Top Windows Web Hosting Companies

When you settle for one web hosting company to host your website among numerous factors consider your operating system also as it plays an important role in hosting. The operating system like Linux, Mac, Windows decides that what type of database to carry and kinds of scripts to run. Here, we discuss some facts about windows web hosting. This kind of web hosting make use of Microsoft’s windows software to host your website. Database that supported by Windows operating system is a MySQL server database and it allows ASP scripts to run that basically make use of Microsoft and .NET programming language. Here you can create websites that are really supportable with Microsoft products as Windows provide you a good user friendly platform. Windows  hosting is currently in demand and it provides you a convenient way to go online.

Windows Web Hosting Features

Simple To Use

Your hosting company that provides you windows hosting can easily present your website. Downloading and uploading of the website is very easy while using this type of web hosting. Web sites that are based on windows hosting features needs little bit alterations and thus your website can be straightforwardly launched. Windows based sites do not need so much time to resolve the errors. Here you can simply set up the permission to access specific files and folders in your website.

Easy to Install Application

Windows based hosting service you can easily install new applications in your storage space provided by the provider. Hosting provider allows easy addition to your web sites. Through this type of installation you can easily increase the functionality of the website. Your service provider can also add further applications to your website which gives extra benefits to your website functionality, on your behalf.

Customer support

Windows based web hosting will give you very efficient customer and technical support because lots of the people have awareness about operating system and they are able to deliver you the finest solutions to all your troubles. Windows based hosting companies will give you full technical support as well. Down time of such hosting services is not so much longer so you can be assured of first class service.

One more thing to consider here is that you can get reseller web hosting service also. In which you can host your another websites easily, in your disk space.

There is some Windows web hosting companies listed below: The very first name that comes into consideration is Arvixe. Here you can find the Windows web hosting at just $4 a month. Starts your first website online with this company will definitely give you more relaxation than any other web hosting provider. They will provide you full assistance regarding any issue. You can find here unlimited space, unlimited email accounts. Second name that comes into consideration is Ix Web hosting. Here you can start at just $4.95 a month. They will provide you full customer and technical support so that you can get a solution within a very short time period. They are truly dedicated to this web hosting service. This is another company that provides Windows web hosting. You can avail the services here at just $5.95 a month. They will provide you the facility of unlimited storage space, unlimited email accounts, and additional applications for good looks of the website.

Description: In recent time period everybody understand the need of the time and the need is the online presence of your business or your own name. Because of this people do the website hosting through the various web hosting companies. In today’s time period Windows web hosting is the better option for people. Here you can get amazing application support through which you can easily make your site more comfortable for people. You can set up access for the persons that you want to access your website folders and files. This is totally Microsoft based application support, here you can run ASP scripts which supports MySQL server database. In fact, people are much aware about the operating system used in it. Start using this service and feel the difference.

Which one is good: Static website or Dynamic Website?

Which one is good: Static website or Dynamic Website?

The World Wide Web is actually consists of a number of browsers or clients connected to a number of servers which provide the knowledge or data intended by the client. This goes on using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or http. Here requests go from the browser to the server and the server sends a response. It is this response that we see as a website page which appears on our screen. Depending upon how are these websites built, we have two types of websites namely Static Websites and Dynamic Websites.

Static Website is that website which is saved on a server in just the way in which it is supposed to be displayed. The webpage is saved on the server disk and is displayed as such when an http request is made for it. This request is in form of that website’s URL. The server simply retrieves the file, opens it up and displays it. For a Static website the code for it and the text of the website are written separately. A Static website is a collection of webpages, cascading style sheet files, image files and so on, saved on a server disk. This a simpler website as compared to Dynamic websites.

Static websites have their own advantages such as:

  • The cost less as compared to dynamic websites.
  • Static websites are simpler and easy to build.
  • If the content that is to be displayed on the website is not changing the static website is a better choice.
  • Static websites are more flexible, as in; every page on the same website can be different in look and theme.

But these days, static websites are less common because they need expertise in building them. The person building them must be well acquainted with HTML and the design methodology which is to be used to build up the website. Also the major problem with static website is that each time you need to make any change in it, it has to be done manually. Each page has to be dealt with by an expert and this can be very tedious.

