AZ Law Could Outlaw Parodies

Cyber bullying is a big problem. It’s a problem that we’ve addressed on this site. We’ve also talked a lot about cyber squatting via cheap hosting sites. In a sort of mix of both forms of cyber crime, the state of Arizona has made an interesting move.


AZ bullying laws

More Torrent Sites Blocked in UK

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Yesterday, we announced that all adult content would be blocked for UK residents. We also reported that publishers are urging companies like Google to remove pirated websites from the Internet. Today, we report that a ton of UK torrent (and other) websites have been blocked from view.

How to Build Your Brand

Snagged a great cheap hosting deal? Set up a site? Got tons of readers? Now what? You have to keep pushing the envelope in order to keep that momentum going. How? It’s not as tough as it seems.
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Someone’s Using Your Network: Quick Fixes

Someone’s Using Your Network: Quick Fixes

We all know that securing a network is really important. Whether at home or at work, any network you use should be entirely secure inside and out. But, sometimes, no matter what we try to do, networks can become compromised. This becomes a really big deal when the person using your network is doing something illegal – it could be traced back to you.


Got Tech Skills? Prove It! You Could Win $1000!

You’ve read our stuff. Now it’s your time to shine! We want you to come up with a completely unique (like, really unique!) solution for webmasters. Solution to what? Anything that can help webmasters out. Things like:

  • Web hosting topics

  • Web solutions

  • Web Technology

  • IT Help and Tips

….you get the point! We are looking for the best solutions to the craziest problems or really unique ideas here, so don’t just copy something that you see on CNet.

What Will You Get?

If we like what you write, we will send you a small reward of $15 for every idea published. There’s more – if your idea beats them all by getting more than 500 shares or more, we will reward the person with the most shares a grand prize of $1000. All shares must be natural, so no cheating (we will check)!

START DATE: contest will start on August 1st and end on October 30th.  We will announce winners on our website.


We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck!

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Using Facebook to Get More Cheap Hosting Customers

Using Facebook to Get More Cheap Hosting Customers

Looking to generate more business for your cheap hosting company? Think you’ve tried everything? Think again. If you aren’t using Facebook to the fullest extent, you’re ignoring one of the best ways to gain new customers!

Analyzing The Cost Of A Security Breach

Analyzing The Cost Of A Security Breach

Security breaches: a cheap hosting company’s worst nightmare. For the past eight years, the Ponemon Institute has researched data breach information, surveying companies around the world in order to determine the associated costs.


PRISM and Web Hosting: What You Need to Know

PRISM and Web Hosting: What You Need to Know

News about the NSA’s surveillance program, PRISM, has spread throughout the Internet quickly. It has, needless to say, created a frenzy. While the extent that the NSA will go to in order to obtain personal information about every single person is unclear, there are some things that you should know if you own or operate a web hosting company.

PRISM and web hosting

Adapting Your Site for the Visually Impaired

Adapting Your Site for the Visually Impaired

You’ve set up your website to appeal to shoppers, consumers of all kinds, and other people that you’re trying to market. But, have you thought about people that are visually impaired? Millions of visually impaired people use and rely on the Internet daily, but the Internet isn’t always friendly.