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What to ask when choosing a Web hosting service?

Choosing a reliable web host is one of the more important decisions you’ll make for your business. Whether you’re online to promote a product, service, or other business, your income depends on your website being available to customers. There are plenty of hosting companies available, but you’ll need to do your homework before signing up.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing your hosting company:

  • Can you host multiple domains? If you’re just starting your online business, you may think this doesn’t apply to you. However, as your business grows, there is a stronger possibility of you adding complementary websites. It’s better to find out if the host will provide for your business growth.
  • How much bandwidth and web space given? Bandwidth refers to some bytes transferred from your site to visitors when they browse your site. Large sites with active user communities need considerably more than brochure-style, static websites.
  • How much has technical support given? Ask what type of tech support is available. No matter how much preparation and planning is involved, servers do fail, sites go offline temporarily, and other tech problems can crop up.
  • What kind of spam filtering services does web host provide?
  • What are other features available?

In addition to hosting your site, they can also provide a more or less user-friendly control panel so you can administer your web space without outside help. A good host will also offer a webmaster service and other administrative tools for customers who do not have the time, technical skills or desire to do it themselves.

If you have a small personal website devoted to family news or a favorite hobby, you’ll probably be happy with a free web hosting provider such as Ads usually support free web hosting companies, however, so they aren’t the best choice for business websites.

Design tips for creating graphics in the best Web formats:

  • When creating a website, there are two major phases where the first is the designing and the second is the coding. You can start with the coding phase if you think you are skilled, but the problem is that coding takes time depending on your skill and if ever corrections to the design need to be made, recording is necessary.
  • After your mockup design finishes, check the design before putting it as HTML. Remember, you should make sure your design is final to make your coding as easy as possible.
  • Now apply as much CSS as possible to make the pages more interactive.
  • Use the Right Formats for Images: As you start to construct your website, you will find yourself exporting graphics from your favorite graphics design tools and importing them to your website editor. But before you start to rush yourself on these natural procedures, try to take a better look at your graphics and see if they are using the right format.
  • Website designs and layouts must be fairly consistent in all pages.
  • As long as the content is rich, concise, brief, and contains a bit of light humor every line or two, readers will keep coming back.
  • Most people think that once a website is published and available online for viewing, audiences will find them automatically. This, however, is not completely true. Driving domain traffic may take a little effort if the aim is to capture relevant views. One of the proven ways to increase readership is to submit addresses to popular search engines and directories for indexing.

Instructions for creating Web pages in Dreamweaver®

Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver) is a proprietary web development application originally created by Macromedia. It is now developed by Adobe Systems, which acquired Macromedia in 2005. Dreamweaver is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Dreamweaver helps you create, modify publish and manage Web pages as well as organize them into a professional-quality Web site.

The visual editing environment allows you to develop web pages without having to learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) source code.

When working with Dreamweaver for the first time or on a new website for the first time, you need to define the site so that Dreamweaver can work with it. This process includes naming the site, placing the local files on a directory on your hard drive, and showing Dreamweaver where those files will be published on the web.

First, you should go to the “Site” menu and choose “Manage Sites.”

The second thing you need to do is name your site. It helps to give it a name that is both meaningful to you and describes the site. Dreamweaver integrates quite easily with server technologies such as PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP. One nice thing about Dreamweaver is that it is possible to edit the files directly on the web server, which cuts down on the time it can take to edit files. But this is less secure, as you can’t make any mistakes when you edit files right on the server.

Dreamweaver provides many different ways to access your website including WebDAV, FTP, and others. Most hosting providers allow FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. Fill in the details to connect to your web hosting provider’s FTP site. You will need to know:

  • The URL of your FTP site.
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Where your files are stored on the FTP server.

Once you’re done creating your new website, Dreamweaver will show your new site in the Manage Sites window. To start editing pages in your site, highlight the site name, and click “Done.”

