Select Colocation Over In-House Server

To construct an in-house server room for IT equipment may be costly. With the help of colocation services it can be easily avoided. Service includes housing of servers by service provider and equipment is maintained 24×7. This is the service in which it is difficult to find reasons against it. It is not providing burden to user from all routine and tasks come with running of own server.

Colocation services provide advantage of top facility for a constant monthly fee. Service is more secure and delivers better performance of systems. Some reasons are there to demonstrate business needs of colocation services rather than in-house server rooms:-

1. Best value for money:

Colocation servers can easily be afforded. If anyone decides to maintain servers in-house, he will need to maintain and build whole network infrastructure, server room is created with proper cooling and must protection from flood and fire. In order to prevent internal and external threats such as viruses, cyber attacks user will need to install and design security solutions.

This is reason behind this that server room becomes costly. Entire network is maintained by service provider with the help of colocation. To create accurate IT budget all costs are rolled into single fee. Colocation is less expensive in comparison to costs of building server room, managing utilities and specialized staff and it provides also best value of money.

2. Simple scalability:

Scalability can be simplified by colocation for network and server needs. When additional servers are required by business, user can add them simply to colocation service without any major modifications to business. User can make request of large amount of bandwidth, additional storage space and higher processing power according to requirements. It gives large benefits to servers for its expansion with business growth.

3. High Security:

Servers can be maintained within data center will increase the security of servers. Facilities of data center are very secure, multiple layers of access control and have different security protocols and monitoring tools provides better protection to active networks links to internet servers.

Therefore, colocation is providing safety to data and also helpful in recovery process.

4. Fast Access of network:

Colocation provides fast network access as whole infrastructure of data center and network lines are designed to provide fastest speeds. Servers colocation ensures high speed of network for clients and employees. Data centers has provided bandwidth to handle large network traffics and scaled up or down as per needed.

5. High Flexibility:

Colocation services are offering flexibility achieved with in-house server room. User has option of multiple carriers for network service and will easily change carriers if he is not satisfied with performance of current hosting. He can choose between half racks, quarter racks, and full racks. All above choices can make design easier to meet their needs.

6. For servers professional support is there:

IT expert’s offers colocation services of data centers take care of all important network and environment of data center. Professionals are available to help in maintaining servers. Supporting team providing assistance to install new software and server settings are modified. Experts maintaining business areas enable to concentrate on business deals.

In colocation facility businesses can lease space for their resources and other hardware. Colocation provider offers building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security while customer provides servers and storage. Many colocation companies guarantees for uptime, high availability, compilance and protection.

LiquidWeb provides colocation hosting from its Michigan data centers. These data centers are made with N+1 redundancy on all networks, hardware, power systems, and generators. These centers are composed of Tier-1 premium bandwidth providers. They also allow off-site backup and premium disaster recovery services. Company’s colocation facility comprises SOC 3, SSAE-16, and HIPAA compliant features for high level of security and privacy. Company’s neutral-facility provides connectivity to multiple Tier-I bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet.

Affiliate Marketing can help Web Hosting Business

Affiliate marketing is the process to earn commission by promoting other company’s products. Customer can find product according to his choice, promote to others and profit can be earned for each sale made by customer. Other internet markets are overlapped with Affiliate marketing to some extent because regular advertising methods are used by affiliates. Advertising methods include organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, content marketing and e-mail marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which one or more affiliates are rewarded by business for each customer brought by marketing efforts of affiliates.

Web Host Company has very limited resources and tight budget. Many companies often struggle in finding prospective clients and their services are signed up. Promotions and marketing are two important factors for survival of business. Brand promotional techniques are there that do not require a lot of money but need to invest a lot of money and time.

Affiliate marketing is taken as one of basic forms of promoting company. Internet marketers will serve as link between company and prospective customers looking for web hosting services. Affiliates are utilized in order to drive traffic to website. By searching online find interested affiliates with good traffic. Search term is used related to products and services. Affiliates are chosen on top list and good amount of web traffic is received.

Next part is beginning of challenge. Being a business owner, his task is to convince these affiliates for website promotion. With careful consideration and planning, represent different deals that are offering to prospective marketers. Best offers such as high commissions and other incentives are looked out by affiliates. From other companies it is to make sure to get offer. Many web hosting companies wants better ad placement, are providing many proposals to affiliates. Bring that deals which are good to pass up and a proposal through which affiliate marketers get attention easily.

