Hosting Account Information


When you first opened reseller hosting account or shared hosting account, you received an e-mail with your account information. This e-mail provides you with everything you need to access and publish to your new web account.

Resources Allocate

Disk quota is the total server disk space allocated to all your web sites. There should always be several megabytes (MB) of unused space on your account to ensure correct performance of statistics reporting utilities, such as Webalizer or Modlogan. Disk quota does not include mail and database quotas.

Traffic limit is the gigabytes (GB) of transferred data you pre-pay for at the beginning of the billing period. Every month our system checks if you stay within the limit, and if you do not, we charge you for the excess. Then your traffic is reset.

Example: If your billing period is two months long and started on the 5th of October, the first billing month will end on the 5th of November, and your total traffic will be reset. However, if you change your total traffic limit on the 15th of November, your traffic will be reset and a new billing month will start.

Default Page

There is a default web page placed in your web folder, which you can also use as a login page, until you overwrite the page with your web site index.html page. You can always login to your control through our main site.

At any time, you can open a support ticket through your control panel as well. This is the way we address all support issues. Hosting company respond quickly and have the ability to assign the best support representative to your inquiry while tracking and measuring our levels of support.

FTP Accounts

To upload your site to the server.

Change Control Language
Control Panels supports multi-language, you can change to your native language.

Control Panel Look and Navigation.
Different skins offer different control panel navigation.

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Web Building Tools


Use the option “Launch Site Builder.” Initially, the password to log into the site builder is the same as that in the control panel.

Administer Your account

Enter your control panel login and password into “Login to your Control Panel.” This login and password e-mailed to you at the address you specified at signup. Use the Control Panel to view your bills, change your contact/billing information, change passwords, get more disk space, report problems to the technical support staff and much, much more.

Default index page

The moment your account registered on, a temporary index page added to your site’s directory.
It will be there until you upload your site and replace it with your index page (i.e. www.

Web design

Create your first Websites or E-Commerce. Web design includes: Logo Design & Company Branding, Graphic Design, Markup Languages (HTML, XHTML, XML), Stylesheets (CSS), Programming Languages (JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, ASP), Query Languages (MySQL, MS Access), Protocols (DNS, FTP, POP3, SMTP), Basic Websites, E-commerce solutions , Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Email Communications, Live Support and Pay Per Click Marketing.

Content Management System

A web content management solution is a kind of software which allows the user to make changes or edit the substance of any website without having any web design knowledge. It is essentially a computer system which is used to maintain web documents. CMS web designers create series of CMS templates where web pages dropped for future changes. A user can then use a simple interface to add, delete or modify the content of the page. CMS also provides a simple and easy way to create new web pages. A CMS allows document editing, auditing, and timeline management.

Why CMS?

If you have a website then you need to update it regularly so that your visitors find it interesting. Stagnant websites are like stale food making every one disinterested to even see. But it will need a lot of money if you plan to update your site by web developers every week. Hence you can have a mid way for this. A CMS can help you update your website allowing you to edit or modify the content in your website. You can save money and time by using CMS. Through CMS, you can update your content as often as you want. With constant updating your site will look more interactive and appealing. If you plan to update your content then it is a good idea to have a CMS.

Key Features of CMS

Many CMS’ have different features. It is not essential that every CMS will have similar features. The basic feature of CMS is to edit the content of the website. Many CMS’ have features like access rights management and content approval, dynamic site maps, e-mail alerts, dual or multilingual functionality, form creation and management, standard and accessibility compliance, Meta tag updating, site security, image optimization and processing, versioning, static report and search functionality.

How to get CMS?

Many web deigning companies offer CMS along with other services. CMS pricing depends on the number of pages and users involved in it. You can get varieties of CMS offered by different companies. Make sure you do a thorough market research before spending big bucks on CMS. You can also consult software companies for better advice.

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QuadCore Dedicated Hosting


Quad Core Dedicated Servers are servers that have a processor with more than one core. Quad core servers contain four cores. The website owners are able to have multiple processing in a single package, if they have a server that has multiple cores. Four core processors serve the high demand and Quad core processors can be used across many application domains.

