Requirement of Email Client

Many free online email options are available nowadays, giving no reason to purchase email software. is one such example, for iteration of Microsoft’s Hotmail online email solution. Any small business will benefit through its convenient, cost-free access to email and collaboration tools. Companies are allowed to use their website in their email address free of charge, eliminating requirements for an in-house mail server. This will be a big saving for small company.


Email software has to be updated, maintained or patched at own cost. Terms and conditions of Gmail should be considered. Posting, displaying and submitting content give Google a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to adapt, modify, publish, translate, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content submitted, posted or displayed the services.

According to above statement, added content to a Gmail email becomes Google property. Probability is there to expose provided content seem to be next to none, but it is business with free email and if any user don’t want to follow these terms and conditions, it is better to take responsibility on its own.

Contractual Obligations

Taking responsibility is not the perfect solution. Solutions like Office 365, better than offering terms and conditions preferred by user depends on line of business, these might not be the solutions can simply use as they are in cloud. For non-classified users following agreements are made by United States Department of Defense (DoD) are:

Office 365 treat as a paid alternative will come in the category of open to debate, it is kind of checking agreements signed by user at starting of signing contract and clarifying not just be DoD prefer email clients to cloud solutions.


Using cloud email another key area can be compliance. Depending on industry used by user has number of standards need to follow some legal business operations. One example is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance or known as HIPPA compliance.

HIPPA is applicable on healthcare insurance coverage during change of jobs. Email usage would be covered. While considering it, healthcare insurance coverage maintenance requires moving patient health records by email. If email is not safe, then there is probability to fall in wrong hands. Resultant, provisions are added to safeguard information of patient by electronic means.

Standards of HIPPA mainly for email cover like encryption and access. A company follow standards is subject to audits. Email used in environment maintained by HIPPA support TLS and SSL, but services like Gmail support SSL while accessing websites and TLS is supported for inbound email transport, it proved that they are not HIPPA complaint. Companies are required by HIPPA which have a ‘Business Associate Agreement’ signed with entrepreneur. User will not just get from email service provider- set terms by them, not by user.


Industry standards dictate exact method of using email by user. Email solutions like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook probably providing security to bulk of business users according to requirements. Email usage would not be covered by business agreements. Many companies provide email solutions, engaged in helping their customers to meet standards of their industries. It has to be investigated that most famous web-based email solutions meet those requirements is free. User’s job is to find appropriate standards applicable for specific business.
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Cloud Scalable Option

Cloud Hosting- Scalable Option

From big to small scale organizations, everyone is moving to cloud providers. Large number of cloud providers are available who hosted information, websites and others in cloud. But all of them are not equal.

For your organization, you need a cloud provider who may offer a set of tools which promotes your business and its growth. But as they are large in number so before selecting one first analyse and understand your requirements and what will be your growth plans. After this, do analysis of your infrastructure, determine your web/ cloud presence and then deploy a supporting platform.


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1. Cloud advantages

As here we are talking about the cloud providers, so see some of its benefits by which you may promote your business.

  • It helps to achieve economies of scale. It may increase productivity or volume of output with fewer number of staff.
  • It reduces expenses incurred on technology infrastructure. It allows you to access to your information in user friendly manner without incurring high charges.
  • It allows people to search you on web via cloud, but for this they must have an internet connection.
  • All business processes are streamlined. With help of fewer staff, more work is done in a very less time.
  • It also assist in reducing capital costs, by reducing requirement of spending large amount on licensing fees, software and hardware.
  • Projects are monitored in a more effective way. They are always completed in time and in your budget.
  • Less workforce is required to work on a cloud, thus training of individuals is also less required.
  • Cost incurred on software licensing is also minimized. No need to incur heavy charges.
  • Flexibility is also improved, as it permits you to change directions without considering any financial or people issues.

2. Future Aspects of Cloudcloud_scalable_option

According to report of Cisco, cloud computing is expanded promptly and a relevant traffic enabler in same increases virtualization of data centres, if services offered are more flexible, effective, efficient and fast-to-deploy.

