Business Web Hosting on Dedicated Servers

Most branded businesses opt for a dedicated server or cloud hosting for their website.

Why dedicated-Server?

  • Host-only the customer’s website who has rented the Server
  • Provides total control of bandwidth, space, and security
  • Dedicated equipment leased from the provider is often reliable
  • Most companies offer excellent customer services


Most companies offer attractive discounts when the payment mode is quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. The businesses choose a monthly way, as they don’t want to be stuck for more extended periods.

Dedicated Server Customers

  • Large businesses or websites having substantial traffic
  • The websites collect credit card information, name, address, or other private or confidential details like shopping carts, and forums.
  • Online gaming or casino websites

Benefits Over

Shared Hosting

  • Mostly hosting business starters or personal websites devoted to a celebrity or resume web pages.
  • Limited or otherwise capped space and bandwidth

Free Server

  • Mostly hosting personal web pages.
  • The provider puts ads on web pages to compensate for the cost.


Costliest: cost runs a couple of hundred dollars

Find the best-dedicated server providers on Ananova, where quality companies are listed with the monthly rate, space, and bandwidth they are offering.

Linux Hosting

About Linux

Linux is a free UNIX operating system developed under the GNU General Public License, the source code and Linus Torvalds created it with the help of few developers. Linux provides functionality, adaptability, and robustness. Thus it is being adopted worldwide as a server platform. It is used by the people at their office as well as home also.

linux hosting

About Dedicated server

A dedicated server is designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the system. Regarding Web hosting, dedicated server is a computer which has an internet connection and includes related software and a web server and rented from the internet hosting company, but in renting, a client is required to use the computer system. “Dedicated server” indicate the server allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the customer site only to serve its need.

Now Dedicated server Linux

Basic installation and configuration for a Linux dedicated server are the same for all distributions, but few things, such as package names, directories, etc. may be different from distribution to distribution. So, you are required to check your distribution’s repositories for the required packages.

Features of Linux Dedicated Server

  • CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (64-bit with 32-bit are available on request only)
  • Has cPanel with WHM Control Panel
  • It supports PHP, Perl, Python Apache Web Server, MySQL, Ruby (on Rails), and FFmpeg Support
  • It provides Secured Server with IPTables Firewall

Dedicated server Linux hosting

Here are few companies which offer dedicated server Linux hosting

Server Pronto offers the world’s cheapest Linux dedicated servers. Linux is available on their all dedicated hosting packages. Options include SuSE, Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Debian, and CentOS.

Hivelocity Hosting– Hivelocity Hosting offers the Linux Dedicated Servers-Quad-Core 2.4Ghz e5620 Xeon Westmere 12MB Cache, Quad-Core 3.2Ghz E3-1230 Sandy Bridge Xeon 8MB cache, RAID1, 10TB,8GB Ram, 2 x 500GB SAS, Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66Ghz, Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz

Linux is the best choice for cheap dedicated servers

Linux is the best option for cheap dedicated servers because there is no cost associated with most versions of Linux, as it is an open source. For e.g. Centos does not charge anything i.e. it is free of cost and updates their system on a regular basis. Recent available Centos versions are Centos 4.x 32 bits & 64 bit and Centos 5.x 32 bits & 64 bit. One more Red hat but it is not free. For the dedicated servers CentOS and Red Hat are the most common versions of Linux.

Dedicated Linux server web hosting web server services

Dedicated Linux server web hosting web server offer services such as the Apache web server, the BIND name server, Send mail and Exim mail servers.

