VPS.net Review

VPS.net has announced high speed SSD VPS servers availability in New York city which is its new data center. Servers will fulfill demand of system administrators, developers and small businesses built with modern features and taking advantage from fast, robust connections to New York International Internet Exchange. These all are seeking to install virtual private servers of high performance into heart of internet in Eastern United States and New York City.

With latest Intel Xeon Processors, fast DDR4 RAM and Enterprise Class RAID 10 Solid State Drives high performance servers of SSD-VPS are built. High specification servers of strategically located data center allow VPS.net customers to offer responsive, fast websites and applications.

According to John Morris’s statement, COO of UK2 Group is that their capabilities are built at newly launched data center. With highest performance specification servers will give perfect combination of strategic eastern US location. Most famous sizes provides more bandwidth, more disk space and more cores than competitor equivalents ensures money value also.

The new launch of SSD VPS servers is third among its 19 data center locations. These servers are available also in London and Salt Lake City. For 1GB server, prices start from $12 USD.

Features of SSD VPS Servers:

SSD Disks : Super fast: Local RAID, high reliability, super fast, Solid State Disks operating to 100,000 iOPS ensure to run applications fastly and users get data at lightening speed.

Free SSL : Security: At VPS.NET, security is at top priority would be available to clients at no cost, while SSL certificates may be charged by other hosting company. SEO rankings will be improved and confidential reliability is built while keeping information under lock and key.

99.9% SLA : Performance Guarantee
Providing reliable hosting with performance backed by SLA. If anyone is not able to gain 99.9% availability for SSD VPS servers in monthly period. Account will be credited of monthly bill with affected portion.

Many Templates
Many operating systems are available there through which user can customize VPS environment to fulfill their requirements.

Unique Performance
Real time performance data can be viewed directly from SolusVM control panel.

24×7 Support: Helping Hands
Technical support is there for 24x7x365 by expertise. Whether anyone has some problem and want some advice, experts will help by chat,email and phone.

Simple Control Panel
With easy use of control panel user can make control of VPS. Boot, Restart, Rebuild,backup and more things are provided by control panel.

Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

public-private-hybird-cloud-sCloud refers to variety of ways to implement software and technology services. Cloud figure has its roots that engineers have used to describe data networks. Figure has been adapted to describe solutions are accessed via network rather than tied to particular physical servers.

Three types of cloud implementations are made by organizations:-

Public Cloud

Public Cloud solutions are managed by service providers delivering customers via secure internet connection. Mostly Public Cloud services are multitenant, means solution is run by provider in a shared environment, and data of each customer should be partitioned to ensure security. Remaining are single tenant, means customers have their own dedicated solution. Some experts are not considering single-tenant services to be cloud part instead refer them as “hosted” simply. Public cloud has choice when

  • Standardized workload for applications is consumed by many people like E-mail.
  • Application code needs to be developed and tested.
  • User needs incremental capacity.
  • User is doing an AD-HOC software development project using Platform as a Service offering Cloud.

Mostly executives of IT department are concerned about Public Cloud reliability and security. User has to take extra time to ensure security and governance issues or short-term cost savings turn into long-term situation.

Private Cloud

Private Clouds are built by Enterprises within their own data centers by applications running on virtual servers that reside on available physical machines. These are allowed to add or reduce physical capacity quickly allocated to any given application based on performance and demand requirements. Environment of Private Cloud is considered only by some experts if dynamic allocation of physical capacity is done automatically. A Private Cloud is a choice when

  • Business of user is his data and applications. So, security and control are dominant.
  • Business as industry part that confirm to strict security and data privacy issues.
  • Company should be large enough to run next generation cloud data center efficiently.

Some companies of public cloud are offering private versions of their Public Clouds with same capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud

In Hybrid Clouds, organizations mix Public and Private Cloud resources based on some technical and business requirements. For example, an application is run by an organization in its Private Cloud, but tap into Public Cloud resources during peak demand. Or it can run an application in public cloud environment and keep some data of that application in its Private Cloud. Some situations are there where hybrid environment is best they are:

  • Company of user want to use SaaS application but concerned about security. Private Cloud is created by SaaS vendor inside their firewall. Virtual Private Network is provided for additional security.
  • Services are offered by company for different markets. User can use public cloud with client interaction but data will be kept secured within private cloud.

Management requirements of Cloud computing become complex when user need to manage Public, Private and traditional data centers. User will need to add capabilities for merging these environments.

