Reseller or VPS, which to choose?

Radically, Reseller hosting is a type of hosting where your website application are hosted with other websites who are sharing server resources with you. Reseller hosting is appropriate for websites which has less traffic. A reseller is dependent over hosting provider, so deep technical knowledge is not required. The prices are fixed with hosting provider and reseller is free to distribute over desired prices. The top benefit of choosing this plan is that it is inexpensive. It is recommended for the beginners and who has lack of server administration knowledge. A reseller can host multiple domains at one reseller plan .he is given a control panel to manage hosting account of his customers. With reseller plan you won’t have to concern about server security, software installations and server management, as hosting providers is responsible for all these activities. If you start feeling that your website is attracting heavy traffic and being unable to respond efficiently then you need to upgrade your plan for acquiring more resources. Virtual Private Server is the option where you get virtualized distributed environment still sharing resources with other user but with some limitation.VPS may be called as bridge between Reseller and Dedicated hosting as it provides more resources than reseller and less than dedicated. Users may move to purchase VPS plan if they need:-

  1. Better functioning and reliable:-VPS has less downtime than shared because it does not share all of its resources with others .So it provides better functionality and reliability.
  2. Flexible resources with segregation:-buying VPS user gets his minimum guaranteed part of CPU and memory system. But as business grows user can order additional resources on his own without any assistance of system administrator. So he does not have to pay for resources which he is not using .this scalable approach makes VPS a much flexible option.
  3. Root access: – with VPS user is able to gets root access .With use of root access configure server resources, mange processes, reboot and set up various resources for server as and he requires.
  4. Proper backup:-user gets the feature of backing up its data so he may be able to restore and redeploy, if data losses.

If you have heavy traffic websites and large budgets, you should go for dedicated hosting. In this plan, user has to configure the whole server according to his needs unless he has taken managed hosting. Dedicated server provides a little top edge over VPS servers with following features:-

  1. Consistent: – Dedicated can make you assure about your resources are exclusive to you only. So proving a better and consistent performance, it is the solution for the users who has dense traffic over their websites.
  2. Proper management: – by renting a dedicated server you could be able to customizer server according to your need and can allot resources between various application and websites. Thus making better and proper management while satisfying business needs.
  3. Prevention of vulnerability: – Being access confined to user and hosting company, dedicated server overcomes as secure and less vulnerable option. Reliable firewalls and safety measures can also be set up that can prevent hacking attacks.
  4. Unique IP: – In dedicated server user gets a unique IP address which makes him completely secure from snoopy activities over other resources unlike other hosting where a single use activity can make the whole system crash and affect other users also resulting in downtime.

Reseller Hosting: The Good and The Bad

Deciding that reseller hosting is good or bad is really a very difficult task so reseller webhosting can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side for your business or even a full time job once you get into it. Though this can be a great way to do business, it can come with some un-foreseen downsides, headaches and a whole lot more.

An important part when dealing with reseller hosting is that some of the control has been taking out of your hands. This is important because you have to trust in the company you are doing business with and this limits to some things you can do.

The best thing to do before going with a hosting company is to get a list of reference sites if you can, to see if they go down. Also watch the company’s site you are planning to go with and see if it ever goes down. If so, how quick does it come back up? Another great thing to do is ask around, if the company has good or bad service, then there will be people out there to comment on this, trust me. Also don’t be afraid to email those people who had a problem with that hosting company and ask them what exactly happened.

So by these some conclusions you can take a decision that you can go for reseller hosting or not.

Reseller Business Web Hosting Solutions

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Reseller Hosting: The Good and the Bad!

Reseller web hosting can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side for your business or even a full time job once you get into it. This is a great way to do business.

An important part when dealing with reseller hosting is that some of the control has been taking out of your hands. This is important because you have to trust in the company you are doing business with and this limits to some things you can do.

The best thing to do before going with a hosting company is to get a list of reference sites if you can, to see if they go down. Also watch the company’s site you are planning to go with and see if it ever goes down. If so, how quick does it come back up?

Another great thing to do is ask around, if the company has good or bad service, then there will be people out there to comment on this, trust me. Also don’t be afraid to email those people who had a problem with that hosting company and ask them what exactly happened.

Also when dealing with a company, make sure they offer a good list of services and features that you can offer to your clients. Check with them to see how flexible they are with different scenarios as well as adding on new features. Remember a good company with go the extra mile to show you that they can be trusted.

