Best Professional Website Hosting Service Provider?

How To Find The Best Professional Website Hosting Service Provider?

There are a number of website hosting service provider options which include a free webhost and also a paid web hosting service. The major disadvantage for hosting your files on a free web host is the number of pop up ads that appear to distract your visitors to your site.

That is why the best professional website hosting service provider is a paid service, though they are much cheaper than first thought.

There are a number of minimum requirements for the best professional website hosting service provider and these would include, but are not limited to:

1. At least 10MB space

2. CGI-Bin access

3. POP3 email accounts or email forwarding

4. Some kind of autoresponder script

5. Some kind of statistical program that you can analyze

6. 24 hour technical support is absolutely essential

7. Guarantees are also expected, especially an uptime guarantee

8. Microsoft Front Page users may want FrontPage extensions

9. It is also a bonus if you can find professional web hosting that includes a range of one click install software programs

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