Host Counter Strike 1.6 Server

Host Counter Strike 1.6 Server

Counter Strike Server – Best for Online Gamers

Counter Strike is very popular among gamers and is successfully running in the gaming industry. Thus, gamers know the importance of it due to its magnificent graphics, animation and virtual effects. Gamers prefer online gaming more because you can play the game as an individual or as a team on your computer using your own server. The online game turns imagination into the reality that is also one of the reasons of gamers.

You can host counter strike 1.6 servers on your computer by installing its software and related features and functions. This is the answer of how to host counter strike 1.6 server question. You can get it even free, and many companies provide this for rent also. It has different modes and maps that test tactical abilities of the user resulting in increase of thinking and  mental strength.

What happens in Counter Strike Game

It is based on action in which there is a fight between a terrorist and a counter strike. Therefore, you have options in which you can choose to be either terrorist or a counter strike. Terrorists’ job is to plant bombs on different sites and counter strike job is to defuse those bombs in given time slots. If not defused in given time they will explode and counter strike will loose the game that happen’s randomly. Counter strike for winning the game either has to kill terrorists or have to defuse planted bombs from different sites in given time.

This game is a very fast pace thus; you have to hurry for winning the game as it requires mental abilities with different skills and techniques. For hosting this server you need to install it and its some settings after that which you are ready to play. This is a multiplayer game. Therefore, you can invite other users as many as you want online for playing this game over the internet because then competition level increases.

Benefits of Hosting Counter Strike Server

There are many benefits of hosting a server, first of all, you get 24*7 service where you can play anytime by inviting your friends. The installation process is very easy, and the process requires maximum 5 minutes, and you and your friends are ready. It provides a comfortable environment to other users also. It is always in on mode even when computer switched off. Hosting a server has many benefits like you can increase and use bandwidth whenever there is requirement, can increase RAM space and hard disk space for more storage of files, can increase processor speed or CPU speed for better performance, etc. it gives you full control by allowing changes in settings when required, and also you edit those changes when there is no requirement.

You can handle server settings and manage according to your will. The control panels allow you to configure and customize settings for making the site better during game-play. You can edit and upload files, install plug-ins, can change location, takes different modes and can also add more administrators. You can also change your data center if have location related or map related problems by changing control panel settings. Thus, it is the best solution for enthusiast’s gamers.

Host Private DayZ Server

Host Private DayZ Server

Advantage of Private DayZ Server over Public DayZ Game Server

Enhanced Online Gaming Experience

In today’s world, everything is based on the internet. Since its discovery, the internet has reduced human and manual labor and successfully automated a lot of things. Everything is easily available and accessible with the help of internet. The world has been reduced on the tip of our fingers with the help of internet. Online and Computer Games have become a big craze among a large chunk of public, particularly the youngsters. The market for online and computer games have therefore increased to a great extent over these years.

With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to connect with gamers all around the world and has hence enhanced the gaming experience. Over these years, a lot of games have come up and have been quite popular among the gamers. For an instance, among the most recently released games, DayZ has emerged out to be one of the most popular games. DayZ was initially released in 2013. It was released in its early alpha testing version, and it still continues to run in the alpha version.

Host Private DayZ Server

DayZ is an open world survival game, and the player of the game has to survive the zombies by scavenging the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine. Also, to that, they have to kill or avoid zeds as well as cooperate with other players to survive in the game. Since the time game has been released it has apparently sold around 3 million copies in its alpha version itself. Therefore, the popularity of this game is undeniable.
With the advent of the internet, we know that gamers from all around the globe can play together as well as form a community of their own. Playing through a game server can enhance the gaming experience. Therefore, many gamers around the world play this game using public server or public hive.

Public DayZ Game Server

DayZ development team is responsible for providing the public server which acts as a backbone for gamers to play the game using the DayZ game server. These public servers are connected to the public hive. Each player can have only one character at a time. However, players playing in the public server can come and leave whenever they wish. As a result, new characters come and go with the entry and exit of new members.

