Linux Web Server

linux-web-serverLinux Server optimized for Web application development

For PHP developers, Linux is most popular Operating System, and most have configured LAMP in their Windows or Mac workstations. They have virtual private web development server in the existing operating system like any other program with a collection of standard industry software. This server is cheaper, faster and accessible from their workstation.

Linux Distributions:

  • OpenSUSE – formally known SUSE Linux, in development since 1994, sponsored by ‘Novell.’

    “Linus Torvalds criticizes it for usability issues especially around security policies requiring root credentials for everyday operations.”

  • Fedora – General purpose Linux distribution, created in 2003 when Red Hat Linux discontinued
  • Ubuntu – derivation of Debian codebase.

How does it matter? When is it free and open source software, how it can be trusted?

  • Minimizes or eliminates the cost of its use
  • large community to support
  • a variety of components

Install and configure Linux Web Server and bring the components work together in a Software stack LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP). You may be required to troubleshoot common installation and configuration issues, install PHP development framework and Content Management system.

As an administrator of the Linux Server, you can:

  • work from the command line and configure various server components including the Exim-mail server
  • build a simple website that connects to the local database
  • install Drupal, WordPress, and more on the server
  • Troubleshoot and maintain Linux server components
  • Manage the server with Webmin
  • Use a MySQL client with the database

Virtualization: It allows an unmodified operating system with all its installed software to run in an environment within your existing operating system.

Profits of Virtualization

  • No need to take the external resource such as external machine or VPS

Requirements for Private Web Server

  1. Server optimized operating system like Ubuntu Server LTS 64 bit   * LTS – Long Term Support available at Ubuntu[dot]com
  2. VirtualBox for virtualization available at virtualbox[dot]org or Oracle VM VirtualBox
  3. SSH Client, e.g., PuTTY
  4. IDE or Text Editor

Why is Linux considered a viable solution for web development? It’s free, and everybody can copy and re-use the software also its source code is available which users can change, improve and distribute again as open source software, so collaboratively, it leads to a stronger platform and thus an excellent solution for those in web development. It has an extensive community-based support system which includes forums, wikis and Internet relay chat.

Web Hosting Facts

Web-Hosting-typesWhen you want to make your website online, then you have to choose a Website Hosting Company, which is the important way of making your site online on the internet. This is basically one of the most important factors for a website’s success.

There are different packages that a web-hosting company offers to its clients and the clients have to choose according to the site’s traffic and what all kind of users are going to visit your website. Basically, a web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service, which allows individuals and organizations to make a website accessible via (WWW) World Wide Web.

The hosting companies provide a particular space on the server given by the web-hosting company. That space is provided according to what the user wants and is that space suitable for the user. As the web industry is growing at large and there are lots of opportunities for users. Reseller and Cloud hosting are the two most popular hosting plans that are creating a boom in the industry.

Reseller hosting is one of the simplest hosting plans that enables the user to earn money. In this, the user is given the permission to further resell its web space to other users. Once the user has decided he has the ability to set his own hosting prices and sell it according to what the user has asked him and the configure the plan according to what are the requirements of that particular user.

The important part of this plan is that there is no issue on the technical aspects that means there is not much understanding needed for the technical problems. In this, all the management is done by the primary web host. Cloud hosting is the latest plan that is present in the web-hosting industry.

In this, the user has the processing power of some interconnected servers. The user only has to pay for the resources that he is using very often. The user has the ability to access the bandwidth, memory and processing power. Cloud server offers a maximum level of security using firewall guard and tight disk space.

These servers are usually suitable for business seeking for better performance without high costs. Windows and Linux are the most commonly used operating systems used today. Most of the hosting companies offer Windows hosting, Linux hosting and Java hosting plans to its customers.

Cloud Scalable Option

Cloud Hosting- Scalable Option

From big to small scale organizations, everyone is moving to cloud providers. A large number of cloud providers are available who hosted information, websites, and others in the cloud. But all of them are not equal.