Linux Web hosting features

  • Linux Web hosting contains various elements to host the website, like unlimited bandwidth,geo-redundancy,1&1 site lock, web space recovery, e-mail accounts, web space, mySQL5 database etc.but other than these it contain other features also like
  • In Web space functions, it provides web space, monthly traffic volume, host multiple websites, FTP Accounts, WebDAV Access,1&1control panel, SSH Access, version control management, protected directories, etc.
  • In Web address features, domain types, free included Domains, Subdomains, DNS Management, Host external domains, new domain registration, private domain registration, etc.
  • In E-mail features, catch all e-mail addresses, E-mail account, E-mail storage, Antivirus, E-Mail forwarding, 1&1 webmail 2.0, e-mail forwarding, e-mail auto responder, etc.
  • In programming and databases features Perl, python, ruby, PHP and PHP dev, performance, Zend framework, SSI, Perl syntax checker, on jobs/scheduled tasks, etc.
  • In Site building tools,1&1 click and build applications,1&1website builder, teashop, Graphic archive, dynamic site creator, stock photo image library, NetObjects Fusion 1&1 edition, etc.
  • In marketing and communication features,1&1site analytics,1&1seo spotlight, Facebook credits, Bing and Yahoo search credits,1&1 e-mail marketing tool, mailing list, Google sitemaps, spreadsheet merchandising, etc.
  • Security features,1&1 site lock, webspace recovery, daily server backups, dual hosting, password protected directories; a trust dedicated SSL Certificate, etc.
  • In 1 and one web desk-your online workplace, features are communication center, online office package, 1&1 online storage, 1&1 office drive manager, 1&1 online mobile storage, etc.
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All About Dedicated server vs shared hosting (Adult Hosting)

This article is written with the sole purpose of comparing dedicated servers with shared servers, but for those of you adult datebase server hostingwho are new to all of this it will be wise to learn something about the two servers separately before moving into a comparison of Adult Dedicated server vs shared hosting Adult Hosting.

Introduction to Adult dedicated server

A dedicated server is basically a server that you own and can use exclusively for your webhosting activities. The best part is you do not have to share the resources of the website with other users. This server is just he thing for websites that attract a lot of traffic on a regular basis. These servers may cost a little bit extra than the others but they are perfect for adult web hosting.

A little bit about Shared hosting

This server is quite popular amongst adult host service provider. Now this server is used by service providers that cater to small websites that do not attract too much traffic. This server is very easy to handle so if you own an adult host services providing company you easily provide hosting services without getting involved with the technical aspects of things. This server is quite affordable hence it is everyone’s preference.

Comparison Between Adult Shared Hosting and Dedicated Adult Hosting

Shared hosting allows the users to share resources with each other, and since the resources are shared the performance of the server may be a little slow. The bandwidth and the storage space is quite limited as you have to share it with others. This server is just perfect for those adult host service providers that cater to small or medium websites. Now it does not mean that you will not be given control over the server since it is on a share basis, you too can have control depending on the kind of Cpanel that you have chosen. The two bad things that come along with this server are downtime and low security.

A dedicated server on the other hand is much better in comparison to shared hosting. The client has complete control and can make changes to the settings of the server anytime without any hesitation. As an adult web hosting service provider you will be able to provide a good amount of bandwidth and storage to your clients. If you have clients that have websites that are very busy and experience substantial traffic. The server is quite fast and so your clients can also have websites that load fast, this way your clients can provide better service to their clients. A slow website is never appreciated by the people. This server undoubtedly is expensive as compared to the other servers but at the end of the day both you and your clients will benefit from its flawless performance.

So no matter what server you use to provide adult web hosting services make sure you follow the tips very closely as you will have a better idea on what to choose to help you serve your customer better.

A Purchasing Guide to Virtual Private Servers


A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine which is sold as a service by an Internet Hosting Service. A VPS has its own copy of an operating system which it run so that they can install any software compatible with OS. They are equivalent to a dedicated physical server by functions. Their price is much lower than an equivalent physical server.

VPS Service Providers:

InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, A2Hosting, GoDaddy, Arvixe are few of the renowned vps service hosting providers. They are offering different VPS hosting plan. Some are offering best Vps-1000S. SSD drives are used in this plan which is foundation for data transmission and quick page loading. Some are offering Cloud VPS plan. This plan allows people to increase and decrease the amount of storage, bandwidth, RAM which is according to the business requirement. SSL certificates are provided by some companies to enhance the website security which is helpful in taking payments. Some common features are there which all companies are providing:

  1. Free Technical support 24/7 and 99% uptime.
  2. Free website transfer.
  3. Minimum 30-day money back guarantee.
  4. Full root access.

Get these answered from your hosting provider:-

VPS Hosting plans cover the gap between entry level web hosting plans that offer particular services such as PHP, MySQL with a limited amount of disk space on a shared server and dedicated servers. VPS plans are hosted on FreeBSD or Linux but exist on Windows operating system.

What are the specifications of the host server?

