Trusted SSL Certificate Providers

How to get a SSL certificate??? Visit  trusted SSL certificate providers now

Security is the most sensitive word of modern times. Be it your office or home, you always wants to be under the armour of security. Then why not let your customers have a secure web experience. Web security is always threatened by viruses like trojans and hackers who are always seeking opportunities to know you account related usernames and passwords. Thus, if you are a website owner, you must be aware of the fact that if your website is not certified with a SSL certificate it is not considered to be reliable. Customers are sceptic to visit any uncertified website and your website popularity will not reach its top without being trusted. Give your customers a secure web experience with a certificate from any of the trusted SSL certificate providers.

A SSL is a protocol that checks whether your website is secure or not. Whenever a user enters any URL on the web browser, the web browser sents request via the SSL protocol to verify the security of the url. If your website is not SSL certified, the same will be reflected on your browser screen. There are many trusted SSL certificate providers from where you can get the same without much hassle.

These trusted SSL certificate providers not only helps you in winning the trust of your customers but also in keeping your website secure,that is, it performs two tasks together. You get online tutorials from these certificate providers where you can learn how to apply for a security certificate and how you can attach the certificate on your website. These service providers are very interactive and supportive and come with excellent responsive websites where you can check their charges, cost of an online certificate and even has the facility of online live chat where you can speak to the consultants and clarify your doubts.

Last but not the least; let us know how these trusted SSL certificate providers work. After getting a request from an entity to verify its details and regard it as a trusted website, the certificate provider verifies the entity and checks whether the entity is really what it claims to be. After verification, the next step is to process a public key using the CA’s private key. After the completion if this step, the website is included in the list of trusted websites of the web browser. The certificate providers already have trusted certificate authorities, known as CAs enlisted and hence the verification certificate issued by these authorities is automatically accepted by web browsers. This enlistment of CAs is known as root CAs of web browsers.

Thus, it is of no doubt that trusted SSL certificate providers play an important role in making your website popular and gain positive reviews. If you are running an ecommerce website, these certificates are a must for you. Customers will never pay on your website via their credit or debit cards if you do not have a certificate attached to your website. Thus, if you are new to the web business or your certificate has expired, immediately visit such a certificate provider and let your business flourish.

Important facts about affordable ssl certificate

Now you can use an affordable ssl certificate to raise the security of the website while exchanging information between web browser and web server. When you purchase an affordable ssl certificate you have to get it validated and there are only tree methods in doing so.

SSL (secure socket layer) certificates are necessary when website owners want to do better for their Google search engine rankings. highlighted recent announcement of Google that it would emphasize on sites which is secured with SSL certificates which is a part of company’s drive for Safer Worldwide Web. SSL-secured sites will get higher ranking in Google search than unsecured websites. The website which is not protected via SSL certification has ‘Insecure’ status which will be seen by Google Chrome users.

SSL certificate is a kind of encrypted online data that is being sent or received during navigation of websites by Internet users. This data has some confidential information like telephone numbers and credit card details. A secure connection is created between the user’s computer and the server so that specific website is hosted to give relaxation to the customers. SSL certificate not only provide protection to the customer’s personal data but also establishes a great regard for the company. Price of SSL certificates has been reduced over the years. Many companies are using certificates costing at Rs.250 per year. Some hosting companies charge for the SSL certificates installation, installation at no charge is received by client hosting with Non-clients can purchase certificates from and current hosting companies install the certificates.

Organizational validation process

Information of a particular business is checked from various sources. This is carried out just verify the name of the business and who operates the business. This information is compared to the details that are provided during the registration of the company. another safety measure is taken to see that the details provided are same as on the business listings from the local sources. If the all of the details match the company is then issued an affordable ssl certificate. This will provide a platform for the general public to view information that will help them to find out about the identity of the particular business. As a user you will see a logo that will say that the website is verified by SSL.

Domain validation process

This is considered one of the cheapest methods to verify an affordable ssl certificate. This process is carried out at a domain level. The process is initiated by sending an email to the account that is linked with the domain. Now by sending an email does not always imply that the person is the rightful owner of the business. A phone can also be placed to verify the whether the person is the owner of the business. When the certificate is issued using this method it means that there is high chance that this business is legal and has been verified properly. as a user you will find a specific logo on your browser that will indicate this fact.

Extended Validation method

This method too has gained a lot of popularity over years when it comes to validating an affordable ssl certificate. As a user you will notice a green logo and he name of the business that will appear in the address bar or the browser, this simply means that the company has been verified and is safe to do business with.The owner of the business is contacted to make sure that all of the information supplied is real. After the process is done the business can expect to get an affordable ssl certificate within two weeks.

Some other additional information that may be needed

You can also use a self signed certificate but this is not good as people will not do business with you  as they will think that your company will cheat them. If you use this method a warning will be posted on your website telling people that they may proceed at their own risk.

