WordPress for Google

We socialize, we create blogs, and we try to be the known members of the virtual world. But what is the use of creating blogs and websites if people are not able to find us out. As known, Google is the most popular search engine of the web world. Whenever people are searching anything from job to entertainment, education to games, we search it in Google, and hence now-a-days, instead of the word search, we popularly use the term, “Google it.” Be it a blog, e-commerce website or an educational website, it must be popular and easily searchable to be known to people. If the website is not known to people then there is now way that your opinions can be viewed by web searchers and hence you will not be able to fulfill your dream of expressing yourself. WordPress for Google is the best way to be known to people and get popular.

The word WordPress is not a stranger in the web world. It is the best way to create a website the way you want. WordPress is used to create websites and blogs and has various tools and templates to create a website of your own choice. This website not only acts as a magic wand in the creation of a website but also makes your website easily searchable in Google. WordPress for Google has some special features which makes it a popular blogging site. There is a special feature in the WordPress known as the “Wordpress search function” which helps to format the search as per your need. If you want Google just to return the search results of the blog posts and not the static pages, you can format the same via this function.

Another important work that WordPress for Google does is to help you highlight the popularity of your website. You may copy the outcome or return search results of Google when the name or some special tag of your blog post has been entered in Google and your users will come to know how much your blog is appreciated by others. Another crucial help that you get from these search results is that the authentication of your website is proved. When Google returns the name of your website as an outcome of search results, it signifies that it is not a fake or viral website and can be visited. But you must keep one thing in mind that your blog posts or website needs some time to get updated in Google. As Google is a very genuine website and results are very reliable, it takes some time to return the name of the website as a search result.

Last but not the least, we must keep in mind that there are many websites competing in the web world to be searched by Google. But WordPress has a special place in Google. As WordPress is known to be organized and genuine, WordPress for Google is really preferred over any other blog site due to its expertise, organization.

Express yourself with WordPress Website

We love to talk, we love to express ourselves; but often the problem is that we do not get that time in hand. Thanks to our hectic life schedule, we are always busy running round completing our daily tasks. But while managing our daily tasks, we get to learn much from life. We witness several interesting events around us everyday. We come across injustice happening to people and in these situations we crave to express ourselves. We love to share our words and feeling with our friends and family, but little time is left after a hectic day to do so. To help us at this juncture, came the wonderful idea of online social networking and online blogs. These are our world where people from all around the world get together to express their feelings and thoughts. Let us check out today Google view of Posts and Pages of WordPress Website which actually are some of the core elements of our own website.

Posts and pages are very common words in our daily lives. Posts in simple terms can be compared with titles that you can list in the reverse chronological order on your homepage. They appear in widgets and are always tagged with dates. Te sticky posts appear first and then the rest appear. They have their own URL where the date is included so that it becomes easy for the viewer to check out the recent posts. If you own a website, you must be adding new posts to your website now and then and to make the process easy, there is a “New Post” button on the toolbar appearing on the top of your screen. This is of the best feature of the wordpress website as it helps to deliver your tasks easy and fast. You can preview posts, schedule them to appear at a later date and classify the posts as per the various available categories. You may even write a post on your email and publish it on your blog. Posting is really a great way to express thoughts easily.

Pages are static as compared to posts. These are used to provide information which has very less probability to change. Pages appear in the page widget and at the tab located at the top of the screen. Pages are never associated with dates and you can never categorize pages or tag them as per their content. But pages have their own unique feature, the best of which is sub-pages can be added to the main page. There are several templates available to modify the look of the pages and you can store a lot of information in pages as several sub-pages can be added to the main page. The prime elements of similarity between Google view of Posts and Pages of WordPress Website is that, they both help you to store and share information and both have their own URLs.

Last but not the least, we must be aware when to use pages and when to use posts. We should be using pages to store information that we want our users to view every time they visit our website and use posts to deliver the recent contents and which requires categorization and needs to be tagged. Thus, WordPress Website is a ideal website creator for you and assist you to deliver your thoughts in the way you want.

