Joomla E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce with Joomla

  • Online E-Commerce website of even Small businesses uses the same systems that large corporations use for online sales and branding.
  • Easy to set up a robust, stable and secure E-Commerce website
  • Online Shopping Cart comes with an inbuilt CMS system
  • It includes searchable product catalogues, real-time transaction processing, web hosting, custom shipping tables, mail order systems and support for merchandising.
  • Presence of Customization features like customer accounts and shopper groups, multiple payment options, multiple currencies, tax management options
  • Basic features: product attributes, tax rates, standard shipping methods, guest checkout and user registration.
  • Managing the products and categories, customers and sales, currencies and tax rules and discounts.
  • Additional features cater to marketing such as product ratings, reviews,  testimonials, wishlists, guest checkout, and coupons, are also available that making it very attractive.
  • Customization of the views, emails, and translations active in a shopping cart.
  • Provides bug reporting feature
  • Support from Open Source Community is available

 Plugins For Joomla E-commerce

  • JoomShopping: Available both as free and commercial, currently support English and German only.
  • Tienda: Available free for download.
  • VirtueMart: Most popular, search engine friendly
  • J2Store: Perfect for small shots that don’t require automated stock control features.
  • HikaShop: Easy customization functions.

WordPress E-Commerce Hosting

WordPress E-Commerce Hosting


  • Numerous payout options
  • Shipping Calculations
  • Well-Defined Categories / Groups Section
  • Adding Products is simple
    Customization of goods, price, stock control, shipping and weight settings, product variations, merchant notes, product downloads, coupon codes, and promotions
  • Use of Widgets to display products across an entire website.
  • Pre-installed payment gateways including Chronopay, PayPal, PayPal – Express, Google Checkout, and manual payment

Plugins required for setting E-Commerce website using WordPress

  • WordPress e-Commerce Plugin:The WP eCommerce plugin is the most commonly used shopping cart system for WordPress. A very popular plugin that offers many options for setting up an online store with WordPress. WP e-Commerce integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, and more.
  • Shopp: It is another popular e-commerce plugin. The cost is $55 for a single-site license or $299 for a developer’s license.
  • eShop: eShop is a free plugin
  • Quick Shop: Quick Shop is a free plugin, that uses sidebar widgets to create a simple shopping cart. Post tags generate a form to add products to the cart.
  • YAK: YAK is a free plugin that creates a simple shopping cart, and associates products with posts, using post ID as the product ID.

WordPress e-Commerce Themes

  • Crafty Cart: A free e-commerce theme designed to work with the e-commerce plugin.
  • SimpleCart(js): It is a new free theme from Chris Wallace.
  • E-commerce Theme: It is a premium theme from iThemes.It is a single-use license costs $79.95, and a developer’s license costs $199.
  • Market Theme: It provides everything that is needed to run an e-commerce site with WordPress. The cost is $55 for a standard license or $150 for a developer’s license.
  • WPShop: It is available through ThemeForest for $35.
  • eGoods: It is available through ThemeForest for $30.
  • ArtShop: It is also available through ThemeForest for $30.

Thus, E-commerce For WordPress surely earns valid consideration for any new online store project.

Firewall ports to add

sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2086/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2087/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2082/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2083/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2077/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2078/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=3306/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=2096/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=53/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=53/udp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=21/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=22/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=80/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=443/tcp

firewall-cmd –reload
sudo firewall-cmd –zone=public –list-ports

Dedicated Server or Web Server

Server allocated only for your websites or your clients. You are in full control of resource allocation. Server range and cost increase with hardware and bandwidth. You can select the hardware, Operating System, Software (Control Panel), and data centre and a provider will assemble it. You get root or admin access.

Un-managed: You take care of software installed on servers, up-gradation of the Operating System and updations of all the add-on software.

Target Customer: Big Enterprises or Web Hosting Companies

Why do you need Dedicated Hosting or Server?

Website Performance: If your site is performing well and you need top advantages, with improved performance and security, then, you are suggested for Dedicated Server. Although it is an expensive option, ideal for your website to expand and grow.