SeekDotnet offers cloud hosting for websites on cloud server pull computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. Company provides affordable SSD cloud server and shared cloud hosting along with 99.9% uptime and 24/7 live chat support. Two main offering for cloud hosting sloutions- Shared cloud hosting which starts from $1.99 per month and Dedicated cloud server with $18.90 per month starting price.

UK2.net review

Company introduction

UK2.net is a local webhosting company in Shoreditch, London. This web host has been in the adult hosting industry for over 15 years and still going strong. The UK2.net hosting company is part of the UK2 group of hosting companies.

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For a little over 15 years now, the UK2.net web hosting company has been on the front line in offering quality adult web hosting services. This has led company to become a giant in adult hosting.

Services offered

At UK2.net hosting, clients gets to enjoy website hosting services, domains registration, website design services, VPS hosting services, VPN, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting services.The web host operates their webhosting services on 3 basic hosting plans; the essential hosting plan which goes for the low price of $2.48 per month and has features such as: a free domain name and 10 websites. The business hosting plan is the other hosting plan available to clients and goes for only $ 2.98 and has unlimited websites, a dedicated IP address, a free SSL certificate and a free domain name.The other hosting plan is the business cloud hosting plan for $6.48 per month and comes with features such as: a free SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address, UK2 cloud, unlimited websites, a free domain and guarantees network uptime SLA.The best part about hosting with UK2.net is the fact that there are no hidden charges and clients are entitled to get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Some other extras and add-ons you get when hosting at UK2.net include: SSL certificates, Facebook integration, Stats2, attracta SEO tools, a dedicated IP address along with many others for just a small fee. Among the best features of UK2.net hosting is the speed, unlimited traffic and e-mails, along with the ability to host multiple websites and a superb customer support team.

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UK2.net hosting ensures that they offer speedy and quality hosting services. On top of that, they use enterprise class hardware which ensures that they offer clients only the best quality web hosting services. The servers they use are top speed and offer you both automation and control of your dedicated server. Their control panel is next-generation and therefore allows you to reboot and even re-imaging without any help. Root/Admin and IPMI are both standard for dedicated servers which gives you complete control.Moreover, their servers come with 1 gigabit connections, which makes them very fast.


UK2.net have ensured that their clients trust in the reliability of their hosting services. First of all, they offer clients a guaranteed network up time of up to 100% SLA and to top that up, clients are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee. The performance and speed of their servers is another plus as it ensures the hosting offered is fast and of good quality.

Customer service

The customer support team at UK2.net are accessible throughout the day, all year long, they are always on standby to sort out any hosting issues that may arise. You can reach the customer care desk via phone, e-mail and live chat customer support is available to clients 24/7/365

Certified Hosting Review

CertifiedHosting Company introduction

Certified hosting Company began operations in 1999 as an adult-friendly web hosting company. It currently has 2 data centers from which it operates, one in Phoenix, Arizona and another in Atlanta Georgia. The company is however located in southern California

CertifiedHosting Reputation

When it comes to offering adult-friendly web hosting services, Certified web hosting company is considered to be among the leaders. After being in the adult-friendly hosting industry for more than 10 years now, Certified hosting company has solidified its spot in adult-friendly hosting.

CertifiedHosting Services offered

Certified hosting web hosting company offers their clients a variety of hosting plans

18+ web hosting

ranging from dedicated server hosting to reseller hosting and web hosting. Their web hosting services operating on three basic hosting plans, the dork hosting plan, the geek hosting plan and the nerd hosting plan. The dork hosting plan comes with a single domain along with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

The geek hosting plan costs $ 6.95 each month and comes with features such as: unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth. This plan is current on promotion with the cost being $ 3.48 which is 50% off. The nerd hosting plan on the other hand goes for just $ 11.95 per month and offers unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth and a free private SSL and a free dedicated IP address.

There are some features which are common to all the hosting plans at Certified hosting: free site builder, free site file transfers, free website templates and free MySQL and script transfers.

CertifiedHosting Features

Some of the web hosting features that clients at Certified hosting enjoy are:unlimited disk space and bandwidth, cPanel control panel which is very user friendly, unlimited sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts unlimited email Accounts, a 99.9% network uptime guarantee along with an anytime money back guarantee.

The hosting at Certified hosting Company also comes with other hosting features such as: unlimited MySQL databases along with support for programming languages like Python, Perl, Ruby on Ralis, SSL, PHP5 and CGI. There are also programming modules which are supported, they include:FFmpeg, FLV2tool, LAME MP3 encoder, Image Magick, Men Coder, Libogg, Libvorbis, CURL, Mplayer, CPan, GD Library and FFmpeg-PHP, E-mail features that Certified hosting offer clients are: roundcube, Unlimited P0P3 email accounts, video tutorials and IMAP which allow you to receive email to your phone.