For your organization, you need a cloud provider who may offer a set of tools which promotes your business and its growth. But as they are large in number so before selecting one first analyze and understand your requirements and what will be your growth plans. After this, do an analysis of your infrastructure, determine your web/ cloud presence and then deploy a supporting platform.

1. Cloud advantages

As here we are talking about the cloud providers, so see some of its benefits by which you may promote your business.

  • It helps to achieve economies of scale. It may increase productivity or volume of output with the fewer number of staff.
  • It reduces expenses incurred on technology infrastructure. It allows you to access to your information in a user-friendly manner without incurring high charges.
  • It allows people to search you on the web via a cloud, but for this, they must have an internet connection.
  • All business processes streamlined, with the help of staff, more work done in a very less time.
  • It also assists in reducing capital costs, by reducing the requirement of spending a significant amount on licensing fees, software and hardware.
  • Projects are monitored in a more effective way. They are always completed on time and within your budget.
  • Less workforce is required to work on a cloud. Thus training of individuals is also less required.
  • The cost incurred on software licensing is also minimized. No need to incur heavy charges.
  • Flexibility is also improved, as it permits you to change directions without considering any financial or people issues.

2. Future Aspects of Cloudcloud_scalable_option

According to a report from Cisco, cloud computing is expanded promptly and a relevant traffic enabler in same increases virtualization of data centers, if services offered are more flexible, effective, efficient and fast-to-deploy.

It is predicted that by 2018, in a cloud, three or four times more workloads will be processed. Cloud computing has a very good future as its growth is influenced by some additional trends. It includes the adoption of more than one device by people along with their expectations in which they are able to access content and applications any time of the day and from anywhere in the world across the network.

And to address rising demands of the user, consumer cloud storage, one of maximum used consumer-based cloud device is gaining impetus. And according to the report of Cisco, it is expecting that by 2018, personal cloud storage will be used by more than half of the people who are internet savvy.

3. Conclusion

As there are no. of metrics to be considered when choosing the right cloud provider, but the differences given above between cheap ones and those who are agile providers are big and need to be considered to take the right decision. However, some options are expensive, but they will offer you, what you needs. Agility and expansion of a web hosting environment or cloud are facilitated by the right provider.

As mostly planning results in success, so it is a suggestion before you choose any hosting company, plan for your work to do today and which to be done tomorrow. And believe, this is the right way by which cloud hosting solution maximum advantages may be leveraged by your organization.

Hosting Review –

Company Introduction is a web hosting company that has been in operation since 2003. The company is located in Montreal, Canada. This web host offers a variety of hosting services ranging from e–mail marketing to reseller hosting, SSL certificates, dedicated servers, web hosting and domain names.web-hosting-canada


Over the years, this web host has gained the trust of its clients due to their excellent services and products they offer. The customer support team offers clients services in both French and English. The web host is renowned for its dedication to online security and the safeguarding of customer data.


The hosting packages company offers have very competitive features and are very affordable. Clients at a company can choose from any of the 3 hosting plans the company offers; starter plan, pro hosting plan, and enterprise hosting plan.

Starter plan costs only C$3.95 per month. Some of its features include 2GB of disk space, an easy site builder, with more than 900 web templates, unlimited web pages and visitors, 20GB of bandwidth, a domain name for only C$9.95, C$100 in Google credits, 3 sub domains, 1 FTP account, an online file manager and a secure control panel. Other features that come with this hosting plan include; an e-mail marketing platform, auto-responders, a 1-click installer, e-mail redirects, RoundCube Webmail and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam. Additional features that the web host offers include Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Mambo and phpBB along with many others. Clients enjoy programming languages such as PHP 5, Perl, MySQL databases, CGI-BIN, ImageMagick support, flash and phpMyAdmin along with many others.

