Linux Hosting Europe

Linux Hosting Europe

Linux Hosting Europe enables people with all types of hosting requirements which are more reliable plans. The factor in this hosting is free private SSL certificate which has daily backups and managed services. For the European market, provides the value of good quality VPS solutions for this market. This hosting covers a number of features such as a free domain name, daily backups, SSH access, site migration and CloudFlare integration. Many hosting companies are providing numerous growths in European market.

Why Linux Hosting Europe is Famous

The services provided are affordable to the customers. The best five European hosting companies are web hosting, 123-reg web hosting, 1&1’s web hosting, and heart internet web hosting. When customer purchase this hosting then some features like Real Audio, Cold Fusion, Real Audio and Real video. The feature embedded for this hosting is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate which is essential for eCommerce. It is displayed to verify website transactions which are secure and safe. According to the budget, many good deals are made.

How to select Linux Hosting

Direct network connectivity is provided which needs fewer amounts of hops received. The hosts have 400,000 domains and handle customer service more than 5,000 in numbers. It ensures the focus of customer that doesn’t matter of size. Many line data centers power the website. Many types of Linux OS, instant WHM/cPanel licenses, and IP add-ons are involved in this solution. The required resources are storage or standard server in which user need not to restart. There is a network capacity of 20 Gbps which has cloud-based infrastructure. It is secure and hassle-free and handles all network, data backups, hardware security, and maintenance. There is a facility of 30-day money-back guarantee.

Application Utilization

There is no upfront capital required, and our product can be sold on own price standard. The opportunity of this hosting is reseller expectations. Prices are affordable for customers so that they can purchase this hosting easily. The hosting service is reliable, little downtime, fast server, and maximum availability. It is cheap, continuous and stable. The supportive team is great, polite and provides reliable solution. Network is excellent in terms of datacenters. The server performance is splendid and easy to use.


The websites for this hosting ensure fast access to data at user’s responsibility. User can use OS, which is suitable for his requirements. User has to buy his own license from the company. The features involve best availability of network, excellent performance, and good speed. The hosting services are user-friendly, reliability, fast SSD drives and flexible to the use. This hosting offers flexible virtual server having high performance for management. The Windows Server 2012 R2 is utilized due to its performance, security, and stability.


As per the user’ requirement virtual server is configured having complete administrative rights. Multiple search engines run which are optimized with the websites along with individual settings and configurations like databases, mail accounts, disk quotas and others. The hosting service installs some infrastructure such as file or mail server with high security and DNS. Plesk 12 utilizes administer the vServer and technical skills. User can integrate SSL certificates, fix IP address and encrypted data transfer. The RAID10 and RAID5 hardware used to run on hardware nodes. The virtual server access faster via solid state drives.

Linux Hosting Cloud

Linux Hosting Cloud

Linux hosting Cloud prevents the hosting operation from unwanted traffic. CloudLinux allows user to isolate virtualized and lightweight environments and to maintain the excessive use of resources. Additionally, this hosting plan delivers the user’s control through many hosting plans or websites. These features ensure user that the server will be free from any unlimited spikes. This hosting runs currently production servers which are more than 30,000 in numbers. Cloud Linux makes Linux more stable, profitable and secure. This hosting provides in-depth technical knowledge related to hosting. Kernel development is also an additional feature in Linux hosting cloud.

Why Linux hosting cloud is so popular

Linux distribution runs on pre-installed Linux cloud server with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. There is an experienced full root access without having shared software resources, and kernel will be compiled in this hosting. This hosting is 5-day free trial sign up and get RAM, SSD, and CPU. No automatic charges are applied till trial ends. The technical expertise gives support to the clients. The company provides services by software developers. The server can be assembled to fulfill the requirements. Our virtual management has updated virtualization back-end, built on most excellent Linux KVM virtualization having available I/O SSD storage options.

How to choose Linux hosting cloud

The virtual servers and hard drives offer customization with some physical server. The OS used in this hosting are Windows, Linux, and BSD. The data centers are global all around the world. There are ten websites established on four continents that ensure very fast access of the data. To purchase the OS, a new license will be made. A physical server is established for customization level and control on interface. The plan of pricing is built to fulfill the requirements of user. Customer has different options of operating systems and software packages. The options in operating system involve Microsoft Windows Server and Linux distributions.

