Changing DNS

How do I change your name server to my private name server? To illustrate I would like to change your nameserver to . The reason for the change is that I would like the nameservers to be privately labeled.

So let me make sure I understand what you are asking for before I answer. You want to change the name server name only… or are you planning on hosting the site the yourself?

Here is why I ask. If you are looking at private label only and the hosting is done elsewhere, you are not going to be able to do this. The only way you can is if you have IP addresses and a server to complete this task.

can someone please tell me if this is the same as transferring a domain which I saw in another thread. If it is not can you tell me the difference between the two. for clarification purposes.

I was surprised to come back and see that I still will not be able to answer your question, once you have clarified which you were referring to I would be happy to provide you with the right answer so that you can do what is right for your website.


For entering private nameservers, log into the registrar website, there, you need to click on the Account Manager, Now scroll down in the left menu to the Manage Host servers.
The new form will appear, in which in the left text box, enter the and then click on the continue button. Then it will ask for entering the IP address, please enter and then again click on the continue button. It will ask for confirmation of changes, click on the Apply change. Now it will say, that, “Your change has been submitted. It may take upto 72 hours for it to be recognized across the Internet.”
Click on the Back to the Accont Manager Home given below of that statement.
You need to repeat this process for entering the another nameserver with the IP , at least 2 nameservers are required.
If you find any of the problem, you can also chat on our liveperson, which is there on the site

Wouldn’t the basic instructions on how to do this or where to find your management account depend on how the registrar has it setup for you to access. I think that some registrars do require you to contact them and do not give you direct access to change things like that. if I am wrong please correct me so I know the right information.

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