Pro hosting plan goes for just $7.95 each month. It features is multi-site hosting, free domain registration, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth, an online file manager, and a secure control panel. Other features that come with this hosting plan include; an e-mail marketing platform, auto-responders, a 1-click installer, e-mail redirects, Roundcube Webmail and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam. Additional features that the web host offers include Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Mambo and phpBB along with many others. On top of that, clients get to enjoy programming languages such as CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP 5, MySQL databases, ImageMagick support, flash and phpMyAdmin and many others.

The enterprise hosting plan, on the other hand, costs $17.95 a month. Some of the features that it comes with include unlimited disk space, multi-site hosting, free domain registration, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP5, MySQL databases, flash, phpMyAdmin along with many others. Other features that clients get to enjoy include an online file manager and a secure control panel. Other features that come with this hosting plan include; an e-mail marketing platform, auto-responders, a 1-click installer, e-mail redirects, RoundCube Webmail and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam. Additional features that the web host offers include Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Mambo and phpBB along with many others.

Performance web hosting company uses only the latest technologies in their data centers that make their hosting of high quality. The company operates from Coast to Coast data centers, which makes their response time faster. They also use multi-tier bandwidth that ensures that clients get faster download speeds. The performance of their hosting is improved due to their high availability of multi-core servers.banner-ca-domain

Reliability offers their clients a 30-day money back guarantee along with a guaranteed network uptime of up to 99.9%. Their customer support team is very helpful which makes their hosting very reliable.

Customer Service

Customer support team at is reachable 24/7 on a toll-free telephone number and on live chat. Support team at company is very friendly and are always willing to help clients with their hosting issues

Hosting Review – FutureHosting

Future Hosting is now offering its performance-managed Hybrid Server hosting plans of Pure SSD storage. All hosting facilities of company’s US and international are applied some upgrades. At price of the virtual server, performance of dedicated server provided by Hybrid Servers. Same virtualization technology of Virtual Private Servers is used by Hybrid Servers, providing considerable performance hike as depending on most reliable enterprise hardware. Some virtual servers running on every physical server by more guaranteed resources.FutureHosting

Company hybrid servers were made to provide the best performance, optimum flexibility, and greatest scalability at minimal price than equal to dedicated servers. No-compromise server hosting platform is created by shifting all Hybrid Servers to Pure SSD storage. Best and fastest technology is used to built.

The hybrid server is also known as Internet hosting and an aggregation of a physically-hosted server by virtualization technology. This server is a new type of dedicated server providing both cloud-computing flexibility and classic dedicated server. A user is allocated 100% hardware on hybrid dedicated servers. For dedicated servers, a price is lower.

Multi-level cell flash memory used by Pure Storage has more capacity of single-level cell memory for the same price. Data deduplication is a data compression software used by Pure Storage for marketing of FlashArray in complete with disk arrays of traditional rotating.

Pure Storage uses multi-level cell flash memory which has a higher capacity for the same price of single-level cell memory. Using software such as data compression known as data de-duplication, Pure Storage markets the FlashArray to compete with traditional rotating disk arrays. The company estimated FlashArray requires about 20% of the power and space required for traditional arrays. Pure Storage flash memory is packaged in shelves of solid state memory devices (SSDs), from two known suppliers, sTec, Inc., and Samsung

Storage of SSD which is pure increase responsiveness and performance in relation to SSD- accelerated and storage of hard drive. On SSD data is cached by acceleration and for a more storage traditional drive is used. Lightening-fast solid state technology for all data is used by pure SSD systems makes feasible for applications of I/O.web-hosting-concept

Hybrid server line of Future Hosting covers many tiers has features range from HYB 1 with 8 GB of RAM, 10,000 GB of bandwidth and 120 GB of Pure SSD storage to HYB 3 with 12 GB of RAM, 15,000 GB of bandwidth and pure SSD storage of 200 GB.

A performance of Future Hosting modified Hybrid Servers which are available from places across the US include Florida, Miami, California, Santa Clara and Michigan, Southfield with additional facilities in Australia, London, Brisbane and UK.

