PyScript Framework

This weekend, at PyCon US 2022, the project was announced and acted as a wrapper around the Pyodide project, which loads the CPython interpreter as a WebAssembly browser module.

Pyscript framework is a programming and development paradigm that allows creating rich Python applications in the browser using a mix of Python with standard HTML. The scrips act as a wrapper that enables developers to embed Python code directly between py-script tags in HTML pages and execute them within the browser automatically by Pyodide without server-based requirements. The language is easy to learn, expressive, flexible, reliable, accessible, and consistent with styling rules.

Developers can use an editor to test code on the fly and create programs that run in the browser. The browser works everywhere, from laptops and tablets to phones, and is secure & stable.

PyScript’s flexible framework provides basic blocks, curated UI components, and widgets used by Visual application developers. The UI components include buttons, containers, and text boxes used for creating and sharing pluggable and extensible components directly in Python. Furthermore allows developers to access Python in the browser and other programs within the Python library ecosystem, including NumPy, pandas, and scikit-learn.
The language includes bi-directional communication between Python and Javascript objects and namespaces. The developers can manage the software environment by defining & including packages and files required for running page code.

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