On the other hand we have Dynamic websites which are more prevalent these days. A Dynamic Website is one which has dynamically changing pages hat are generated in real time. A page of a dynamic website is actually never present or saved anywhere as such, as is the case of a static website. In case of a Dynamic Website whenever a client or a browser sends a request in form of an URL to the server then the server does not load that page directly from its local disk(as is the case of static website), but forwards that request to an application server. The application server builds the web page, there and then. To do so the application server may take up some information from a database or any other server side resources. The generated HTML webpage is then sent back to the browser. Each time a Dynamic Website is loaded, it might display different information depending upon a lot of factors like what time of the day it is or in which time zone is the browser. There are two ways in which a Dynamic Website can be developed. We can use client side scripting or server side scripting. There are a number of application servers available like Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, Classic ASP etc. Dynamic websites come with their own advantages over static websites such as

  • These websites are more interactive with the user and hence more appealing.
  • It is very easy to manage or edit a Dynamic Website because any change that needs to be done in the Dynamic Website can be made easily by just changing the database content. This needs no expertise.
  • Their flexibility is more and can be moderated for different clients.
  • In the long run, the Dynamic Website is cost effective.
  • If your website requirement is such that you need to update it or change the data quite frequently then it is advised to go for a Dynamic Website.
  • They help in Search Engine Optimization.
  • People tend to come back to such updated and interactive websites more often.

But the Dynamic Website is a little bit complicated and costly in the initial setup phase.

Thus one should decide between Dynamic Website and Static Website depending upon your requirement and the budget in hand.

Key considerations to attract more traffic:-

Whether you have static or dynamic website, if your website is not properly managed than it will be an ignorable entity in web world. There are some key components that should be considered for getting more traffic over website.

  • Welcome page : According to time magazine article, a user spend an average 15 seconds    over site. This astonishing fact unravels an important outcome from itself. The first welcome page of your website should be informative enough so that user could be able to know easily what your site is going to tell him.
  • Navigation : If people will find that it is time consuming to find any useful information on the website then they will move on to other. This is biggest failure of any website whether they may have more content as user can’t find them more easily. Therefore, home page must be available easily so that desired information would be finding easily. Old links should be discarded if they are of no use.
  • Content : Website should have valuable content but this can be achieved by some extra efforts. Inappropriate content is of no use and will urge people to move on and they will never show interest back on website. On the other hand good content would have visitors coming back again and again and others will also be referred by them. So, there should be regular updated content and remove content which can be non-informative at longer. For marketing purpose Search Engine Optimization can be used which consider included content. To make website successful content should be of high quality.
  • Hosting : There should be reliable web hosting service to make website public. By using one can decide an appropriate hosting and server for his website. If anyone can have good website and server is constantly slow down then it will affect the performance of website. There are four important things such as fonts, page layout, use of videos, security which would make a perfect website if those are properly designed. These are the starting points to get presence of anyone website on World Wide Web.


Deepali Bansal


What makes LAMP a dream development platform?

LAMP development relies on a viable web server which can conduct operations in a seamless manner. Open source technology is the major reason for the survival and, in fact, progress of software development industry. It stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The P could be Perl or Python, but neither of them ever comes close to being as widely adopted as PHP is today. With many software frameworks being made available and with many of them striking a chord with the users, it becomes extremely important to check out the complete features of each of these frameworks. These bundled applications are the ideal platform for rapid development of small to large scale websites and web based applications.

There are many offshore software development companies who offer software development services for various industry verticals. Open source provides great flexibility, important in combining different IT solutions, and contribute to permanence and availability of information. The simplicity with which it works and the pace at which it can be implemented makes it a favorite among developers and definitely good for beginners. Most companies in India today provide LAMP hosting services as it provides them with user friendly tools to design and host websites as desired by their clients.

There are some companies which offer varied open source web based solutions depending on LAMP for a variety of clients and their centers. Linux operating system or rather LAMP not only thrives in their respective fields but also challenge their closed source competitors, forcing them to innovate and improve their programs. Migration from one server to another server can be easily done and without any hassles. Even the installation on the server can be easily done! It is also technically much more appropriate than .net or Java alternatives for the majority of applications.