In the hosting industry, more processing power you have more is better for you, and this is typically faithful to a large extent when we are talking about things like processing power.

Your website, application server, mail server or web server will get the advantage from faster speeds and reliable operation due to the quad core E3 family-based servers.

The quad-core servers offer larger cache, an increased memory and a higher throughput capacity.

CPWebHosting quad core servers also allow the processors to carry out multiple tasks at one time by integrate hyper-threading technology and due to this speed is improved of various operations, which allows single resource to be used by two or more processes.
It also allows you to create your dedicated server environment in less than 1 minute .This is due to the reason because all our dedicated servers come with instant setup.

They also make commitment that they will provide you more flexibility by allowing you to develop your own quad core server with any combination of hardware.

There are so many quad core dedicated servers but among all of them the most important ones are first is Xeon E3-1270 quad core server which contain various features 4x 3.4 GHz.,6 GB DDR3, 2x 500 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth, second is Core i7 970 which contain 6x 3.2 GHz., 24 GB DDR3, 2x 1000 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth, and next important server is Xeon E5620 which contain 8x 2.4 GHz., 24x GB DDR3, 2x 1000 GB SATA, 20 TB Bandwidth.

In addition to the above standard quad core dedicated server, 100 mbit and 1000 mbit quad core unmetered servers without any usage restrictions at a fixed price are also offered. But here you will see that your connection is not shared which just states that it is entirely dedicated to you only.

Quad core servers contain 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 4GB memory, Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives1, Intel HD Graphics 3000, OS X Lion Server.

Here we are talking about the reduction in the inventory sale on the HP DL140 dual-processor quad-core server line which can be consider as an excellent opportunity to experience the power of the Intel Xeon L5320 processor loaded in a dual CPU configuration.

Every dedicated server without any cost i.e. on free basis include enterprise-grade hardware from Dell, HP, IBM, and Super micro, administrator access or full root, configuration of custom hardware and partitioning, 1Gbps uplink, Remote rebot port, reload utility of operating system, graphs of bandwidth, Fast and in a friendly manner support via Phone, Ticket, and Live Chat, Immediate Provisioning.

HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
500GB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 500GB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
1TB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 1TB Disk Space
4TB BandwidthA
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2TB Disk SpaceA
4TB Bandwidth
HP DL140 [US] Dual Intel Xeon L5320 Processor (8 x 1.86GHz)

16GB Memory
2 x 2TB Disk Space
4TB Bandwidth

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Domain Protection

Domain name means website name or an identity of your site or the internet like pink city, Ananova, CPWebhosting, etc. When we create our mail id, it is made up of two names. One is a username and next is your domain name, on which you have created your mail id. For, e.g., is the e-mail address which comprises username- webmaster and domain name- cpwebhosting. We have seen the names of a website like,, and; all are the names of a site, or you can say URL (Uniform resource locator) of a site, we can also say that these are the domain name.

Domain hacking:

Before answering this question, and how you can make your domain safe, first of all, I think you must understand…”What is domain hacking”.

Domain hacking states the hacking of the contents of your website or domain by hackers, leading to misuse of the site by unknown, which create several problems for the owner of the site like leakage of confidential information which affect the efficiency of your business.

According to Wikipedia Domain Hacking is defined as

A domain hack is an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full “name” or title of the domain. In this context, the word hack denotes a clever trick (as in programming), not an exploit or break-in (as in security).

Now to answer the question given above, you also understand that your domain name is not 100% safe, but by adopting several ways, we might make our domain or website 80% safe from hackers.

A first way is that never click on a link or open an attachment, which comes in your e-mail and asking you to click on it to win prize, gold, silver or any other attractive thing. These links or attachments are usually malware or phishing emails containing matter which is having spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and thus are easy to spot.

If you are having multiple e-mail accounts or other social networking accounts like on Facebook, twitter, linked-in, G-mail, Yahoo, etc., always keep different passwords on different sites, so if one account’s password hacked, then other account data will remain safe.