Now there are many companies out there that carryout the verification process and issues a certificate but most of them charge a lot of money. So use the internet to look up names of companies that issue affordable ssl certificate without much problems.


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How to renew an expired SSL certificate

Worried about How to renew an expired SSL certificate…check out some easy ways

No one can deny the fact that our main concern when we visit online websites enter our credit and debit card details for net banking or online shopping or share our photos and videos on social networking sites is security. Since the advent of internet and its popularity we have been threatened by hackers and security issues. The best way to curve these issues would have been never to share our personal and professional data online; but that is not possible for us.

The first thing that hits our mind is that what a SSL certificate is. To explain in brief, we all know that when we enter any webpage URL in our browser, the browser instantly asks for a certificate of secure page. The web server enters its public key with its certificate and then the browser checks whether the certificate is from a trusted party and if it from a trusted party opens the page. This complete work is done via a protocol known as the Secure Socket Layer Protocol. Websites must renew their certificates after each period of time after the validity of their certificate expires, else it will be tough for them to continue business in the web world.

Some of us who are new bees in the web world are not aware about How to renew an expired SSL certificate. The steps are very easy and you will always find online FAQs related to the same. You may need to generate a new CSR for the purpose. The first step that you need to follow is that you must log in your “DigiCert Management Console.” You get a “My Orders” tab from where you need to select the renew button and enter your certificate details. The console quickly verifies your details and checks whether you have made any alterations in your existing details in the CSR. If you have made any changes, you need to provide a documentation of the same as well. After approval, the certificate is sent to the certificate contact through email or may even download the same in your console. The part of getting a new certificate ends here.

The next step is to install the certificate in your website. It is always advised to install the new certificate properly prior to uninstalling the old certificate. You should always keep the backup of the original system generated and self signed certificate. The removal of the same makes your website unstable. While renewing this certificate, you must keep in mind that you have to renew it upto 90 days before expiration.

Most of the multinational organizations are heavily dependant on web for their daily interactions with their employees and clients, we are most of the times not in a position to keep regular contact with our friends and relatives due to job pressure and hence we need to socialize online; and last but not the last, the tempting online shopping is too tough to be avoided. Thus, keeping all our needs and wishes in mind, SSL certificate has been developed to secure us and hence its renewal is very crucial to keep your website running without any hindrance.

Thing which makes a webhosting company The Best Among All

A thing which makes a webhosting company a Best web hosting provider

Every domain hosting website promises to offer value for money services but which of them to choose amongst the plethora of options available in the market. Whether to opt for the low price option or go for a bit higher price as web hosting plays a very crucial role for your website and pages as from the small scale file hosting of personal pages to database support and script support. The available web hosting companies in the market offers different packages that with different bases of operations. The lineup offers both beginners friendly to complex functionalities with a price tag that appeal to the pocket of the user. But one needs to check the wide array of web hosting companies available in the market to choose the best option in the longer run.

1) Hosting Package

Generally the web hosting company offers monthly paid options with different price factors and different level of services. What a package must contain integral hosting factors like disk space, bandwidth and domains. Now the catch here is that some companies offer fixed allotments while some give you the unlimited account. What you need to be sure is that your site or sites will be sorted with a limited package that would be saving moolahs or you unlimited package because your website can expand with the growth of your business. Now when you are looking for multiple site hosting without a doubt opt for a robust hosting package.

2) Features

A good web hosting company offers the features where the control of your site is mostly in your hands. Features like creation of new pages, publishing of data and maintenance of the site are transferred to the client’s side. As such we are looking for a website builder, one-click installation applications and integrated control panel that makes your job easy to maintain the site once the work on the professional end is done. Make sure that features like Email functionality are included in the package with a unlimited email addresses that would encompass services like domain name, auto responders and spam filtration for easy maintainability.

What an advanced supplementary package should feature to earn brownie points and make it to your top list is custom cron jobs, a script library, raw access logs and customizable error pages that appeals to the web design and programming language user. The best web hosting companies offer abundant server access options and even f you choose for the second best the company should provide unlimited FTP accounts, .htaccess and secure shell (SSH) access.

3) Ease of Use

Now don’t sway with the features that the web hosting company is providing, think over the fact that the web hosting service ease of use also one of the crucial factor that can make or break the deal. Check for services that provide discerning and user-friendly interfaces that are easily manageable from your end.

4) Tech Support

Technical Errors are like wild flowers can appear anywhere and anytime so beware and take precautions. A responsive technical help from the end of the web hosting company is extremely crucial for your business. The technical support from the web hosting company should be available 24*7. If your business is small make sure that you have all the comprehensive information that familiarizes you with the service and its workings. Also take a look at the user forums, data wizards and video tutorials for a better hold on the technicalities so that you gain a working knowledge and choose better web hosting company for your business.