  • Security: You can add the highest levels of security against adware and malware
  • If your application is an e-commerce website, real-time or Just-in-time application, then you cannot afford to have a slow site with increased load time for pages or websites going down frequently, giving error messages to your site visitors. Reliability, Speeds are primary concerns and guaranteed uptime is much required.
  • SiteGeek suggests, if you are getting more than 1000 of traffic a day, then go for Dedicated Server. Also, if you allow downloadable content and videos, hosting on a dedicated server is the best option.

The Web Hosting Company

  • You can sell the hosting services (Shared and Reseller) by creating your plans and sharing both a physical server and software applications with other websites.
  • You can run thousands of sites on the server depending on its capacity.
  • To be competitive in the market, create hosting plans which are convenient and profitable.
  • Understand the need for various business websites. How much storage capacity, server speed, reliability, control, and amount of technical knowledge are required?
  • For Premium Clients VPS (Virtual Private Servers) can be offered, as it ensures fewer websites per server.

SiteGeek Suggest Dedicated Hosting Providers

CPWebHosting: The Company is specialized in providing reliable and user-friendly web hosting services and domain names at low prices. They have developed a full-featured Control Panel called Hepsia, which is available for free with all website hosting packages and which is loaded with cost-free tools that can help you publish your new site to the web very quickly.

ServerMania: ServerMania founded in 2002, is a reputed, a reliable and customer-centric company offering clients with enterprise-level service at an unbeatable cost. It is a trusted provider of virtual private servers, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation services. Hosting solutions suit businesses of all sizes. Other services offered include DDoS protection as the standard for all server hosting plans and a powerful backup solution. Clients enjoy a 100% uptime SLA and are assisted by a 24/7 rapid response team.

LiquidWeb: Liquidweb hosting company is an expert in providing managed hosting solutions in the industry. Liquidweb offers users lightning fast page loading speed and has an SSL included in all the hosting plans. This hosting company further provides 100% guaranteed network uptime and 24/7 customer support. Fully managed VPS is available to users with this hosting company. Users can easily manage multiple Word Press sites with Word Press multisite. Liquidweb also has a very reliable content delivery network. On top of that, this hosting company offers automatic backups along with automatic core and plug-in updates. Users can also get free site migration to move their Word Press websites to liquidweb.

100TB: 100TB is a feature rich and reliable cloud server or dedicated hosting company that offers powerful or comprehensive hosting solutions. All hosting packages are available and best for any sized business. In UK and US there Offices are located. This provider is a perfect choice for resellers and is remain up all the times. The company comes with a range of great hosting features such as friendly interface, money back guarantee, email support, compensation options choice between Windows or Linux based servers and lots of other features. Also, a company has spent on quality servers that give excellent performance and high uptime. Around the clock, support is available via phone, chat or email.

Hivelocity: Hivelocity offers reliable hosting solutions and best customer support since 2002. The company delivers cloud hosting, dedicated servers and colocation hosting for small to large scale businesses. Their bare metal servers designed as per specifications. Their hosting plans come with reboot control, bandwidth monitoring, manage DNS, dashboard, and manage server. Besides, firewalls are provided to get regulatory compliance and protect against unrestricted access. Moreover, a dedicated server includes cloud DNS management, power management, service monitoring, IPv6 support, and bandwidth reporting. On the other hand, collocation hosting includes 100% uptime, IRP routing protocol, power backup, network capacity and more. Cloud hosting comes with storage area network, RAM, hard disk processor, control panel and hypervisor servers.

Superb Internet: In business since 1996, Superb Internet offers more than two dozen dedicated server plans to choose from, ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB RAM. In addition to a satisfaction guarantee, they also offer a price match guarantee.

Altus Host: Altus Host offers several dedicated serving options, including managed dedicated servers. Allows you to focus entirely on your business, while Altus takes care of account setup, troubleshooting, and everything in between. If you are moving from another provider, you will receive free mitigation.

XLHost: XLHost has 11 different plans to choose from, ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB RAM. All setup is free and done within 24 hours of receiving your payment. They also offer 24/7/365 technical support.