By this type of web marketing, when a sale is made then affiliates only get paid. As it is on commission basis means no unnecessary expenses are there at prior and during entire course of program. Since affiliate marketers have no means of tracking sales generated through their services. Web hosting companies are practiced honesty and transparency. There should be well written, clear and fully explained contract to both sides between these two parties. Open line communication is required wherein developments, suggestions and issues can be discussed in timely manner beneficial for both.

To help web host companies affiliate marketing programs are designed to find interested clients that will increase profit. To earn extra income, opportunity is provided by marketers.

Some Tips for improving Web Design

1. Have professional, polished logo that link to home page : For brand, logo is an important part, so it is located prominently on one’s site. High-resolution image is used and placed it on page in upper left corner. So, to link logo to home page it is good thumb rule so that navigation can be easily done by visitors.

2. Get rid of clutter : These days’ websites visually overloaded with images to the point where anybody stop processing the information when too many options are confronted. On site to keep visitors it has to make sure pages have competing calls to visual clutter by which visitor would be attracted from important part of page. Landing pages clutter down further by considering options and links to be limited in header and footer to narrow focus further.

3. Intuitive navigation is used : On top of website primary navigation options are installed in horizontal bar. Underneath primary navigation bar providing secondary navigation options or in site margin, known as sidebar.” People are quitting page instead of trying to figure by confusing navigation layouts. Therefore, rather than putting links to less important pages that reduces from call to action or primary information at top of landing pages.

4. Use color strategically : Mostly neutral color palette can help website project clean, elegant and modern appearance. Small dashes of color are employed for headlines or key graphics helps to guide visitors to most valuable content. To use color palette is important complements logo and consistent to marketing materials.

5. Give visitors breathing room : Sufficient space between paragraph and images are created so that all features of site are absorbed and offer business said by Hannah Spencer, graphic designer, Coalition Technologies which is a web design and online marketing agency.

User will focus on content and control user flow by controlling white space through layout. By many visual competition taking place on mobile and web, less is more. User experience will be improved by controlling white space which increases returns from website.

6. Choose fonts easy to read across browsers and devices : People will be seeking at website while choosing fonts not just not on laptop but on mobile devices. Large-scaled fonts read on well but not scale on mobile, losing desired look.

Typeface has to be picked which can be easily read and size will not be less than 11pt. If web fonts are using by anyone, not more than two font families are used to ensure fast load times. Using font size allows maximum 15 to 20 words per line while using fixed-width design. If anybody is using fluid design, font size is used to allow 15 to 20 words per line at 900 to 1000 pixels wide.

7. Invest in professional, good photography : Generic photos can be sniffed by website visitors in a second and generic impression of company will be left. Company is not generic, this has to show visitors by investing in professional photography. Good photography providing emotional connection to written content.

Design every page as a landing page: Websites are designed in such a way so that through homepage user enters and navigates into site said by Michael Freeman, senior manager of ShoreTel, Inc, providing hosted VoIP, cloud PBX service and business phone systems.

What is Fog Computing

Fog Computing

1) Description about Fog computing

Fog computing operate at ends of network, not like cloud computing which operates from a central location. It places some resources and processes on edges of cloud. It is also known as edge computing. Due to some limitations related to technical and infrastructure aspects, there are some services and applications which could not fit in paradigm of cloud, to address them, paradigm of cloud computing to edge of network is extended by fog computing.

2) Difference between Fog computing and cloud computing

In Cloud Computing, there are different set of machines distributed and running at various locations while connected to a single hub service or a network.

In Fog computing, one or more than one collaborative multitude of customers carried storage, configuration, measurement, communication, control, and management in a substantial amount.

3) Applications of fog computing

There are some tech giants such as IBM which are driving force behind fog computing. These days in offices, data centre is a common thing or you can see hundreds of devices are connected and communicated to each other and it is expecting that in next few years this number could raised to thousands or lakhs. There are possibilities that direct user-end computing and communication will soon become more relevant.