Application utilization

The technical support is provided to the customer. New VPS platform is created to help customer. Cloud Linux enables tech startups, development shops and integrators for efficient and easy business. Technical support is provided 24/7 to solve the query. The storage of cloud file is designed with APIs web service which scaled application automatically depends upon requirements. This hosting is easy to start and select software on the platform of AMI (Amazon Machine Images). This software can be installed easily by 1-click launch or console.


The advantages of this hosting are that it is inexpensive, secure, flexible and reliable. As it offers a secure environment, infrastructure and data centers. Amazon delivers EC2 service commitment which has availability of 99.95% for each and every region. The functionality of robust networking is available for resources computing. This hosting offers flexible software packages with multiple operating systems. User has a facility to configure CPU, memory, boot partition and instance storage. The facility of boot partition is available for data retaining.


Default VPC is created by a user to launch instances, network ACLs, VPN connections, security group filtering, dedicated instances and private subnets. The additional isolation provides provision for resources on platform of dedicated resources. Dedicated resources add hardware and provide it to the customer. Linux hosting cloud ultimately provides an excellent platform for users to establish their server and gives secure environment. The customers will be satisfied fully by these services.

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux Hosting Canada

Linux web hosting is widely acclaimed hosting in Canada, having data centers and servers situated in Canada. This web hosting is designed to upgrade the uptime of emails and website. It provides the benefits of each and every customer which makes the more reliable server without any investment in costly hardware. This hosting provides more options, resources and big cloud servers. The storage options are more flexible which include VMware vSAN or SAN distributed storage. Free domain facility is there with some annual plan. The overall hosting plan involves data center of highest reliability.

Why Linux hosting Canada is famous

Canadian hosting gives best performance in terms of storage which is RAID 10 SSD storage. Automatic backup and 100% network uptime facility is also available. The other features are 99.95% uptime, unlimited traffic, fast and reliable server and 5 email accounts. Elastic host provides flexible, cost-effective cloud services with performance and scalability. The virtualization feature provides automatic backup, complete isolation, automatic resource auto-scaling and privacy. The overall hosting plans consist of full UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) which is industrial-grade component. The domain registration is provided by this web hosting. Highly skilled professionals give assistance to the user delivering excellent quality of values and standards.

How to select Canada Hosting

Dedicated server solutions are provided with different options of multi-core hardware. The hosting platform delivers good quality of infrastructure for its web presence. The features involve are technical support of great level, 99.99% uptime SLA policy and networking technology. The benefit of client from high-priced infrastructure with enterprise-level networking technology access at a price so that all levels of organizations can afford. The hosting plans deliver many other features such as unlimited bandwidth, CPU cores, fully managed w/cPanel and SSD disk space. It has optimized security, advanced firewall configuration, mail queue monitoring, PCI Complaint setup, secure anti-spam configuration and having HTTP monitoring support.

Use of Application

In this hosting, Litespeed technology makes server faster than any other. Additionally, the tools used are website stats, easy one-click application installation and SEO. The advanced features are also involved like Redirect URL, MySQL, Php 5, GD Library, Apache Handlers, Free Module Installation, Traffic Builder, page counters, SSL Certificate, 1-click setup and IP Deny Manager. To purchase a package of website hosting, user gets his own space on server. This application has storage of website on their servers, and a unique DNS is assigned to server.


This Linux plan includes cPanel, Cage FS, Resources On-Demand, free applications, DNS Management, Direct Database Access, disk space, FTP users and Cloud Linux. The use of one-click app installation is Joomla and Drupal. There are 125+ apps which are available with this hosting. These are the main CMS provided by this hosting. It provides high-level security which protects website from any harmful effect like DDoS attacks and thwart activity. User will get domain on which he can upload his content. This domain address is necessary so that clients can view the website properly.


Linux hosting Canada delivers many necessary things like easy resource upgrades, security monitoring and dashboard robust in nature. There is a website backup that restores all data and files related to sites. The customer will be attracted towards the website made by the user. The control panel is flexible and easy to use. Hence, this hosting is more beneficial as having various features.

