Fantastico Advance Script Auto Installer

FANTASTICO is an advance script auto installer which allows each user to have a particular software on his/her website easily. In Fantastico, you have a list of most popular and widely used open source software. With just a few clicks of the mouse any of the software application included in the Fantastico. The system can be installed, and setup on your website and you can start using them right away.

Installing many popular ready made script with Fantastico is easy. This service provided to every user who uses cPanel web hosting.

fantasticoFANTASTICO is a commercial script library that automates the installation of a web application to a website. Fantastico scripts are executed from the administration area of the site cPanel. Fantastico’s website claim that they are installed on ten thousand servers with a million users worldwide.

Fantastico scripts are usually executed when a new website is created or a new application is added to an existing website.The script typically creates tables in a database install software adjust permission and modify web server configuration file.

Although Fantastico primarily targets open source software, a handful of scripts is also available that install proprietary product. Once installed these are available to all domain. Hosted by a physical server such as website builder Soho Launch, Perl Desk, customer support software and account lab plus software for interacting with internet registrar.
More than 50 applications that have Fantastico script associated with them. Most commonly added system include:

  • Application Softwareweb content management system.
  • shopping cart software.
  • blogs.
  • photo sharing.

Fantastico De Luxe is a free script installer with a variety of over 40 PHP based web application.It is included for free any of our cPanel reseller plan.  is the best host for cheap and hassle free Fantastico hosting. Apart from this site ground hosting account also provide free fantastico for the excellent performance of websites.

Site Builder for Professional Website

SITE BUILDER is free and easy to use web design software for building and creating a professional website. Completely customize any of your 300+ business templates. It uses site creation wizard. Providing online site builder, web designing training templates, tutorials and everything you need to build and manage your website.

Site builder is used by various web hosting sites to provide a user with a facility to design their website. It’s used for a better performance in data automation, web building utility, maintenance, and marketing of clients.

You can build a free website for your business or personal needs. Design, make and market your website in minutes. You will never need to download any software.

Site Builder

Various features of site builder:

  • Instant free website building user-friendly wizards for site-building. No need to learn HTML, no technical or programming skill is required. A powerful online help is available. Focus on what you do the best that is selling.
  • Instant website modification user-friendly wizard for site editing. Point and click, just type update see a preview and upload the modified page. No need to wait for webmaster and pay thousands of rupees to him to get it done for you.
  • What you see is what you get with a good hosting site. Its operations are easy to use, as easy as Microsoft office.
  • Your logo and images: It helps you create new logos. You can create them with the support of Photoshop, and you can upload it and many of your images very easily directly into your content pages.
  • Customized Forms: Forms used to make website interactive.You can know visitors well make them fill the feedback forms; have them fill the survey and much more.
  • Site promotion with the SEO tools included in official website builder you will be able to promote your site.
  • Image library: Support a vast image library from where you can import a huge number of pictures.
  • Direct FTP: It will enable you to upload directly to your site or newly created pages.

Apart from this you can edit images online easily, see instant snapshot preview of the templates that you are creating. It has a graphic rich template. They are categorized, based on themes for your convenience. They provide easy drag and drop online platform.

Various free website builders are 350 pages, Weebly, Blue Voda, Ucoz, Doodlikit, etc.

Weebly site builder:-

Last month Weebly which is a global service for creating high-quality websites announced ‘Weebly for Enterprise.’ Recently Weebly has released a solution for web hosts and domain registrars. The solution is oriented to provide intuitive website builder service and e-commerce platform. By incorporating Weebly site builder hosting provider may be able to expand their services and retain a broader market.

Along with the new intuitive tool, hosting provider publishes their customer sites on their server giving the ability to create website, blog or e-commerce shop store quickly. A hosting provider can also avail their customer with the package starter, pro, and business account so a user can purchase domain there only. It is a fundamental solution which requires less technical implementation and management, and it also features a dashboard where a host can manage permissions.

Some major companies have adopted this newly introduced technology which includes Endurance International Group and

Weebly Site Builder has proved as a customized and intuitive solution for the user due to its features. Some key features are:-

Robust creation and editing for a website: User can create and edit website quickly and can choose the desired theme from various responsive themes. The user can incorporate text, images, maps and videos within few minutes.

Multiple Integration: It is designed to be integrated much easily and quickly with control panel supports. It’s equipped with cPanel, API and WHMCS support

Core packages: Weebly for host comes with customer packages which allow a customer to choose one depending on their business. These packages include support from online blogs to high-traffic e-commerce websites. With its flexible cross-selling triggers, hosts can quickly introduce customer with new service and upgrade their accounts.

Client Side hosting: It allows hosting providers to house static content of customer’s website on their server to maintain and manage direct relation with customer.

Weebly site builder has emerged as an effective solution for web hosts, and it is now available in 15 languages

Site Builder is free and easy to use web design software for building and creating a professional full-featured customized website. Use drag-and-drop feature to create a responsive mobile friendly professional column-based website. No technical expertise or code required and you can completely customize website design using business templates. Its easy and fast to build a stunning website quickly.