Your website contains valuable information such as few links, photos, videos, text, etc. From both owner of the site and customers, and to protect the same, and it is advisable to use anti-virus software, which can safeguard the data from viruses, worms, Trojan-horse, etc.
If you get social media invitations (such as a Facebook friend or LinkedIn connection requests) from people you don’t know, then don’t accept the request of strangers and say no to them, because these people are maybe hackers or attackers.

Never share your confidential information like your bank account no., credit card no. etc.on social media sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Chatwoo, as they meant for a social purpose and they are not very safe, so think before you tweet and share any information.
With the emerging trend of E-commerce, there are so many companies, which provide you the facility of online shopping but all are not secure so, only shop online on secure sites.

You are advisable to ignore pop-ups, which occurs at the time of downloading and trick a user into verifying something, as they contain malicious software.

To make your domain safe from hackers, you are advised to use encryption software and beware of public WI-Fi. If you choose to do banking online on public WI-Fi, then very confidential information you are transferring and in this case, we advise either using encryption [software] or only using public WI-Fi for data which you’re happy to be public – and that shouldn’t include social network passwords.”

To protect your domain safe and secure from the hackers, you should have more than one e-mail account like one personal account for shopping or e-mail and other for professional purpose or your bank account. It is advisable to run more than one email account because if one account hacked, then you’re all data will not going to hack, as you are running more than one e-mail account.

Another way is to add DNS or domain name system service which redirect you if you attempt to access a malicious site, converts a web address into IP address as providing some security across all the devices that do not support security software.

If your email or other account offers, then with entering your password, enter a verification code also which you receive by SMS to your phone. It prevents a hacker to access your account, because he might crack your password, but not the verification code.
Another way is to lock your phone and tablet devices, which ultimately provide you protection.

The last thing by which you can safe is to remember you’re human after all. Human error is still the primary reason for being hacked.

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PC Mag Listed Anti-Virus Software


Unfortunately, using the Internet may not be safe at all times, and we need an antivirus to protect our computer and operating system from getting corrupted.

Now before we get into the features of PC mag listed antivirus, we should take the time to learn something about antivirus in the first place. Now it is no secret that we depend on the computer and the internet to carry out our daily activities.

An Antivirus is a program that scans your computer for threats from viruses and combats them. Now before you decide to buy or download an antivirus you have to make sure that your operating system is compatible with the antivirus that you have in mind.

You download a free version of the software, or you can buy the full version. It is always better to go for the paid version as it would allow you to use all the features in the software.

Features of PC mag listed antivirus:

  • The software is quite easy to use, and the interface of the software is very user-friendly.
  • Quite fast, and it starts to act upon the viruses as soon as they are detected.
  • The software is designed to combat worms, Trojans, spyware, threats, and viruses.
  • The best part about this software is that it does not slow down your computer in any way and it does take up too much of the hard disk space.
  • The software also scans in a file that you receive through your email or any internet based application. If viruses are trying to enter your computer, then the antivirus start acting immediately and remove these viruses.
  • The software gives you an instant notification if a Trojan tries to infiltrate your computer software.

Now sometimes certain viruses may sneak past your computer’s defenses, but this software scans your operating system and computer properly and repairs the damages done.

The software gives you notifications from time to time on the threats that the equipment faces, and also have the option of doing away with the threats.

PC Mag listed antivirus comes with some tools that help you clean up your computer. Sometimes viruses can cause your computer to act in a very strange way or even slow down so you can use these tools to restore your computer to its former self.

The software comes with tools that prevent spam from accumulating within a computer. Configure a system so that it can recognize what spam looks like and that your software can block them. To get the best of PC mag antivirus you should go for the paid version allows to use all the features.

Use PC mag listed antivirus to protect your computer without any trouble.

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Cloud Hosting

cloud computing, hosting, and storage is essential in networking and achieving demand for utilization.


