Best eCommerce Hosting

Ecommerce Hosting is a website hosting service which is used to meet the needs of an electronic commerce site. An individual can use a new or existing domain name for his e-commerce site. It helps an individual to configure their existing domain, or he can buy a new one.

There are many eCommerce web hosting service providers & is quite difficult to choose one. It is quite difficult but is possible to select one which furnishes all facilities according to the need of an individual. He needs to search an e-commerce web hosting service which is best for him according to his requirement which is different for all.
How to select best eCommerce Web Hosting

In the full eCommerce web hosting services, it is difficult to make out which one is best. There are various categories of an eCommerce platform, two main types:
Hosted, and self-hosted. Hosted means that the company will host an individual’s store and a self-hosted means a web hosting company will provide an individual a software to run his e-commerce website, but he needs to install & manage his web hosting on his own.

For stability purposes, it is recommended to go with hosted versions because an individual will have dedicated support from the internet hosting company. The only thing an individual needs to do by buying an eCommerce web hosting rights is that he has to pay a monthly fee for its services.

When a person gets benefits, then he has to pay for that. There are also best eCommerce platforms to set up and manage a person’s website to start online store running within a few hours & without costing him much for this service. He needs to search for them legitimately.
What should it Offer?

It should offer many apps as well as an excellent selection of professional themes. Do that an individual can select one according to his choice. It should render security, trust, and every service at an affordable price. It should furnish its facilities for both small and medium size business.

Since if an individual starts a small size business, then he will upgrade himself to medium size business &, later on, large sized one. It should furnish decent uptime for continuous running an e-commerce website, so that motto of running an online store gets fulfilled.

Since the benefit of an online store is that a customer can reach to its store at any time. The money back guarantee must be there cause if due to any reason it has few or any of the problems & not liked by its customer then money refunded back to him. With all the above qualities, one thing more an individual should look in an eCommerce web hosting site which is of utmost importance is its after-sales support. If it seems to be an excellent e-commerce web hosting company, but it’s after sales support is zero or else is minimum, then there is no use of buying its services.


There is nothing like a best eCommerce web hosting service site cause an individual needs to find out reasons to give his choice a tag of best web hosting company. Only an individual can decide what the best company for him is. If one company is best for a person may be not the best one for other. Therefore, it depends on a person how much he can take out from a company.

Magento E-commerce Hosting

Every millisecond and every small transaction matter to your business. That is why poor website performance, security vulnerabilities, and unreliable infrastructure can ruin the best-laid online revenue generation plans. Whether you have tangible goods or intangible services, there are many challenges you have to face to execute your e-commerce strategy.
Delivering consistent and fast page loading, securing cardholder data, matching infrastructure resources to seasonal demand, and keeping up with compliance requirements are few of the never ending hurdles to success.
E-commerce hosting helps Internet retailers to overcome from these hurdles. They offer optimized and scalable infrastructure resources which are designed to meet the stringent security requirements of the PCI DSS standard. It offers unmatched levels of performance and security to your website. These eCommerce companies can deal with all sizes and all types of companies successfully to build online businesses.

E-commerce Website Hosting Features

eCommerce Website Hosting has various features, some of them are – Managed Firewalls, PCI DSS Compliant Infrastructure, Relentless Intrusion Detection, Vigilant Web Application Firewall, Log Management and Review, Fast Fiber Network, Experienced Team of Experts and many more.

E-commerce Website Hosting Benefits

The benefits of eCommerce Website Hosting are – Deliver a Compelling Experience and Performance, Speed to PCI DSS Compliance, Proven Reliability, Expert Support, globally approach, easy to use & handle, great control and many more.

Magento Website

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also controls over the look, content, and functionality of the online store. It offers search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalog-management tools. It enables about anyone to sell anything online. It provides an automatic Magento installer, which makes the install process as easy as a click of a button.


PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. It supports payment gateways, like Authorize.Net, Direct Pay, Google Checkout, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) and EBANX Checkout through their respective APIs. Further payment modules are offered commercially.

B2C eCommerce Site

B2C refers to the online selling of products, or e-tailing. In B2C retailers or manufacturers sell their products to consumers over the Internet. It is one of four categories of e-commerce, along with B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and C2B (customer to business).