Linux Hosting ASP

Linux Hosting ASP

Linux Hosting ASP

Most of us are aware of Linux hosting, because Linux is a most popular, cheap, reliable and secure platform, and with this, ASP.NET technology is most used technology. In this article, we will see how this popular platform and this most used technology combines, in the form of Installing ASP.NET 5 On Linux.

How to Install ASP.NET 5 On Linux
To install ASP.NET 5 on Linux, several methods are available; we have covered some of them.

Install ASP.NET 5 On Linux using prebuild binaries
ASP.NET 5 can be installed on Linux via Prebuild binaries in an appropriate way based on users system configuration. With this, one more method is available; User can use the .NET Version Manager (DNVM) to install the same.
Remember, for both the methods of installation, User is required to install the prerequisites for their particular distribution, explained in the coming sections.

Install ASP.NET 5 on Ubuntu 14.04
When using Ubuntu 14.04, given instructions were tested.
.NET Version Manager (DNVM) must be used by the user for installing various versions of the .NET Execution Environment (DNX) on Linux.
User needs to install the unzip and curl the same if he don’t have that.
sudo apt-get install unzip curl
For this, user must download the DNVM and then install the same
curl -sSL | DNX_BRANCH=dev sh && source ~/.dnx/dnvm/
After completion of the above step, user can run DNVM.
Install the .NET Execution Environment (DNX)
To build and run .NET projects, .NET Execution Environment (DNX) is used. For installing DNX for Mono or .NET Core, used the DNVM.
In order to install DNX for .NET Core, first user must needs to install the DNX prerequisites
sudo apt-get install libunwind8 gettext libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev zlib1g libicu-dev uuid-dev
With the help of DNVM, DNX is installed for .NET Core:
dnvm upgrade -r coreclr
In order to install the DNX for Mono, Mono must be installed, for this user can use the mono-complete package. User must make sure that ca-certificates-mono package must be installed in the same way as they are given in the instructions on how to install Mono.
DNVM for installing DNX for Mono
dnvm upgrade -r mono
DNX for Mono is installed by default by DNVM if no runtime is mentioned.
Installation of Libuv
Libuv is an asynchronous Input Output library, using more than one platform, used by Kestrel. Kestrel, using cross-platform, is a HTTP server host ASP.NET 5 web applications.
For building libuv, perform the following:
sudo apt-get install make automake libtool curl
curl -sSL | sudo tar zxfv – -C /usr/local/src
cd /usr/local/src/libuv-1.8.0
sudo sh
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo make install
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/src/libuv-1.8.0 && cd ~/
sudo ldconfig

Install ASP.NET 5 on CentOS 7
Given instructions were tested when CentOS 7 is used. It is possible, other versions may not work correctly.
First, Install the .NET Version Manager (DNVM)
.NET Version Manager (DNVM) is used for installing various versions of the .NET Execution Environment (DNX) on Linux.
User must first install unzip, if it is not there.
sudo yum install unzip
Now follow the given link to download and install the DNVM
curl -sSL | DNX_BRANCH=dev sh && source ~/.dnx/dnvm/
After this, User can run DNVM.
Installation of .NET Execution Environment (DNX)
For build and run .NET projects, .NET Execution Environment (DNX) is used. DNVM is used for installing DNX for Mono.
Installing the DNX for Mono
First, install Mono using mono-complete package. Make sure that ca-certificates-mono package is installed as instrcutions given in the Mono installation process.
For installing DNX for Mono, Use DNVM
dnvm upgrade -r mono
When runtime is not mentioned, by default DNX for Mono is installed by DNVM.
Install Libuv
Same as given above

Install ASP.NET 5 on Linux Using Docker
Here given instructions were tested with Ubuntu 14.04 and Docker 1.8.3.
First of all, User must Install Docker, then create a Dockerfile inside an application folder, as given below,
# Base of your container
FROM microsoft/aspnet:latest

# Copy the project into folder and then restore packages
COPY . /app
RUN [“dnu”,”restore”]

# Open this port in the container
# Start application
ENTRYPOINT [“dnx”,”-p”,”project.json”, “web”]

User has the choice between Mono and CoreCLR. Microsoft Docker Hub can also be used by the user to pick a different base which is running either on CoreCLR or its older version.
Now, after having an application, follow the given commands to use and run the container
docker build -t yourapplication
docker run -t -d -p 8080:5000 yourapplication
These are the several ways by which ASP.NET 5 can be installed on Linux.