WordPress Web Hosting Themes

Beginning a reseller web hosting company is easy but when it comes to making that business site into a steady source of income becomes very difficult and when looking to thrive in the web world the qualities required are professional and responsive. The Web portal should be able to attract attention and WordPress Themes offers the user that ability to change the look of the website as well as functionality without altering the information content or the structural design of the site. WordPress themes may be downloaded or installed using the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool or the theme folders can be made use via the FTP, PHP, HTML & CSS coding. The coding can be altered as per requirement, thousands of which are free or some need a premium for usage.


Considered as the best theme WordPress can offer for the web hosting business and web site. The Phenomenon theme makes use of a neat jQuery slider and several widgetized areas, The step by step details can be accessed from the instructional manual to compose an amazing web portal within few hours.


  • 34 Short codes
  • Custom login module
  • 4 Custom widgets
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Three unique page templates

Planet Hosting

The webportal built on the theme Planet is finely designed, simplistic approached and uncluttered. Cheaper than the other themes available at WordPress which is the brownie point of the theme. jQuery seems to be missing however other features makes up for the difference.


  • A jQuery widget for showcasing client testimonials
  • Built-in image resizer
  • Custom widgets
  • 4 different sidebars
  • 5 different page templates

Host Me

This particular theme at WP offers a lot of features for personalization and can be used virtually for any business site. Alterations in fonts, color schemes, backgrounds and layouts has been made easy from the control panel and host me comes with a feature called the domain availability checker which is present on the homepage.


  • Fully optimized for search engines
  • Custom sidebars
  • 10 Custom widgets
  • Customizable fonts and page elements
  • Special Home Page content editor
  • 80+ Style shortcodes

Rack Host

Rack Host is down on the professional lane for server businesses and hosting providers. With the help of four color scheme and the loads of personalized features any demo shown portal can be created with the shortcodes and PHP options. There is extensive use of the JQuery and GUI feature.


  • High-quality icon pack included in the package
  • Google font support
  • Dropdown navigation
  • Unique post templates


Originally introduced for the Web Hosting sites, one can easily switch to an alternate layout which works well with the general website and blogs. The easy on eye colors and smooth arrangement of elements make it a perfect option for corporate sites.


  • Built in contact form
  • Support for Gravatars and threaded comments
  • Automatic image resizing
  • 9 Custom widgets

Live Web

With the lively colors, decent button size, alluring icons and massive use of jQuery the Live Web theme sets your website apart from its counterparts and so does the theme. Looking to beat the crowd and adorn the yellow color where your competitors are all wearing black makes you stand apart in the crowd and makes your site an instant hit is the perfect description of the Live Web theme.


  • Easy-to-use subscription form widgets
  • Multiple page styles
  • Built-in domain availability checker form
  • Fully widgetized

Quick Host

Offering a multitude of feature including elegant pricing tables, auto thumbnail generation and beautiful templates, Quick host lends an ear to all the basic issues. The basic page designing is very simple yet elegant with modern features and comes with professional support anytime you face a problem.


  • 2 sidebar positions (left and right)
  • Back-end sidebar generator
  • Translation ready
  • Sample data included in XML format

Domain Booking through Reseller

There are a lot of companies all around the world who are making the domain booking through reseller. There are a lot of resellers in the market presently and who are offering different kind of offers along with their service. However, booking the domains through these resellers often result in some very serious problems. For that reason it is always advisable to take the opinions of the experts as well as do some market research himself. At the same time it’s good to do some research on the domains. Having gone through all these matters one can have the proper domain purchased.
Among the several factors one has to be at first choosy in selecting the proper service provider or reseller for the domains.
For that one has to go through the process of domain registration.

  • However, it happens many a times that after the booking the resellers take a good amount of time for going through the process.
  • During this process of domain booking through reseller sometimes it also happens that the domains get snapped by some other parties. If this happens too many times in case of one reseller, then it is better to avoid it.