LeaseWeb: Lease Web has nine fully customizable plans. All are instantly deployable and anywhere from 4 GB to 32 GB RAM is available. In the event none of their ideas work for you, you have the ability to build your server.

WiredTree Managed Hosting: Wired Tree offers two plans: Single XPU Intel Xeon E3/E5 and Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5. Free migration, as well as 24/7 proactive service monitoring and phone/ help, desk support, a 100% network uptime SLA, and unlimited accounts and domains are included with both plans.

HostSlim: HostSlim has three plans to choose from, ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB RAM. All servers received 24/7 monitoring and connected with an uplink of 16b/s to AMS-IX, one of the world’s biggest Internet junctions.

CyberHostPro: CyberHostPro only uses Dell PowerEdge servers based in the UK to ensure the best update with only minimal service disruption. Both managed or unmanaged plans are available. Unlike most other companies, Cyber Host Pro can accommodate up to 96 GB RAM.

RivalHost: Rival Host offers fully managed dedicated servers to ensure you have control, but not any extra work. While four plans are available, all provide premium bandwidth and allow for unlimited domain hosting and email accounts, 1-click WordPress installer, and 24/7 support.

Softlayer: An IBM Company provided support to many webs and managed to host resellers. They offer four levels to their members and according to the level, offers them a discount of 5%, 8%, 10%, 15 %respectively. They provide their effective services and focus on performance, automation, sound infrastructure, scalability, and reliability. Their dedicated servers, storage, and networking offers the platform for value-added solutions and flexibility that your customer need and as a member you will receive a good discount, access to inventory, a suite of value-added services, licensed management, etc.

Limestone: The company provide the servers in a range like 2-9, 10-19, 20-39, 40+. By the plan (range of servers) you choose, provide your support like discount off base configuration, discount on sale items, unlimited Free SSL Certificates, Brandable Control Panel, Free Server Monitoring, Floating KVMoIP, Premier Support.

Serverloft: This company reseller program is open to anyone who is interested in starting a hosting business. They offer their members several benefits like they offer discounts on all dedicated servers, Variety of products, an instant setting up of the server, branding of the reseller panel, etc.

Besides given above, there are several other companies also available which can offer you the opportunity to become a real dedicated server reseller.

Website Optimization

100% Uptime: Every site especially E-commerce portals considered a mission-critical application and does not want to lose business opportunities for even a millisecond of downtime.

No Fixed Schedule for Visitors, they can come anytime.

Robust: Can handle a massive influx of new visitors or traffic. Try the services offered by,, and or use work, siege, and apache bench to send plenty of virtual traffic to test traffic levels

Caching: Serve pre-generated content to the returning visitors using CDN (Content Delivery Network) and speeds up your site to visitors.

Mobile Experience: More than 50% of visitors are using mobile devices for Internet usage. The site looks great and critical processes are running on tablets, phablets, and smartphones.

Security: The host ensures the safety of your website preventing it from malware infection or compromised personal data. Automatic updations of CMS and themes and plugins for CMS-based software. Not allowing weak passwords.

Highly Optimized communication with databases: Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL allows quick retrieval of information and enables rapid processing of data.

Use Streaming Servers: For audio, video, Shockwave or Flash files use streaming servers.

Dedicated IP: Use SSL and dedicated IP

If Economic barriers are not there, use Dedicated or VPS Hosting, avoid Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting has too many hosts sharing resources.

Coppermine Photo Gallery

Important information about Coppermine Picture Gallery

A great programme with multimedia features is Coppermine Picture Gallery. This gallery web application requires the use of the GD Library, Image Magick, MySQL, and PHP in order to function at its best. The web server software Apache and this application are quite compatible.

Software programmes like YaBBE, Woltlab, vBulletin, Simple Machines Forum, Pun BB, Post Nuke, PhpBB, Mambo, Joomla, PC Nuke, Powerboard, and Invision are available on the Coppermine Picture Gallery interface.

