Basic of a reseller

hi!I am now going to choose a reseller but is it necessary to discover first the background of a reseller means how based services they provides?

This is very important to you before selecting any body for your site hosting because if you don’t know the nature of reseller host then it can create a problem if he is a wholesale dealer or mix account seller.

This is very much compulsory that our reseller should communicate with us regularly and provide a better technical support also.

Your reseller should time to time aware you for the web host’s new schemes and proposals so that you can benefited more rapidly.

Apart of this ask your registrar if their support staff is trained to upsell services during customer service calls. Do they ask callers if they registered directly with them or through a reseller?

You should also careful about signing any paper because to read your reseller’s agreement before you sign. See if the agreement states that the registrar will not solicit your customers.

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