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Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today’s era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?
Is selecting the web hosting provider a significant aspect that drives online success? A decade ago, there was a boom in Reseller hosting business. The resellers conceal the details from web-hosting customers like the servers’ actual owners. These resellers sell particular webspace and bandwidth from the server they lease or VPS account. A customer feels happy when his business runs smoothly and technical help is available when required. These resellers were like dealers. The support is also actually provided by the parent hosting provider under the name of the Reseller company.

Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today's era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?

From what I experienced in the early days, this model gained a lot of success. But, as prices got thrashed, running a reseller web hosting company with 100% satisfaction became a daunting task, and thus most resellers closed their business. The ease of hosting companies with the availability of control panels for every job also made the web hosting business competitive. Most companies could set up their hosting services without much complexity.

The platforms like WordPress make it easy to build a website to bring business online. The articles about choosing the best web hosting provider start fading or losing the web crawler’s ranking. The web hosting review and rating websites started losing relevance. The hosting customers rely on something other than the web hosting market stories.
A hosting customer is now intelligent enough to understand its hosting needs or requirement. With the abundant availability of web space, bandwidth and other resources, the business website customer is looking for other factors like website security, backup and support. These news factors determine business online success; thus, a hosting customer is inclined only to those hosting companies that focus on these factors. A must-have online business website needs a sincere, dedicated and technologically advanced hosting provider.

There was a time when customers got attracted by the keywords like unlimited and one-stop-shop. Now, a hosting customer looks to host its website only to branded providers with a customer-centric approach. Hosting providers provide sufficient space, bandwidth, resources, and help on forums, articles, and video clips. Still, a customer goes to a provider with the long-lasting experience to host on a platform.

Many hosting providers offer WordPress different hosting packages. Some offer cheap, and some claim to provide excellent services. Now, customers also look to their budget and some like using cheap web hosting providers. Ananova lists many cheap affordable web hosting providers offering free instant set-up, free domain for life, unlimited Space and Traffic and an adequate money-back guarantee, among many others. The Ananova ranks them depending on the user reviews on factors such as reliability, security, speed of access and factors crucial for running an online business.

Ananova ranks the providers with the latest technology and upgraded and updated software. Many tools are available to monitor website uptime, speed, background technology, and software versions.

Trust Ananova is a listed WordPress hosting provider offering the best hosting features, 24×7 support and technology for your e-commerce website.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Most businesses list their products on top marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and others to increase sales. While focusing on their e-commerce portals, SMEs list products on branded marketplaces that helped increase revenues by 80 per cent. The global marketing websites allow listing men’s and women’s clothing, fragrances, skin-care products, cosmetics, and much more. Their product pages look like brochures. With managed services, these marketplaces make buying, selling, and sophisticated transactions easier.

Most businesses start their e-commerce portals, but one in thousands begin getting traffic. Thus, these businesses find it comfortable to list products on marketplaces where traffic is already there. The e-commerce marketplace provides fully managed services, responding to the complex needs of SMEs and large businesses. Hence they are gaining popularity as more businesses go online. The company gets the liberty to sell products worldwide with hosted applications and even don’t need employees scattered across those selling destinations. The standard, the preconfigured platform, enables companies to list products instantly after signup to get customers.

The marketplace provider installs base e-commerce software, apps, round-the-clock monitoring, caching, 100% uptime, periodic backups, and other plugins on standardized hardware and server infrastructure and configurations. The technical team takes care of performance, complex needs, and speed deployments, and manages the application, content distribution, network, storage capability, and service-level agreements and licensing. Furthermore, it makes data accessible anytime and anywhere, with real-time access to billing information, trouble tickets, and other data associated with their accounts.

The businesses find the cost of listing or launching products on marketplaces much lower than implementing and maintaining e-commerce portals themselves. Thus, they decided to go with branded marketplace instead of making a significant investment in bringing up sites, thus capitalizing on the marketplace’s extensive infrastructure.

Most companies don’t have the skills, technical staff, & technologies for those pieces. Marketplaces like do much more marketing stuff like offering streaming media services, social media sharing, & business listing apart from providing the platform, thus making the companies profitable by increasing the visibility and demand of their products. Therefore, most small and midsize companies are moving into the managed services arena.

Three Top Venture Companies Seeking Cloud-Based Startups

lightspeed logo

Venture companies are taking notice of the recent cloud boom. Certain backers are looking for cloud-based startups that provide the cloud sphere with something unique. If you have a great cloud-based idea, there are some venture companies that you’ll want to impress.

When Cloud Costs Rise, Inexperienced Users Could Be To Blame

When you are searching for a suitable cloud hostingsolution, price is obviously a big factor. But what drives cloud hosting costs? Yes, storage space is a factor as well as other technical things. But there is one factor you probably aren’t even considering.

cloud experience

Data Recovery In The Cloud

data recovery

Looking for a backup and data recovery solution for the cloud? Well, look no further than cloud-specific disaster recovery and backup solutions. They are increasing in numbers, and some users feel they offer greater protection than traditional backup solutions do. The sweetest part: they cost less, too.

The Importance Of A Backup Plan

It’s the moment you try with all you have to avoid, but there’s absolutely nothing you can do: your shared hosting website has gone dark due to a hosting provider outage. Although you can research companies for months in order to find the one with the least amount of outages, you’ll never find one with 100% uptime guarantees. It’s just not possible (and if you find one, stay away! They are lying to you!). 


Why Some Startups Ditch The Cloud For Physical Servers

We’ve discussed the benefits of cloud hosting here at Ananova many times. There are times where the cloud does not work out, such as like Eric Frenkiel, founder and CEO of MemSQL. And you can’t say the man didn’t give it the old college try.


Bustle: Strong Enough For A Woman, Made by a Man

Can a man successfully create a website that’s targeted for women? Maybe; but Bryan Goldberg, founder and CEO of, might be succeeding where the site is concerned, though he has lost major points with his readers thanks to some controversial words.

When Goldberg (co-founder of Bleacher Report) set up the site, the cheap hosting company he signed up with didn’t have any idea the impact that his site would have on women around the globe.


Why all websites (servers) go down sometimes.

Amazon averages sales of $117,882 per minute. I’ll let you think about that number for a second. That’s a good deal of cash, so it might not have mattered much that Amazon recently lost around $4.72 million when Amazon’s site went down for 40 minutes this past Monday. But for companies that aren’t as big as Amazon, 40 minutes offline is a big deal.