Magneto Features

Magento employs the MySQL / MariaDB relational database management system, elements of the Zend Framework and the PHP programming language. It applies the conventions of model–view–controller and object-oriented programming architecture. It also uses the entity–attribute–value model to store data.

Trusted E-commerce

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce in today’s scenario. It has customization options and ease-of-use which make it perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned online sellers.
Growing Volume
Magento ensures a stable platform to grow your e-commerce business. It increases your products, customers, and volume.

Over 200K Downloads

Magento is currently used by 240,000 online merchants. A number of users are a testament to its usability and scalability. It has thousands of extensions available to customize your Magento experience.

Magneto E-commerce Hosting

These Magneto Hosting Companies have experienced, dedicated & skilled technical support staff. They are always there to help & assist you. These companies also offer money back guarantee & free trial facility. There are lots of best Magneto E-commerce Hosting companies in the market, which offer various features, such as – Control Panel, Email Features, Application Hosting, Green Web Hosting, Award-Winning Support, Programming & Databases, Web Hosting Features, freebies and many more.

E-commerce Hosting Company

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is the facilitation of trading in products or services by using computer networks, like – the Internet. It draws on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, supply chain management, online transaction processing, Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, etc. Modern electronic commerce usually uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction’s life cycle. It also uses other technologies such as e-mail.

eCommerce Website

It is simply any type of commercial or business transaction, which involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It mainly revolves around buying and selling of products online, both in the digital and physical way.

B2C eCommerce Site

B2C terms refer to the online selling of products, in which manufacturers or retailers sell their products to consumers over the Internet. It is one of four categories of e-commerce, which are B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and C2B (customer to business).

E-commerce Website Hosting

E-commerce website hosting is used as a platform to build online shopping & e-commerce websites. It comes with countless features and functionalities, like database support, payment processing services, shopping cart software and security features which are needed to run and manage a commercial website.
E-Commerce hosting companies understand customer requirements and provide the same with perfect precision. They provide shared website hosting for clients who are just building their site, virtual private servers for the customers who are requiring exclusive disk space and bandwidth, and dedicated servers for those who need greater control and scalability. These e-commerce hosting packages allow to build an excellent website which can deliver a compelling experience to your online shoppers.
These e-commerce hosting plans are available with unlimited email, domains, and disk space. These websites also offer great uptime.
These companies offer various services, such as –e-commerce web design, e-commerce marketing, professional setup, SSL certificates, e-commerce hosting & enterprise e-commerce. These companies are reliable & scalable & provide high security.

E-commerce Hosting Company

Mostly e-commerce hosting company offers 24/7/365 technical support. Their technical support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled & dedicated. They are always ready to help & assist you. You can build, manage and market your online store through the assistance of these companies.
These companies have various plans. You can choose any of the plans as per your need & budget. They have plans for one army business to small, medium & big organizations.
These companies offer you the facility of – a mobile checkout, various payment options, easy integration with easy startup facility. It helps you to get more customers, with great security, high sell and many more. These companies are adaptive in nature & also offer the facility of customization. Most of these companies offer money back guarantee too. So, there is no risk to try it once.
There are various e-commerce hosting companies which offer various facilities. These websites help you a lot to grow in the market. They offer you a platform to deal globally. They assist & support you to survive in the high competition atmosphere. They are technically advanced & bring something new on a regular basis.

Google E-commerce Web Hosting

E-commerce Website

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is simply any type of commercial or business transaction. It involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It mainly revolves around buying and selling of products online, both in a digital and physical way.

Online Shopping Cart

In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server. It allows the visitors t to select items for eventual purchase over an Internet site.

Magento Website

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also offers control over the look, functionality, and content of the online store. It provides search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalog-management tools.

E-commerce Web Hosting site Offerings

Currently, there are lots of E-commerce web hosting companies available on the market. They offer you various facilities, some of them are – your domain name, nothing to setup, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, Content Delivery Network (CDN), automatic backups, no hidden fees, server central hosting, money back guarantee, free trial facility and many more.

E-commerce Web Hosting Features

E-commerce web hosting sites offer various features, such as – shopping carts, all features of the personal plan, advanced anti-spam protection, free static IP & SSL certificate, Stats2 web analytics, merchant account support, dedicated secure SSL certificate, toll-free 24/7/365 tech support, instant account activation, money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, enterprise-class webmail, and many more.