Linux Hosting Bitcoin

Linux Hosting Bitcoin

Linux Hosting Bitcoin

Linux hosting Bitcoin is easy and simple. The system is fully programmed and bitcoin hosting plans run on web servers of high speed. In bitcoin hosting, all plans are established with 99.9% uptime and 30-day money back guarantee. User will get soon liability of dedicated server without any price tag. The Bitcoin virtual servers are involved with Windows operating system, SSH access and preinstalled with Linux. User can get benefit of new version of softaculous installer and cPanel.

Why is Bitcoin so Popular

Any hosting solution can be easily purchased in a secure way by bitcoin. With the help of BitCoin payment processor, transactions can be easily done. Instant orders are placed after receiving the payment. Better security is provided by Bitcoin payment for program affiliation in comparison to other online currencies. If a user wants to pay commissions in Bitcoin, then he or she has to provide valid Bitcoin email address during signing up. Money can be easily send and received within seconds around the world. No transaction fees are applicable on payment process. In Linux hosting Bitcoin, for fast connectivity servers are connected to 1 Gbps port.

How to choose Bitcoin

Bitcoin dedicated servers are packed with SSH access and OS, on request iDrac access are easily accessible. Bitcoin mining has competitive space and has volatile space. If any user wants to create website related with bitcoin, user has to choose a standard web hosting plan. Bitcoin VPS Hosting is outstanding for developers due to its stability and scalability. User will get 24/7 customer support and 30-day money back guarantee for customers. Bitcoin hosting provides free domain and quick setup. On Linux servers, new user account is created. The activities related to the bitcoin are resultant of valid ambivalence.

Application Utilization:

Linux hosting Bitcoin is drafted in such a way so that a cryptographic network is established which is peer-to-peer in nature. In an earlier time, this application was used with the standard CPUs and GPUs. Therefore, in Bitcoin mining, miners must solve very complicated crypto puzzles for transaction verification. They have been given latest bitcoins blocks which are 25 bitcoins per block in a current scenario which has been mined in every 10 minutes. There are exact numbers of bitcoins which are under 21 million. The overall transactions have their own backup in public ledger which is called bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain is connected to numerous and various types of applications; therefore, many developers are doing process on Bitcoin 2.0 or 3.0 projects which is designed on the peak of the blockchain. Linux hosting bitcoin is better for ASIC computing power which can be used in ‘cloudhashing’ services.


For payment process, it is very confidential task. If any user wants to give direct payment, then he need not to make storage of bitcoins on website. The Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies have storage in wallets then user has to select a digital wallet and give the address of above wallet. He can give the address of website also that make user allow to give payments directly.


In Linux hosting bitcoin, the user may get very confidential process from security point of view. E-Commerce facility is also available for users due to bitcoin payments. The outsourcing of whole process will be done by payment processors which are BitPay or Coinbase. Only, a standard website has to be created for users.

Linux Hosting Azure

Linux Hosting Azure

Linux Hosting Azure

This article cover some of the important aspects of Linux in Azure. We start with the process of deploying Linux virtual machine. Process is quite simple and easy; only image needs to be taken from the gallery and placed in the correct location.


With the help of Azure portal, a Linux virtual machine is created. To create this, user needs to enter the username, password or SSH public key. Username is subject to the constraint, system account name present in the virtual machine is not permitted.
At the time of deploying virtual machine on Azure, specified user account is a privileged one. Azure Linux Agent will configure this account so that privileges can be elevated to root, means the superuser account, by using the utility of sudo. After logged, user can run the commands with the help of command syntax.
# sudo <COMMAND>
A root shell can be optionally obtained by sudo –s.

Configuration of Firewall

An inbound packet filter is offered by Azure by which connectivity to ports which are given in Azure portal are restricted. By default, only SSH port is allowed. If User wants to access some more ports on Linux virtual machine, it can be done through the configuration of the endpoints in Azure portal.
By default, iptables firewall is not enable using images of linux given in the Azure gallery. If User wish and wants some more filtering, firewall may be configured.