Private DayZ Server Vs. Public DayZ Game Server

Therefore, a lot of gamers are now resorting to websites that host private DayZ server for interested DayZ gamers. The private server is connected to a private hive. The main difference between private server and a public server is that private servers offer more control over public servers. Private hive and private servers are often costlier than public hives, but DayZ development team have developed private servers to allow gamers to have increased control over their own game.

The private server is more secured therefore random players cannot freely join and exit according to wish. Apart from that private servers offer a lot of advantage over public server like Kicking players, Ban players, Creating a Server Password, Using a Server Whitelist, Viewing BEC logs and Connecting multiple servers.


To sum it all, we can say private DayZ servers have become popular among the gamers in spite of having a higher cost than public servers. Therefore, more gamers are now availing private hive for playing games to have increase control over the server.

Host Free Minecraft Server

Host Free Minecraft Server

The Growing Popularity of Minecraft Game Servers

The internet has been one of the most important and useful inventions of science over these past few decades. The internet has made things simpler and easily accessible in our day to day lives. It is no doubt that the internet has become an integral part of our day to day lives. The internet finds application in all the sectors including domestic as well as commercial.

Apart from that online games have also become very popular with the advent of the internet. Earlier single player or multi-player games were limited only to a few players within a certain physical boundary. However, with the advent of the internet, this concept has been changed. Using the internet, it is even possible to connect with players all around the world. In many games like clash of clans, we can see players from other countries also forming clans and. Therefore, players all over the world can join and form clans and subsequently play the game.

Minecraft Multiple Game-Play Modes

It is one such instance where we can see that the internet has made possible for players around the globe to play games without facing any constraints due to the physical boundary. Over these past few years, many games have become immensely popular among the masses. Games like, counter strike, the clash of clans and Minecraft are few examples of games that have become very popular among the masses.

For an example, Minecraft is a sandbox game in which the players are asked to form constructions from textured cubes in a 3D world. Apart from construction, Other activities in the game are exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combating. Minecraft also provides multiple game play modes for its players to choose. The multiple game-play modes that are available are survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and third-party mode. In survival mode, the player should collect resources for building the world and maintaining health whereas in the creative mode the players have access to unlimited resources to build constructions and also the ability to fly. On the other hand, in an adventure mode the players can play using custom maps. However the PC version of the game is famous for its third-party modes in which various new items, characters, and quests are added to the game.

Websites Hosting free Minecraft Server

Minecraft has undoubtedly become one of the most popular games of the 21st century. Since its introduction, it has been widely played all around the world by gamers. Often gamers face the issue of slow or bad internet connection which may hinder the gaming experience. Therefore most gamers are resorting to websites that host free Minecraft servers. Having one’s gameserver can enhance the gaming experience by eradicating the problems of slow connection. However, Many gamers do not like the idea of requiring to pay money for game server hosting. Therefore many websites have come up that are offering free game hosting services for Minecraft on their platform. These websites offer some added advantages like DDOS protection, awesome panel, and free support for MySQL, FTP, Plugin and Modpack.

Therefore many websites have come up that are offering free game hosting services for Minecraft on their platform. These websites offer some added advantages like DDOS protection, awesome panel, and free support for MySQL, FTP, Plugin and Modpack. However, Many gamers do not like the idea of requiring to pay money for game server hosting. Therefore many websites have come up that are offering free game hosting services for Minecraft on their platform. These websites offer some added advantages like DDOS protection, awesome panel, and free support for MySQL, FTP, Plugin and Modpack.


These free Minecraft servers have proved to be a boon for gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing the game. Apart from these advantages, these websites also offer Free Unlimited Slots, 24/7 Support, Free Full FTP Access, Multiple Locations, Free Daily Backups, etc. therefore these websites have gained immense popularity among the masses especially the younger generation of gamers.

Free Java Hosting Servers

Free Java Hosting Servers

Importance of Servers that Provide Java Web Hosting

Age of Science and Technology

In today’s day and age of science and technology, internet has revolutionized and automated all the sectors and industries across the globe. It has increased the accessibility and has empowered everybody with easy access to anything and everything in this world. We know with the help of the internet, making calls overseas, dealing with business clients from other countries, making a safe transaction by sitting at home without being physically present at the place has been made possible.