For these reasons it is always recommendable for the clients to look for the registers directly. There are domain name registries for the maintenance of the registration information of the domains. This service is taken by the clients and for controlling the entire process they choose a registrar. They are the ones who are called the designation registrars. Among them choosing the direct domain registrars is the best option. The direct domain registrars are the ones who make the deals about the purchase of the domains directly and control them through direct channels.
Choosing them to open the domain accounts is the best option. They are the best path to make the use of the domains. They guide the clients through some steps to go through the registration process. Whether it is in the case of choosing the domain names or in the matter of registration, the direct registrars make all kinds of arrangements for the clients. A proper guideline in all these matters leads to the client satisfaction. Moreover any kind of problem can be addressed by these registrars.
There is another issue regarding domain booking through reseller. That is the cost of the domains. There are different domains all over the online market that one can opt for. The domains differ as well as their qualities differ according to the prices. The resellers are a good way to make all these matters settled down. Through the resellers the domains come cheaper as well. It’s better to select the domains keeping in mind all these aspects.
Whether it is the .com or the .org or the .net domain, all these domains can be selected in respect of what the prices are that the resellers are offering. If one can compare the prices of godaddy or the enom.registar.com, then one can find that the difference in the price is also there. After comparing the proper comparisons only domain booking through reseller can be done.

Cyber Squatting

The issue with cyber squatting is a large one as each year the websites loose a considerable amount of money due to this process. This practice of taking the large part of the domain completely unethically is not at all a new matter however. There are a lot of cases that took place before as well as at present. This form of theft which is also a kind of cyber crime, has become, as a result, a major problem in the website making industry, the domain industries as well as the companies are suffering great loss because of this kind of rapid theft and as a result they are looking for useful remedies to this problem.

There are a lot of things and matters that are linked with the case of cyber squatting. As there are a lot of companies that are coming to the field of expansion, they are finding the existing market as a very congested one. In this kind of market expansion can not be done except facing with a great many trouble. As the offline market has become too crammed with a lot many companies the competition that has been built has stopped the normal expansion of the companies. The competition in the offline has pushed the companies to look for other avenues of expansion. In this respect the companies are thinking for the alternative options for promotion and marketing.

The Online market, as can be seen now, is a vast place where the companies can have all the space that they require for their promotions. At the same time the companies can also make their own websites for making their expanded online. They can make the advertisements and promotions of their brands online as well as they can also launch the new products online which will attract more and more customers online. However, for that matter there are a lot of domains selling service providers who can help in this matter. To run the website, the companies generally have to buy the domains. Here comes the option of cyber squatting.

There are people, extremely proficient in the networking works that do this kind of cyber crime. Now that that more and more people are being proficient in advanced networking they are finding new ways, ways that are not proper, to do the business. There are companies as well who indirectly promote this kind of cyber crime as they buy these domain spaces in considerably lower prices and then set their websites there. But because of this the companies find it very problematic to utilize the full space of the website. At the same time the domain selling companies are facing huge loss as the space that they are buying for the domains are getting used by the unnamed recipients who are not paying. In the last one year only there are a lot of losses that have been suffered by the website making companies as well as the clients. Such losses, if the continue then very soon the companies have to give up their service threatened by the cyber squatting.

Design Software for Mac

Design software- pinpointing procedure

Designing software is the procedure of visual communication and problem-solving all the way through the use of typography, space, image and color. The field is considered a gift of visual communication and communication outline, but sometimes the term “graphic design is used interchangeably with these due to overlapping skills implicated. Graphic designers use a variety of methods to create and join words, symbols, and images to generate a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts, and page layout method to produce a final result. Graphic design often refers to both the method (designing) by which the communication is shaped and the products (designs) which are generated.

Design software’s for Mac

There is a diversity of Software’s design for Mac, which makes the designing task easy. It includes animation software, 3D-modeling applications, and PC-publishing software. Sketch, paint, create animations, share, and publish right from your desktop. There are numerous design software for Mac, which is in frequent use nowadays.