Hosting Review – DataRealm

Datarealm was founded in 1995 and one of the first web hosting companies in the world. The position is maintained by a company as a trusted industry leader by investing continuously in cutting-edge web technologies and extraordinary customer service commitment. Company’s current web hosting products involve dedicated servers, advanced secure cloud hosting platform, virtual private servers and shared hosting.

The company has announced a new preferred partnership with merchant service provider The Redwoods Company. Datarealm’s advanced managed hosting services and The Redwoods Company’s expansive portfolio of eCommerce merchant services together bring by a partnership. eCommerce end-to-end solution is created providing everything to merchant requires to manage and build their online retail presence.

Datarealm provides secure, fast and reliable web hosting to eCommerce retailers as it is a client-oriented hosting provider. The data center of the company located in Phoenix, Arizona, an infrastructure of Datarealm has the best advantage in enterprise-class server technology and network connectivity. The company provides stability and performance according to demand of eCommerce retailers.

Extended range of eCommerce merchant services with both state-of-art PCI compliant Internet retail solutions and Point of Sale solutions are offered by Redwoods. Datarealm will be preferred hosting provider wit a new partnership for eCommerce services for Redwoods.

The company is very much pleased by its new partnership with Redwoods. Because this company is expertise in merchant services and Datarealm platform id perfect match according to their capabilities. The Redwood’s Company and Datarealm both have importance in building close and productive relationships with their clients. Therefore, Datarealm is delighted to give preference for a retail service provider to The Redwoods company.

On hosting successful eCommerce ventures rely on that includes merchant services, excels and software providing user experience and secure transactions. Collaboration is closed between a service provider, merchant, and hosting provider. A success of clients is more important for a company. So, a partnership of Datarealm and The Redwoods Company creates a harmonious mixture of best services and technology which are available to merchants.

Hosting Review – ViaWest

ViaWest, a provider of hybrid colocation solutions in North America. As an industry leader, the company delivers support and personalized service to customers.

The company has introduced leadership webinar series focused on IT security with an objective to combat against data breaches and business risk. Users confidential information (classified corporate information, Address, Identities, Transactions etc.) could be in hands of attackers.

Luckily, Security: this new launch webinar Series titled with ”The State of Security: How to Survive in the Age of Cyberattacks’ and will take place on June 10, 2015, at 11 AM MDT. It includes security and reliability topics related to industries such as:-hosting-company-viawest

  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • E-Commerce Retail
  • SaaS providers

Webinar series also provide a number of security-related topics:-

  • Common missteps to avoid and best practices
  • IT Infrastructure Protection
  • Cost associated with Data-breach
  • Security developments during past year

Small companies which have less than 100 employees $3.5 million to recover from cyber attacks. Against these attacks company integrated with users and offer alternatives like:-

  • Engineered IT infrastructure Security
  • Address Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Shared-Hosting-Services-IndiaCompany coupled with fully compliant colocation and cloud services and dedicated compliance team to solve business issues and ensure IT environment are secure and always available.

It has created security package, designed to simplify how customer secures information and serve them with reducing risk.

In response to customer demand, Company has also launched three security products for users to consume most popular security:-

  • Perimeter Network Protection
  • Compliant Network Protection
  • Network Protection

The company has 28 data centers around the world with staffed by knowledgeable and expert customer support engineers. They offer upgraded power delivery equipment and energy efficient cooling.

ViaWest gives Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction by providing single point contact for all technical support needs for remote calls. Provides 24*7 technical support and on-site support engineers always available for customers.

A user can also take benefits of Support center portal for real-time visibility into system’s performance. It also entitled as One Stop Access Point For Reporting, Monitoring and Ticketing.

Hosting Review – Rackspace

Rackspace is a managed cloud hosting company which provides each customer best fit for special needs. Company leader in hybrid cloud and founder of OpenStack which is an operating system for the company-rackspace

Rackspace has achieved 2015 Microsoft Hosting Partner of the year award for manifested tremendous excellence administration and innovation of customer solution based on Microsoft technology products and platforms. This partnership will continue to work on:-

  • Business Transformation for Users
  • Technology Innovation
  • Boost Experts as cloud market grows continuously

Winners were chosen from more than 2,300 applicants from 108 countries globally. The company continuously offering outstanding services and solutions in hosting partner of the year category.