E-commerce Web Hosting Companies

When you need to transact online business enterprise, then you generally look for hosting companies who cater for their e-Commerce needs adequately. These e-commerce hosting providers offer e-Commerce hosting packages to their clients. They have various plans. You can choose any of the plan or packages as per your need & budget. Whether you have one army business or small, medium or large organization, these companies have packages for you. These packages are customizable, so you can upgrade it as your business grows. You can also modify the package if you have any special needs.
Mostly e-commerce hosting company offers 24/7/365 technical support. Their technical support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled & dedicated. They are always ready to help & assist you. You can build, manage and market your online store through the help of these companies.
These companies offer you the facility of – a mobile checkout, various payment options, easy integration with easy startup facility. It helps you to get more customers, with great security, high sell and many more. These companies are adaptive in nature & also offer the facility of customization. Most of these companies offer a money back guarantee too. So, there is no risk to try it once.

Google E-commerce Web Hosting

Google is the biggest platform for E-commerce. This service is offered by Google to tracks and reports website traffic. It offers global visibility platform to a company. It helps a lot to grow your customers & business at the next level. There are various Google e-commerce hosting companies. Google assist & support you to survive in the high competition atmosphere. It is technically advanced & bring something new on a regular basis.

Top 10 e-Commerce Web Hosting

If someone is planning to conduct its business online, by selling their products and services using web, user always looks for the best e-commerce hosting company. However, unfortunately, people are not much aware of the top e-commerce hosting companies. So, here in this article, a brief description of the top 10 E-Commerce hosting companies is given. Have a look…

  1. Inmotion Hosting– It is considered as the best e-commerce hosting company. Excellent e-commerce features offered are shopping carts, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, domain registration for free, 99.9% uptime guarantee. It offers three hosting plans, first for start-ups or freshers, second for small businesses, and third for large businesses having 20-25 websites on a single account.
  2. BlueHost– One of the best e-commerce hosting provider, offers best e-commerce website features like shopping cart software such as Cube Cart, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and others. Several other features are offered, which includes SSL Certificate, Support of MySQL, Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Unlimited Domains, Support of Perl, PHP and others at a nominal price of $4.95 per month.
  3. iPage– In the list of top e-commerce hosting companies, iPage acquires a position. It offers SSL Certification to conduct online transactions in a safe and secure manner. Great E-Commerce features it offers Security Suite, SSL Secure Server, Site Lock, Google Web Master Tools, Shop Site, shopping cart, site analytic software, free listing on the yellow pages.
  4. GoDaddy– It is listed as a top e-commerce hosting company along with Inmotion hosting. No. of great e-commerce features are offered which assist online websites. It includes free SSL certificate with premium DNS for free. Support for programming languages like PHP, Perl, Python is provided with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Various Shopping carts are also offered to promote online business.
  5. Fatcow– Fatcow, another great e-commerce hosting provider comes with several useful features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domains, free domain name and its registration for free. E-Commerce features or tools it offers are web stores such as Shop Site, SSL Support, Pay Pal Shopping Cart Integration, Power Pay. Marketing tools for electronic commerce it offers are $25 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit, $50 Google Ad Words credit, a free Submitnet basic plan and HubSpot’s Web Site Grader.
  6. JustHost– One of the best-rated hosting company, offers features to clients in unlimited qty. It includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited file transfers and unlimited domain hosting. Best e-commerce features it offers are a free SSL Certificate, support of SSL secure server, password protected directories and shopping carts such as OS Commerce, Agora, Cube Cart, Zen Cart and Open GPG/PGP.
  7. Hostmonster– A top-rated e-commerce hosting company offers e-commerce website hosting features like SSL secure server, Shopping carts like Agora & OS Commerce, Open PGP/GPG, password protected directories and generated certificate for free. With this, company also offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited IMAP e-mail account, unlimited POP3 e-mail account, SEO tools and a free search engine submission.
  8. Siteground– A popular and reputed e-commerce hosting company offers a great platform for setting up an online store. It offers more than 18 e-commerce apps, shopping carts like Magento and cPanel with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24*7 customer support.
  9. UK Web Solutions Direct– A reliable and useful e-commerce hosting company having servers in UK offers instant setup, one-click installs via WHM and cPanel. Those require support for hosting e-commerce websites, options of managed server and managed VPS are provided by company.
  10. Layershift– One of the world’s top-notch hosting company offers specific solutions for e-commerce hosting. It offers Magento, a popular online shopping cart or an open source e-commerce platform with managed hosting services, simple install, and 24 hrs customer support. In terms of rendering security, it offers automated data backup in every 6 hours.