VPS Hosting Server has some specifications which are following:

Software: Vps can be configured with multiple Linux distribution, CentOs-based, Plesk web hosting environment.

Network Connectivity: For network four independent providers are necessary: Level (3), Abovenet networks, Cognet Communications and Tinet.

How many VPS instances are run on the host server that you’ll be on?

Dedicated servers ensure that nobody can share any type of resources with anyone. Anybody can get the full memory, storage, power and network access from its hardware. VPS resource sharing may lead site downtime if demand will be increased according to the capacity.

Resources provided under VPS hosting:

  1. VPS hosting provides independence to one user from other users on the same server. Users have all resources to themselves.
  2. VPS hosting is filling the gap between the dedicated hosting services and shared hosting services. Anyone can connect technically to shared hosting environment but at the same time one enjoy the privacy in a dedicated server.
  3. Vps hosting is providing power and functionality of the dedicated server at lower cost.
  4. User can install any kind of software.

Resource Contention in VPS:

There is a concept of noisy neighbour who is the customer on a server uses his or her share of server resources. Disk IOPS (I/p o/p operations per second) have shared resources in VPS and cloud environment. The customers of VPS can purchase server with IOPS without any investment in a dedicated server. Resource monitoring will be done according to time and will decide predetermined limits past which user will upgrade.

Advantage & Limitations of VPS:-

Many advantages and limitations are there:

  1. Reliability: A good VPS hosting provider has better uptime reliability.
  2. Server security: VPS provider gives assurance of security programs and policies.
  3. Standard top of the line hardware: For a good VPS provider hardware is housed for virtual private space. It includes a dedicated RAM, top-of-the line CPU and a sizeable storage.
  4. Customizability: A good VPS should be easily customized according to the users’ requirements.
  5. Affordability: VPS is hybrid between a dedicated server and a shared server. VPS plan is able to deliver the power of dedicated server as well as shared server on the same.
  6. Individual gateway: It should provide Individual Web, POP, FTP, SMTP gateway and IMAP servers.

What VPS is not/ what vps lacks? :-

The VPS is least concern about hardware. VPS looks like a device with a specific set of hardware. If the VPS hardware fails then this can be difficult to restore as well as require a high per hour “remote hands” fee. User don’t gain root access but the files and scripts are spread across a cluster of machines with automatic scaling.


Many companies are providing VPS hosting as an extension for web hosting services. A VPS hosting is dynamic means it can be changed at run-time. Additional resource of hardware can be added at run-time.During the server runtime VPS can be moved to other hardware.


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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Solutions

vps hosting

VPS Solution is offering scalability, robustness, power and control. It is more suitable for those organizations which execute customized programs.

Top server solutions provider:-

1&1, Hostpapa, Godaddy are few of the best VPS solutions providers. VPS Solution provides facility to increase and decrease amount of storage which is as per as the business requirement. Companies who are using VPS solutions monitor each and every VPS account to resolve many issues before they affect any website. They also deliver a platform that makes virtual environment effective.

Virtual server schemes:-

Virtual server is a server which shares computer resources and execute power with other virtual servers. Virtual servers have ability to share resources among each other is known as Hypervisor. There are four types of schemas:

  1. Full virtualization: – Hypervisor ensures that each virtual server has its own entity and exact processing power is distributed to each virtual server.
  2. Para Virtualization: – There is less dependency upon the hypervisor to monitor and allocate the proper amount of processing power.
  3. Operating System (OS) Level Virtualization: – There is no need of Hypervisor with this. All virtual servers use same kind of OS. This is also called ‘homogenous virtualization environment’.
  4. LDAP Virtual Directories: – These directories are used to create both Internet and Intranet related applications. This is possible only by sharing useful information. This includes data about employees, services, systems.

Time-sharing model in VPS (use of hypervisor):-

The OS basically shares access to the resources but there is a single machine which is being shared. As the resources are shared under time-sharing model, virtualization is providing a higher level of security as individual virtual servers are isolated from each other. This is important because it allows businesses to run their legal application on older versions of an operating system and can be rebooted independently. Single server is partitioned into multiple computers. The physical server runs a hypervisor which has task of creating, releasing and managing the resources of “guest” operating systems or virtual machines.