Changes in the Hostname

At the time of initial deployment of an image of linux, user needs to enter a hostname for the virtual machine. When virtual machine starts running, hostname is published to the DNS servers. This is done so that IP Address lookups can be performed by various virtual machines which are connected to each other, using hostnames.
If changes in the hostnames are required after the deployment of a virtual machine, following command will be used
# sudo hostname <newname>
In order to detect the change in name on automated basis and configuration of the virtual machine so that this change can be persist and same can be published to DNS Servers, by functionality of Azure linux Agent.


Cloud-init pn Azure is used by the images of CoreOS and Ubuntu, by whom more capabilities to bootstrap a virtual machine is offered.

Capture of Image of Virtual Machine

Azure is much capable of capturing virtual machine into the image which can be subsequently utilized for deploying instances of additional virtual machine. Customizations which were done while the process of provisioning is performed may be roll back by agent of Azure linux.

Following steps need to be performed for capturing a virtual machine in the form of image;

  1. In order to undo the provisioning customization, waggent – deprovision must be run. Waggent – deprovision + user, optionally, user account which is given at the time of provisioning must be deleted with all the associated data.
  2. Now virtual machine must be power off or shut down.
  3. Now to capture the virtual machine in the form of an image, make use of CLI tools or Powershell. Alternatively, User needs to click on ‘Capture’ in Azure classic portal.

Attaching the Disks

All the virtual machines has a local resource disk attached, not permanent. Data which is stored on resource disk is not durable all over the reboots and due to this, processes and applications which are running in the virtual machine used this for storing the data in a temporary and transient form. It can be used for storage of swap files or page for OS.
Azure Linux Agent manages the resource disk on Linux and mounted to /mnt/resource (or /mnt on Ubuntu images) on automated basis.
Data disk on Linux may be named by kernel as /dev/sdc and users are required to partition, format and mount those resources.

Linux Hosting Amazon

Linux Hosting Amazon

Linux Hosting Amazon

If you wish to know how your Linux server can be set up on Amazon’s cloud in just an hour, then you are at the right place. Some people don’t believe, but really its very simple and easy. Let’s see how..
Various types of Linux servers are present in market. Most complex ones, among them, requires that their users must be certified by Red Hat. Most of the Linux servers requires that users need to perform certain tasks, downloading of a distro, burning a CD, installing a new server, booting up new barebone servers.
TurnKey Linux, is the hardware or device which support a credit card or a web browser. Turnkey Linux can be run on the ordinary server, OpenVZ or OpenStack server or on the VMWare, easiest and prompt way to perform is to spin up the user’s server on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Now see how it Works:

Earlier, TurnKey Linux was developed on Ubuntu Linux 10.04. It provides more than 45 various servers which are always in a ready to use manner. It comprises of PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL (LAMP) stack; basic Linux Apache; communication systems; multiple content management systems including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress; ejabberd instant messaging; platforms for programming; Zimbra e-mail; basic office servers like primary domain controller for Windows networks and a file server. In simple words, whatever user required for a server, TurnKey probably fulfills all those.
If User wants to get of his own, see how it works..
First of all, User is required to register for an account. Registration process can be performed manually or he can login using OpenID.
After being registered or login successfully, in both the cases, User will be moved to a display where for the users server resources will be set up on EC2. Moreover, to perform this, User is required to have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
Process of Setting up an AWS account is as easy as setting up an Amazon account for purchasing the books. It is stated, if users have an Amazon account, they have cleared the half way to get an AWS account. Once User have his AWS account, he needs to sign up for EC2 itself.