The four parts of LAMP have distinct characteristics. Linux is an operating system which can operate on old hardware well and is considered well secure by many. On the other hand, Apache is a well known web server which can be run on different OS types. MS-SQL is reliable and freely available. PHP is one of the most critical development frameworks utilized since it has a number of built-in features which can be used with MySQL. Perl, Python and other programming languages also form a part of LAMP technologies.

Advantages of hiring a LAMP developer:

  • Experts in developing user-friendly software applications
  • The flexibility of LAMP programmers leverage adaptability to ensure better results
  • Rapid development of web applications
  • Incremental development
  • Ensures convenient modification, updating, and customizing of web applications according to client requirement.

In India, most companies utilize the LAMP technology to offer web hosting solutions to their customers as it has very few obstacles in terms of paying the licensing fees or investing in other applications. The concept is thus gaining immense popularity worldwide. LAMP is a perfect group of an operating system, web server, script languages and database server. In short, selecting LAMP as your development platform is a win-win situation for both business owners and developers.


As the demand of highly responsive and performing dynamic web sites increases with the time, users of paid and free open source techniques are increasing as well. The webmasters need an entire software bundle to build such kind of responsive dynamic websites that can produce thousands of results and can process tons of requests at the same time duration.

Previously the webmasters of Microsoft already developed such kind of software bundle for developing a general purpose desktop application with the use of that software package only- “WISE”. This bundle reduces their time of connectivity in different needed servers like: operating systems, database servers, web servers and the functioning scripting language.

Similarly webmasters needed a software bundle or software package that reduces their time in the connectivity and operational coding of different-different servers separately.

With the solution of that, some webmasters developed a free and open source software bundle “LYME” for solving the issues of working with a single platform rather than different-different platforms.

Detailed overview of LYME

As I discussed earlier that LYME was created to resolve the problems of working on different-different platforms and their connectivity, but still there are several things about “LYME” to know. The starting may denote to the full form of “LYME”. So,

What is “LYME”?

LYME is a software bundle or software package that is used to rectify the issues generated mostly when connecting to some different servers in a single website. For generating a highly performing and functioning dynamic website, webmaster need to combine Operating System, Web Server, Database Server and the functioning scripting language in a single website.

So, the LYME contains the first letter of the available free and open source software like: L from Linux, Y from Yaws web server, M from Mnesia database server and E from Erlang functional programming or scripting language.

LYME is also called as LYCE, because the Mnesia database server is also denoted as CouchDB.

What is Yaws?

Yaws or Yet another Web Server is a kind of web server that is designed in Erlang scripting or functional language. Because of that this web server can be embedded with any other application program that uses Erlang as their principal scripting language.

The Yaws web server is most preferred in the highly continual connections because of its Erlang lightweight threading system. This system gives it more concurrency for better performing; it can be clarified through the load test that was conducted in the year 2002 for comparing the performance of Yaws and Apache web servers.

What is Mnesia?

Mnesia is a kind of soft real time database system that is used to distribute the information between several connected applications. This is basically designed to complement the telecom sector and developed by Ericsson. The Mnesia is developed in Erlang’s scripting language thus it can be used as an embedded database server by any Erlang’s functional application software or website.

This is not being used to replace SQL database server, but this has complimented Erlang’s applications and telecom sector’s applications. This is also known as CouchDB.

What is Erlang?

Erlang is a scripting language that is used for garbage collection and general purpose designing. This functional language came into knowledge in the year of 1986, but distributed as an open-source functional language in the year of 1998 and developed by Ericsson. This is used to concurrent results in a dynamic application.

Erlang is designed to support soft and real time application and it uses how swapping which means we can change the code without stopping the running application or a system. Where most scripting or functional languages are using external library for different code supports, there Erlang uses a language level feature that means we can create and manage processes for easily simplifying the concurrent programming.

Table less web design

Well according to the demand of current time period, Google continuously update their algorithms for searching and resulting. This will enhance the user experience and their trust over Google as well.

With the current updates, the standard of a web layout is not compatible with the use of tables. This will affect the responsibility of a web layout with different-different devices. So for neglecting this irresponsible behavior of web layouts, the webmasters started using divisions in place of tables. The divisions or sections, complimenting the web layout with each and every device and increases the value of that website as well.

