Why to consider cpwebhosting.net

I do want to open my web hosting company, but, can you provide me few things, which will support your company cpwebhosting.net.

With cpwebhosting.net, here are some advantages:

Connection Speed- cpwebhosting.net do have a very fast connections to the Internet, like full T3 fiber-optic 45Mps connections equivalent to about 2000 traditional (28K) modems or 1000 high speed (56K) modems.

Powerful Hardware: Cpwebhosting.net have most powerful web servers that can be shared by several companies. You can also expect them to have an effective load balancing, and necessary backup servers.

Security and Stability – Cpwebhosting.net servers have more than 99% up time, the latest software patches, and the best virus protection.

24-hour support – Cpwebhosting.net do offer 24-hours support. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you cannot fix critical problems without having to wait until the next working day. Live Person help could be vital.

Daily Backup – Cpwebhosting.net run a secure daily backup routine, otherwise you may lose some valuable data.

Traffic Volume – If your website becomes popular you can always increase your bandwidth.

cpwebhosting.net do provides fully supports the email capabilities you need.

Front Page Extensions- Cpwebhosting.net fully supports FrontPage server extensions if you plan to use FrontPage to develop your site.

Database Access- cpwebhosting.net fully supports the database access you need if you plan to use databases from your site.

Virtual Allocated Server and Reseller Allocated Server

What is Virutal Allocated Server and Reseller Allocated Server?

Virtual Allocated Server or Virtual Private Server enables you to lease VPSs, running on the same server independently from each other, but sharing its network, hardware, operating system, etc., to your first-hand and reseller end users.

Virtual servers have their own root accounts and root directories in sub-directories of the main server. VPSs are completely isolated from each other and from their main physical server. Virtual Private Servers allow to limit physical server resources, such as traffic, disk space, RAM, the number of running processes and files in use.

With Reseller Allocated Servers, You can assign physical servers to resellers, so that you can create end users’ homes on it, with the help of Allocated Servers. Every reseller signing up for the plan obtains one of available physical servers. In case there are no allocated servers available for the plan, reseller signing up with it, will be moderated and you will be notified of it through trouble ticket system.

Information available in the Account

What is the different information available in the Account?

It contains general information about the account, including its plan, contact information, creation date and deletion status.
In commercial accounts also holds billing information and payment method (credit card, check, trial or none). Usually it has one to one correspondence with the Unix account or NT account and is created once user signs up for a plan. At signup, users have to provide contact and billing information for every new account, or they can use billing information already specified for one of their existing accounts. This type of account information is available in all the plans, it is platfrom independent.

Trouble Ticket System

Can I have Trouble Ticket System with my Reseller Account.

yes it is already there with your Account. It Provides communication between the user and the technical administrator of your account. When created, trouble ticket automatically gets the ID of the resource, from whose form it was called. It would be there in all your plans, it is platform independent.

Info. regarding User Account

Please, do proivde me some info. regarding the User Account

In Hosting Plans User Accounts are created. These Creates a user on the web server and stores user’s login and password. These are the login and the password used to ftp to the server through shared IP.
User Account Holds information about the logical server where it is located, which is necessary for the creation of the Web Hosting and Virtual FTP Server recources that have to be located on the same server.