Here are some practical examples for you to understand where fog computing can be applied:

  • It permits prompt interaction between machine and humans, between machine and machine with cooperation of cloud.
  • The activities which are going in the cities, on their levels, Sensor data can be obtained by fog computing and then it integrates all network entities which are working independently within those cities.
  • As per reports of Markets, it is predicted that by 2017, cloud computing market in field of healthcare will reach $5.4 billion and same thing on a local level will be permit by fog computing.

Fog computing laid focus on a big scale on processes which brings us close to location of data as much as possible. Unvaluable data must be stopped from reaching to cloud and only data which has some worth or has some value should be reach to networks of cloud computing.

Models which helps us to learn machines, through them fog computing is done in best manner which gets training on a small part of data on the cloud. If this model finds suitable, then it is send nearer to the devices. On these devices, there are some algorithms such as decision trees and fuzzy logic can be used on a local level in order to take decision which is less expensive as compared setting up of an infrastructure in cloud which is required to deal with data acquired from tens of thousands of devices.

4) What is next for fog computing?

If you want services on immediate basis, fog computing is a good way. It can also be used in place of internet as speed of net is dependent on carriers.

For future, large companies such as Facebook, Google are looking for alternative methods such as drones and balloons to access web in case any network issue occurs. And small scale organizations are planning to develop a fog of devices which are currently present around them so as to establish close and prompt connections by which resources can be computed.

Aggregated and centralized cloud computing will certainly has a place but as sensors moved to things and data also grows enormously, thus in order to host applications, a new and a fresh approach is required. Right approach for hosting fresh and new applications which could make use of existing devices is Fog computing.

Although relevance of centre is not reduced because of the movement to edge. And on other hand, it reflects that to expand computer architecture, data centre must be a great nucleus.

Small Businesses Can Be a Big Deal for Resellers in the Cloud Space

1) What is Small Business

Small Businesses are private corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships. The term “Small Business” defines by different organizations in the context of number of employees. Generally it is mentioned, businesses ranging from less than 10 employees to thousand employees are mainly categorised as small to mid- sized companies otherwise they are termed as SMBs. According to other methods, Small businesses can also be categorised as assets, sales, liabilities, purchases, net profit and others. These companies range from a very small store to e-commerce businesses.

In 2006, more than 18,000 small businesses possessing more than 500 employees constitute half of total employees engaged in all small businesses. SMBs want to lead themselves so they are focusing on ways of cutting the costs and expansion of their capabilities. There are various ways and among this, one way is that they are moving their important functions to cloud. Recently a study was conducted which predicted and showed the value $32 billion of the U.S. SMB Market in 2016 which is almost 20% growth rate occurred on year to year basis and also showed increase of 25% in the adoption of the total global cloud services.

2) Small businesses in terms of web hosting

Use of Web hosting is becoming very popular among large size businesses. Small size companies are also having their websites in order to improve their competitive position and to host them; they are also using hosting services of various web hosting companies.

Usage of the cloud services and products of infrastructure by SMBs is expected to become almost double for next few years and reason behind this that these SMBs become more user friendly with concept of cloud and do not face in using same. Now SMBs are looking for cloud service companies as now they are moving several applications of business to cloud. SMBs are small size companies thus they operate more efficiently and focus on their main business, outsource functions of technology and in this context they prefer the established organizations.

3) Emerging small business /SMB Demand Is a Golden Opportunity for Resellers

Resellers are having a great opportunity; they can open new stream of revenue and expand their relationship with the existing customers. VARs, MSPs, SIs want to expand their portfolio to use cloud services and for same they are required to increase their revenue and improve their relationships with SMBs. Demand is rising very fast within SMB market for different kinds of cloud services;

  • (IAAS) Infrastructure as a service – From the study, it is known that safety, IaaS server backup and services related to database is used by 40% of SMBs. Those are in the need of a robust database find web hosting solutions which are flexible via a reasonable and convenient way so as to store large amount of data in offsite without considering the issue of maintenance of server. In SMBs market, there are some rapidly growing sectors such as Security services, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti- virus and e-mail safety solutions.
  • (SAAS) Software as a service Apps – Social media platform used by number of SMBs as a tool of marketing and access productivity apps such as Dropbox on regular basis. SMB’s feel more comfortable with cloud services, they started to embrace platforms of CRM such as and other solutions related to business intelligence. These tools are accessed via laptops and desktops in office and also on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

4) Hosted Communications and Collaboration Solutions

Cloud services are used by SMBs for increasing capabilities of communication and for consolidating the infrastructure for more efficiency and for integration on one platform. E-mail and hosted private branch exchange (PBX) phone services are included in the applications but Unified Communications-as-a-Service solutions attract the market towards themselves. It delivers audio / video conferencing, telephone, messaging, presence technology, and email more over an IP network.