Well in this series of updation, some search engines prefer web designs without any table or table less web designs.

What is table less web design?

For making websites compatible with every device, webmasters enhance the use of divisions and sections and this will affect the use of tables. Those web layouts are described as table less web designs.

In simple words or layman language, we can say that “A table less web layout focusing over the more responsive web design with or without the use of tables. For that the webmasters removed the tables from their designing patterns and increase the use of divisions. These kind of web layouts are known as table less web layouts or table less web designs.”


Webmasters uses table less web designs for making the accessibility of their websites to every user, because they know that users prefer to use or access their websites through their smart phones or tablets.

Smart phones and tablets use different widths and heights as compared to the desktops and laptops. So the layout for them also differs

Thus the webmasters are using table less web layouts for making their websites more accessible for smart phones and tablet users.

Bandwidth saving

The tables less web designs are more bandwidth saving due to their few codes of HTML tags. In table less web layouts, webmasters use external style sheets for designing their websites without using tables. This will reduce the web page downloading time and bandwidth and increases the user experience.

Webmasters prefer to use table less web layouts through which all web pages call that style sheet through a single code line rather implementing tables each and every time. The same thing will happen with the downloading; the browser downloads the style sheet only a single time and then the web pages are implemented according to the code.

This process saves the bandwidth and reduces the loading time as well which is in favor of SEO experts.


The maintainability of a website depends upon the continuous changes, because in respect to search engine optimization, the popularity and the ranking of a website depend upon the web layout changes and the updated content which was so typical in the table included web layout.

The change of a table web layout is much lengthier and much complex for a webmaster, because for that kind of layouts, webmaster needed to change the complete look of every web page and for that they need to look up the entire designing portion of a website.

Whereas in table less web layouts, the changes of web designs are friendlier and less lengthy for webmasters in comparing to table associate web layouts, because they just need to change the CSS file rather changing every page web layout.

Thus the change of a CSS is easier and more compatible for webmasters and search engines as well.


Http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used in the world of internet to define as to what actions will the World Wide Web take when messages are sent from one end. Whenever a message is sent by a user, how will it be formatted and where and how will it be transmitted over the internet is decided by its HTTP. All the data transfer or data communication takes over the World Wide Web is basically governed by HTTP. Introduced in 1990, its first version was called HTTP/0.9 and it was a very basic protocol which served the purpose of simply transfer data. Since then a lot of version have come up. The latest version is HTTP/1.1. Http basically provides a standardized way of defining what that whenever a client(which can be browsers , editors, spiders) sends data to a server how will it be formatted and then in turn how will the server respond to that particular data request. Http connections are usually using TCP/IP connections with TCP 80 [19] being the default port.

Http protocol is a connectionless and hence a stateless and generic protocol. Whenever a client sends a data request to a server a connection is set up between the two but soon after the request is sent the connection is broken. To send information back from the server to the client a new connection is set up again.

Now it has been observed that when a web browser and a server interacted with each other using http as a language it became unsafe particularly when the information which was being exchanged was sensitive like bank details or credit card details etc. Hence arose a requirement of a safer alternative or a safer version of http where no “packet sniffers” could potentially take advantage of the information exchange. For the same purpose https was developed.

Https stands for Http Secure, or to be more specific, Http over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It is not a new protocol but might be seen as http protocol using a sub layer of SSL. The security property of SSL(Secure Socket Layer) and TLS(Transport Layer Security) is used as a sub layer along with Http to provide a very safe and secure medium of information transaction over the internet.

The technology of Encryption is used in Https. When any data is sent from one end it is encrypted so that if at all it is intercepted on its way, it remains secure and cannot be deciphered or understood. This way the data is communicated securely over the internet and is decrypted on the other intended end only. Whenever the website involved uses any consumer data that is sensitive like banking details or online purchasing it is always advised to use https to avoid the data getting into wrong hands. When a client uses https he is ensured of two things. Firstly it ensures that he is dealing with the right server and not a middle man and secondly that all the communication is secure and there will be no eavesdropping. Https uses Port 443 while interacting with its lower layers, unless otherwise specified. A secure website will display a padlock icon in the address bar and also its URL will start with https://. Generally an https website is slower as compared to http. Https uses public and private keys to validate servers and users. Cryptographically signed certificates are used to verify the servers. To have an https website you need an SSL certificate which will authenticate the online identity of the website and will make a unique scrambled connection each time a shopper logs on to provide a safe and secure environment to exchange information.