After this, User is asked to tell a method of payment for Amazon EC2 services. To avail these services, charges incurred for each and every hour. For instance, 9 cents per hour is charged for a small cloud server.
When all this gets done, user is required to get his access credentials of AWS.
When User gets both, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, he is ready to set up a server on EC2. He just needs to cut the alphanumeric keys and paste them into the field.
Next, User is required to choose the level of service he wishes. Suppose; you are just exploring. So, in that situation, you wish for the option of hobby, or you will try the micro servers. The Good thing is, TurnKey Linux will not charge anything from the user for its hobby option, but on the other hand, if user is not using a micro-instance, Amazon incurred some charges. For absolute minimum payment, micro-server option is the best. With that, Amazon will not charge anything from the user during the first year of micro-servers usage.
Next, User can enable backup on a Simple Storage Service S3 cloud of Amazon or can start setting up their first server. Amazon and TurnKey provide 10GB from the free S3 storage to the starters so that there setting up of S3 backup can be skipped by them until and unless they know that User got his desired server, with whom he really wish to work with.
On the next page, User is required to pick the server which he wish for a run from the given drop down menu.
In the next step, User will decide on few things like which Amazon EC2 cloud site will be used by him, what will be the size of the server, what will be the servers internet name and so on.
Now User is required to choose its root and password of application. It is not compulsory but still it is highly recommended.
Now user needs to press the launch button.
After button being pressed, server will start launching. When the server initially launches, most of the latest patches will be installed by the server on automated basis. TurnKey Linux always keeps the server updated.

Users server has their own capacity of CPU, RAM, Disk space and for all this, TurnKey takes care of everything.
User can tune his firewall, when all the patches are installing. Good thing is that appliances of the TurnKey Linux comes with all the essential network ports which are open for it, so that they can perform their jobs and the other ones are closed.
Now Server is ready to go..
Means Web site and users server as well, is ready to go. Moreover, user can get to its Webmin administration display also.
So, here the process ends. Also, user will see that in just one hour, everything is done and maximum time spent on setting up of the screen shots.
So, overall it’s very simple and really easy. User will move from zero to a Linux server which is ready to use on the Amazon cloud.

Linux Hosting Beginners

Linux Hosting Beginners

Linux Hosting Beginners

Your first website is ready, and you wish to launch the same as soon as possible, for this, you need web hosting services for housing your website. For this, you need a good hosting company, and you have the name of company in your mind too. However, still, you are little bit unsure, as you have heard about two types of operating systems offered by most of the hosting companies; Linux and Windows.
You are well aware of the Windows but unfortunately not of Linux. You also heard that Linux is better than Windows. As Linux hosting is entirely new for you and with this you are a newbie to the world of websites and web hosting, so before choosing Linux server as your operating system to host your site, you certainly have some questions in your mind. In other words, as a beginner, you have some FAQ’s related to Linux or Linux hosting.
This article cover most of those FAQ’s and hope it will be quite useful to the readers of this article.

Some FAQ’s related to Linux/ Linux Hosting, especially for Beginners

1. What is Linux
Linux, a most popular, reputed, powerful and versatile open source operating system, used by most of the web hosting companies, available at free of cost. It is considered as a market leader as it is a default OS for Shared hosting packages.

2. Is Linux really free
Linux is available for free of cost without any kind of restrictions.

3. Linux is Open Source, what it states
Linux source code is available for investigation and customization or modification. With this, it is developed in an open environment by one of the good programmers community.

4. Why Linux for hosting
Security- A safe, secure and worry-free OS, always updated.
Affordable- Linux is available for free, it reduces the costs for host leads to pass of savings to clients.
Standard- Things work out in a standard way from host to host.

5. In modern world, configuration of Linux is done as per the standard of LAMP.
L- Linux, the operating system
A- Apache, the web server application
M- MySQL, a Structured Query Language (SQL) database application
P- PHP, Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language by which dynamic web content is developed.
LAMP Standard offers you everything from A to Z, which is required to run a perfect and modern website.
Linux supports various development tools like WordPress or other Web apps, PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python, or Perl and Dreamweaver or other WYSIWYG apps.

6. Why Linux is the first choice of Hosts

  • Linux is scalable and powerful
  • Linux is scalable and powerful
  • Usually, it is free of cost
  • Used on old servers too
  • Large user community offers support to Linux
  • Host can customize it
  • Due to Control Panels

7. What are some popular distributions of Linux
It covers CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Red Hat.

8. Why Linux is so much popular for the web servers

  • It is free.
  • It is not required to powered down the same on daily basis.
  • It is extremely flexible, suitable for the different web hosting plans of various hosting companies.
  • Your computer is running for a long time, and maybe it gets slower; this does not happen with Linux.

