What is the meaning of the Traffic limit

hi, i want to know that what is the meaning of the Traffic limit? please tell about it briefly.
Traffic limit is the gigabytes of transferred data you pre-pay for at the beginning of the billing period. Every month the system checks if you stay within the limit, and if you don’t, it charges you for the excess. Then your traffic is reset.

To run up more traffic than comes with the plan

hi, i want to run up more traffic than comes with my plan.what should i do ?

If you want to run up more traffic than comes with your plan, it’s a good idea to raise your traffic limit. To change the traffic limit,select Quick Access in the Account menu then click the Change icon next to Total traffic and finally enter how much traffic you expect to run up throughout your billing period.

What is the procedure to change a different skin

hi, i want to know that what is the procedure to change a different skin?

To change a different skin,select Look and Feel in the Account menu,then on the page that appears, select the name of the skin in the Choose Design box and click the Choose button.After that,select the icon set and click the Set icon.Then set Tooltips state.This option determines whether or not to show assisting hints at the top of each page.

The procedure of registering standard domains

hi, i want to know the procedure of registering standard domains.

To create a new standard domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.), enter your desired domain name into the field in the first form omitting the www part.To its right, select the top level domain: .com, org, .net, etc., then enter your contact and billing information. Based on these data, the system generates a domain registration request and submits it to the domain registration company.

Can i host sites without Domain names

hi, can i host sites without Domain names.

Yes,you can host sites without domain names (the so-called stop-gap domains). When you create a stopgap domain, you get no DNS zone, and you cannot use e-mail service. However, you will be able to access and manage your site using the instant domain alias you get at signup.Stopgap domains support web site management and FTP services. Also, you can have IP-only access if you get a dedicated IP.