Added information regarding Coppermine Picture Gallery

This software is GNU-licensed and is of an open-sourced nature. According to the requirements, the user needs a link that reads “Powered by Coppermine” and connects to the project’s website.

Since Coppermine Picture Gallery was created, building photo galleries has gotten much simpler. This application makes extensive use of PHP and a MySQL backend to support the software. In comparison to earlier features, the most recent edition offers some sophisticated capabilities. This updated version allows you to create your own gallery and integrates image galleries. Let’s now examine the characteristics that both the current version and the older version have.

On the interface, the photographs can be arranged in whatever sequence you like. You can give them labels and even add albums with fitting names. You can then organise these pictures into categories and subcategories. You can upload pictures from the web, and you can also upload personal pictures.
Customising the thumbnail

You may expect comprehensive multimedia accompaniment that will complement the picture arrangement. Also, you have the option to change the thumbnails’ width or height.

enhanced admin pages

The administrator is granted numerous rights. The settings of the pages, including the numerous profile fields, are modifiable by the administrator.

varied language features

The Coppermine Photo Gallery now has a sizable audience. Hence, the software offers features that are available in different languages, making it easier for anyone to use. You can customise and create the gallery using specialised and sophisticated software, such as Coppermine Picture Gallery, which will enable you to hold on to the precious moments that are frozen in the pictures.

Installing this software is actually quite simple, and there are plenty of online tutorials available. The installation process is typically broken down into a sequence of simple steps in tutorials. After installing the software, you must begin exploring the interface to become acquainted with the programme. As a result, it is strongly advised that you take your time learning because there is a lot to learn. Even though you may have trouble at first with some parts of the software, you will eventually get the hang of them. Because the software is open source, you can freely configure the settings. 

PHP-Nuke Content Management System

PHP-Nuke is available to assist you.

In addition to being used for business and professional communication, the Internet is a very popular way for people to have fun. Reading novels while lounging about at home in cosy comfort is a thing of the past. Now that life has become busy, we live in a chaotic world. Today, we not only read books on the go but also enjoy reading comics and watching movies. All of these are made feasible by the fantastic software developments we are currently experiencing. If you want to create any kind of online comic, movie, or novel—commonly referred to as an “e-book”—you need PHP-Nuke.

A customizable content management system called PHP-Nuke helps you build an eye-catching website with lots of activity. This application’s key advantage is that it makes managing a large website with hundreds of users just as easy as managing a tiny website. Only an administrator is able to modify this application. Theme changes and feature additions are both possible as often as you like, but everything can be done with a simple administrator login. You may be sure that utilising this application eliminates any chance of unintentional content interruption and editing. If required, modules, blocks, and themes can be installed. The website can be made interactive by including a forum. The administrator can simply add and remove material from PHP-Nuke menus because they are editable.

Many customers like to check out things online but only purchase them after getting in touch with the seller via phone or email. With PHP-Nuke, you can add a contact form to your website so that people can send you comments and questions. This improves consumer happiness and makes the website more responsive. It is also possible to create conventional blog websites using this software. You can separate your content from your template. As a result, you can alter the template more frequently without having an impact on the content. Using this software also helps to make your website secure and stable, which is a vital goal. Hacking and other problems put online interactions and transactions in danger; this application takes care of them. This application allows you to add an RSS feed from another website to your website, and doing so is as easy as adding a new block.

With a variety of online instructions available, installing PHP-Nuke is quick and uncomplicated. Because you may grant users only a certain amount of access and you can form groups in each distinct module, this software, which is an updated version of PHP-Nuke, ensures greater stability and security. It can be viewed on any browser that supports HTML transitional compliance and multiple languages. This application is excellent for both personal usage and corporate and business environments. As a result, you can use this fantastic programme to easily manage a large number of users and visitors on your website.

PHProjekt Management Application

When coordination is required, time is needed, and PHProjekt is available to help.