With the advent of the internet, creation of websites and web applications is no more an alien thing anymore. Every company or institution has a website of their own. The website offers an overview of the details of the particular company and firm. Apart from that, these websites even need to be secured in order to facilitate safe transactions and sharing of confidential data in few cases for example, bank websites etc.

Websites, Web Applications and Mobile Applications

Web applications have also become very popular as they offer easy accessibility. Apart from that mobile applications have also made possible accessing these websites even in the phone. The advantage of web applications is that one does not need to go to the particular website every time, for accessing as the applications provides a direct reach to its website.

Over these recent years, many web developers and programmers have created a variety of websites and web applications for a wide range of firms and companies. Apart from that many young developers have also created applications individually and have ventured as successful young entrepreneurs. Most youngsters are opening start-ups in the IT industry are equipped with the knowledge of website creation and web application development.

Insight Java

Java is a programming Language that is very essential for creating websites and applications. In earlier times, most of the web and mobile applications were created using Java. Before the introduction of android and cloud computing, most of the web and mobile applications were created using java. In fact till today, traditional web developers and programmers prefer to code in java and create applications. However merely creating an application or website in java is not enough. In order to make our web application functional we need to use Java hosting servers to host the application.

Free Java Hosting Servers

Over these years many websites have come up that are offering Java web hosting for applications that are built on Java. These servers specially host applications and websites that are built of Java. These websites offer a variety of hosting services. Few of them offer shared Java hosting for small commercial websites and low resource Java applications while others offer private JVM hosting for large resource Java applications with private Java memory and flexible Java heap size. The main advantage of private java hosting over shared Java hosting is that, private java hosting offers maximum stability and reliability.

These servers possess high processing power to allow all the Java applications to run smoothly without any obstruction on the server. It is because we know Java applications are resource intensive therefore customers must decide on getting their applications hosted by websites that have the best server at the best price.


However, in these recent years, the websites and companies offering java web hosting services have increased to a great extent. They are even becoming popular because the cost of java web hosting is quite affordable. In a nutshell, these customers can choose the best server according to their requirements and can get their applications hosted.

Host a Ventrilo Server on Your Computer

Host a Ventrilo Server on Your Computer

Introduction about Ventrilo Server Hosting

Ventrilo is also called vent used for voice communication. Basically, it is a voice communication VoIP software technology program which allows users to chat with their friends or clients over an internet connection. It is much similar to the conference call. You can download this program on your computer and can have your server hosting on the website. It is famous in the gaming world as with this user can communicate with each other through microphone, speakers and headsets while playing. You just need to connect to Ventrilo server for communication. Ventrilo software sound quality depends on user’s internet connection, on device quality such as a microphone, headset, and speaker.

There is a question how to host a Ventrilo server on your computer, so the answer is that you need a server to host this which is available at the reasonable price or even free. You just need to connect to Ventrilo server for communication. Ventrilo software sound quality depends on user’s internet connection, on device quality such as a microphone, headset, and speaker. There is a question how to host a Ventrilo server on your computer, so the answer is that you need a server to host this which is available at the reasonable price or even free.

Things to Consider before Hosting Server

Before hosting server you need to see some important things like its stability, reliability, pricing, customer support or not, easy installation process, etc. also control panels so that you can manage Ventrilo server’s every aspect. Another consideration is you must check its different voice modes so that if a user wants to talk to another user privately then he can do that without disturbance means it must be flexible and provide full user control. If you have control panels you get full power for making changes in the settings when required like you can edit files, can stop or start server whenever to want and track Ventrilo server whenever required.

Some other power by which you can configure such as increase bandwidth, RAM space, processor speed and so on for better performance. If your server is closed to your location, then it gives better gaming experience and it is much better to have own server by which you can do whatever you want.

Features of Ventrilo Server

Different features are such as it is available with cross communication channels by which you can communicate with unknown user also, allow private conversation between users and group conversation while playing, it include individual channels for dynamic creation so that it provide much better performance, it include different channels like sub-channels, mute channels, queue channels, etc., you can protect your server and its important files and data with password so that no unauthorized user can access information, only that user can access information which has access permission, it is available with advanced channel control options, filters, etc. for filtering and changing content during game play.