1) Cloud Computing:

In simple term cloud computing is defined as the process of using the main remote servers to store, control and execute data rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Cloud computing is a type of internet based computing which includes servers, storage, and application. This technology has several interactive advantages for businesses and end-users.  Here  we discuss three main benefits:

  • Self-service provisioning:  End users can switch resources for any workloads, on-demand and without direct involvement from IT administrators.
  • Elasticity: Organization can scale up computing requirements and then scale down when demands decrease.
  • Pay Per Use: It allows users to pay only for the resources and workloads which used.
  • Dynamic Resources: Cloud computing has built on both shared and dynamic resources. Cloud hosting providers can provide competitive packages by dynamically resource allocation. These packages may fit various organizations. The core benefit is that hosting partners can add additional services, space or even sites quickly based on the demand of the customer.
  • Distributed Locations: Cloud computing includes a set of distributed servers and data center which are designed to host clients solutions. This architecture makes able to hosted workloads more resilient and uptime of cloud-hosted environment. It is also beneficial for disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) platforms which provided by service providers and cloud hosting organizations.

2) Cloud Storage:

The storage of data online in the cloud wherein digital data is stored and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources.
It includes benefits like accessibility, reliability, rapid deployment, strong protection for data backup and disaster- recovery, etc.  cloud storage does have the potential for security and compliance concerns.

There Are Three Types of Cloud Storage:

  1. Cloud-hosting-Computing-Storage

  • Private Cloud Storage in this storage, the enterprise and cloud storage provider are collaborating in the company’s data center which provides a dedicated environment. These are suitable for users who wants customization and more control over their data. It helps to resolve the security and performance issues while offering the advantage of cloud storage.
  • Public Cloud Storage: It provides a multi- tenant storage environment where the enterprise and storage providers are separate.  There are not any cloud resources stored in the company’s data center which are most suitable for unstructured data. The cloud storage provider fully manages the enterprise’s public cloud storage.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage: It is the integration of public and private cloud storage for providing storage services. These services are accessible by using a Web services API framework or cloud applications. An organization actively uses structured data in a private cloud and unstructured and archival information in a public cloud. It is a technique that uses internal and external cloud applications infrastructure and storage systems to form integrated storage architecture.

3) Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting services provide hosting for websites on virtual servers which take their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers. A client can merge into their service as much as they need, depending on the demands of their website, and they would only pay for what they use.

Companies Price Server Location Price Visit Now
cpwebhosting $2.75 /mo USA/UK/AU/BG/FI Price : $2.75/mo Visit Site
A2Hosting $15/mo. Ann Arbor, MI, US Price : $15/mo. Visit Now
liquidweb $110/mo. Lansing, MI, US Price : $110/mo. Visit Now
bluehost $5.95/mo. Orem, UT, US Price : $5.95/mo. Visit Now

Off-site Hosting:

Cloud hosting is remote and off-site. The system supported by an outside provider like a website or virtual machines. They would provide a certain uptime and service level for their customers. Off-site hosting used for creating an own content distribution network. This CDN improves the experience for the web and mobile content and applications with rich media and videos. It would also allow having remote/off-site backups of an environment.

    2. Migration to Cloud Hosting Making Waves

When it comes to innovation in technology, then there is always open space for improvements and progress. Extensive research and analysis report says that large enterprises and firms are shifting to the cloud hosting and has already started to overshadow the current shared server hosting infrastructure because it requires paying for free space on the web. On the same token cloud infrastructure provides a flexible, affordable, scalable solution. Web sites would utilize only those resources which they require. That is why companies are heading their essential workloads and applications to the Cloud. The cloud hosting is expected to reach its value at $121 billion in 2015 accordingly MarketsandMarkets report 2014.

     3. Over Shading The Security Issue

InetU and THINKStrategies have conducted research on 358 companies. Research implies that transiting to the cloud is not simple as we think. Survey has reported that half of the companies either failed their implementations or had to keep layoff. Some of them said that they have to rethink about budgeting and shifting. As survey has detailed about 27% of respondents were satisfied with their cloud migration. On the further note transition on new infrastructure may cause some pitfalls as security despite the promising of advantages. It remains a significant hurdle to leap on cloud and coping in the cloud system.