Example of VPS servers:-

OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Xen or KVM, VMware and Hyper-Vs

Virtual private server: a deep insight:

VPS service is designed to be exclusive. Multiple customers are allowed to share the resources of one server, with high degree of security. Customers of VPS have “root” level access. It is quite powerful hosting solution which needs high server resources at lower cost. Each and every virtual server can run its own OS, and each server can be rebooted independently. VPS services are scalable and customizable as per business needs. For Linux OS VPS server is used with APACHE, MySQL, PHP. For Windows VPS server is used with ASP or ASPX pages accessing databases or SQL server database MSAccess.

Types of virtual private server:-

There are three types of VPS hosting:

  1. Unmanaged VPS hosting
  2. Semi managed VPS hosting
  3. Managed VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting: In this, the whole server administration and the responsibilities of essential configuration and management of VPS are the responsibilities of end users. Users have to gain some knowledge in administration of Linux servers.

Semi managed VPS hosting: Virtual servers include re-installs of the OS and the control panel, adding additional IP addresses, configuring firewall rules, DNS management.

Fully managed VPS hosting: VPS support includes knowledge of everything related to the server such as assisting users with questions and try to overcome VPS related problems maintaining the virtual server’s security.

Advantages of virtual private server:-

  1. VPS provides a complete control of web hosting experience.
  2. It has facility of both Linux and Windows operating systems.
  3. It has maximum uptime for business-critical applications.
  4. It performs well with 99.95% of network availability.
  5. It is flexible to install compatible software and applications.

Why virtual private servers: –

There are 5 reasons why VPS may be the solution:-

  1. Growth Potential : It should be strong by ensuring that the provided site will remain available and ready for business whenever there is an opportunity.
  2. Cost Control : Large businesses have a big budget so there is a need of dedicated server. If cost control is there then VPS would fit in the budget while giving great web hosting services. VPS provides the advantages of dedicated server without making hardware and maintenance costs.
  3. Security : VPS provides an individual IP address and unique –to-user password protected entries. Multilayered protections built into the system makes VPS safer and secure for business hosting.
  4. Support : VPS hosting package comes with support. It provides 24/7/365 support for customers whenever they needed.
  5. Control : VPS provides control over content of site and applications which are running. By logging into admin, one can upload edit content, documents, run new applications and operate business anytime, anywhere.

A bridge from shared to dedicated:

VPS run on a shared piece of hardware. A multicore host is configured to provide dedicated pools of memory which are shred, single or multiple cores and hard disk storage. Some hosts provide a selection of GNU/Linux OS, some offer Windows server in one or more forms. The storage of VPS is constant. It means if virtual machine or hardware crashes or loses power, it would resume back after rebooting except hard drive failures.

VPS or cloud: similarity and differences :

Similarities: Though both are not similar but still Cloud hosting has some commonality to VPS hosting in several ways. There may be minimum or maximum server size configuration. They both are running as a virtual server in an environment. Price service is associated with the machine and the resources like CPU RAM which are guaranteed to be available.


  1. VPS is less expensive than cloud servers.
  2. VPS has less server power than cloud.
  3. If a physical server fails VPS can be rebooted without affecting other VPSs on shared server, while cloud servers are migrated to another physical server.


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Trends In Web Hosting Industry

The Web keeps getting bigger, and as it grows, so too does the demand for hosting. When the industry first took hold, businesses were undecided between shared and dedicated server

It is predicted that by 2004 the Web hosting industry will boom to $20 billion, up from last year’s figure of approximately $2.5 billion. Most of this expansion is expected to come from small and medium-sized businesses as they launch their presence on the Web. Not surprisingly, hundreds of companies now offer dedicated Web hosting, and as costs come down, service continues to improve.

Services that cost $400 a month in 1997 now cost less than $100 a month. And with an increasing amount of business from small and medium-sized operations, hosts can afford to drive down their prices;

Dedicated hosting offers several key advantages, with the main one of these being that the user has sole access to the server. This amounts to control over the server’s usage, content, and – importantly – its security. According to service providers, dedicated servers may also offer superior power backup and better access to other connections. Finally, dedicated hosting provides the user with site management, e-mail, and VPNs.

