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Web application design Patterns
Types of patterns

Design PatternsToday’s Web is platform independent and is now available on mobile, notebook, and on various different devices. There is huge increase in the use of web hosted applications, which has started the era of using software as service. It involves more than mere technical skills; it seeks a vivid knowledge about the types of web services available in the market, professional web design tools and other practical awareness about the pricing, rate, legal issues, advertising and marketing strategy etc.

Web design technical skills include- knowledge of programming languages (e.g. HTML) and script language for front-end and server-end interface, CSS for latest layout designing tools, knowledge of color, font, tables, shapes and patterns, and graphics is a must.

New Design issues and solutions are being offered with Hosting services by using rich Internet applications like Fantastico and Site Builder. Fantastico is a script library that’s often integrated with web hosting offers. You can utilize it to install Internet programs to your site. Fantastico is very popular; their scripts have been set up in over 10,000 servers worldwide. By using a site builder, you will get web site builder tools, tutorials, site building managers and applications that can make sure that your website is just as professional-looking, efficient and convenient as if you paid thousands for it.

The patterns for web site design services come with features:

  1. First comprehensive collection of Web Application Design Patterns, including patterns for Web 2.0 applications! Web 2.0 is basically a 2nd generation of technology and is a transition of web to web applications. It consists of interactive content and provides a new way to find, collect and share the information with others on internet. Web 2.0 development enables better use of the core enterprise application.
  2. Enables readers to design interfaces faster and have more rationale for the solutions they choose. The user interface is the part of a computer and its software that people can see, hear, touch, talk to, or otherwise understand or direct. The user interface has essentially two components: input and output.

Includes over 10K patterns, extensive notes on reuse and extension of patterns, as well as “anti-patterns” in the following areas:

  • Web App access: Web apps are basically software’s or programs that are coded in HTML and web browser‘s script, mostly, JavaScript. Web application can be of many types and serve different purposes and functions. Some of them are simple like a message board or a guest sign-in book on a website that help the website visitors in interacting and communicating with the website owner and some are complicated, such as a word processor or a spreadsheet.
  • Navigating apps: One of the most important tasks when developing your website is creating a navigation system that is effective and easy to use. The home page of a web site is where visitors from their impressions about the entire design, and its importance far outweighs that of the other pages that make up the site.
  • Interacting with Lists: A list of services and products are given on the website and interacting with those services are the most important part.
  • Display and Manipulation of Data: The most important point considered when creating any website is about its content so it should be manipulated and modified according to the requirement of user’s and its way of presentation should be enough attractive and unique .
  • Interaction Components: The website must contain some components or switches, helps in interconnecting the different pages of a site. So that users can easily connect to the desired page.
  • Community and Social Networking: The website should be connected to some communities or social networks, where discussions are related to the content of the website. So that users can find solutions on their queries easily without facing many problems by putting their queries on this community site.
  • Collaboration: For the best grouping and collaboration with customers, website designers must hear and appreciate the ideas of ​​the owner of a site before starting an intended project. Thus, designers can make your site more professional and attractive for the visitor’s eyes with the help of innovative and ideal designs, typography, vibrant and beautiful images etc. With the use of HTML tables and CSS files, they can create easy to perform, repair, and redesign sites for almost all web browsers.
  • Internationalization and Localization: Create Web sites for an international audience. You can do this both by localizing your Web sites and translating them into the local languages or just by making them more accessible to other language speakers. These links will show you how to localize your Web site.
  • Help: 24 7 customer support is available and all the problems faced by the customers are answered here. You can easily contact with the help team and all the queries are answered as soon as possible.
  • Accessibility and Visual Design: Features four detailed case studies, full color production, and web site for discussion and collection of additional patterns. Web accessibility testing and design obviously helps people who might otherwise find a task difficult or impossible. But it also helps make a website easier for everyone by forcing designers to be more thoughtful and present information and functionality as clearly as possible.

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Professional Site Builder RVSiteBuilder

Website BuilderWhenever choosing the hosting company, you should always ask the hosting company to provide you Site Builder. A professional website builder, designed especially for those, who do not have any site and don’t have sufficient knowledge of programming to construct a site. Using Site Builder, unskilled users or beginners can build their website with professional quality in simple steps within few minutes. To access the Site Builder, software that comes Free with Cheap Web Hosting package, you will need to login to your cPanel account. provides a free site builder.

RV Site Builder

RV Site Builder is a website building tool, developed by the creators of the RV Skin and the RV Skin Manager Software tools, both very useful for any cPanel user and reseller. It offers quick website creation even if you have no experience in the field of web design or dealing with pre-defined templates and their customization. The tool is available in several languages, making it more accessible to people from all over the world. It is also available with all cPanel skins and is not bound just to the RV Skin. It also provides an easy to use ‘follow a guide’ and the basics of a good website design are here.