Great ways to add video with YouTube® and e-commerce with Google Checkout

YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, view and share videos. Embedding a video onto a web page becomes as easy as cutting and pasting. When you visit a site that hosts videos, such as YouTube, you are presented with a video box on the page. You can watch the video directly on the page, or the Flash player allows you to view the video full screen, just by clicking a button on the player.

YouTube has undergone an immense rise in popularity and if you take a video from YouTube and put it on your site which helps in increasing the popularity of your web site. People aren’t just watching the videos like crazy — they’re uploading like crazy, too.

Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at one point in the transaction’s life-cycle, although it may encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices and telephones as well.  Google Checkout is an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases.

Users store their credit or debit card and shipping information in their Google Account, so that they can purchase at participating stores by clicking an on-screen button. Google Checkout provides fraud protection and a unified page for tracking purchases and their status. To take the use of Google checkout first you have to create an account on it.

How to promote your site with social media, WordPress® blogs and podcasts

Social media marketing offers all new dimensions to your business as it drives effective traffic for your site online .So if you are already thinking and planning to hire a social media agency, look for the best professional experts online. Indeed web publishers and marketer share utilizing effective ways to drive traffic for your site. It is imperative that all publishers and owners incorporate a social media plan into their online marketing efforts.

Social media offers diversification of traffic for your site, thus generating traffic apart from those given by search engines. Facebook and twitter are among the best sites that are popular among the social networking nexus, thus traffic opportunity grows right alongside it.

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. So, if you use WordPress for the promotion of your site, it is the best to make your website on the top as WordPress is one of the best promoting sites with blogs. If your marketing plan has anything to do with reaching your audience through other sites, WordPress is where to focus your attention – arguably, all of your attention.

Podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication. Communities use collaborative podcasts to support multiple contributors’ podcasting through generally simplified processes, and without having to host their own individual feeds. A community podcast can also allow members of the community (related to the podcast topic) to contribute to the podcast in many different ways. If your podcast is not listed in iTunes, you are missing a great opportunity to get hundreds (if not thousands) of new listeners or viewers.

Secure a domain name and plan the perfect site from start to finish:

Steps for securing a domain name:

  1. Go to a domain name registration website and Type your desired domain name into the search window and choose its extension such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info.
  2. Choose whether you want to purchase the domain name with an email or hosting package or just the name itself.
  3. Select for how long you want the domain name registered. Options range from a minimum of one year to a maximum of ten years depending on what registration website you use.
  4. Wait a few days until the order has been processed and the DNS (Domain Name System) servers become active. To activate the domain, copy and paste your web hosting site’s DNS servers (IP addresses or host names) into the DNS profile of your domain name provider.

Steps of how to plan the perfect website from start to finish:

  • Plan of how to Build a Website
  • Finding niche websites
  • Create a website business plan
  • Register a domain name
  • Choose the best software to create a website
  • Find the best web hosting plan suitable for your website
  • Upload the website
  • Write articles for your website
  • Create hyperlinks for your website
  • Do marketing of your website
  • Use SEO for the promotion of your website

Customize the templates included to create professional-looking Web sites

A site template is the best option to give your web page an attractive yet professional look. It offers an excellent way to get a new, professional quality site online quickly and easily. Ready-made website templates, developed by world-class professional designers are ready for you to customize and make your own. You will want a site that looks good, is easy to navigate and has everything that you will need regarding information that people are visiting your website will need.

You can select templates from under categories, as per your requirements. For instance, if you run an online business and need a classy appearance for your business website, you can browse through and find the right one that best suits your need and make your presence felt on the net. The templates are compatible with HTML editors so they can be customized by anyone with basic HTML knowledge and deliver unique, professional and prosperous sites.  

Use Flash® to enrich to your website

If you are taking Flash for your website production then it is one of the best ways. As flash is now everywhere these days.Flash movies can be a great thing. They can help catch eyes that are otherwise bored with static looking pages, and they can help tell a story better than plain text. However the use of flash must be tempered with the ability to rank in search engines.

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