Because of the sheer size of the market, new developments occur almost daily. In the last quarter of 2000, launching the Miva Commerce Server, which allows users to manage their online stores through a standard Internet browser.With the competition heating up, it’s a buyer’s market. Dedicated hosting companies offer distinct advantages to their clients, but haven’t yet managed to edge out shared Web hosting companies on the price front. At least in the short term, it seems like the real winner will be the consumer.

Unrestricted Dedicated Server

Choosing the right web server will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make with your online business. Why? Because the web server you choose will literally make or break your online business.

Two types of servers are Virtual Web Hosting and Virtual Private Servers.

Virtual Hosting
Virtual Hosting is also known as Shared Web Hosting, where you are sharing the physical server and a single set of software applications with other users. Advantage to Virtual Hosting is that you have a powerful, reliable, and professionally managed server without having to have advanced technical skills, making it ideal for an individual, small business, or even a beginner webmaster.

The disadvantage of Virtual Hosting is that you are sharing the server with other users, which are configured and controlled by an administrator, not you. So basically you have your hands tied behind your back, because you have to contact the administrator every time you have to adjust or change your configuration settings Virtual Private Servers

A Virtual Private Server is a single server that is partitioned at the root into multiple dedicated servers. This allows you to share the cost of the network connectivity, hardware, and system maintenance with other hosting customers, while maintaining your flexibility and freedom.

The real advantage of Virtual Private Servers is that they allow you to have complete control and they have the security advantages of a dedicated server at the fraction of the cost. You have access to the virtual root, Telnet, web configuration files, and full CGI-BIN access. I can’t forget to mention that you also have access to your password, aliases file, and send mail configuration file.
There is one disadvantage with Virtual Private Servers, you need to have some program knowledge to control and configure the settings. Which one is right for you? Well, that all depends on you and the size of your network.

If you have or plan on having just one web site and have absolutely no programming knowledge, then Virtual Hosting is the recommended and economical way for you to go.

If you have a larger network that requires multiple web sites and you have some programming knowledge, then a Virtual Private Server is ideal for you. You can host up to 50 web sites on a Virtual Private Server account, instead of having multiple Virtual Hosting accounts, which is not as economical.

When it comes time to get a web server, make sure that the server fits your needs and that it supports the essential software for a prosperous online business.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services are type of web hosting where the hosting supplier takes care of fundamental software and settings. Managed hosting is an extension of dedicated hosting where the required hardware is acknowledged by the hosting provider. It is most appropriate when anyone need powerful hosting without taking any pain about the routine maintenance and management tasks.

Costing to Managed Hosting:

Moving data to managed server hosting takes time and resources as moving from one hosting provider to another. Some tasks may take longer like user may need to request a reboot of server. The upfront costs of managed server hosting is much lower than in-house server whereas ongoing costs are constant. There is a limitation of software in managed server hosting so user has to choose the software according to the requirements of the server which is right for the long-term.

Some top managed hosting provider companies are:-

  • GoDaddy
  • LiquidWeb
  • SingleHop
  • Inmotionhosting
  • 100tb

Managed hosting provider:

Managed hosting provider is very important to business. There are no official guidelines for managed hosting provider as each offers different packages at different prices, with different levels of security and support. User need to know what level of support can expect from managed hosting provider. These are as follows:-

  1. What support has to be offered?
  2. Who should take responsibility for backups?
  3. What is hardware replacement policy of this hosting?
  4. Will they provide support for the software?
  5. Who restores the data and gets the server running correctly?
  6. Whose responsibility is there to reinstall all the software?

How does it benefit your customer?

There are some points on which managed server provide benefit to the customer:-

  1. Customer support: It should provide 24/7 technical support with their core focus being hosting.
  2. Better cost profile: There should be moving costs from capital to operational budget for economies of scale.
  3. Control: There should be full control over IT solutions to be maintained.
  4. Reduced risk: Business data centers should be more secure with full redundancy. It provides managed security offerings including load balancer, intrusion detection and prevention, platform monitoring and management.

Who should take Managed Hosting?

Users need to look for industry and business related qualifications to choose managed hosting provider which are as follows:

  1. ISO27001 Information Security Management.
  2. ISO20001 IT Service Management.
  3. ISO9001 Quality Management Certification: It explains quality throughout the business.