Today, it is abundantly clear that no task can be performed by one person alone. Whether it’s an assignment, project, or individual task, you must enlist the assistance of your coworkers and subordinates to fulfil it successfully. Collaboration is essential. Nevertheless, without a computer and the internet, no job is possible. So, having the software available that enables you to share your data, files, and folders with your coworkers and subordinates is really necessary. Groupware is the name for this kind of software. Groupware facilitates group work, as the name suggests. This type of software, which is primarily used in large enterprises, works across the intranet to distribute data among employees.One such groupware is PHProjekt.

PHProjekt is open-source software. This means that you are free to copy, download, and distribute this application. It supports over 30 languages and is released under the GPL licence. You only need to have an operating system to use this app. It runs on a web server that has an Apache-style PHP parser and keeps its data in a MySQL database. This is conveniently offered on their website. On the company’s website, you can find all pertinent and up-to-date information on this device, and you can also get a user-friendly installation manual. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to receive updates directly in your inbox. Also, a demo is accessible online to assist with installation. So, this application greatly benefits from online support.

The management tool PHProjekt is fantastic. It helps with maintaining attendance records, assigning tasks to employees on time, and even amending and inputting old data. Via this software, you may also check the log-in time of your subordinates. Along with aiding in time management, it preserves contact profiles for all parties, emphasising those with frequent contacts. With the aid of PHProjekt, you may store files, URLs, and directories as well as send and receive emails. This software allows you to administer your online forum as well. The most recent articles are displayed at the top of a tree-like representation of all the articles. You are able to enable user comments on this forum and even add notifications for fresh comments on certain articles by using your administrative rights.

We’re currently talking about reducing waste and making the best use of our time. The chat application from PHProjekt performs this function very well. You don’t need to go to your subordinate or colleague or go around the operational floor to get any critical information from them; you can simply ask them while sitting at your workstation. This groupware only allows for username and password logins because it aids in data sharing. This eliminates the need for additional authentication tools. The top of the main page of this management tool offers a number of modules, clicking on which will lead you to the page you prefer. A summary, calendar, contacts, chat, forum, and files are a few of these modules. So, the purpose of this software is to make it simple for you to manage your tasks and demonstrate your abilities as a manager.

phpWCMS content management system

Simply concentrate on your website’s content, and phpWCMS will handle the rest.

We enjoy learning new things, doing research, and learning about the lives of those around us. Reading is still the most common way to learn nowadays. We adore reading. For us, it is the most trustworthy source of information. But just as much as time has changed, so too has our way of life. The ability to sit idly in a garden chair and read a favourite book, story, or newspaper is a thing of the past and is now thought of as a pleasant dream, but that in no way indicates that we will quit reading. The internet, a very close friend of ours, has come to our aid in this time of need. Online writing and reading are both possible. The Internet provides us with a fantastic opportunity to share our opinions and learn new things. But have we ever considered what software is responsible for this magic? The name of this fantastic programme is a content management system. Tell us about a content management system called phpWCMS that has made our online reading and blogging a perfect success.

The most important thing about a content management system is that it can be used on any operating system and in any browser.

As its name suggests, phpwcms uses the PHP programming language and keeps its data in a MySQL database. Because it uses these two well-known programming languages and databases, it can run on any operating system and with any web browser, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This application’s open-source status, which allows anyone to use and download it for free, is another appealing aspect. It is distributed under a free licence known as the GNU General Public Licence.

A superb piece of software called phpwcms provides you with the freedom to do much more than merely structure your website. This programme makes it simple to change content by keeping the appearance and content of your website separate. With this programme, you have a glossary feature that aids in indexing your web material and facilitates easy content browsing. The glossary also provides an organised view of your website. You now have the option to provide your website with a shopping cart thanks to this application. This makes things simple for your clients. Their favourite items can be added to the shopping cart and purchased later. Using this tool, you may individually create each page of your website. Many templates are accessible to match the tone and content of your website. You can easily design web pages with the page layout wizard. Your web pages can be customised by adding tables. By using a different template, vocabulary, and shopping cart on each page, individual web pages may be made to stand out.

phpWCMS is a smart online application that was made to help you manage your website’s content. This programme is essential for the efficient operation of your website because it includes template-based content and redirection features to other web pages. Switch to this clever content management system to obtain a well-liked website with ease.