I hope after reading this article, one can take right decision in choosing best e-commerce web hosting company which cater to e-commerce needs effectively and deliver great and satisfactory results.

Comparing E-commerce Web Hosting

Electronic Commerce, basically known as e- commerce, is an industry where buying and selling of services and products conducted through an electronic system. This can be done over the internet and other computer applications. E-commerce relies on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, automated data collection system and many others.
This technology is considered to be the sales aspects of online business. Through electronic commerce exchange of data and payment aspects of the business, a transaction can be done. Nowadays e-commerce industry is an efficient and effective way of communicating within an organization. After the development of electronic commerce, online business is very popular and less time-consuming.

E-commerce Website Builder: Comparison Chart for 2016

There are so many eCommerce website builders you can choose from. Which one is the best eCommerce hosting, you can go through the following top e-commerce website builder. Moreover, they can easily understand and maintained by the beginner.


Having been providing professional business hosting, Weebly is the most secure and cost-effective option for grown-ups. It is the most popular site business in US. If we go through its technical interface, it has menu on the left-hand side for easy access. Simple drag and drop action to add text. Its pricing structure is also very affordable- basic plan is free along with advertising link in bar at the bottom of the screen.

· domain name is included for only one year.
· Email account purchased separately.


Jimdo, in recent years, became a major website builder worldwide. It helps to remove barriers so that you can design your own professional websites. Working with Jimdo is very simple, and its activation process only takes some minutes. According to recent results, Jimdo has created around 200000 shops since March 2010.

· Flexibility of templates


Everything in Squarespace is fresh, cool and impeccable. Its home page is visually impressive. Squarespace has introduced latest version 7 covering features such as Getty Images, Cover page builders, and Google apps. Users can edit content live, without switching between preview mode and site manager.

· Relatively expensive


Today Wix is the most popular website builder and hosts 70 million web sites. Very attractive layouts created for restaurants, artists like photographers and musicians and small businesses. For professional features like priority support or own domain name, you can select from their five premium plans ranging from ‘Connect Domain’ to ‘VIP.’

· Chosen template cannot be changed easily.


Webnode is one of the biggest website builders. They can create a fully multilingual web presence. It has a range of professional features.

Best Web Hosting for Ecommerce Website 2016

Looking for a top eCommerce web hosting provider? Check out the list of best web hosting companies suitable for e-commerce websites.

Inmotion Hosting– One of the top hosting providers for eCommerce websites. They deliver the highest level of reliability and performance for hosting online business. Moreover, they offer VPS, multiple shared and dedicated hosting plans suitable for all eCommerce website.

The company provides following features as well:

  • Highest level of performance
  • Reliable and secure hosting
  • Wide range of hosting plans
  • Free Automated Backups
  • Helpful and Friendly Customer Support
  • Increased Bandwidth and Better Performance

Web Hosting Hub– Web Hosting Hub is also very popular web host for smaller eCommerce websites. This provider is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • Easily restore and backup website
  • Single click shopping cart installs
  • Reliable, fast and affordable for small business web hosting
  • High security and monitoring feature
  • Very helpful customer services.

BlueHost– They offer dedicated, shared and VPS hosting plans for the small and large business. Blue host is a bit expensive as compared to other hosting providers.


  • Number of eCommerce web hosting plans
  • Custom designed panels
  • Backup and restore websites
  • Install more than 100 apps, themes, plugin with Mojo marketplace
  • Advanced security features


While searching for eCommerce web host or website builders, it is important to select one which offers room to grow. Upgrading website through various hosting plans is necessary. There are plans for every hosting such as VPS, shared or dedicated. Now more and more customers are doing online shopping. E-commerce websites meet the demand and competition along with security, uptime, and reliability.