It is predicted that by 2018, in cloud, three or four times more workloads will be processed. Cloud computing has a very good future as its growth is influenced by some additional trends. It includes the adoption of more than one device by people along with their expectations in which they are able to access content and applications any time of the day and from anywhere in world across the network.

And to address rising demands of the user, consumer cloud storage, one of maximum used consumer based cloud device is gaining impetus. And according to the report of Cisco, it is expecting that by 2018, personal cloud storage will be used by more than half of the people who are internet savy.

3. Conclusion

As there are no. of metrics to be consider when choosing the right cloud provider, but the differences given above between cheap ones and those who are agile providers are big and need to be consider to take the right decision. However, some options are expensive but they will offer you ,what you actually needs. Agility and expansion of a webhosting environment or cloud are facilitated by the right provider.

As mostly planning results in success, so it is a suggestion before you choose any hosting company, plan for your work to do today and which to be done tomorrow. And believe, this is the right way by which cloud hosting solution maximum advantages may be leveraged by your organization.

Content Hosting on your platform

It is recommended, that your content must be hosted on your platform as it leads to several benefits. But most people don’t know benefits, or reasons. These benefits makes it essential for you.

In this article you will going to see those essentials which says that content must be hosted on your own platform.

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1. All traffic comes to you

When your content is hosted on your platform, all traffic comes to you. If you are using others platform, they will receive traffic in bulk but only a part of it will be received by you. So, why not get all traffic.

You can use other platforms to share your content and to divert good amount of traffic to your sites, blogs, video channels.

2. Your blog, Your Rules

Here everything is yours. You are having your own blog, content, post, website design chosen by you, voice and tone of content, all is yours. You have complete freedom. Even you are not required to sign any agreement or see Terms and Conditions as you are having a full power to post anything as more or as little you want.

3. Better search engine visibility

If you want that people who are looking for content creators on search engines, may directly reach to you and not others on same platform, so for this your pages must be indexed on search engines. And for this content must be hosted on your platform.

4. Hello, MySpace

It is difficult to say that platform which you are using exist forever. Sometimes media also change the perspectives of platform. It is also seen that some of the bloggers who don’t keep their data with them, may also loose the same with loosing of platform.

So, if content is hosted on your platform ,your longevity may last for long and your files are always owned by you and not by others. This allows you to take your content with yourself, wherever you go.

5. It’s your community – not someone else

On your platform only yours content is visible which readers can read. But on others platform, you may find yours content with other authors or writers also and mostly it happens that people having lease patience switch to other content soon.

And if people visit your platform again and again and they like your content, so soon you will see that this familiarity builds trust which leads to building of community. And this community is all yours and not someone else.

6. You can monetize your own platform

On other platforms, you may/ may not have the freedom to monetize. But on your own platform, your content can serve you so many things. It may highlight your specialization, run your business, your books, webinars, e-books, courses can be sold and others.

7. Your searchable archives

When people search for content on your platform, they find only your content and not others. Your expertise, your private brand and reasons will be shown that how you may prove good to them.

8. Pride of ownership

Your own content hosted on your platform makes you feel proud on your ownership. As Content is created by you so it makes you feel more diligent for accuracy, editing, design and continuity. It is also seen that people who are using their platform like to post on daily basis. They also used their URL on online profiles, bios, business cards etc. to publicize themselves.

9. You can sell your web property one day

It offers you one more advantage, you may sell your own platform or blog when you wish not to continue the same.

10. You can still share on other platforms

While using your own platform, you may have an opportunity to share your content on other platforms. And their traffic can be diverted to your website, blog, post.

How to avoid Computer exploits?

The Internet is ever expanding and could be called a continuum which is engulfing more information and thus providing more of it at an ever increasing pace. It is the amount and nature of information that is available on the internet which is a threat to each one who is on it, using it. There have been any number of cyber crimes some of which have had massive scale and this must be reason enough for you to judiciously measure level of security that you are using to safeguard your computer, its data and all that valuable information that you exchange on a daily basis via the internet. Your digital companion might fail if you do not act right now. But why the hurry?