Joomla can make your website rock.

Do you use the Internet frequently? Are there times when you go a day without using the internet? Why not create your own website and become a part of the web community? Really, I think this is an excellent idea. Anyone can now join the web family, which is unquestionably the best worldwide family. We think that the internet and web-only have aided in creating a world community. Many of us are sceptical about their potential for success in the online sector. The reason for all of this anxiety is that none of us is a computer expert. We think that substantial knowledge of HTML and computer languages is necessary for website maintenance. Yet, the notion is totally untrue. The advent of content management systems has made website administration easier than we had anticipated. Learn more about Joomla to get a better understanding of the content management system.

The object-oriented PHP used to create this software is used to execute it, while MySQL and MS SQL databases are used to store the data. It is among the most popular web content management systems in use today. The fact that using this fantastic tool is free is one advantage of using Joomla. It can be installed and used on any machine because it is open source and has a free licence. The minimal need for this application is a fully functional web server, such as Apache or IIS.

The best aspect of this website is the ability to add-ons that can expand the fundamental system. Websites are constantly at risk from security vulnerabilities. This programme has the capacity to identify and address security problems. You have complete control over your website when using Joomla. The custom data fields are still shown above the default data fields. Let’s investigate how the system functions. The first page that shows up after installation is the admin page. The customization options are all available on this page. With the help of the “maintenance” tool, you may check all the content, clear the cache, and delete temporary files. Using the “user” menu, you may manage features like group creation and user note storage. You may even send a bulk email to all of your users from the Joomla backend, which will save you time. You may even organise your users based on their registration dates, registration status, and groups.

You can utilise this structured content management platform to help you in a variety of areas, including work, commerce, entertainment, and philanthropic endeavours. For instance, you can utilise the mass mail option to connect with all of your publications, and the user notes an option to provide specialised services to your registered and paid customers. Add Joomla to your website right now to get independence and go global.

Use Joomla 1.5 to get your hands on the magic wand.

Everybody has their own beliefs and thoughts, and we all like to talk about them with our friends, family, and coworkers. But have you ever considered sharing your ideas with the rest of the world? Perhaps not; perhaps you have. It’s not particularly difficult to share your thoughts with the world thanks to the emergence of the internet. Just create your website and turn it into your online home. Nevertheless, because we are not computer experts, we believe that some of the essential website maintenance tasks, including managing the content and layout, are difficult for us to complete. We erroneously think that substantial HTML and programming knowledge is required to manage a website, yet this is inaccurate. We have a number of content management systems in place to handle our websites. Let’s look at one such content management system today—Joomla 1.5.

The latest instalment of the Joomla software, Joomla 1.5, contains a tonne of modern features and conveniences. It’s beneficial to make your website appealing and well-structured. Using this tool, you may choose from a wide range of themes for your website based on what it will be used for, whether it be a blog or an e-commerce site. With the help of this programme, you may customise each page of your website by adding different templates to the many page types that it supports. The design and the content are viewed as separate parts of this application. Hence, anytime you alter the content, you do not need to change the template. You can use this software with external add-ons because its core foundation is adaptable.

You must make your e-commerce site appear and feel secure if you want consumers to enter their personal and payment information there with confidence.

Joomla 1.5 is in charge of protecting your website.

Each time a user tries to make a payment, they must log in, and signing up for an account on the website is necessary to access some exclusive features. You can reach out to a lot of website visitors at once by using the mass mail option. One basic email can be sent to all of them, saving you time and effort. With the user notes function, you may offer premium and registered users special discounts. You can provide them with special discounts that are only available when they login to your website using their personal username and password.

The basis of Joomla 1.5 is the object-oriented PHP programming language. It uses MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server for data storage. This programme has open-sourced code. The Joomla 1.5 development team provides really top-notch assistance. They provide comprehensive support through their website if you experience any issues utilising this product. The journal dedicated to it gives information about current versions of this wonderful tool. It is therefore safe to claim that this is a really well-structured and fascinating product of the Joomla developers and that it ought to be utilised at least once.