Dedicated servers at Certified hosting come ready with a set of features to give clients and excellent dedicated server hosting experience. These feature include: Apache Configuration and continuous upgrades, set-up hardening/configuration, MySQL/PERL/PHP support and upgrades, unlimited server administration, optional backups and restores, 3rd party software installs, 100% network uptime, root access on request,Module Adds (ZEND, OpenSSL, cURL and so forth, critical Updates and Patches along withPing Monitor and Proactive Outage Response.

CertifiedHosting Performance

The servers at Certified hosting run on the Cloud Linux platform and use VARNISH software which ensures that their hosting is of the highest quality. Their dedicated servers also come with a variety of features which are meant to ensure that the performance of their hosting is on point. Their data centers offer 100% network uptime which is another great boost for the performance of their hosting.

CertifiedHosting Reliability

With their enterprise class servers and cloud Linux platform, you can rest assured of the reliability of the hosting offered by Certified hosting. On top of that, they offer clients a guaranteed network uptime of up to 100% along with a customer support team that is always on standby to sort out any hosting issues that their clients’ may come across.

CertifiedHosting Customer support

The customer support team at certified hosting can be reached 24/7 via live chat, phone and e-mail. Clients can also get help from the help desk with the knowledge base video tutorials. 24×7 Server Monitoring is also done.

Nakedhosting.com Review

Company introduction

Nakedhosting.com was founded in 1999 and has been offering web hosting services since then. This company is headquartered in Southern California and offers excellent shared web hosting, managed dedicated server hosting and reseller hosting to players in the adult-friendly hosting industry.


Nakedhosting.com is considered to be among the leaders in the industry when it comes to offering adult web hosting services.They have been providing adult-friendly hosting services in the industry for more than 15 years now which has solidified their place.

Services offered

adult wesite hostNakedhosting.com offers their clients a variety of adult-friendly hosting services to choose from: dedicated server hosting, CMS hosting, tube hosting along with unlimited web hosting. Tube hosting allows users to get all the modules needed to start a YouTube clone, a video website or a social network with video uploading. Their tube hosting comes in 3 packages, the tube new hosting plan, the tube pro hosting plan and the tube master hosting package.

All these packages come with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.Some of the installed FFmpeg modules on their tube hosting includes: the Mplayer, GD library, Men coder, Libogg& Libvorbis, Flv2tool and LAME Mp3 Encoder. On top of that, there are available add-ons include, Site-Lock, mobile, SSL, spam assassin and Awstats just to mention.

Their dedicated servers have great features like 100% management, backupsand restores are provided for, server reboots on request, root access, ping monitoring, 99.9% network uptime,proactive monitoring, optimized set up, software upgrades, 3rd party script installation and much more. Their unlimited web hosting operates on three basic hosting plans: the dork hosting plan, the geek hosting plan which is the most popular and the nerd hosting plan. The dork plan goes for only $ 3.95 a month and comes with a domain and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. On the other hand, the geek hosting plan goes for just $ 6.95 a month and has features such as: unlimited disk space and bandwidth and unlimited domains. The last hosting plan goes for just $ 11.95 per month and offers unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth plus a free private SSL and a free dedicated IP address. The best part of using their adult-friendly hosting services is the fact that all their hosting plans are tube ready, they come ready with the requirements needed to have your favorite tube script.


The performance of their hosting services is on point because they have invested in the best technologies available in the industry to ensure that their hosting services are of high quality. The dedicated servers they use have constant software updates, 100% management and even come with backups and restores along with many other great features. On top of that, their servers are fully optimized and therefore can run FFmpeg very well which makes it possible to instantaneously stream your videos. Shared hosting plans at Nakedhosting.com are housed on the company’s enterprise servers on the Cloud Linux platform. Moreover, their hosting uses a caching system that is advanced in order to speed up the loading of clients’ web pages.


The network uptime offered by Nakedhosting.com is excellent at 99.9%. Their servers offer optimum performance making their hosting services of good quality thus very reliable hosting services. To top that up, the customer support team is available to help out with clients’ issues 24/7.

Customer support

The customer support team at Nakedhosting.com are available to help out clients’ with their hosting issues 24/7. The customer care desk can be reached via phone, e-mail or live chat. Customers can also use the ticketing system to submit complains.