It has been highlighted time and again and in more than one way that browsers; we are using, applications that we are running are all man-made and hence have critical bugs in them. These can be hacked into and all that was “safe” suddenly becomes vulnerable to cyber attack. There is no software which cannot be compromised by someone who really intends to do so. People with malicious intentions have built up something called exploit kits. These kits are nothing but programs that you might accidentally land on and it takes away your security. It might appear to you as a simple web page and as a simple web page and minute you click on it, your PC becomes compromised and your system is now readily available to hackers to commit any kind of cyber crime using your resources.

What is most vulnerable?

In the past few months it has been researched that there are few kinds of documents or data types which are under more threat than others. Let us see what are these:

  • Power Point docs: Around October 2014 it was highlighted that a malicious Power Point document, which comes as an attachment with a spam email can put your system at risk. Remote hacker gets control of your system and can even escalate to become admin of system.
  • Malicious codes: Sometimes an unknown code might run on your system that might cause buffer overflow which might develop into a security threat.
  • A malicious word doc: Sometimes if you open a malicious word document that came to you as an attachment in a spam mail, it just might be what the bad guy wants you to do as it gives him an access to memory of your device and he might exploit it, just a way he wants.

How to avoid the vulnerabilities?

This sounds horrifying. To realize that there are any number of notorious hackers out there just waiting for you to click one wrong button can be a really disturbing thought. But good news is that you can avoid getting stuck in such a situation and getting your system compromised. Let us see how:

  • When you are installing an add on or a new app think twice. Be very specific about why you need it and do you really need it? Because each new app that you install is a potential hole in system security. So use only those add on and app that you simply cannot do without. Also while installing be very careful as to which checkbox you check and which one you leave out.
  • Be very careful while sharing information via the internet. You never know, whom it might end up with.
  • Invest in a good security solution and you will sleep well.
  • Never go lazy when it comes to updating software. It is for your own good. Out dated versions are always more susceptible to attacks than the updated ones.
  • Your passwords need to be changed every now and then and please make them as strong as possible. Also security experts advice to have different passwords for different applications and programs.

Keeping in mind these factors is sure to make your system and data far from being exploited. Stay safe!

Small Businesses and the Cloud

What is a Cloud?

We all know data can be stored on our desktops and local server hard drives. But the other option that one has is to store and access data on the internet. This is what a Cloud stands for. It simply means using the shared data centers and their resources to manage your apps and data. Many call it a metaphor for the Internet.

Anyone who hears about the Cloud is bound to be awed by its features at first. Its advantages are sure to motivate you to step onto it at the earliest. But if you have a small business and you are planning to move on to the Cloud, wait! Taking up the Cloud blind-folded might cause you problems later on. It will be intelligent to first look between the fine lines and assess that whether it is actually useful for your small business or not?

Is the Cloud really useful for the Small Businesses?

Cloud is good but it is definitely not for everyone. A small business has different needs and they might actually be better off using their customized software or technologies which are specifically designed according to their need, rather than just following the herd and using the Cloud.

Here we try to unravel what really is not good about Cloud when it comes to small businesses.