Best Web Hosting for eCommerce

E-commerce business is growing at a fast pace over the years. The reason behind this growth is the enormous potential of organizations in conducting business online. Selling products and service online to clients in prompt and cost effective manner results in high profitability and high rate of customer satisfaction. E-Commerce hosting backed by a reliable and robust infrastructure permits its customers to show their online catalog in a more efficient manner to the whole world.
E-Commerce Web Hosting comprises of features like multiple email accounts and webmail, free website builder, control panel to manage all the important aspects of the site. An e-commerce solution offers all these features with the features designed for online business service providers.
As technology is continuously evolving and accessibility to the web is increasing, e-commerce web hosting has a high demand all over the world. All kinds of business organizations whether belong to any industry are taking advantages out of its benefits.

How to judge the Best eCommerce Hosting?

A no. of Web hosting companies are available offering high quality, reliable e-commerce hosting services through their full featured e-commerce hosting packages at affordable prices leads to great customer satisfaction. But, if someone wishes to know the best web hosting company, among this long list, rendering best e-commerce hosting services, then following criteria or requirements need to be considered to know the best one.

  • A friendly Storefront– A best e-commerce hosting company must have a friendly storefront. It has to offer everything required for setting up and managing an online storefront. It comprises of a payment system, shopping cart, third party payment service support, etc. Now the client is required to focus on just fulfilling the orders of their customers and offering them maximum satisfaction.
  • Tools of SEO– SEO plays a vital role for any online business. SEO tools offered to simplify the website optimization process and boosting visibility in SERPs. So, a good e-commerce hosting company must provide essential features/ tools like keyword density analyzers, search engine submissions, free search advertising credits, etc. in their packages.
  • High Security & Reliability– Both security and reliability are important for any website. And if it involves an exchange of financial and personal information and monetary transactions it becomes more necessary. So, a good e-commerce hosting company to ensure this provides SSL Certificate support. SSL encrypts the sensitive data of clients because it travels across the unsafe web.

The above given are the primary or main criteria which every web host need to consider to offer the best e-commerce hosting services.

Which is the Best eCommerce Hosting?

The answer of the question is Inmotion Hosting.
Inmotion, an award winning and industry leader in providing best class e-commerce hosting solutions. This is considered as an excellent choice for all kinds of hosting needs, business or personal website, dedicated server, virtualized environment.
It is backed by a robust infrastructure and equipped with a safe and secure platform and state of the art data center having high-quality server hardware which keeps web store up and running all the time, results in 99.99% Uptime guarantee. Advanced technology is used, and a network is monitored actively so that issues can be removed at the same time. With this, 24*7 Customer service is offered for rendering technical support.
If someone is new to e-commerce, for them Inmotion hosting provides a free website builder having a shopcart integrated to them. It permits a user to organize their products and services offering online in a systematic way. They can keep them according to the inventory level, a category to which it belongs or according to their attributes such as size, color, etc. Inmotion hosting also permits for integration of full merchant account with famous merchants like, PayPal.
Packages of Inmotion offers support to the most reputed and famous online shopping carts by offering fast MySQL Databases as it is used by all the carts. Business Hosting package offered by company featured a user-friendly auto installer.
Web sites having a high volume of traffic need a dedicated server or a VPS. And sometimes merchant account provider needs the same. So, Inmotion hosting sets these servers like Shared hosting so that shopping cart gets installed easily.
So, if anyone is looking for the web host who is best in offering business e-commerce hosting solutions, may consider Inmotion

E-commerce Hosting Sites

You can host your eCommerce sites with Rock Solid Hosting features. You can set up your Online Store quickly by using it. It offers you the facility of – Unlimited domains, email and disk space, 99.9% uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support, multiple payment gateway compatibilities, shopping cart platforms, Money Back Guarantee and much more. These websites offer worry-free e-commerce web hosting by providing secure, entirely managed and reliable e-commerce hosting for your online store.
These websites have One stop shop with Powerful admin which constantly get updated & gives you faster response times and much more. Ecommerce hosting sites also provide Mobile and social ready platform. These websites provide you the facility of easy, quick and secure seal.

Technical Support

They have an excellent technical support staff, who are always ready to help, support and assist you. Whenever any problem occurs, you just need to contact them. These customer support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled & dedicated.