It is also available with text voice software in which you can generate text to voice speech and vice versa thus it is a very useful and important feature for online gamers. It has hotkeys for executing special functions of the program, keys for playing wave files and sending messages. This server can run on any platform like on 32 bit and 64 bit thus there is no such specific requirement for installation, you can control administrative features and function also, and it has specific codes through which you can control voice quality and usage of bandwidth. Thus, it is best for online gaming.

TeamSpeak Server Hosting Free

TeamSpeak Server Hosting Free

TeamSpeak Server – Best for Friends Group Communication

TeamSpeak is basically a communication tool that is used for delivering clear voice communication over a network. It is mostly used in the online gaming industry for voice communication so that players can easily do real-time conversation with their friends and enjoy the graphics of the game. Through TeamSpeak hosting server, games are accessible by different clients at the same time. It uses VOIP protocol for initiating real-time conversation, and it is also used in a different application for more work other than playing online games. The question arises how to host TeamSpeak server free well the answer is you need a server for hosting it, and many companies provide such facility to the user free.

About TeamSpeak Server

This server allows users the customizing and controlling facility for chatting with friends, has full administrative control functions which allow deletion and addition of more features and function to the site. You can add more time slots anytime and can manage every aspect of group conversation of online friends. Having owned TeamSpeak server hosting on the computer allows various benefits like you can get clear audio and video control, web-based administrative control and also get fully adjustable user permission system control. Due to this server, you have full access control over the network on how you and your friends are connected online and how you can connect. For audio and video communication on the server, you just require microphone and headset. It is very easy to set up and can enjoy live support, unlimited hard disk space, RAM space and other services in free or at a cheap cost.

Features and advantages of TeamSpeak Server

It contains local address book that is used for connecting with favorite server very quickly. Next feature of it is that it contain web server list which easily find TeamSpeak server and that to without IP address. In this, you can create channel and sub-channels that help in creating different chats on the server. The TeamSpeak server contain channels that are secured with passwords thus no unauthorized user can access server. It also consists hot keys which are completely configured and used for joining specific channels very quickly and also you can mute your headset or microphone. It also comes with whisper functions so that you can speak to an individual or in group privately. It is a very excellent feature because it keeps your conversation private with your friends. In this you do not need to adjust microphone settings, the system manually does it. You can change bandwidth for more voice clarity. You can also manage and customize database in the server using any database application. With optimal bandwidth servers can handle many users.

The advantage of the TeamSpeak server is that you can get the 3D sound effect in real time conversation for unmatched voice clarity. On this server, you can transfer files that are stored on TeamSpeak server. The installation process is very easy. After installation, you can very easily and comfortably run TeamSpeak server on the computer and enjoy its features.

Hosting Server Configuration

Hosting Server Configuration

Some important facts about Server Hosting Configuration

Web hosting has become beneficial due to its advanced features, tools, and technologies. Many enterprises or organizations are now developing websites for attracting customers. Plenty of people use the internet for almost everything like for searching, chatting, sending data and so on that is why internet business has become popular and demanding. The developing website requires keen knowledge and skill, and it is only for those people who want to pursue in this field. There are many hosting providers that provide facility to users by providing servers either on rent or free due to which users can have the power to make changes and configure according to their requirement. Hosting server configuration makes system performance better and easier.

About Server Configuration

Server configuration protects the business from lost data, unexpected server crash, lengthy processing time and so on. Rather it provides better security to data, flexibility of settings, availability of many options and increase performance for those customers whose hosting has grown rapidly or have controlled traffic on sites. Basically, the purpose of the server is to share resources and data among customers or users. The users have to connect to the server over a network for more accessibility. The management of server configuration automatically does the work and makes the systems trouble free. The server configuration management deals with creation, file documentation and upgrading of data. Management is important to maintain the network servers and devices.