  1. Uptime: When it comes to keeping your website up and going all the time, using Cloud might not be such a good idea. The biggest of the cloud companies have had huge outages. An outage at their end definitely means that your website will be down and will not be available for the visitors. This is something that a small business definitely does not want.
  2. Data Security: When you are storing your data in the Cloud, its safety now completely depends upon the company that manages and runs that Cloud. It is a fact that now the most confidential data of yours on the Internet and a slight glitch or a hack can land that data into the wrong hands. Keeping the data on the cloud might make you very uncomfortable regarding data security.
  3. Support: If you are looking for e-mail or telephone support or for really detailed user manuals that will give solution to your problems then Cloud is definitely for you. The customer service is not prompt with the Cloud. Stay away from it if you do not want to figure out the solutions to your problems through a community or user forums. Cloud platforms give very poor support.
  4. Costing: When any one talk about Cloud, a paramount feature that he is susceptible to establish is that the Cloud is cheaper. Hold on. This might just be wrong when spoken in context with a small business. Sometimes certain features are required for a specific business. A Cloud might not be offering it at all! Or you might have to pay extra money to get it. The cloud always has a virtualization layer that uses a lot of resources and is responsible for giving the Cloud its features of flexibility and elasticity. This definitely costs money which is taken out of your pocket. Comparing the pricing of a Cloud plan with other options would be a good idea if you don’t want to waste money.
  5. Needless elasticity: If you are a small business, you are definitely looking for long term stability and some technology that you can rely upon. Cloud offers elasticity which means it can easily adapt to heavy changes in the work load. But hey! There aren’t many in your case is probably nonexistent. Do you really need the Cloud?

The Cloud and related technologies are good and can really be a boon for those who are having problems that a Cloud can fix. But has nothing extra ordinary to offer to the small businesses. So it will be a good idea to stick to your comfort zone instead of jumping on to the Cloud.

Pros and Cons of Reseller Web Hosting

Nowadays world has become full of entrepreneur. One additional business has been generated that is reseller web hosting business.

Reseller web hosting

User can purchase web hosting package from hosting provider by reseller web hosting. For example, if user purchase 90GB web space gets all equipment. After this, customers will be attracted and space, bandwidth will be provided. In return, customer will pay for effort. Hosting provider can work completely online. Reseller web hosting is best way for anyone becoming master of his own business. User gets profit either in discount form or in commission by selling an account. As customer increases, profit margin also increases. This web hosting has so much flexibility through which account owners use their own hosting resources under price tag in order to host third party websites.

One can start his web hosting firm under Linux/Windows Reseller hosting account and mange resources regarding hosting services with WHM or Parallels Plesk Panel. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge to manage clients hosting resources. Web host provider is responsible for maintaining hardware and network infrastructure and reseller owner configuration and updates according to client database.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting are:


  1. Anyone can start anywhere and use his own computer at home. He can earn good income by getting best hosting package.
  2. Web hosting company can deal with customer issues regarding server related problems, he will get support system all time. One thing should be kept in mind while selecting web hosting service provider, which provides best customer service.
  3. Business expansion is extremely easy in case of reseller hosting. If any customer needs extra web space or more customers are acquired then better web hosting package is provided by web hosting service provider.
  4. Reseller hosting is simpler in comparison to any other online businesses.
  5. User gets more flexibility with this hosting.
  6. Anyone can save money and earn more revenue at low amount to himself.
  7. Reseller web hosting best technical support and web host absorbs costs regarding server maintenance.


  1. Web seller also needs constant attention of customer like any other business. There would be many people to help out, still web seller need to deal with customers for restoring problem with server.
  2. It is responsibility of web seller to find customer, depends upon marketing techniques and other resellers’ availability.
  3. Reseller service is good only for upstream provider. If server will down frequently, then web seller can lose clients.
  4. If anyone want to change web hosts, then move will be inconvenient for clients. It is better having own Dedicated or VPS server to start with hosting business. So, always get web host providing managed services.

Top Email Hosted Server

It is best time to think about path taken from last year and for upcoming year changes to be made. It is time to plan for the growth of business. Maybe anyone has new website to launch or an idea for completion. Anyone can increase associates, clients or automate processes in business. For any plan and objective, one needs to find top hosted email server.

Business email is there to make any user more professional helps to automate email processes, organize different users emails but keeps all information more safe and secure on an unlimited server.

Advantages of Hosted Email

A program called Microsoft Exchange used by hosted business email options is favored by all sizes of businesses. Using Exchange, advantage is performance can be increased and automated managing contacts, email, tasks and calendars. Following features are offered:

  • Higher security: Email service is considered by Microsoft Exchange offering highest security measures available on market.
  • Offering search tools through which user can access email communications throughout account.
  • Customer relationships are improved as users are allowed to track information sent back and forth between associates, clients and other team members.
  • Providing synchronization between many devices allows user to access email from any location.
  • It provides accessing to documents, tasks and calendars.