You can sell everything online. It creates, design and manages your store easily. These websites have lots of built-in features which you need to succeed in today’s competitive market. They have 100+ conversion optimized themes. You can select, apply, and get started quickly with a professionally designed theme that looks great and can convert visitors into buyers.
By using these websites, you can sell your products & services through multichannel platform without limits. This is a flexible solution for managing your store.

Your Domain Name

You can register and keep your domain renewed every year. Moreover, if you have your domain already then you just need to point it to these websites, and they will set it for you.

Monthly Transparent Upgrades

To stay competitive & to survive in the market, your business needs the latest technology. That is why these e-commerce websites constantly update their platform to give you that edge. They offer new releases mostly on a monthly basis which adds new functionality to help you & stay ahead.


These websites offer you the facility of backups. This backup facility helps you in case you delete or overwrite any file that you might need to restore. It is your online store which is safe and secure. They offer the same level of security that banks and large financial institutions use for their customers.

Unlimited Staff users with role-based Security

Whether you are a one-man army, or you have a small business with hundreds of employees, these websites have the plan for you. Moreover, its all plans support unlimited admin access.

IP Blocking Security Feature

There are some areas in which you want to block someone else’s reach on your site, such as – you want to prevent employees from accessing the store’s orders unless they’re in your office. Whatever the need of a block, these websites give you control over the access to your web store and administration panel. It offers a platform that grows with your business.

Sell Online Successfully

These e-commerce websites provide you the facility of – creating your professional online store in just a few clicks, make your products visible on price comparison sites and online marketplaces, Attract customers through newsletter distribution and easy Facebook integration which include a domain and an e-mail address too.

E-Commerce Hosting Sites

There is various reputed web hosting companies in the market. These websites offer scalable e-commerce hosting services. It has secure site performance. E-commerce hosting sites offer various facilities and plans. They have different plans & you can choose any of the plans as per your need & budget.

E-commerce Cloud Hosting

Reliable Hosting is necessary for Ecommerce. This hosting has mainly following characteristics such as scalable, flexible, safe and cost effective. Nowadays eCommerce hosting is becoming more famous and important, but e-commerce cloud hosting is being used more frequently.
Through this article, you will get clear picture of eCommerce cloud hosting, its features, and benefits along with a list of e-commerce cloud hosting service providers.

Ecommerce Cloud Hosting: – Overview

According to recent research, the performance of webshop is vital for success. Delay of one second may result in 7% less turnover. Through Webshop, traffic can fluctuate heavily. This will lead to a successful campaign, special offer or email newsletter. Ecommerce cloud hosting is not a general solution; it is needed to be optimized for type of eCommerce software. Moreover, optimized e-commerce hosting solutions available for almost each webshop.
Ecommerce cloud hosting does not require any long term contracts or advance investment in IT infrastructure.

Ecommerce Cloud Hosting: Features

  • Administration Console– All hosting servers on eCommerce cloud platform are managed by the help of cloud console. Through this, customers can operate 20 servers and applications.
  • Speedy Hosting Stack– Combination of Apache, Memcached and Nginx makes e-commerce websites 100% faster. Redis and Varnish caches can make stores rapidly.
  • Dedicated and Secure Server– Security is a prime factor for every eCommerce websites. That’s why almost all e-commerce hosting providers offers dedicated servers on hosting platform. This can be done easily by cloud engineers who keep a close eye on all customer’s server and continuously patch OS and firmware.
  • SSL Integration– SSL certification is compulsory for e-commerce websites. Customers can deploy SSL certificated on their website via cloud console. After this, server is competent of hosting multiple websites protected with SSL.
  • Speed- frequent and speedy response is most important aspects of customer experience. Slow downtime may distract customer especially an e-commerce site. Cloud platforms are developed to provide optimal speed and performance. A number of providers offer most advanced technology, 24-hour technical support and latest designed equipment ensuring the rapid processing and delivering of information.
  • Scalability– Cloud platform feature servers eCommerce website to meet customer demand quickly. Hosting providers keep an eye especially during holidays, when online shopping increases drastically. Moreover, through cloud hosting platform, providers can scale their demands easily.To accommodate increased traffic, companies may force to deal with slow load times or purchase additional equipment.

Why Ecommerce Hosting Providers has Adopted Cloud?