SSL implementation has become a major topic, as Google announced to use SSL as an index ranking signal. The sites which are not using SSL will be considered insecure and unreliable. It is advised to apply recommended modification to site while beginning to serve page over SSL. Owing to ranking advantage and attention to security and privacy, many content management system users has started to implement SSL. It can be considered a positive move in direction of secure web. But unless the websites are fully configured, user will not be able to get website’s secure pages through search engines and will miss SEO benefit. According to Google’s revelation 80% websites have misconfigured SSL implementations and it revealed that 80% of HTTPs URL was not included because the crawlers could not become able to locate the pages.

The retailer of SSL certificates recommends that users who are willing to implement SSL on their sites must be aware of the SEO consequences.



Reasons to choose Cloud Servers

In this ever changing world, to keep abreast with the latest technology has become a necessity if you need to excel in any field. When it comes to the world of Hosting Services the latest technological advancements have resulted in development of Cloud Servers.

It has become easy to manage your website, store data and deal with peaks and troughs in visitor traffic on your website in an efficient, reliable and secure manner without burning a huge hole in your pocket. Thanks to Cloud Servers.

There is a plethora of reasons that easily convince us to glide over to a Cloud Servers. Most impressive of them are as follows:

  1. Scalability- If your website uses a cloud server it is extremely easy and quick to scale your resources up and down as per the business requirement. If you had to scale up your resources and IT infrastructure each time your business saw a peak, it would take much longer to do it physically. You need not have extra resources at all times if you are on a cloud server as you can increase or decrease your RAM, Disk space or CPU power dynamically with cloud server without any fuss.
  2. Greater uptime- If your website is dependent on a single server then the uptime of your website will be affected each time there is a problem with that server. But in case of a cloud server website can have maximum uptime because if there is a problem with one server then the cloud instantaneously provides additional resources for your website ensuring maximum uptime.
  3. Ensured Data backup- Every business needs to have data backup for its continuity in case there is a data loss. Cloud servers are easily backed up. Your data is secure as there are redundant data copies made. All the data centres have multiple layers of physical security which ensures that your data is safe in the cloud.
  4. Cost Effective- When using Cloud servers you pay for what you use only. It comes out to be cost effective as there is no permanent capital investment. Also there is no need to buy costly IT infrastructure and hiring staff for its maintenance. Office space required is also much less.
  5. Easy access – while using a cloud server you can access your data from any location in the world, at any given time. It is also possible for more than one person to access any given application or data. Thus all the members working on a particular project can work simultaneously from different locations using the Cloud.
  6. Automatic software upgrades- when using cloud server you get the benefit of having upgraded version of various softwares.
  7. Easy shifting- If you need to shift your location it is easy to change data centres in a cloud servers. Physical shifting of huge IT equipment is extremely difficult.
  8. Better management- Managing the various jobs and projects in hand becomes easier if you are using cloud server. The resources and the data can be monitored and tracked efficiently from anywhere and at any time. It becomes easier to plan ahead for future endeavours and expansion of business.
  9. Better utilization of IT staff- Your highly trained and useful IT staff members need not be wasted in upgrading and maintaining your IT infrastructure and creating backups. All this is taken care of by the Cloud Server. The same people can be utilized at increasing your business and improving your website.
  10. Environment friendly- The carbon emissions that are related to an on-site dedicated server are huge. Those who use cloud servers are doing their bit for Mother Nature too! The carbon footprint of such businesses is much less as they use only the cyber space that is required by them at any particular given point of time.

Cloud Servers are becoming extremely popular because of all these inherent benefits.

Gplus Comments

Unique Opportunities with the Gplus Comments

As the new age online sites as well as the social media are growing up, the Gplus Comments are also spreading up attracting a lot of users. The growing use of this community is making a huge effect on the general mass all over the world. The community is enjoying tremendous popularity within a very short span of time. The application which helps people all over the world to connect with each other and discover each other is a very widely used for a number of reasons.