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6: Adobe Illustrator CS6 software is power-driven by the new Adobe Mercury recital system so you can work with peace and constancy on large complex files. A modem, updated user interface streamlines everyday tasks. Advanced creative tools allow you to capture your vision better than ever.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Pro: With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC you’ll be able to work wherever you like. You can generate, edit, and sign PDFs with the new Acrobat DC mobile app, and also utilize Mobile Link to access recent file across desktop, the web, and mobile. It permits you to instantly edit PDFs and scanned documents naturally thanks to the novel OCR technologies. It can let you send, track, manage, and store signed documents with an absolute, built-in e-signature service.
  • Sketch Up: Sketch Up (formerly Google Sketch-up) is a 3D modeling computer program for a broad range of drawing applications like architectural, interior design, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design.
  • DAZ Studio: DAZ Studio is software produced by DAZ 3D, for 3D art and animation creation and as a rendering tool. This software employs a ‘Genesis’ platform with multi-file support and import and export capabilities, friendly with additional design and 3D art and animation software solutions.
  • The Graphic Creator: The Graphic Creator for Mac is an app that creates logo images, watermarks, letterhead, and other advertising graphics. On top of the basic image, you can adjoin one or more of the 300 elements that enhance the image. You can also introduce graphics and pictures to your design. While uncomplicated logos are relatively simple to create, you can generate more complex images with the graphic Creator.
  • Paintbrush: It aims to fill the want for a basic, streamlined, and Mac-native image editor. Whether you need to crop a photo rapidly, insert some text to a picture, or just have fun doodling. Just pick a tool, choose a color, and go!
  • Cinema 4D Update: If you want to create advanced #D graphics but call for a helping hand to ensure you make jaw-dropping graphics quickly and effortlessly, then this is the choice for you. It adds an advanced character tools, a physical engine and limitless client network for rendering. It can tackle any project you throw at it with ease.

Design Softwares in Automotive Industry

The Automotive market design is very innovative that incorporates reliability, style, and efficiency. The website product development solutions incorporate outstanding 3D design with simulation to help user to optimize weight, size, and performance. By the help of Enterprise PDM the user can collaborate easily across the development team and manufacturing to make best vehicles, parts, and transportation system at affordable price. The software enhances the quality pressures and time that help to avoid costly charges and manage external processes by car design software as per the requirement of user. The user uses plastic part simulation and visualization to make better decisions throughout the projects. Autodesk software provides tools for upfront workplace light simulation, factory optimization, and factory flow analysis. It minimizes water consumption and energy costs and helps to deliver excellent working environment for team of the company.

Main factors of Design Software:

1. Product Simulation.
2. Documentation.
3. Technical Surfacing.
4. Sales and marketing, POS.
5. Factory planning.
6. Product engineering.
7. Product Design Suite.

Design Software Services:

The design software is integrated with fusion lifestyle and building design suite. The IT consulting services deliver automotive companies with some experts as per the requirement of user to customize, implement and operate appropriate technologies and software for business purpose. It enhances the storage process and manages handling unit management for business skills. The software brings the quality control in the area of automotive engineering and manufacturing process. It is embedded with the SAP software also and enhances new skills to make quality software. The full-fledged software training and education certifications and courses are incorporated that maximize the power of SAP solutions. The user can connect smart devices in a secure manner via internet to the organization. It is used to analyze and capture machine-generated data in real-time system. Some important points are given below:

  • Mitsubishi Motors: This car manufacturer was capable of determining the difference between 2D and 3D layouts and display in high-scale assembly models swiftly. It allows the company to support high place in a market.
  • Mercedes AMG: The sports car brand of this company has worked with SAP to make an IT solution which uprights cross-functional competence teams. The SAP design and Co-Innovation Centre (DCC) implemented design ideas and accurate principles of software development to bring this car in front of the customer.
  • Primera Plastics: This car manufacturer utilized Autodesk Simulation Moldflow software to create more agile quotes. It produces injection mold designs of innovative design to manufacturing enhanced quality and aesthetics for item.

Choose Design Software

  • Epicor: It is software which is industry-specific enterprise resource planning software that is created for automotive industry. It delivers goods and services to automotive industry for their better development. This software solution comes at top place to offer product management, customer relationship management, financial management and supply chain management. The software makes industry as robust functionality which is available for customer as secure web services for easy addition with applications of Microsoft Office and global supply chain.
  • LLamasoft: This software provides supply chain design software for automotive industry. It enables world’s most powerful automotive companies to convert common industry into competitive market sources advantage. The modeling technology can be used across overall elements include features like facility, inbound, and outbound logistics. Modeling technique can address the supply chain management.