Ecommerce cloud hosting delivers deployment models for IT resources, marketing, management and other issues. Enterprises can easily set up hardware and software environment along with IaaS or SaaS model of cloud. This can be done without any investment on labor and capital.
Cloud hosting platform has introduced benefits to data security also. It minimize the risk of data theft, damage or leakage. It stores client’s data and save it in case of computer damaged or lost. The beauty of cloud platform is that data safety monitoring can be done easily. Thus, companies do not need to worry about security of data.

List of Ecommerce Cloud Hosting Providers:-

Go through with this list which includes top eCommerce cloud hosting providers. Providers that are included in the list are secure and reliable for your site.

  • ClookUK Web Solutions Direct
  • iPage
  • Rackspace
  • oDaddy
  • Layershift
  • Siteground
  • Bluehost


Overall, e-commerce application model based on cloud computing which includes high-speed computing capabilities, mass data storage and sharing mode of resources as well. This excellent technology has opened new space for smooth development of eCommerce cloud hosting. Therefore, cloud technologies became sophisticated and a number of cloud computing applications increased day by day.

Hosted E-Commerce Solutions

Several no. of hosted e-commerce solutions are available in the market but to select the one is not very easy as each and every e-commerce solution is having different features, pattern of usage, quality of product, popularity and support of community.
In this article, some of the top hosted e-commerce solutions are covered. Have a look.

Top Hosted E-Commerce Solutions

  1. Magento– Magento was released in 2014. These days its Community Edition 1.9 is famous among youth and Magento 2.0 edition will arrive soon. If it combines with themes of high quality, it assists in developing an online store. It offers no. of useful features with hundreds of high quality and professional templates.
  2. WooCommerce– A 3-year-old e-commerce solution runs on WordPress. It is considered as a light application not put strain on the resources of the server. It is having hundreds of plugins of top class quality to improve it in future. Its themes if used for the site provides the same look and feel. It is easy to set and configure, offers hundreds of themes at affordable prices and mainly used WordPress plugins paid and free both.
  3. Zen Cart– An open source and oldest online shopping cart offers around 2000 professional plugins among which most of them are available for free. It offers pretty features with documentation including wiki, forums, and guides with hundreds of plugins. It is popular too because it permits non-programmers to make the settings in the code as and when required.
  4. osCommerce– In terms of usage, osCommerce is the second most powerful e-commerce solution. It is a light weight store has an easy to use interface offers catalog management for creating online stores. It provides a larger support base with more than 1.5 million forum posts in community. It has a stock of over 7000 plugins and also offering professional themes.
  5. OpenCart-In terms of usage, OpenCart is continuously rising as compared to other hosted e-commerce solutions. Moreover, here OpenCart 2.0 plays a vital role as after it’s release, it becomes more powerful. It has a neat and clean storefront design of the default themes. OpenCart is user-friendly, permits the user to change the layout by editing CSS within admin. It has a no. of options for integrated shipping and payment. Hundreds of professional templates are offered, and few of the themes are free. Thousands of professional plugins are also provided.
  6. PrestaShop– A commercial provider runs this online solution offers a set of built-in features covering all the required sales tools such as coupons, cross-selling, and others. It has professional themes and high-quality plugins available at low prices. Supporting options, popular forum with extensive documentation are too offered.
  7. X-Cart– A famous online e-commerce solution popular for the rapid development cycle. Professional templates, rich features, an easy to use admin system all are offered. Additional modules and extensions built by developers can be downloaded from X-Cart at affordable prices or even some for free. Extensive documentation, active community, support options all are offered.
  8. SpreeCommerce– An unpopular hosted e-commerce solution provides with options of advanced filtering. It is an advanced platform created with Ruby on Rails suited to larger online stores provides clients with professional features.
  9. VirtueMart– A Joomla counterpart of Drupal Commerce and WooCommerce offers advanced features and hundreds of professional extensions. Users who wish to stick with Joomla only, for them this is a great option. With extensive documentation and good support, it is an excellent option.


The above-listed e-commerce solutions are required, whether building a large web store or store having few products. It can be developed on top of Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or stand-alone applications can also be used.
Here we have covered the best few ones; a list is there. However, if tried by someone, it will not disappoint them.