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AllWebNow offers hosting solutions to small and medium sized business since 2001. They provide excellent technical support with well experienced and efficient team available 24/7 via phone, email or live chat.
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Company offers good uptime with 30 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Services offered by Allwebnow include Windows web hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Cpanel web hosting, spam filters and more. Moreover, company’s hosting features come with Apache web server, 1000 email accounts, Linux operating system, 10000 MB of disk space, free setup, MySQL primary database and many more. To secure and protect customer’s data, company provides automatic backups, DDoS Protection and Antivirus.

A Trip Back In Internet History

A Trip Back In Internet History

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You know those little news segments like “This Day in History?” Well, Boing Boing runs a story entitled “This Day in Blogging History” each day. It’s fun to see the blog posts of news from cheap hosting site all around the Web from years ago.

Ten Alternate Free Blog Hosting Sites

Ten Alternate Free Blog Hosting Sites

We talk a lot about WordPress on this blog because it is the most popular free hosting platform available. But, it’s not the only one. As streamlined as WordPress is, some people might prefer to go with another free hosting company. Here’s a look at ten free blog hosts that may provide you with something WordPress can’t.

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IBM Wins Massive $1 Billion Government Contract

Today is a great day for IBM. The company has just won its biggest U.S. cloud-based government contract. The new IBM contract is valued at $1 billion. In other words, the pressure for IBM’s cloud team is on.

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10 Interesting WordPress Facts

Back in May, WordPress had its 10th Anniversary. That’s right, it’s been ten year since WordPress first opened its virtual doors! Kind of an amazing thought, right? Well, there are some other things that you might not know about WordPress either. Take a look at these top 10 WordPress facts! Review Review

Flavors are good. Baskin Robbins has 31 of them, and is an amazing way to set up a really great looking site in no time. If you’re tired of WordPress or you just want something different, offers a cheap hosting alternative and a fast way to put up a site. review

What WordPress Doesn’t Tell You

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WordPress plugins make blogging life easier. The only issue is that WordPress doesn’t notify users if a particular plugin no longer works or has been removed from the WordPress directory for virus-related reasons. This means that you could be running a WordPress plugin that might be a hazard.

Ten New and Amazing WordPress Plugins

WordPress is starting to get crowded with plugins. These tools practically pop up overnight, and reading through reviews can be tiresome. Let me do the work for you. Below, you will find 10 of the best new WordPress plugins available. Enjoy!

Ten Top WordPress Plugins

Setting up a WordPress with hosting site

Setting up a WordPress with hosting site

If you’re new to the world of website building, WordPress is the easiest way to get things up and running. It is more than just the most popular blogging platform out there (it boasts over 66 million sites worldwide) offering plugins and themes for free. Users can also download software from in order to create their own website. 

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