Choosing best web hosts

Mostly in web hosting some aspects creates bothersome like researching of host, price comparison and look best website, business or blog in organizing new business on internet. User has to spend a lot of time managing after adopting this. All web hosts are not created same stuffs but some features such as reliability and uptime of site applied on same. User should not restrict on above features for daily backups and make safe website.

Before choosing web host, user has to consider some key factors below:

Price : User monthly plan payment will be like fine, unless ton of traffic is pushed on his website. It will be possible on a shared server with collection of many sites. User should consider dedicated servers for bulk traffic sites which provides good pricing to any site size.

Technical Support : If user’s site ever goes down then he need technical support providing solution. User has to go with that web host offering 24/7 support via online chat, phone and email. By this user can easily resolve his technical problems regarding site.

WordPress Installation in one click : People are using more WordPress nowadays in comparison to earlier. Many web hosting are offering one-click installation solution to their customers. To setup new WordPress sites and software on server this is the easiest way rather than to upload and download files through FTP. User can go through the link how one click install works.

Reviews of Customer : If user wants to search best things about any web hosting company then he has to observe online reviews of customers. Some brands usually posts their own made reviews helps to fetch their favorable ratings, so user must be sure to check reviews from different locations.

Top Hosting Companies

There are many different options user has to choose for web hosting. To opt for best and reliable web host check below mentioned details:-

Hostgator : Company entered in web hosting since 2002 and support currently around eight million domains. It is providing dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting and reseller hosting.

Rackspace : Rackspace has been in web hosting since 1998. It provides cloud servers and sites to custom applications and managed colocation servers. They are also utilizing OpenStack for cloud computing infrastructure.

BlueHost : Bluehost has been in business since 1996. Company is offering shared server as well as reseller web hosting. They have service of free website builder and use cPanel for client access.

SoftLayer : Softlayer came into business in 2005. It provides dedicated server hosting, managed hosting and cloud computing. They are offering implementation of virtual cloud servers or CloudLayer servers according to requirement. : They have entered into business since 2000. They are providing domain names as well as VPS hosting, emails and SSL services. Also offers some cool free domain and email forwarding services.

Now user will get enough information regarding best hosting companies after visiting few options given above. There are many more options available besides these companies. User can also compare rates, best plans and features according to the requirements.

Web Analytics and Its Uses

Webmasters got their websites online- landing page, a blog, sales page, corporate site on internet. Getting layout and branding user has to work hard. They have researched keywords helps to determine content searched by people and create new and fresh content as per need. Social sharing buttons and widgets are implemented across website in which webmasters would be reminded about pages and content liked by people.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is simply analysis, measurement, reporting and collection of website data to understand web usage. Once anyone can understand detailed use of website then he can optimize different aspects to achieve better results.

From where Web Analytics started?

Previously internet website owners have measured popularity of pages receiving number of hits. Nowadays, user understands that hits will not provide any useful information about how and by whom site is being used. By internet website owners look at their statistics of website included unique visitors, number of site visits, most accessed pages and duration spent on a page. Provided data considered as reports and technical in nature. No real analysis was performed and real business insight was not being provided by reports.

Therefore, web analytics is not the process of analyzing page hits and website usage statistics. Data is being analyzed by it. It gives understanding that how websites will be used to a new level. User can not only get reports on statistics but also useful analysis such as visitor demographics, at where they are clicking actually, how long visitors spend on particular sections of pages, how far pages can be scrolled up and down, where mouse cursor will move. If content have shared or liked using social media plug-ins by users on website then personal details of them will be collected into analysis.

Implementation of web analytics on own site

Many site owners are still not implementing analytics tools on their site. It is difficult to determine perception on technical basis and also using reports and graphs what should change? Site owners will not find it important specifically if it’s new or small site. Data collection is good practice from the day beginning. To implement Web Analytics many free tools are there to get started. If anyone has implemented toolset from outset then all historical data will be stored into analysis.