Company Guaranteed to provide:-

  • 100% Uptime and redundancy shared responsibilities
  • 1 Hour Hardware Substitution
  • 24*7 Technical support

Rackspace Achievements:-

  • American Business Award’s Best Customer Service Organization-2005 and 2007
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements
  • Red Hat Premier Hosting Partner
  • Microsoft Hosting Partner Of The year- 2003,2005,2007
  • Leader in Gartner North American Web Hosting Magic Quadrant since 2004
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting Partner

online_mouseReliable, Fast and Scalable hosting for WordPress Sites:-

Serving one visitor on WordPress site is easy, nut serving thousands at a time need technical expertise and remarkable resources. Through Rackspace, a user has two different WordPress Hosting Process.

  • Cloud Sites: Just One click installation and get an optimized WordPress environment
  • Cloud Servers: Deploy Cloud servers using WordPress Blueprint

Provide Managed Server For Typical Application:-

RackSpace Managed servers help users to architect right platform for business and get benefits such as:-

  • Incorporate private and public cloud technologies for flexibility to grow
  • Managing and Deploying configuration for all kinds of companies

RackSpace Cloud Servers Features:-hosting-servers

  • Reliable: Cloud Servers filled with fully redundant networking and ECC memory. Virtual servers are supported by hardware RAID 10 storage.
  • High Networking: Hosts for virtual machine flavor classes with bare-metal servers, redundant, bonded 10GBPS network connections to fuel high-bandwidth applications.
  • All virtual servers have 10 GBPS connectivity to Cloud Block Storage.
  • A power of Bare Metal- Using control penal or Openstack API which brings uniformity to application performance.

Hosting Review – Cloudways

Company Introduction

Cloudways, the most popular service provider platform with the aim to deliver user satisfaction. It develops, manages, monitors and delivers trouble-free deployment program for web apps. Company offer hassles free infrastructure so a customer can focus on the business while all issues handle by the experts efficiently. It delivers utmost convenience and 24*7 support through live chat and dedicated ticketing system with add-on services such as DNS, Email, DNS Load testing etc.web hosting - cloudways

Engineers share diverse range of experience and they previously worked with various web hosting, cloud-based and internet ventures. Around 250 development and digital agencies from all around the globe as company’s partners and users.

Key Features of Cloud Ways

  • 1 Click Installation of Server and Application for high performance and tools for control over website
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • VMAN formula provides application speed to beat competitors in sales
  • Fully Managed Servers for secure and easy secure hosting experience

Integration of Restler on Cloud ways

Cloud ways have launched Restler by Luracast into application library. Restler framework supports developers in designing RESTFUL APIs in no time. Monitor key performance, managed security, Git integration and managed offsite backups, a customer has a robust platform for application deployment. So, Restler is an appropriate option for creating RESTful web API. In addition, Cloud ways allow developers to create Restful API without the trouble of configuration, server management, and installation. The company has also added configured by default, API explorer for developers.

Cloudways has developed reliable cloud platform on Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Google Compute Engine Cloud Infrastructure for Restler. Moreover, all Restler deployments on Cloudways automatically work with Swagger that generates API documentation. Integrated SSH access for command line usage, real time monitoring mechanism and built-in Cron Job management for scheduled task delivery for server performance information.

dedicated servers

Through new Relic APM add-on, developers can keep a close watch on metrics related to the performance of APIs. The company offers a range of pricing plans which suit user’s hardware needs. Starting cost of a plan is $15 per month and depending upon server location and size.

Cloudways WordPress Hosting

Amazing fast website performance with best optimization formula VMAN. With this technology, the company provides fully optimized WordPress Hosting platform to host websites without difficulty. It controls server and application in just a few clicks. Web host offers its customers powerful console on managed WordPress Cloud Platform. Best performance and guaranteed uptime offer by Webhost as well as all test environment are hosted on pre-configured subdomains.