The RV Site Builder is available as a free addition to all CPanel web hosting plans created under the CPanel Reseller Program. It is available for individual use – to build new websites, as a strong selling point to attract future customers. Combined with the free domain reseller account, the free billing software (Client Exec) and the Fantastico script installation tool, you get a complete web hosting platform that will make your life as a reseller much easier.Web hosting cheap provides step by step directions for creating your website with text, links, pictures and also animation.

All of our Personal Class, Business Class, Reseller Class and E-commerce Class web hosting plans are accompanied by RVSiteBuilder free of charge. This advanced site builder integrates into our control panel to provide a seamless transition from website creation to website management.

With RVSiteBuilder, you are not just limited to the 500+ templates provided. Through the advanced feature, you can create your own templates and have a truly unique website! Click the demo button below to see what the site builder can accomplish.

For fast, secure and reliable RvSiteBuilder Hosting, look forward to webhostingcheap for all your web hosting related needs. RVSiteBuilder Pro is an advanced website builder that is so easy to use – anybody can make a professional grade website now in just 5 minutes! All you have to do is answer a few questions, choose your category and style then pick a design.

Site Builder for Professional Website

SITE BUILDER is free and easy to use web design software for building and creating a professional website. Completely customize any of your 300+ business templates. It uses site creation wizard. Providing online site builder, web designing training templates, tutorials and everything you need to build and manage your website.

Site builder is used by various web hosting sites to provide a user with a facility to design their website. It’s used for a better performance in data automation, web building utility, maintenance, and marketing of clients.

You can build a free website for your business or personal needs. Design, make and market your website in minutes. You will never need to download any software.

Site Builder

Various features of site builder:

  • Instant free website building user-friendly wizards for site-building. No need to learn HTML, no technical or programming skill is required. A powerful online help is available. Focus on what you do the best that is selling.
  • Instant website modification user-friendly wizard for site editing. Point and click, just type update see a preview and upload the modified page. No need to wait for webmaster and pay thousands of rupees to him to get it done for you.
  • What you see is what you get with a good hosting site. Its operations are easy to use, as easy as Microsoft office.
  • Your logo and images: It helps you create new logos. You can create them with the support of Photoshop, and you can upload it and many of your images very easily directly into your content pages.
  • Customized Forms: Forms used to make website interactive.You can know visitors well make them fill the feedback forms; have them fill the survey and much more.
  • Site promotion with the SEO tools included in official website builder you will be able to promote your site.
  • Image library: Support a vast image library from where you can import a huge number of pictures.
  • Direct FTP: It will enable you to upload directly to your site or newly created pages.

Apart from this you can edit images online easily, see instant snapshot preview of the templates that you are creating. It has a graphic rich template. They are categorized, based on themes for your convenience. They provide easy drag and drop online platform.

Various free website builders are 350 pages, Weebly, Blue Voda, Ucoz, Doodlikit, etc.

Weebly site builder:-

Last month Weebly which is a global service for creating high-quality websites announced ‘Weebly for Enterprise.’ Recently Weebly has released a solution for web hosts and domain registrars. The solution is oriented to provide intuitive website builder service and e-commerce platform. By incorporating Weebly site builder hosting provider may be able to expand their services and retain a broader market.

Along with the new intuitive tool, hosting provider publishes their customer sites on their server giving the ability to create website, blog or e-commerce shop store quickly. A hosting provider can also avail their customer with the package starter, pro, and business account so a user can purchase domain there only. It is a fundamental solution which requires less technical implementation and management, and it also features a dashboard where a host can manage permissions.

Some major companies have adopted this newly introduced technology which includes Endurance International Group and

Weebly Site Builder has proved as a customized and intuitive solution for the user due to its features. Some key features are:-

Robust creation and editing for a website: User can create and edit website quickly and can choose the desired theme from various responsive themes. The user can incorporate text, images, maps and videos within few minutes.

Multiple Integration: It is designed to be integrated much easily and quickly with control panel supports. It’s equipped with cPanel, API and WHMCS support

Core packages: Weebly for host comes with customer packages which allow a customer to choose one depending on their business. These packages include support from online blogs to high-traffic e-commerce websites. With its flexible cross-selling triggers, hosts can quickly introduce customer with new service and upgrade their accounts.

Client Side hosting: It allows hosting providers to house static content of customer’s website on their server to maintain and manage direct relation with customer.

Weebly site builder has emerged as an effective solution for web hosts, and it is now available in 15 languages

Site Builder is free and easy to use web design software for building and creating a professional full-featured customized website. Use drag-and-drop feature to create a responsive mobile friendly professional column-based website. No technical expertise or code required and you can completely customize website design using business templates. Its easy and fast to build a stunning website quickly.