Web Analytics can help really

An example defines importance of Web Analytics:

Part of monetization strategy helps to embed affiliate link management on blog for products within articles. Information provided and articles are important part beyond affiliated links. WordPress plug-in is there help to affiliate link management and provides automatically add affiliated links ability. All this being written within article and across entire site based on one or more defined keywords. By addition of new link, words will be punched to the added link, and then anyone can easily monetized site.

Many products are available providing capability for visualization that viewers are clicking on posts and pages. This feature helps to check whether affiliate links are working properly and being clicked. By clicking on link some triggering words are there useful for articles. Using this tool it will be easier to understand the formatting of words.

MySQL Databases for Web Hosting

When anyone buys web hosting, hosting provider will include an option called “Databases” in his package details. But many people don’t know about databases and need of them while setting up website. This will help to explain use of databases.

User usually get database systems with web hosting accounts are all relational database systems or RDBMS. If anybody use Windows hosting server then MS SQL database is used and in Unix based system MySQL database is used. For fast and easy retrieval both systems put website data into tabular layouts.

Databases are aggregation of rows and columns in which each row or column is connected to each other in some cases. Information can be retrieved quickly and efficiently from this database due to this relation in comparison to those data stored in an unstructured format. Consider a database which is a collection of multiple spreadsheets related to each other in some way.


Major advantage of having stored data in a database is its ability to assist database from unauthorized access. A simple example will be login credentials storage. In another way, login credentials will be stored in a simple text file and can be read by script in which authentication is done. Although password will be stored in plain text by file makes it vulnerable to anyone accessing it. For encryption of entries databases are used and use hashing algorithm to hide them. Anybody has to specify login details to read or write database, which cannot be possible with spreadsheet.


The way of storing data in database, storage and retrieval is most important. The type of information stored in each row or column is restricted by SQL unlike spreadsheet in which everything can be stored in any cell. Validation inbuilt in SQL properties is an advantage for developer and programmer. Many inbuilt mechanisms are present in RDBMS systems, which is most important method of storage and data retrieval.

During reading of text file, the problem is large to open and scan contents of file according to need. If anybody wants to see all sales related to particular customer, entire file have to be read and name of customer would be saved in temporary place. If anyone saved spreadsheet instead of text file, he would have inbuilt Sort feature. Therefore, anybody will be able to find all sales in reference of a particular customer and again if file will be large to open spreadsheet.

Administrative Control

Database systems have different control mechanisms allow easy administration of database and tables. Most important part is user management. To the database, each user has given particular rights and allows limited access to secure data from being modified or altered. Many settings of database can be pinched by Database Administrator. This is to restrict data flow, connection speeds, server has maximum number of connections and adjust hardware resources allocated to perform a task.

Selecting an Operating system for VPS

Internet technologies have entered all our areas of life and changed it dramatically. People are able to implement many activities from reading newspapers and favorite books and communication with each other. Online games played for tickets booking and particular products and services are buying desktops, tablets and smart phones. Increase in the number of online users, many businessmen and large companies have decided to move their organizations into internet, for additional revenues. This technique is very effective by allowing search for new customer portion and business projects are promoted in a very short duration. Online business environment is full of different websites currently try to attract attention of client, beneficial customer services and loyalty programs. Growth of business depends on hosting plan for their online business. As server is more powerful, website will be more accessible and high-speed.

While selecting hosting services, many hosting packages are available in hosting market. Major hosting solutions are there for VPS server:-

VPS Hosting

VPS is a physical server, divided into many virtual ones between specific numbers of users. Virtual copy is isolated fully from others and possesses own dedicated resources and operating system. User shares RAM, CPU performance and bandwidth with other users and gets full control over options of server. User will get dedicated resources basis of shared hosting.

User should choose operating system that will run on server before buying VPS hosting plan. VPS servers mainly work on two main platforms: Windows and Linux. Both OS has their own specifications and directed on different websites owner segments.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux open-source software is utilized by Linux-based hosting solutions. By this fact, owners of website are able to neglect spending their revenues and purchasing licenses for running and downloading specific particular add-ons and Linux programs. Linux VPS server will be fine art for companies, which will make fast beginning but meet still budget limitations.

Advantages Of Linux VPS Servers

1. Compatibility: If anybody make his website pages more user-friendly and improve uptimes and server reliability then Linux platform would be most important choice as many coding languages are supported such as Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby and MySQL on Rails.