Design Software for Chemical Engineers

Design Software for Chemical Engineers

Many types of software are available which are useful for chemical engineers. The software is made to optimize chemical reactors, mixers, filtration equipment and many other processes. It made easy with chemical reaction engineering module. It is embedded with tools for the user to simulate material transport and heat transfer by arbitrary chemical kinetics in all states like liquids, porous media, solid and gases on surfaces. This makes the system perfect for all chemical industries and in environmental engineering. The chemical reactor and process unit surrounds user. The platform for measuring chemical reactions, chemical formulas and equations which are entered easily on paper is developed at chemical process. COSMOL establishes the most appropriate reaction expressions by using mass action law that user can alter as per requirement. The reaction formulas are automatically used t define energy and mass balances or homogeneous as well as heterogeneous reactor.

Main factors of Design Software:

1. Plug Flow Reactors.
2. Batch and Semibatch Reactors.
3. Heat Transfer Module.
4. Dynamic optimization.
5. Thermodynamic analysis.
6. Real-time process simulation.
7. Sequential-Modular Process Simulator.

Design Software Services:

The chemical reaction module is important and useful for scientists and engineers within process, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, polymer and food industries. These features are incorporated to process at which user is working. It delivers tools to observe all applications facts from studies of chemical lab. The chemical kinetics can be easily simulated in balanced environments to describe accurately built-in features that are combined with Optimization Module. These all are made for experimental data and parameter estimation. The module of chemical engineering offers numerous pre-defined reactor types for more factors. The tools are available for thermodynamic properties that include external sources regarding chemical reaction engineering module. Some important software services are given below:

  • Aspen Plus: It is the chemical process optimization process software which is market leading and used by fine, bulk, specialty and biochemical industries and polymers industry also. It is made for operation, designing and safe optimization that is linked with profitable manufacturing facilities.
    Prosim: It is a leading European engineering software company that delivers chemical process simulation software and consulting services. It features with chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food and beverages. This solution is used to enhance process design that increases plant efficiency and reduces influence on environment.
  • AVEVA: It is software solutions for chemical engineering organizations. It is almost beneficial for industrial and pharmaceuticals commodities. The first chemical plant was designed in 1976 by this software. The total value of plants by using this design and engineering software that exceeds USD60 billion.

Choose Design Software

  • CHEMCAD: It is chemical process simulation software that increases productivity and efficiency of engineer’s capabilities. The chemical process models enhance day-to-day challenges. The features involved are updated user-interface, pure component data regression, and CAPE-OPEN connectivity.
  • DMOZ: It is software which is designed for products and services in the field related heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis. This software uses a chemical tool named CAFLUR. It is essential for all users.
  • MATLAB: It is another software solution for chemical engineering students. It helps to solve complicated problems related to the field like PDE, ODE for creating mathematical modeling in this field. At professional field, many users can use HYSYS, ASPEN applications for industries simulation.

Design Software Architecture

Design Software-A Focus on Capabilities

Design Softwares are developed so that the output of a software analysis consists of smaller problems can be solved. Additionally, the analysis should not be designed very differently across diverse team members or groups. In contrast, the design focuses on capabilities and thus multiple designs for the similar problem can and will exist. Depending on the environment, the design often varies, whether it is twisted from reliable frameworks or implemented with appropriate design patterns. Design examples include operation systems, WebPages, mobile devices or even the innovative cloud computing paradigm. Software design is both a process and a model.

Design Software Architecture – High-Level Structures

Software architecture refers to the high-level structure of a software system, the regulation of generating such structures, and the documentation of these structures. These structures are needed to rationale about the software system. Every structure comprises software elements, relations among them, and properties of both elements and dealings. The architecture of a software system is a fable, analogous to the architecture of a building. Design Software architecture is about making primary structural choices which are expensive to change once implemented. Software architecture choices include precise structural options from possibilities in the design of software. For example, the systems that proscribed the space shuttle launch medium had the necessity of being very fast and very reliable. Therefore, a suitable real-time computing language would need to be selected. Additionally, to satisfy the need for reliability the choice could be made to have numerous redundant and independently produced copies of the program, and to lope these copies on independent hardware while cross-checking results.