To run Exchange business server is required, which is costly equipment piece. Service providers are allowed to run system on their server and offering service packages to business of all sizes, Exchange provide advantage to business owners without equipment or maintenance costs. Top email hosting server will provide single centralized location with unlimited email storage and accounts for very low cost.

Price of Hosted Email

User must get some secure and safe email with automated business processes which is more comfortable allow user to better manage and organize contacts for low cost. A top hosting provider is offering following services to clients:-
Security and reliability with monitoring of 24/7.

  • Continuous maintenance involves automatic upgrading and updating server software.
  • Emergency plans regarding power blackouts, theft, tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Absorption of server cost. Hosting email service will purchase, maintain and take care of equipment costs and
  • requirements of new email software.

Dedicated Exchange is offering benefits of best class enterprise messaging solution without complexities, burden and hosting expense. During setting of website under own domain then user want mail server to carry incoming and outgoing email of domain. To run own server, best option is provided for variety of reasons.

Difference between Web Editor, Online Site Builder, CMS and Blog

Websites can be created and updated by people in one of many ways:

Using Web Editor or Text Editor:

Articles are written on computer using a type of program called an editor. Those articles can be saved as web pages that mean articles formatted in special way can be displayed using a web browser. Article can be transferred to special computer on Internet run by company called “web host”. This “editor” program can either be visual web editor like Dreamweaver or KompoZer or just a plain text editor like Notepad that comes with Windows.

User can run editor using this method on his own computer and complete web page can be created on that computer. On internet, the page is transferred to website when user is done.

Using an Online Site Builder:

A service is provided by some web hosts which will be advertised as a “site builder”. To design website, user has to use his web browser to log into web host’s site and directly design on their site. User can’t run any program on his own computer in using an online site builder in comparison to standalone web editor. Different site builder is provided to each web host and all work different with different pre-made designs available for their use, which can be customized by user to a great extent.

Using Standalone Site Builder:

Some people want to design website on their own computer before transferring it to internet, an “offline” version of site builder have some web hosts. Software have been downloaded by user from their website and install on own computer. By using that program, website can be designed and transfer it to the web host.
Site builder not necessary belong to same class as general purpose web editor. When move to another web host, user can’t use site builder but also cannot transfer web design to a new host. Designs are created by builder that use elements owned by web host.

Using a Content Management System (CMS):

A CMS is a part of software which is used to install on web host’s computer. Rather than installing program on own computer, the way user do a web editor, install directly on website User can use his browser to log into his website and use it to add articles, photos or whatever to website. For example, when CMS is used by user, he need not to install any program on his own computer to update and create website. Website can be connected with browser and modified. There are significant differences between web host site builder. Firstly, with the help of CMS, user control software, visual design of site and an end product. Any user is not tied to web host at all. If hosts will be changed by user, he can bring his entire site, stock and barrel, lock, over new web host, user can use standalone web editor in same way. Secondly, CMS is much more in comparison to site builder. User can use CMS to create an online community, own accounts, their own member pages.

On the other hand, some disadvantages of CMS are also there over web host site builder. For example, CMS has less probability of huge range of web design templates than online builder has. User can find some free templates on Internet, even possibly on CMS author’s own website, that user can adapt.

Hybrid cloud environment – Shield Your Web Applications

It is beginning of the cloud world. Majority of organizations nowadays are adopting cloud. As cloud infrastructure saves cost, is flexible and enhance productivity. Entrepreneurs are using both private and public cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud environment intend to loss of control and visibility into network which can bring security challenges.

Network Perimeter to Vanish

As most applications and services are migrating to cloud or moved outside their enterprise perimeter, so edge of conventional is going to vanish soon. Organizations are needed to protect their service and applications in cloud or on-premise.

