialize in providing top-notch business website hosting services for successful business running.
Affordable shared business website hosting packages by cpwebhosting let you host the website on the fully managed and secure server that is shared between the limited number of clients. If you need your website security, our semi-dedicated business web hosting plans will provide you with your private space of the server.

Cpwebhosting highly appreciates all your needs and guarantees fast tech support 24 hours a day and 7 day a week to ensure the stability of your website’s performance. You will never find any problems in your online business with our business hosting provider because our qualified system administrator will easily answer all your questions and solve your problems.

If you’re going to run your business on Internet in the most effective way, Cpwebhosting business hosting provider will be able to help you to succeed!

Web Page Hosting Plans

Cpwebhosting offers you a web page hosting plans. We are leader in providing web hosting services and also offers the best web page hosting solution that will suit you and your business needs.

Cpwebhosting offers you and your business the perfect web page hosting solution with 24/7 support at the lowest price. There is no compromise in our service performance. We are giving you assurance that your web page is secure and stably online.

Select the reliable and professional web page hosting package and host your web pages with the trusted web page hosting company i.e.

The main objective of cpwebhosting is to assist the customer in providing best web hosting packages at the affordable prices. We offer web page hosting plans with the advanced features and high quality support.

Web pages hosting solution includes:

  • ASP.NET hosting, PHP, PERL and FrontPage 2003
  • Separate Windows2003 website and database servers.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MYSQL, Postgresql

So, sign up for the professional and cheap web page hosting package by cpwebhosting. So now you can open your online store or start offering your goods or services online.

Internet Web Site Hosting Services

cpwebhosting provides different kind of site hosting plans. These plans consist not only considerable disk space also they consist more disk space, good bandwidth and many more other features.

We have different hosting plans for not only a big business holder but also have some other plans also which can be beneficial for the other small business holders.

If your web site needs are unique and you need additional help, cpwebhosting can bring professional services to your fingertips.

In Internet web site hosting services means you are in professional way Give us the opportunity to provide a custom and cheap Internet hosting service to you. We look forward to excel your expectations.

Domain Hosting Provider

Cpwebhosting is the most reliable and affordable domain hosting provider. We are having considerable experience in providing top-notch domain hosting services for the clients around the globe. Cpwebhosting provides you the domain name hosting plans and domain name hosting solution with superior network connection, premium hardware and maximum uptime guarantee. Cpwebhosting assure you the stability, reliability, and security of domain hosting services under any circumstances.

Cpwebhosting provides you the domain name hosting plan with Windows hosting, Linux Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller solution and dedicated domain hosting services. Shared domain name hosting solutions are provided on Windows and Linux platforms with hosting resources that are shared between customers, who get end-user control panel. Reseller domain name hosting solutions allow you to take all the advantages of running profitable domain hosting business. You will get full access to admin CP, end-user CP and reseller CP purchasing one of cpwebhosting reseller packages.

With our domain name hosting plan you will get the disk space needed to store your site’s files and databases. All the servers are fully managed by cpwebhosting domain name hosting provider qualified administrators who ensure their top-notch performance around the clock!

Secure Domain Website Hosting Services

Cpwebhosting a Secure Internet Hosting Company offers you a unique and professional ecommerce secure hosting packages. We at Cpwebhosting invites you to compare our various web hosting packages, feel free to select the best Internet Hosting Plan.

The professional webmaster that requires the best web hosting packages, we help you in this. At cpwebhosting you will find secure domain website hosting plans and professional technical support. By signing up our ecommerce hosting plan online and enjoy the professional services and the best IT solutions.

Most Reliable and Secure Internet Hosting Plans

We are providing you so many options for secure web hosting, depending on your preferences and requirement. All our hosting plans come with lots of features, an easy to use control panel, etc. Select the secure internet hosting services and build your online business with cpwebhosting.

Rely on our low cost managed dedicated server hosting, trust your website only to the most experienced ecommerce secure hosting provider. Feel free to sign up for our secure server web hosting plan today! Select the comprehensive and secure domain website hosting plan online and start your online business from today!

Limiting Data Transfer

Reducing Data Transfers Amount:
you can reduce your transfer amount by;
1) building simpler websites.
2) more efficient websites.
3) optimizing graphics.
4) Remove unwanted tags, white space and comments.
5) Capitalize on CSS, call java script externally instead of embedding in every page.
6) Do not use too many keywords.

Alternatively, Avoid fancy flash presentations or streaming audio. Limit your META tags to those absolutely necessary. Besides many search engines will only review the first few and ignore the rest.
Another good idea is to cache your website but you might want to set an expiry date in the HTTP headers so the browser will refresh the content after a certain time. Use mod-gzip. It could save you as much as 40% of your bandwidth. Out of control robots can also suck down your bandwidth like a black hole. So use robots.txt to keep spiders in check.

Free Web Hosting : All About It

So many hosting companies now a days in the market providing this kind of hosting in which they offer no charges for any kind of hosting or disk space.
Most free hosting companies make money by
1) selling adds on your website.
2) from banner ads to pop-ups
So it proves to be a good revenue source also for users.

They make money through their adds but some of them make money through a hope that you may upgrade and pay for the advance features.

Another reason they can give it away free is that you are sharing a server with sometimes up to 100,000 other people. This overcrowding limits the amount of storage space and bandwidth transfer that a free host can provide. Most of the popular free hosting companies offer only enough space to have a small personal website. The good ones have paid upgrades available so you can graduate to paid web hosting when you are ready.