ICT: public sector enterprise has stated key points to overcome the security issue in a cloud like upgrading your knowledge, migrate smartly, bust the ‘in-house is best’ myth and make the ‘quick wins’ a number 1 priority.

Social Media for Business


What is the way to use social media website work for your business? The answer to the question is not very simple. An in-depth analysis can open up the intricacies of the process of business expansion through the social media.
Presently a lot of companies are using the social media websites a great deal in the question of branding as well as for reaching the right kind of clients and customers.

For the ones who want to build up their business, these social media websites can assist a great deal in attracting the eye of the likely customers. In fact, through these websites, the companies can get the direct access to the crowd of the clients that is hard to get in the real competitive market. Besides these websites have the lowest price for your promotional ventures. So you don’t have to consider much about your budget.

However, the process of choosing the right website for your site is not at all easy. The online market is presently crammed with all kinds of social media sites and choosing the wrong ones can be bad luck for your business. To use social media website work for your business; therefore, you have to be considerate. The sites should be tested for some days or weeks and find out the attendance of the customers there and then only advertise there.

How the social media website work for your business? After the proper choice made regarding choosing the sites, the content should be both audio and visually appealing. The social media sites have other options as well, such as putting different news about the products or initiate tweeting on the various topics based on the products.

These issues attract the customer’s attention. Other than that the blogs are the places where the customers openly share their experiences after using the products. These opinions help the companies to have a total view of the perception that the client makes out of their products.

For making a real face of the company to the customers, you have to think and make such contents and visual productions that are extremely viewer friendly in nature. At the same time, there should be enough exposure about the product processing as well as the employees of the companies. The documentations of these matters in the social media website make a profound impact on the customer’s mind. The issue of transparency of the business works addressed likewise.

How to use social media website work for your business? To those who ask this question, the answer will get quite clear after going through the factors mentioned above. Other than that, you have to be observant about a couple of other factors as well.

There are a lot of customers on these websites who are not very fond of a formal and traditional way of presentation. So it is advisable to be informal and friendly with them and in this way the company may gain a lot of Fans for the brands. How to use social media website work for your business? You can get the answer to this question right here

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Country Specific TLD

The use of the country specific domains in the business world is immense. There are a good number of service providers who sell these domains. In fact, the market crammed with the service providers who sell these domains.


Especially the big business uses the ccTLDs (the country code top level domains) for their best services. There are some facilities that one gets out of these domains. However, there are some steps in choosing the domains as well as understanding the restrictions that are attached to it.

The country specific domains are the most useful for the vast country based business. The primary focus of these businessmen stays in that case, to increase the growth of their business within the boundary of the country at first. As these domains exactly serve that purpose, they use them very often in this way. These domains have gained immense popularity. Also, the non-governmental organizations use the country specific domains to reach the residents of a country more and more.

The country code top-level domains are those which are reserved exclusively for one country. As seen, many sovereign states as well use these domains. The most interesting part of the ccTLD is that the domains contain the foreign languages as well as the regional languages. So, while operating in the domain, the user can use both the languages for his promotional matters. At the same time, the all the applications of the domain also have the local languages.

It is not a massive problem to use the country specific domains. However, the company or the businessman, in that case, has to produce sufficient documents to purchase these domains. As these domains are reserved for the use of the country residents as well as the state-based organizations, the government makes a proper check before allowing the usage.

However, recently, there is very few dependent of sovereign parties who are making the country specific domains open for the international usage. By using those domains, one can have a far more reach to the customers. The usage of these domains being on the optimal level in the individual countries, the internet users view them more than the international domains.

These domains are controlled by an entire administrative body that filters as well as checks the elements used in the domains. Whether it is in the case of the website content or the purpose of the sites, the administrative body makes a proper observation about all of these parts. This filtering helps in using the sites in two ways.