9. Is Linux server a good option, when Mac or Windows PC is used for a personal or work computer
Yes, definitely.

10. How Linux is a best server, although open source and free
Linux is available for free and an open source OS, does not show that it is a substandard. It is an enterprise level software which is used by giant mainframes, supercomputers, mobile phones, embedded devices, etc.

11. Is there any competitor or alternative to Linux
Yes, Windows is the only one, both a competitor and alternative in web hosting environment.

12. Why Linux over Windows
If User has a specific need, Windows is the right option. Otherwise, Linux is a default choice for hosting solutions.

13. When Linux is not preferable

  • .NET or .ASP platforms required Windows, instead of Linux servers.
  • Linux is not compatible with Windows applications and the coding conversions.
  • It cannot be used with some Microsoft technologies like Access, ASP or MS SQL.

14. Between Linux & Windows, which is good for web hosting
Linux, best for web hosting. It is concluded from a study done in 2013, that Linux server is used by more than 80 percent of enterprises.
These are some of the important FAQ’s may be I left the other ones. Rest will cover in the next article. I hope you all will like this..

Top Ten Free Linux Hosting

Top Ten Free Linux Hosting

Top Ten Free Linux Hosting

Top Linux Hosting providers for personal and business websites include reliability, cost effective, stability and control panel. Below we have mentioned top ten Linux web hosts that offer affordable and feature rich hosting services.

Free Linux Hosting: iPage
iPage is a popular hosting provider since 2007 and now serves 100000 websites globally. Company offers single all in one hosting plan, especially for small, and personal business need. Hosting plan comes with great features at low cost and quality service. Furthermore, it has unlimited everything- unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, disk space, MySQL databases, and domains. iPage essential features will help users to install, build and get site up. Also, it includes drag and drop site builder with free templates and easy web application installer.

Free Linux Hosting: A2Hosting
A2Hosting offers powered hosting solutions for low traffic, popular business site, and brand new blog. This hosting includes unlimited data transfer and disk space. Customers will get choice of datacenters and variety of features such as unlimited RAID 10 storage, email addresses, parked domains, free site transfer, easy installation and configuration and more. A2 Hosting never overloads servers like other hosting providers do. They provide excellent technical support and choice of PHP version.

Free Linux Hosting: BlueHost
BlueHost has been offering hosting services since 1996. They provide high uptime and hosting perform FTP transfer for fast uploading. Their application installers include Simple scripts which is best in the industry and Fantastico Deluxe. Any time available technical support is given by phone and email. BlueHost run on suPHP and solid isolation between customer accounts.

Free Linux Hosting: HostMetro
HostMetro is new in the industry and offers popular hosting services at affordable prices. Their web applications include b2evolution, easily installed with user-friendly Softaculous installer that saves time. Company has extra layers of security to eliminate hacking of website. For FTP transfer, they use SFTP for great security. HostMetro customer support is US based, and technicians are available 24/7. They also provide 45-day money back guarantee for unhappy customers.

Free Linux Hosting: InMotion
InMotion Hosting is offering web hosting solution since 2001. They offer variety of hosting plans especially for business hosting rather than personal hosting. Their server software components provide maximum stability and seamless experience. In addition, Inmotion hosting includes features such as PHP version, PHP security, MySQL version, GD library and more. Free SSD drives are also another benefit of this hosting. Their technical support is available 24/7 with guaranteed high uptime. As a security tool, FTP is available for the customer.

Free Linux Hosting: JustHost
JustHost is providing various benefits over other hosting companies. They offer advanced technology to their clients such as control panel and application installer that is Fantastico Deluxe. Company has introduced two different hosting plans on shared servers. JustHost uses Linux-based platform along with other hosting features – MySQL, PHP, support UTF-8 and mbstring, power backup generator and quad processors servers. Their servers run on mod_suPHP and SFTP for secure file transfer.