You have to manage your site yourself in your way. If the free web host allows anyone to signup and if they provide the features like PHP or CGI.You have to manage your site yourself in your way.You have to keep upgrading it and have to add catchy ingredients so that you could add more and more audience to your website.

Well as in every business there are threats involved,so there are threats of spammers,security loss,etc associated with free web hosting.You have to be very careful in dealing with these threats.

Need of a Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP address is a need for all e-commerce websites and for those who requires ssl certificate.Without this you have to use extra steps to set up ssl certificate after all initial payments .So dedicated IP is flexible for having a ssl certificate. Private SSL are essential for your e-commerce store. In fact dedicated IP address, allow your website to be access directly through IP address instead of domain name. This is a extra advantage in term of speed of locating the website and speed of retrieving content. In large website architecture, each website will be having their own dedicated IP address. Well if you are looking at cost factor and thinking to solve this problem through shared ip then stop you are committing a big mistake as by doing this you are making your website a burden. If you need a fast website, get a dedicated IP.

Sometimes your ISP may block your if for some reasons and this might cost your business. A blocked IP cannot proceed with its business. So You will need to find a dedicated IP address, and you will free from the blocking issue. When there is a need, you will need to look for a dedicated IP address.

Good Home For Your Website

Selecting a web hosting company is like sending one of your children off to college. You may have complete confidence in your son or daughter’s abilities but unless they are placed in the proper environment they will not have the opportunity to thrive. Likewise, no matter how sophisticated or impressive the website you have designed, if you do not place the site where it can perform optimally you will likely be disappointed in the results.

Selecting web hosting is not just to find out the place where your website can reside. It is finding the company that offers the resources that will allow your website to operate effectively and to grow as the business or public demands. This means that you must be able to store and transfer enough data so that your site functions smoothly but also remains affordable.

Free web hosting services normally require that you allow ads to be placed on your site. These generate revenue for the hosting company by enabling them to display ads to visitors to your website. Only you can determine if the ads are appropriate for visitors to your site.

All commercial web hosting companies are not created equal. Of course, cost is an issue but reliability and service will likely be major factors in the decision making process. You should expect your host to be up and functioning 100% of the time but you will likely only see guarantees of 99.99% uptime.

If you are managing personally some activities for your website, make sure that you are comfortable with the Control Panel. Some hosts present Control Panels that are cumbersome and complicated. You want to easily navigate through routine functions. You will also want to make sure that the hosting company has functionality that you may not be using now but will likely use in the future. These would include PHP, MySQL, SSI, .htaccess, SSL, etc.

Cpwebhosting web hosting services offer very low rates if you commit to a year or more of hosting. While this may turn out to be an excellent value in the long term, it may be advisable to pay each month until you are confident in the service and, quite importantly, the quality of the technical support that they provide. Getting accurate responses to questions quickly will make your life as a webmaster less stressful.
Cpwebhosting provides you the very affordable and reliable web hosting services or we can say that cpwebhosting provides a good home for your websites.

Top 10 Essential Ingredients of Every Linux Hosting Plan

Any website comprises the following?
Domain name, Webspace, Webpages.

Let’s say, you have got your Domain Name. Its time to check for a good hosting service provider to have your files uploaded in the domain. If you are opting for Linux Based Hosting Plan, make sure you have the following included in your plans:

1. Control Panel: This is the nucleus of your website. In a Control Panel, popularly known as CP, you can literally do anything. The moment you signup for a Hosting Pack, you must be provided with a CP to manage your webspace.

2. POP3 email Ids and Aliases: is an example POP3 ID. You must be provided with ample of POP3 email ids and it depends on the Package size.

3. FTP Accounts and Virtual FTP: This is where you upload your files, delete them, and update them. This again comes along with the CP. Make sure you have handful of FTP sub-accounts also to provide your clients/users password protected directories. This is very much useful wherein your clients / users can use the FTP to upload /download files from particular password protected folder of your website.

4. Backup: Most of the Hosts take Automated Backups. But users do not take much care on this while choosing the Hosting Pack. This feature is as essential as any other in this list.

5. Web Statistics: Analysis of your website visitors plays a key role in the success of your website. If, your website has been launched and you get NIL Visits or More than 100 Visits per day. Whatever the case may be, you can view the Report using Statistics Application that run in the server backend.

6. Bandwidth: Choose the Hosting Plan that gives enough Bandwidth for your website. Even though you cannot judge at the beginning, as time progresses, you can easily deduct the Bandwidth required.

7. PHP and Mysql Support: All the Linux Plans support PHP and Mysql. Make sure you get this free of charge when you buy the hosting plan. Few Hosting Providers may charge extra for MYSQL Database Support and PhpMyAdmin.

8. Webmail and SMTP: Email becomes key part in your life once you launch the website. Check if the Hosts provide with WEBMAIL ( to check your mails thru a web based interface using Squirrel mail or Horde. Corporate Users prefer downloading mails thru Email Clients such as Eudora or Outlook Express. Only if SMTP or IMAP support is enabled you can use this option. Hence check if SMTP support is provided.

9. SPAM ASSASIN: No email user is free from a spam attack. Hence you need to have Spam Filters installed on the server where your website resides.

10. IP: If your website prefers SSL Support (https://) as time grows, makes sure you get a DEDICATED IP. Most of the websites are hosted on shared IPs. Ask your Hosting Provider about the extra charges involved in getting a dedicated IP and SSL Support.