Only drop in bucket is not necessary but also big security require in cloud system. Attackers enable to intrude not only on-premise application but also cloud infrastructure. Organization rely on-premise attack mitigation, will leave their cloud applications vulnerable to attacks.

Businesses depend on Multiple Cloud Vendors

Most companies choose multiple cloud vendors to host different aspects of infrastructure.

Multiple vendors decrease the risk of downtime in case of failure and also decrease the risk when a single cloud vendor was unsuccessful. Multiple cloud strategy can be used to provide geographically diverse service across multiple cloud centers. Multi-vendor cloud hosting scheme reduces ability to protect application. It depends on security solution which is provided by each cloud vendor. This strategy is making difficult to protect and manage multiple instances.

Web Based Attacks

Today’s web industry is evolving threats and attackers. Organizations need to provide more security to their applications against threats.

Most common attacks are a web-based attack which is known through the Open Web Application Security Project. This category includes threats like, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injections and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). These attacks are not protected by intrusion detection system and firewalls. Brute force attacks are also considered which intrudes the security of applications.

Availability based attack like DdoS attacks at both network and application layers. It uses the automated program.
Multi-vector attacks – Sophisticated attacks that apply multiple vector on application and service. Organizations need to make a layered network which would mitigate the vector attacks.

Organizations’ New Requirements

As a conclusion businesses are facing new challenges which intent’s necessity of security solutions. Organization need to protect their application in dynamic or hybrid and on-premise environment. A hybrid solution is best option to provide comprehensive protection for both on-premise and in cloud applications. Hybrid solution can work across cloud vendors.

Wide protection covers application and network layer attacks including DDOs attacks, SQL Injections, XXS, Cookie Poisoning, XML and web services attack. This protection leverages the overall protection of infrastructure. It eliminates vulnerable applications from the networks. Wide protection works for on-premise and in cloud applications. Organization can rely on wide protection solutions.

Ease of use should be established in IT and security team to take a burden from them. Saying is easy but installing and configuration requires lot of manual work. So it is very necessary to pick those solutions which are easy to handle and easy to maintain.

As enterprise boundary is vanishing, multi-vector attacks and sophisticated attacks takes place on web application. Dependency has increased on third party security solutions. Organizations test carefully these solutions to address new challenges and protect over all infrastructure.

Hackers on Phishing Mission Target Shared Hosting Servers

Phishing Campaign

Nowadays phishing is more famous buzz word. It is the way to collect confidential information which exists online. These data includes credit and debit card details, passwords and many more. These records can be accessed by illegal methods. This comes in practice across the world.

Connection between Shared web hosting and Phishing Campaigns:

Hackers or cyber criminals target those websites which are hosted on shared web servers. Many reports have advised that cyber crimes and phishing campaigns are easy to carry on shared hosting sites
. A famous anti-phishing group has confirmed that half of the total operations took place in the last 2 to 3 years. User can follow the detailed statistics on legitimate phishing survey reports.

Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG):

APWG uses advanced tools to monitor some phishing activities on website. One of senior member of APWG has stated that shared plans are not 100% perfect. Therefore, cyber criminals update the configurations manually on such servers to display phishing pages from a specific subdirectory of the website. Hackers are aware about the concept that many websites can be hosted on a single shared server.Exploit Many SME’s have transferred websites from shared hosting to Dedicated Servers and Virtual Servers. As a result for this all web hosting providers are focusing on safety measures.

APWG Alliance:

Popular Anti-Phishing Working Group has connection with 2000 organizations. All are from various parts of the world. These connections are from many sectors such as telecommunication companies, financial institutions, ISPs, trade groups, security vendors, law enforcement firms and government agencies. These sectors are tied up to monitor cyber crimes and phishing activities. They have also provided associated details. Organizations have shared full records on phishing attacks. IT department accepted that shared web hosting is targeted by cyber criminals. Cyber investigators stated that these techniques can be traced easily with some advanced tools.

Therefore, APWG recommended leading hosting providers against hacking process for safety measures.