Cloudways Powerful Tools

  • Easy and Reliable Server Monitoring through Power Dashboard- Helps in monitor available system memory, CPU Idle Time, Active Server Backup Status and other critical performance metrics.
  • Mobile Server Monitoring- Monitor servers and check data better for better resources.
  • ElasticStack Tool- Open source tool that automates a process of managing and deploying servers. It manages pre-defined parameters for better resources management of VLANS/Drives etc, minimize human error and uploading Custom Images.

Hosting Review – 365 datacenters

About Companydata-center-reviews

365 Datacenters establish a connection between content publishers, carriers, companies offering cloud services and their clients in the world of media. It is a private company based in Emeryville. The company offers carriers and content providers, cloud solutions and colocation services so as to meet their customer’s requirements. 100 percent uptime SLA is also offered by the company. The company is having various state of art data centers situated at 15 different places nationwide at Buffalo, NY, Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI, Emeryville, CA, Indianapolis, IN, Nashville, TN, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Phoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, St. Louis, MO, San Jose, CA, Seattle, WA and Tampa, FL.

Company Products and Services

365 Datacentres offers various types of products and services and solutions to their clients. They are listed below:


  • In terms of Space, it offers Cages, cabinets, and suites
  • Network operations center for 24/7; 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week
  • Safe and Secure entry


  • UPS and 1 design
  • AC & DC power
  • Backup of generator


  • Facilities offered for Carrier neutral
  • In each facility, more than 10 carrier options are available
  • Ethernet, Fiber, COAX, or POTS


  • Various kinds of support services
  • Offers professional technical assistance


  • Network and cabinet layout
  • Deployment engineering
  • Secure shipping and receiving

Its product Quick Start 2kW starts at the price of $800MRC per month offers One Full 19” Cabinet, 120V/20A, Primary Cross Connect, 5 Mbps Internet which is burstable up to 100 Mbps.

In terms of services or drive options, it offers 5 TB SATA drive, 600 GB SAS 10k drive and 200 GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

In terms of Applications offered, it offers Clustering, Big Data, Test and Development, Storage of files and archiving, their backup, Disaster Recovery, management of digital assets, Database, Repository, Email, Streaming of Media, Storage Migrations, Unforeseen and Seasonal demand.


365 Datacentres offers reliable and secure hosting services and solutions to their clients. The company is certified by highest industry standard and compliance requirements like ISAE 3402 Compliance, SOC 2 Compliance, PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance, SSAE 16 Compliance and HIPAA Compliance so as to maintain a great level of safety and security in offering the services to their customers. 100 percent uptime SLA is also offered by the company.

Customer Service

365 Datacentres provides a good customer support to their clients for 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week, as it has a team of trained professionals. Their main focus is to satisfy their customers by offering them optimal solutions of their issues and relevant answers of their queries. Like other services, their customer service is also very good.

What’s New

365 Datacentres has recently made an announcement that they have upgraded several facilities of their data centers. They have introduced new cooling systems and power so as to enhance an efficiency of power and support demand. With this, they have closed their two data centers located in Reston and Dallas and expanded their center meant for offering support to their clients and Network Operations Center situated in Tampa, Florida. It is expecting that provider will open their new CSC in the third quarter of this year. The basic objective behind all these changes is to enhance the connectivity, security, reliability and uptime of the data centers. It leads to an offering of better services to the clients, lower latency and content can be distributed at low cost as video and media’s consumption is continuously growing.

Overall, for their core markets, 365 Data Centers laid emphasis on Colocation Services.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for the company, you can reach them through following ways:

  • Corporate Head Quarters:
    365 Data Centers,
    1400 65th Street, Suite 230,
    Emeryville, CA 94608
    Phone: 415-901-5700
  • For seeking Customer/Technical Support-
    Phone: 866-365-6246
  • For Pre-Purchase Inquiries or Sales-
    Phone: 877-365-6246