Though the Gplus Comments are comparatively lower in rank than the other social networking sites, yet the usage of the application has already acquired a wide range of support from all kinds of people. It can be asserted with surety that those who are not using the application on the net are surely missing a lot of useful and interesting part os the social networking practice.

In this application there are a number of features that are attractive enough for the general people as well as the professionals. Firstly there is this Google plus community. Here, just like the other social networking sites, different groups or communities are formed. These groups represent certain theme or subject. One can participate in the groups. There are different issues related to that subject. The community members can participate in them as well as can express their views.

This platform in the Gplus Comments is totally neutral and one can make maximum profit out of this platform. He can come up with different problems as well as important issues where he can discuss with the other members of the communities in order to seek a solution to the problem. Other than that, many technical problems are sorted out in these communities as well.

At the same time there is option in the application to write blogs. One can create the blogs and write articles as well as other matters in the blog sites. This can be used both for the private as well as for the commercial usage. Google plus has become, in this way a wonderful medium for business. Many national and multinational companies are suing this application for the sake of reaching out to more and more people and share their products with them.

The other feature in Gplus Comments which also enjoys tremendous popularity is the Google Hangouts. This feature actually helps user in his process to initiate or participate any kind of group discussions or special debates. The user, with this application, can take part in these topic discussions and present his views about the topics. The application is, however, not present any other social networking site. So the feature makes Gplus special more than ever. The users are finding it very simple as well as useful to use this application as they could reach a wide range of people as well as their opinions through this application. This is, for them a very useful mean of interaction with the outer world. This is the uniqueness of the Gplus Comments.

Linux Hosting at

We have been providing professional quality hosting services for thousands of businesses and IT professionals like you since the 1998’s (your choice). We focus and offer only Linux based hosting solutions for people who demand their website exist in on fast, reliable servers with the most stable operating system in the world.

Whenever one thinks about online business, it is normal to think about hosting too. Linux so far be concerned as one of the best and most favourable operating systems that can easily be friendly and work with open source record technologies.

 Website name, is one of the favourable and branded web solution companies of India offer Linux web hosting services with complete package of consistency and safety. With there are some features that make us exclusive from other Linux web hosting service providers.

Fast service with multiple free tools along with 24* 7 hours of service makes us good in the internet world. Linux Hosting is mostly carried out on severs that use Linux operating system. It is mostly a hosting plan where the server software is installed on a Linux operating system.

Even if you don’t use Linux to run your desktop PC, you can definitely take advantage of Linux Hosting offered at The operating system that you use for your desktop PC should not crash your choice of web hosts. Linux network servers make hosting simple. The main hosting tasks are almost equivalent for both Linux and Windows web servers, but the advantages found with Linux hosting are huge.

We are the top provider of Linux hosting. Our Linux hosting servers are co-located at greatest hosting data centres. Our Linux hosting servers are configured for heavy procedure and reseller hosting performance. We concern for security of our hosting clients thus we monitor and secure our hosting servers & take practical safety measures. Our Linux hosting servers come with plenty of different features that are generally acceptable in the market. We focus and offer low-cost and reasonable Linux based hosting solutions for people who demand their website reside on fast, reliable servers with the most established operating system in the world.

 LINUX / UNIX operating system has been known to be very constant and strong. also has a dedicated support team, which works round the timer to resolve customer queries. Choosing the right company for business website hosting is essential to the success of your site.

Linux Hosting Features

  • Disk Space – infinite MB of Disk Space
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited GB Monthly
  • Domains Hosted – 1
  • Sub-Domains – Unlimited
  • 50 Email Accounts with Webmail, Pop3, IMAP and SMTP
  • MySQL Database – Unlimited
  • PHP 5+
  • Uptime Guarantee – 99.5% Guarantee
  • Auto Installer
  • Power mail Control Panel
  • Web Based POP Management
  • Browser Based Mail Manager
  • Control Panel Access
  • Access to (Online Customer Support Centre)
  • Online information base/Manual
  • SMTP Services *
  • 24 x 7 Ftp Access
  • Java, PERL 5.003, PHP3 & PHP4 Support
  • Real Audio, Real Video Support
  • Multimedia Support
  • Macromedia’s shock Support
  • Personal CGI-Bin Access
  • WAP Support
  • Form mail – (Feedback Form)
  • Guest Book
  • Site counter
  • Site Search
  • Password protected Web pages
  • Database Support *
  • JSP Supports *
  • Online Web Statistics
  • Web traffic report by email
  • Use/Transfer Your Own Domain
  • Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions
  • Anti SPAM protection
  • Web-Based File Manager
  • Customisable Error Pages
  • Image Manager
  • CGI Library
  • JavaScript
  • Backup Utility
  • 24 Hour System Monitoring
  • Raw Access Logs
  • Error Logs