2. Flexibility and Reliability: Fewer resources are consumed by Linux VPS servers enhance performance of website and eliminate appearance of downtime. Users are capable to allot resources further between required applications by help of control panel.

3. Development: A website owner can change server configurations as Linux is an open-source code perform customizations and updates along with deployment of various applications and add-ons based on preferences and needs.

4. Interaction: With SSH text-based command systems all VPS servers are connected allowing users to enhance functionality about their servers and minimize overloading. A user has programming and coding knowledge for implementation of operations via SSH system.

Windows VPS Hosting

Under Windows operating system, Windows VPS server works makes them popular among many website owners. Windows OS needs installation fees and additional application and programs are used.

Advantages of Windows VPS Servers:

1. Improved control: An option is provided to every user called Remote Desktop access. By this, a user is capable to manage and control his server at any time and place decided by their own.

2. User-friendly interface: All Windows VPS servers has easy-to-use graphical user interface which would be helpful if any user is not refined in server management and maintenance.

3. Strong security: Some professional anti-virus and anti spy programs are connected with Windows VPS servers as well as reliable firewalls. Therefore nobody should worry about hacking server and stealing of important data.

4. Website support: Some programs such as ASP and ASP.NET included by Windows-based hosting solution. User can customize his website by using above programs and run on Microsoft server.

These two hosting solution possess some difference. If user has to make selection between Windows and Linux VPS servers, consider not only their features but also goals and skills of business as well as hosting companies.

Microsoft and Google, Amazon’s Rival in Cloud

Amazon recently disclosed financial performance of its powerful growth engine and number are good especially compared with big companies like Google and Microsoft that are following it. Amazon is known as online retailer primarily, its stock market and revenue returns for years that have been energized by entirely different kind of commerce: renting processing power to startups and increases established businesses.

Amazon helped to popularize field known as cloud computing and largely itself for years, a tremendous advantage in industry where rivals shift one another closely. Other tech powerhouses have awakened the fact they will be in a market that could be hundreds of billions of dollars. Amazon’s cross town rival Microsoft is committed to challenge and in fierce move.

According to the report of first quarter earnings of Amazon, revenue of $1.57 billion was generated during first three months of year. Company has to focus on what is more unusual at company which is responsible for losses, substantial profits are generated by cloud business. Company has disclosed its operating income from AWS was $265 million.

Microsoft ranked on second number in cloud computing. Two businesses were compared on different parameters, precisely due to Microsoft has reported its cloud results. Microsoft has announced recently that its annual revenue from its commercial cloud business would be $6.3 billion based on performance. While Amazon told comparable annual figure for AWS was $5.16 billion.

Microsoft includes revenue from different online applications into that figure. Azure, cloud business provides revenue is more directly comparable to Amazon’s cloud services, was recently estimated by Deutsche Bank to be little as one-tenth from AWS.

AWS has provided computing power to various divisions of Amazon. Amazon offered to startups that were struggling to move themselves by their good internal performance.

Executives of Amazon have told AWS expectation to eventually rival other organization of company in size. Growth of cloud business is about 40 percent a year which is more than twice of rate of overall company. Mostly Wall Street analysts have been hope for spinoff.

Cloud computing service of Google has started pressing AWS on pricing, hurting profitability. Amazon told it to cut prices dozens of time, which developed its revenue growth.

Solution wants to provide other services including database software, analytics and remote operation of desktop computers. These are generally slow-growing businesses. Reseller network has also increased by Amazon hope to rival kind of Microsoft strategies Microsoft employed to promote Windows for business.

Many companies of big technology has dozed through cloud computing in early days, but most of them like Microsoft, got religion from now on-wards. Microsoft’s chief executive ran its Azure cloud business and has made cloud business a top priority.

Though Cloud business of Microsoft is smaller than Amazon, it is growing fast, more than double from last year. One of brightest spots at a company still slowdown in PC sales.

Analysts believed in Microsoft to get better chance of influencing large businesses using its software products by adoption of cloud services. There may be big challenge for Startups. Amazon has become synonyms with cloud computing with them, even Microsoft has filled technological gap with its offerings. Revenue has given surprising growth especially in case of company’s robust size makes large profit. Revenue rose to $22.72 billion by 15 percent which is about $300 million more than expected.