Usage of server Hosting Configuration

It helps in managing internet protocol (IP) addresses as these are designed for large or big networks which contain network segments connected by routers. Thus, with this, you can easily identify servers and can work according to it because secured IP address keeps your data safe and protected. It helps in providing domain name system service to users. Every user has to provide unique IP address to a computer with domain name system. DNS is a protocol used for TCP/IP network. The DNS hosting server keeps information which enable DNS client computer for resolving DNS names that are in alphanumeric numbers to change it into IP address through which computers can communicate with each other and can work accordingly. Server configuration also helps in establishing a secure network for accessing data. Through various servers, you can access and manage the network. Last use of configuration is that it helps in managing traffic from and to the server. According to your configuration settings firewalls and other security devices block incoming and outgoing connections which help in settling high traffic over the network and no unauthorized user can access the data.

Benefits of Hosting Server

With hosting server you can do your work according to your desire and if you want some changes in the server you can make changes. It also provides security to your data and from malicious attackers by providing some security devices on the network. Other users can also make changes on your server but only when they have access permission. The company can invite as many users as they want either on rent or in free which increases their business and increases the performance of the server. These are some of the benefits that assure changing configuration is for better performance.

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008 R2

Some important details about Windows Server 2008 R2 Host file

Host files are computer files used to identify IP addresses after mapping from hostnames. Windows server contains hostnames for identification of computer. It is a simple plain text file conventionally called hosts which do not contain file extension used to override addresses. The host files act as a domain name system internally. It is used for protecting sensitive data over the network from spyware and ad blocking. Host file windows server 2008 R2 contains host names which then converted into unique IP addresses for identifying computer location. It is used for address redirection and translation which keeps data secure. Operating system before converting hostname into address first check domain host file before enquiring domain name system for IP address that you want, if file found then the operating system or browser get back the content of the file from IP address of the server which has indicated in the domain name system. Host files are used for blockage of the website, filtration of content and website redirection.

Location and Identification of Host files

For addressing network nodes in a computer network which system facility assist is a host file. The host file is normally present on Windows server. It is a common file to IP network whose hostname convert into numeric IP address for identification of host in IP network. Hostnames are converted because it is not user-friendly that is why they are converted to IP address so that website user can understand and identify address easily. Every server has different hostnames thus every server contains unique IP address. There will no problem occur when checking the computer location. A line of texts is written in host files which contain IP addresses in the first line and host name in the second line separated by space. Sometimes in between comment lines are also present separated by a hash. It is very important for windows server identification.

Steps to Create Windows Host files

To make host file for windows, you need to open it in a text editor for editing or some other purposes. In a text editor, you can modify host file by inserting comments which is easy to identify according to your will. There are many spyware who purposely post ads on the site and change their content due to which the visitor’s information is hacked and used for the wrong purpose so for this host files block ads, filter content and so on for privacy and security purpose of the user. Blocking of the file is done through browser redirection, but you must be careful about files that it should be from legitimate source because if it found from non-legitimate, then the files can be used for an illegal purpose which can trouble you. Thus for prevention from such things you need to change settings in the host file, you have to make them “read-only” so that no spyware attacks on server data. Basically malicious attackers make dummy page of a website that looks similar to original one if you do not change the settings. After changed settings the site is secured, and the user can do whatever they want to do, so be careful about files security.

Free Minecraft Server Hosting Australia

Free Minecraft Server Hosting Australia

People of Australia are aware of Minecraft server as it is very popular among game lovers. It is a server that has high performance and also does not have any lag. This type of server is best when you wish to make a small community of friends and thus, one has the option to create their own Minecraft. It is important to download Minecraft server and install it to your respective system. Once you are done with its next step is to configure the server. The configuration must be according to a system and thus, memory must be allocated according to it.

Steps Involved for Hosting

It is important to have a public IP address as it will help to connect people globally. Once you are ready with Minecraft server and IP address next comes SSH tool putty. There are many other tools available but among all putty is very popular and it gives complete safety and security. It is very important to execute SSH as security is very important while dealing with server and making it global. Thus download putty and it’s putty gen that will be furthered used to make server executable. The key pair offered by Amazon is in the format that is not supported by putty and thus key pair is now required to be converted. The .pem format supported by Amazon is not possible in putty and thus, it requires a .ppk key pair.