Mail ports allowed by different ISP’s

Ports 25, 26 blocking

E-mail ports 25 are the ports which are mainly used to send e-mails. It is unsecured and thus it is blocked by many of the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), so that the amount of spam which is sent from their networks should be cut down. It allows you to block the mails and due to this your mail cannot be send to the other party. It is like, when you try to send mails and if they are blocked by E-mail ports 25, then you may get an error or message in your outbox. This happens because all the mails send between e-mail client and e-mail server via web or internet and is routed through E-mail ports 25,which serves as a medium or channel between them. Now a day’s E-mail ports 25 blocking becomes an industry standard. Instead of the remote SMTP server or a SMTP server running on your computer, SMTP server is needed by the ISP’s to block E-mail ports 25. Look at the few ISP’s who block E-mail ports 25 they are BellSouth MSN, Comcast, NetZero, Charter, Cable One, People PC etc. With E-mail ports 25, there is another E-mail ports 26 also available and If you want to change E-mail ports 25 to E-mail ports 26, then you are required to change your e-mail software and outgoing SMTP E-mail ports settings.

Port 587 allowed by Comcast

Port 587 is a port which is recommended by industries and it is supported by Comcast. Port 587 is mainly used for sending mails to others. The protocols which are used with the port are ESMTP (SMTP-MTA, ESMTP) but there are few additions and restrictions are also there. Even it is suggested to use port-587 instead of port-25 for e-mail client and server’s configuration.

Ports allowed in mail servers

If we talk about E-mail servers, then there are two kinds of mail servers, one is Incoming mail server used for receiving e-mails from others in your inbox and related with your e-mail address account and it cannot be more than one. Now another one named as Outgoing mail server which is mainly used for sending mails to others through your outbox.

After understanding about mail servers, now next question arises in our mind “What are E-mail ports”. In terms of networking, E-mail ports may be defined as an endpoint to a logical connection. The E-mail ports which are allowed in the mail servers are different for both the mail servers i.e. for incoming mail server and for outgoing mail server. Mainly in the case of incoming servers, POP3, HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), IMAP E-mail ports are allowed and for outgoing mail servers, SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol) E-mail ports is used for sending mails. Now every E-mail ports have a no., which is mainly used for its identification and to know its type. Here come few default e-mails E-mail ports, which are allowed in mail servers with their E-mail ports no. SMTP – E-mail ports 25, HTTP – E-mail ports 80, Secure IMAP (IMAP4-SSL) – E-mail ports 585, IMAP4 over SSL (IMAPS) – E-mail ports 993, POP3 – E-mail ports 110, IMAP – E-mail ports 143, Secure SMTP (SSMTP) – E-mail ports 465, Secure IMAP (IMAP4-SSL) – E-mail ports 585, Secure POP3 (SSL-POP) – E-mail ports 995.

Difference between Port- 465 & Port- 587

Port-465 and Port-587 both are used for sending e-mails and this is the similarity between them. But there are some differences also between them.

Port 465 is mainly used for sending e-mails, i.e. it is allowed in outgoing mail servers and it is for SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol). Before any level of SMTP communication is started, SSL encryption is automatically started. Without any verification, Standard SMTP port accepts e-mails from other mail servers.

Port 587 is used for msa, which is very much like standard SMTP port. If your server provides support, STARTTLS command at SMTP level may start SSL encryption. MSA restricted the outgoing of e-mails in the form of spam when net masters of DUL ranges can block outgoing connections to SMTP port. MSA also accept e-mails after verification e.g. after SMTP authentication.