Key Design Principles

When getting started with your design, keep in mind the chief principles that will help you to generate an architecture that adheres to proven principles, reduce costs and maintenance necessities, and promotes usability and extendibility. The key principles are:

  • Separation of concerns: Split your application into different features with as little overlap in functionality as likely. The important factor is the minimization of interaction points to attain high cohesion and low coupling. However, separating functionality at the wrong boundaries can upshot in high coupling and complexity between features even though the contained functionality within a feature does not considerably overlap.
  • Single Responsibility principle: Each component or module should be liable for only a specific feature or functionality, or aggregation of consistent functionality.
  • Principle of Least Knowledge: Also identified as the Law of Demeter or LoD, a component or item should not know about internal details of further components or objects.
  • Don’t repeat yourself (DRY): You should only call for to specify intent in single place. For example, in terms of application design, precise functionality should be implemented in only one component; the functionality should not be replaced in any other component.
  • Minimize upfront design: Only design what is essential, in some cases, you may require upfront comprehensive design and testing if the outlay of development or a failure in the design is very elevated. In other cases, especially for agile development, you can evade big design upfront (BDUF). If your application requirements are blurred, or if there is a possibility of the design evolving over time, keep away from making a large design effort prematurely.

Design Software CAD

The design software CAD is the computer technology that is used for design documentation. This technology replaces the manual drafting without any use of an automated process. If any user wants to work in the MEP architecture, then he has to use 2D or 3D CAD programs. These programs will help a user to explore new innovative design ideas, visualize concepts via photorealistic renderings and will find the process flow in real world. The first CAD program is AutoCAD software which is used widely by this application. The CAD program is incorporated with distinct features that depend on design process that includes 2D vector-based graphics or 3D modeling of solid surfaces. Many 3D CAD programs allow user to apply multiple light sources, render designs from any angle and rotate objects in three dimensions.

Main factors of Design Software CAD

1. Simulation.
2. Routed Systems Design.
3. Computer Aided Manufacturing.
4. Multi-CAD environment designing.
5. Industrial design.
6. Concept design.
7. Leveraging design data across organization.

Design Software CAD Services:

CAD technology is utilized in creating different tools and machinery as well as in designing all kinds of buildings. All designs are made from small residential types to the huge industrial structures. It is used mainly in detailed engineering for 3D models as well as 2D drawings of any physical component. In whole engineering process, it is used from conceptual design and products layout. Designing objects is also the main factor of this software. Many CAD applications offer animation capabilities and advanced rendering so that engineers can visualize better their product designs. 4D BIM is a kind of virtual construction engineering simulation that incorporates time which is related to project management. Some important CAD software are given below:

  • OpenSCAD: It is an ideal 3D modeling platform. It does not consist of interactive modeling for user to create required model, but it has parameters via script files. This software is suitable for building machine parts in designing next game.
  • FreeCAD: This software is totally an open source application that targets to design mechanical engineering product designs and also for other engineering architecture based on the 3D model. Thus technology is used to create real 3D solids, 2D drafting, meshes support and right-hand coordinate system. This program is useful in opting more advanced customization and extension.
  • DraftSight: It is a free 2D CAD editor that is best for CAD users, students who want to edit, create and view projects in DWG file format. It is a set of features that allows user to create professional plans by using polylines, lines, dimensions, text, and others.

Design Software CAD

  • NanoCAD: This technology comes with CAD tools that support .dwg support. It is embedded with more benefits that need to pay at a premium rate such as SNAP and ONLAP, famous command line tool, numerous precision tools and many others. For beginners, this technology is more beneficial.
  • LibreCAD: It is a very high quality of 2D-CAD modeling platform which is easy to use software having outstanding features. The features involve are layers usage, snap to grid for drawing, drawing measurements and many others to make easier life while drawing on 2D-CAD platform.
  • QCAD: It is an application to design technical drawings, building mechanical parts and schematics or drawings. It focuses on modularity, portability, and extensibility. The 2D CAD platform of this technology is more powerful and easy to use for beginners.