Free Linux Hosting: HostGator
HostGator offers top hosting services in terms of server uptime without long term contract. Services offered by the provider include shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting. It is somewhat expensive as compared to other hosts. It provides 99.9% uptime and excellent customer support. Shared hosting runs on Dell PowerEdge servers and has reliable network. Their crucial software including GD library, PHP version, and MySQL version were updated. HostGator’s features include control panel, easy software installer, unlimited MySQL databases along with PHPmyadmin access, supports programming languages- PHP5, SSI, CGI, Perl and Ruby on Rails. Customers get SSH access, Frontpage extensions, and Corn job scheduling also. It’s all hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth, POP3 email account, and space.

Free Linux Hosting: Fatcow
Fatcow offers variety of hosting services which makes website building a great experience for the users since, 1998. It comes with excellent hosting features such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, site creation tools, blogs and forums, E-store builder by ShopSite, open source apps and so on. Customers can add domain, create website and mailbox. Their easy drag and drop site builder tool add content and create website from templates. High-tech support is available for the customers 24 hours via live chat, phone, and email.

Free Linux Hosting: WebHosting Hub
WebhostingHub has introduced advanced, fastest and largest hosting services. It is Linux based hosting with MySQL, PHP, RAID 5 drive protection and dual quad core Xeon servers. In addition, customers get easy to use and user-friendly control panel and Fantastico Deluxe application installer. It also offers 24/7 customer support via phone, chat and email and provide a 90-day money back guarantee.

Free Linux Hosting: GreenGeeks
GreenGeeks has been offering user-friendly hosting services to small and medium size business. It provides user-friendly control panel, tutorials, unlimited package and website builders. Company includes hosting features such as energy efficient infrastructure, unlimited data transfer, email accounts, Mysql databases and email accounts. Moreover, free domain, templates, site builder, site migration and marketing credits, these are free with their hosting packages. Nightly backups and high uptime guarantee is also available for the customers.

Linux Hosting in USA

Linux Hosting in USA

Linux Hosting in USA

Linux hosting is a splendid alternative of windows hosting which is secure and affordable. Most of the people purchase web hosting without giving any thought to technical facts. If a person has a low-cost budget or else shared hosting plan, then the probability is that it will provision on servers running Linux. If a person resides in the USA, then it is more beneficial for him. A person benefits because of many reasons as Linux is a good choice. Linux has emerged as one of the most used web hosting platforms.

The USA data centre’s support for Linux Hosting

The USA is a country which is known for its fastness and in web hosting it requires the same approach. Most of the Linux hosting service provider within the USA has various advantages over other web service providers. Whether it is Ubuntu, RedHat or any other technology of Linux, every technology is a must to try once. Data centre with the latest technology is available within the USA. A person would like that his hosting service should be managed by near source to him. This is possible for individuals who reside in the USA.

Protected and Powerful

Linux is known for its stability and security aspects. Linux web hosting furnishes an individual vigorous platform in requisites of data protection and dependability. People in the USA want a service provider which can render a service like this. It is unbelievably crucial to have a backup for a website especially when it gets access to non-superfluous links. Linux renders the best in class and easy backup facility from end to end inherent tools. Especially in the USA is the most needed requirement as people get hacked quite easily.

Easy Management

Linux offers simple administration remuneration as well which is not available in other web hosting platforms. It does that without any means of another software tools. This is simplest to use for people in any country.


Linux platform comes with an attitude of providing solution ability and problem-solving function to its users. Making it reliable with technical support and services which are offered by Australian Linux hosting services are best to use.

Affordable with less price or free of cost

Linux being an open source platform charges an individual far lesser in terms of setup, software and monthly costs making it a most preferred solution for hosting. It is same worldwide and in the USA as well.


As discussed earlier, websites which are developed keeping windows as its indigenous platform may have problems to handle with Linux bringing out a compatibility issue. Off late this problem is solved in a way with usage of In the USA, it is solved using other technologies which are the latest one.


Linux web hosting has its reward as well as the shortcoming but it always has greater facilities than other platforms in terms of its open source development. The web scripts which are presently ruling the straighten out of web design and development seem well-matched with Linux Web Hosting making it a most preferred platform in the currently available variety of web hosting services. It’s secure, assuming it’s kept updated, so a person has fewer hacks to worry about. Linux hosting, whether it is in USA or UK, despite the place is a great way to start hosting.