About reseller hosting and customer satisfaction

A reseller is simply able to focus on the most important, and sometimes forgotten, aspect of any business – the customer. While it is true that web hosting requires a technical ability, this is not necessarily true of the reseller simply because he is relying on the web hosting provider to ensure the system is operating effectively. With this in mind, there are several factors the reseller must be concerned with.

The reseller must correctly identify the web host provider and place a level of trust in the web hosting provider for providing satisfactory service. From a technical perspective, the reseller is only as good as the web hosting provider simply because if the web hosting provider allows the system to go haywire, then the reseller is helpless and ultimately the customers go elsewhere. There are ways of identifying the trustworthiness of the web hosting provider before making that fatal mistake. With this in mind, there must always be constant contact between the reseller and the web host provider; this is his lifeline.

Please keep in mind that the technical support from the web host provider will probably be at a minimum simply because they allow the reseller to sell their package. The web hosting provider makes the basic assumption that the reseller understands web hosting, so it’s a good idea for the reseller have a general understanding of the web hosting industry as a whole. It is the reseller’s responsibility to ensure that his accounts function properly.

The reseller’s flexibility in offering packages that differ from the web hosting provider’s packages will probably be limited. Since the reseller is the interface between the web hosting provider and the customer, it is his responsibility to ensure the web hosting provider offers the best, even in terms of current technology. On the brighter side, there are many benefits to being a reseller. First is MONEY, MONEY, and MONEY! The startup costs are minimal and there is no equipment to maintain. Don’t get the idea that this is a cakewalk either, because the reseller‘s function is customer support.

Remember that the reseller is not limited to small or medium-sized websites, there are no limits. They can host small, medium or large-sized websites, or a combination of all, its strictly up to him.

While the web hosting package prices of the web hosting provider are set, the reseller has the flexibility to charge prices that are fair for his services. Usually the web host provider offers discounts for individuals who participate in the reseller plan. These discounts are typically in the form of percentage discounts or set flat rates for plans. The reason the discounts are offered to the reseller is because the reseller is finding more business for the web hosting provider and handling the majority of customer interface. This eliminates a lot of work on behalf of the web hosting provider and allows the web hosting provider the opportunity to focus more clearly on the technical aspects. Everyone benefits!

When determining the pricing strategy for the reseller’s hosting package, he needs to consider the other features offered in conjunction with the web hosting: website design, FTP, script writing, FTP + debugging and etc. They need to look at the total package being offered and develop the price around this.

The reseller has the opportunity to establish a premiere reputation in the web hosting industry and create consumer loyalty. Who knows, if the consumer base is large enough, he may even want to consider starting his own web hosting company. The opportunities are endless as long as the reseller remembers the customer service.

How to Thrive Reselling Web Hosting

Launching a complete web hosting company is a very expensive and is taken too much time. To start you should buy some reselling space, and then as you take a lot of orders from your clients and constant revenue, you can start your own actual hosting business.

As soon as you decided on the type of services you would like to thrive on and the reseller web host that will provide those services to you, it does not take much time to get started as a reseller.

To start your business, you will need to:

  • Sign up as a reseller with your chosen reseller web host
  • Acquaint yourself with your host offerings and services
  • Start your own hosting company Website
  • Introduce your web hosting services into a market

Moreover, you should get a few important business tools: a good computer with reliable, high-speed Internet access; up-to-date software; and a system for handling customer emails, taking orders, setting up new accounts, managing support and billing, and tracking your finances. But you must refuse from spending large amounts of cash on expensive equipment and infrastructure. Resellers must attempt to leverage the existing infrastructure of higher-tier service providers to cut their own overhead. And of course you must know that the hosting market is crowded and very competitive. It involves lots of research, work, and creativity. By realization all

Reseller Web Hosting: Great For Both Ends Of The Deal

The process of reselling web hosting services has become very common. This involves purchasing web hosting abilities from a web host provider, and then reselling the services you don’t use yourself to other businesses. This is a great way to get the web hosting services you need as well as a way to make some extra money in the process. The reselling process means that you use the hardware, software, and network resources of the web host provider, but you don’t have to have the expertise or investment.

If you’re looking to buy hosting, reseller web hosting companies can often offer you web hosting services at a lower cost with the same level of quality and efficiency, when compared to other companies. They will often offer you the ability to have more than one domain name while many web hosting providers only allow you to have one per account. As a reseller, you can often choose from several packages offering varying amounts of disk space and data transfer. It is a good investment to purchase a higher volume package at a discount because you will be able to sell it to more customers at a price that will earn you some great profits.