Now start the putty gen and click on load button. It will take you to file selection page and thus it is very important to select all files. First select the .pem file that is given by Amazon for your server. Once it is been loaded putty gen will give a message successfully imported which makes sure that file is ready to convert in putty format. Save the private .ppk file in your system and close putty gen. Now next configuring a server that is possible with putty. When you start putty IP address will be required for further execution and so enter your public IP address. There are various options given, but you have to go for connection Data. You must enter login username for connection and also load .ppk file in SSH. This was some basic configuration required to start your server in public. The above all configurations is require when you start for the first time but now just save the whole session.

Final Measure to Connectivity

Connect and you will find your EC2 server ready to help you. The server is in Linux and thus you are required to make changes in Linux box. There are many commands used in it, but you just start with downloading Minecraft server and starting it with a help of commands. The new folder will have the latest version of Minecraft that will bring some extra features. Now just invoke Java VM and set memory for the server. It is depending on the memory of your system and configuration available in it. The server will first start with spawn areas, but it will do by itself. Now you are required to start commands as Admin and go for Minecraft client with IP address given by Amazon. Thus,

Invoke Java VM and set memory for the server. It is depending on the memory of your system and configuration available in it. The server will first start with spawn areas, but it will do by itself. Now you are required to start commands as Admin and go for Minecraft client with IP address given by Amazon. Thus, server is available and enjoys it with your friends.

Dedicated Server Hosting Canada

Dedicated Server Hosting Canada

Dedicated hosting services or dedicated server which is also known as managed hosting service is Internet hosting where the client leases the entire server for his or her use. The server is not shared with anyone and is under sole control of the client who has leased it. There are numerous dedicated server hosting providers in Canada and they are offering various plans for the clients. However the task of the client is to find out the one that best suits his or her purpose.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Servers

Shared hosting services are great option for medium and low traffic websites and entrepreneurs. But when the traffic load increases for a site and there is necessity of server uptime consistently, this may not be one of the best options. But the disadvantage of shared hosting server is that many users simultaneously use the server for uploading contents and other purposes. Usual advantage with shared server is that the cost is comparatively lower. But this plan is not suitable for handling large traffic. In addition; the reliability of dedicated servers are much greater in comparison. Since there is no additional user in dedicate server hosting the plan gives added reliability. Administrative access is greater and all the resources of the server are at the disposal of the administrator.

Greater Access and Advanced Support

A couple of great advantages of using dedicated server hosting is greater administrative access for the user and advanced technical support. Since the user gets root administrator access it allow him or her to install programs and perform custom configurations. Monitoring becomes easier and usage of server resources can be much greater in comparison. Similarly, dedicate server users get advanced technical support from the provider. Dedicated server users pay more and they are premier clients for any service provider company. Thus more advanced technological support is available for such clients. Dedicated server hosting helps keep the server uptime greater in comparison and keeps the server running unhindered.

Dedicated Server Hosting for Safe Storage

When a client opts for dedicated server hosting the storage is safe and it is like buying one’s own server. Benefit in opting for the dedicated hosting server from a provider is that the client won’t have to bother much about the safety of the storage like when they would be using one at their own levels. There are some preconditions for maintenance of the servers. They have to be stored in an air-conditioned room for safety and they also take a lot of space to store properly. This; the concerned user may or may not have at his or her disposal. Dedicated hosting server Canada gives the user all the benefits of personal server with additional safety provided by the hosting company.

Dedicated Server Hosting Ideal for High Traffic Sites

When the website is getting good traffic movement or it uses resource intensive apps the shared hosting plan may not be suitable for the client. Instead purchasing a dedicated hosting server from a reliable and reputable provider in Canada can sort out the problem with ease and convenience.

Greater reliability; elimination of sharing needs; and infrastructure with HG servers using the latest generation technologies are the basic advantages of dedicated servers in Canada. Minimizing downtime and improved performances are bonus gifts for the users. Reliable and reputable service providers keep the server technologies updated and this gives additional benefits of high reliability to the users.