Firstly there stays a little chance of the domains getting infected by the malware’s as well as the spam. Secondly, the maintenance of the domains is done on a very regular basis making the users at ease in using it. However, there are some restrictions attached to its usages, like the domains cannot be utilized for the international business. Also, the country specific domains restricted for internal usage.

Companies Price Review Domain | Hosting Cost Visit Now
cpwebhosting $9.95/yr. USA/UK/AU/BG/FI Domain $9.95/yr

Hosting $2.75/mo.

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Hosting $5.99/mo.

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Domain reselling Business

There are a lot of rising companies who have taken domain reselling a business for the long run. It is thought to be a very profitable online business venture. However, it is also suggested by the domain specialists that one should think and make wise choices to make the business profitable. Choosing the parent provider is the first important thing to be considered first.


It is important to make a very proficient parent provider as the established registrar before. There are a lot of skilled ones in the market. As the domain reseller, choosing the right registrar is the first step to attaining the business success. The accredited registrars generally can offer the lowest price for their services. They also provide the expert professional business suggestions that are very much necessary for carrying the business to success.

The best thing in making domain reselling a business is that the firm makes maximum profit with minimum expenditure. It’s possible as the registrars make a marginal profit out of the whole process. The more the business promoted, the more the register offers the business owner discounts. Besides the company can provide the customers with decent packages.

For doing domain reselling business, it’s done in two ways. 

  1. Firstly, the company will have a large chunk of the market for domain reselling. The outcome of the promotions and advertisements.
  2. The second thing is to retain that chunk of customers. It is not an easy task. For that client’s trust is to be earned. The company, for making it possible, has to depend on the three factors, the parent provider, the web hosting provider as well as the registrar.

Broadening the business area is another important matter. The packages offered to the customers have to be very attractive from their point of view. The company should also make sure that the packages offered help in every way the client’s purpose of the renewal of the domain name and hosting services.

The customers look for domains that are generic, category defining, and short. They select those area categories that they are aware of and would like to process the search options through that domain. Other than that there is the issue of the price range. Making domain reselling a business means to deliver the cheapest, yet the most attractive packages to the customers.

With the best packages as well as best pricing, there are a lot of companies in the world market presently. The competitions are also high. But the key to success in this realm of business is managing to provide the discounts. The more the discounts given, the more the clients will be attracted. It should be kept in mind also that to do this business, in the long run, and one needs to adapt the selling skills as well as market analysis. Only then one can earn enough revenues by making domain reselling business.

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VPS Hosting

The Virtual Private Servers are virtual machines and are increasingly gaining popularity.  Best eleven reasons to choose virtual private servers:


  1. A Virtual Private Server makes sure that the customers using the system get the chance to have high-class level access to the operating system and are allowed to use and install almost every kind of software.
  2. The Virtual Private Server is functionally as same as the dedicated physical server. It can be created and configured in the easiest methods. These servers are entirely dedicated to the user’s sole purpose.
  3. The virtual private servers purchased at a very low price. Presently the market is so much saturated with all kinds of services that the customers are looking for the best products at lower prices.
  4. The virtual private servers offer various kinds of options in usage as well as in the matter of price.
  5. The Virtual Private Server built with such a programming that if the user’s machines somehow crash down or somehow loses the power, the data doesn’t get lost. One can revive it after making the machine go through a rebooting.
  6. The Virtual Private Server virtualization is similar to the process of multiprogramming. The method provides a very efficient level of security.
  7. Using this service means that if the user purchases a dedicated machine from the provider, then he becomes the only accessing person of that piece of hardware. Any work that he may please to perform, he can execute there.
  8. The virtual private server doesn’t disturb the users over the issues of hardware backup, hosting and other factors.
  9. The VPS makes the users stay out of any trouble regarding the hardware. The decision taken by the hosting firms do not affect the users.
  10. The virtual private servers you can take the snapshot backups. On the failure of the system, the virtual private server takes the user into another system. The users are satisfied and assured of the system.
  11. The little updating and developments as per the elaboration of the technology always keep the users one step ahead of any problems.

Overall, all these factors are perfect for the users. These are the best ten reasons to choose virtual private servers.

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