Reselling web hosting services is a great way to use the internet and have your own home based business that is profitable and costs very little to get started. Some people believe you have to have a full understanding of computer programming to be an effective reseller.

Most of the web hosting providers that you resell for allow the customers you bring on board to access their 24/7 customer support technical services at no cost to you or to them. This is a great business to have as a primary income or as supplement. Some online freelancers use this resell option as a way to earn some extra money. It is simple to place an ad on your website for web hosting services.

Making It Big as an Affordable Hosting Reseller

The next step to having substantial web mastering experience is becoming a web space hosting reseller. Price is the first factor that drives people to seek out resellers, although there are also a number of factors that make resellers especially attractive. The ability to provide a personal touch to web hosting services is among them.

Approaching web hosts directly for web space may be intimidating, especially for first-time users. Packages purchased directly from web hosts usually come across as expensive and hard to customize. A reliable, affordable hosting reseller is able to drive down the price of web hosting for users with specialized needs – and on top of that, is able to associate with them more intimately and accomplish a level of familiarity with the market that may be just be impossible for big web hosts, whose main concern is not marketing but background improvements, and buffing up the infrastructure.

A good webmaster is able to draw on his or her own experiences in order to enrich the experiences of his or her customers. If you’ve had experience buying your own reseller space for the purposes of developing an online store, for example, ask yourself: what did I end up needing from the features I was offered? What did I end up NOT needing? How can I make these features customizable for people who want to set up online stores of their own?

Best of all, experience will allow you to see how you can improve your services based on the needs of your current – and future! – Clients. A top-rate and affordable hosting reseller constantly stays up to date on the latest industry developments and customer concerns.

Don’t Just Be an Affordable Hosting Reseller – Be a Unique

When you need to compete with other affordable hosting reseller outfits that offer the same features, the same know-how and the same infrastructure for a great deal less. Take note that in the fierce arena of cyberspace, you won’t just be competing with other reseller vendors in your neighborhood, or even your own country you’ll be dealing with resellers from popular low-cost locations as well, like India, Romania and Ukraine. Vendors based in lower-cost locations can afford to drive the prices of reseller space down even lower, and smart buyers would do well to give them a shot.

So how do you steal the attention away from cheaper resellers? The answer is simple: smart marketing. You need to define what makes your hosting service unique and attractive. Positioning is the key. And positioning can take place if you’re smart enough to approach specialized markets.

By specialized markets mean people who look for reseller hosting for specific purposes say a network of personal websites, a PHP development platform, or even a place to house a small, basic online store. Your reseller space may be flexible enough to fill all these needs, but would interested parties be willing to give you a second glance if you don’t prove that you are sympathetic to their needs?

In other words: address the needs of your prospective customers on a more intimate level. By addressing needs in detail, you will be able to gain your customer’s trust in your ability to fine-tune your services. Customers who are not yet comfortable with the web will especially appreciate being taken by the hand and shown familiar grounds

Some affordable hosting reseller vendors approach their tasks at even greater detail: they sell web space to specific business industries. For example, online casinos and poker sites. This gives people the advantage of having their sites hosted on a ready-made network, with all the nifty tools that come with it. They could also be more in touch with the latest online functionalities used by the competition. You know what they say: keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!

Be Rich By Reseller Hosting

Web hosting could prove to be a very exciting business venture for you and for other aspiring entrepreneurs. You would just have to become a web hosting reseller and you would already have your own business. Being a hosting reseller would mean that you would be providing hosting facilities for other website owners. As a business owner, you would be purchasing space from a bigger web hosting company and then redistribute that hosting space to website owners.

Resellers could be defined as middlemen entrepreneurs, which offer web hosting services through leasing time and space that would be from another server of a web host instead of having or owning their own. Oftentimes, the quality of the services which is offered by resellers is so good that online customers are not even aware that they are just dealing with resellers that do not have their own servers. This is because resellers are able to pick and choose the server they would be using for their business, giving them the capability of giving customers the best service.

A reseller hosting business could make you earn you a lot of profit once you are able to completely understand the profit margins and other figures involved. Some user would usually just make use of half of his allotted web space, meaning there is a possibility that you could double or triple sell your quota, giving you more income.