User also wants to see some specific software and security qualifications such as:-

MCSE, RHCE, LPIC, Ethical Hacker

What Managed hosting includes ? 

Managed Hosting includes the following:

  1. Server Monitoring: This is the process of scanning the servers in search of any potential failures; these failures can be removed before they convert into major disruption.
  2. Security: This includes virus scanning, firewall configuration and OS updates in addition of data centre security measures.
  3. Full Back-up & storage: A company losing data can cause a loss of money, time and customer trust. All reliable and personal information is stored securely.
  4. Server Configuration & Maintenance: Managed hosting providers offer expert staff to ensure that hosting solution is configured to meet the customer’s requirement.

Some Risks:

There are some risks using managed server hosting:-

  1. Sensitive data:  Although hosts guarantee safety of data on user’s site, but they cannot guarantee about their employee violation of trust and access sensitive material.
  2. Fraud: There have been cases of customer’s bills with hidden charges by hosting providers. User should take time to research of hosting provider before signing a contract.


Rajat SudanYeshaswiDeepali Bansal

All about Managed hosting

Managed Hosting bridges the gap between the ease-of-use of standard webhosting services to co-location. Managed Hosting is essentially a service where you have complete administrative abilities over a system provided by your internet service provider, but they set it up, provide the computer to your specifications, and keep it up to date.
Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be difficult to operate technically, there has been a demand for web hosts to provide extra services such as: reporting and monitoring; managed load balancing; managed security; managed storage; and, managed databases. These extra services are referred to as ‘managed hosting’.
Managed hosting is ideal for the new online businesses person, looking to build a large online business, and wanting to avoid the extra time and resources spent in-house on managing their dedicated servers. In-turn, managed web hosting has provided a profitable outcome to many online businesses by preventing a waste of valuable resources spent on high skilled employees; months of staff training; and, costs of hardware and software.

What should I look for in a managed hosting provider?

When choosing a managed hosting provider it is a good idea that your host provides the following qualities:

Reliable and fast support a good way to find out the response rate and the quality of the services offered by a web host is to send them an email before you sign up with them. If you receive a good response from your web host then this should give you a good indication of the services they are offering.

Freedom its important to have as much freedom as possible and having the ability to choose from a wide range of services is essential. With managed hosting you might decide that you don’t require firewall support, its important that your web host will provide you with the option of selecting exactly what you need and what you don’t need. Also having the ability to pay monthly is a huge advantage. It will be less of a drain on your budget and you can avoid any expensive yearly contracts.

Fast and reliable connection You should find out exactly what sort of connection the web host has to the Internet. By asking the web host they should be able to send you their network and connectivity details, you might even be able to find this out on their web site. Also find out where the web hosts Network Operations Center (NOC) is located, it is an advantage for the web host to have its NOC located in the USA as the USA has the fastest and most reliable internet connection in the world.

Competitiveness When searching for a managed hosting provider it is important to do your research. Each web host will be offering different managed hosting services all at different rates, you might find that one web host may offer one attractive managed hosting service while another doesn’t. However, as many more web hosts are beginning to offer managed hosting, a new competitive market is developing and the prices for managed hosting are becoming much more affordable with many more services being offered.

Managed hosting A great option

For managing a very high traffic website you will definitely tuned for Dedicated server as it is suitable for handling heavy load on your website.But as far as management is concerned many companies go for ‘Managed Hosting‘.

Its natural that this question may arise in our minds that’What is the difference between Dedicated Hosting and Managed Hosting’?

A dedicated hosting solution you are given your own private server and have complete control over its use. That is why dedicated servers are capable of handling too many visitors of a website.However you are responsible to manage that server yourself. Some of the issues you will deal with include selection of hardware and operating systems, choosing applications, dealing with security issues, backing up your data, monitoring for up-time and lots more.

Managed hosting is a gateway for dedicated hosting. You not only have your own dedicated server, but the Managed Host provides all or part of the management, maintenance, and monitoring needs for you.

Cost of Managed Hosting:

To be frank, managed hosting costs much then other hosting.But this cost can be amortized through high quality maintenance.When compared to the cost of having full-time IT staffing in-house managed hosting becomes very cost effective. One benefit is that the outsourcing can be scaled to your particular needs. The managed host can provide a little or a lot depending on your growth and traffic.