Opting an ace from the cards of web hosting companies can not only give you an edge over competition but also can be helpful with a wide array of features and equipments as well as possibilities of growth at your disposal. Gaining a working knowledge can be advantageous but not a prerequisite can help you guide choose a better web hosting company that will create, publish and maintain your successful business-driving website and creating a brand for you in the internet world.


Complete guide on how to install b2evolution

Now you may have been searching for a good tutorial that will teach you how to install b2evolution. Now many of you may not be very familiar with fantastico and how the various features work. Well to begin with Fantastico is a service provider that provides web hosting services. Now the good part is you can use an add-on called Fantastico support with the services. This add-on can be used with the current cPanel that you are using. You will also have access to a good script library that will help you install b2evolution automatically on your computer. Using these scripts can surely help you save time; people all around the globe are now using these scripts.

If you are consulting this tutorial then it is assumed that you already know how to initialize fantastico.

  • Now you have to locate a button that says b2 evolution and you must click on it.
  • After that you will be taken to the b2evolution installation page. On this page you will notice a link called new installation; click on it.
  • After that you must type a directory name in which you want to install the application.
  • You are also required to type in an admin name and password; you must also give a admin nick name.
  • After that you must scroll down and press a tab that says install b2evolution
  • You must click on finish to complete the process.

With that we have completed the installation process successfully and now you are set to start using the applications right away. However you must follow the steps in the correct order to get the installation process right. So you can get started right away.

If you have been successful in going through the above steps without fumbling at any point it means you have installed b2evolution successfully without any problems at all. Now after the installation process is done you will need to configure the application as per your requirements. After you are don configuring you can now go about going through the various tools and their uses. The tools that come with this application are very sophisticated and you can accomplish your goals very easily. This particular tutorial will be of immense help to you especially if you are a new user who is using fantastico for the very first time.

In the beginning you may feel that the application is a bit tough to use but with time you will get used to it. This application has tons of features and so you should really take your time and pay lots of attention to every single detail. Keeping a relaxed and calm approach during the learning process can surely help you absorb things much faster. When you use this application you can take full advantage of the ecommerce and open sourced shopping cart features to the fullest.

However to install b2evolution to the fullest you follow the steps very carefully; to understand this better you may consult other tutorials as well.

Lepton CMS Hosting

Lepton CMS Review


Lepton is a Content Management Systems (CMS) for maintaining websites. Content Management Systems give you the tools for managing, modifying, editing and easily publishing content with a central interface. Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to skip the coding part of making websites and getting right to adding content and making the site functional. This is, especially, meant for novices who have no knowledge about programming and whose work does not require them to.

Lepton CMS

Lepton CMS is an incredibly designed CMS, although it has not received the credit it deserves. It is a gem that has gone unnoticed. It is easy to learn and easy to use, with a very short learning curve. The program is suited for professionals making a complex website as well as small-time bloggers who blog as a hobby. . It has a simple and clean interface giving you easy access to whatever tools you need most. It is licensed under General Public License (GNU). It is designed so that those who do not have any technical knowledge and want to manage their content without any trouble can even use it. It is an open-sourced system, which is an added bonus since it gives you the freedom to modify it to better suit your needs if you are looking for something that is missing. It has a simple interface that is easy to use and does not leave you confused and fazed. Any donations made are appreciated.

It has a lot of great features like themes, add-ons, quick installation, clean interface, WYSIWYG editing, multi-language support, admin tools, multiple user compatibility, multimedia file manager and many more that you will find once you start exploring the program. It is in no way short of features in comparison to other CMS out there. To get a feel of the program check out the demo on the program’s website.

A professional developer may get the impression that the program is too simple to make a feature-filled website but it can definitely handle it.

Add-ons available for the program are very useful in increasing the program’s functionality. There are two types of add-ons available to use with Lepton CMS:

Free Add-ons: These are, of course, available free of cost. There is no charge for using these add-ons in conjunction with the program

Commercial Add-ons: These, on the hand, are paid for. A licence fee is charged for usage with Lepton CMS. There is no free usage.

When you finish installing the package, the first thing you will notice on opening the program is the uncluttered interface. You will be able to immediately find the tools you are looking for without any trouble. Plug-ins and widgets are integrated, giving greater functionality.

If you are new to the program or have any doubts or queries there is a forum available to address your problems. Lepton CMS is an excellent program with almost all the functions you might need, although its potential has not been discovered. Try out Lepton CMS, to know for yourself.

Banana Dance Hosting/ Wiki Hosting

An introduction to Banana Dance Hosting/ Wiki Hosting and its Wonderful Services

Banana dance hosting/ wiki hosting is nothing but an open source program that is written in PHP/ MySQL. This program is known to integrate a steady content management system with a Wiki software. The company gives the users a plethora of services.

Online marketing has become very competitive over the years and Wiki hosting has turned out to be a very important tool for creating company and brand awareness.

Now we know that this application combines content management too; so now let us learn about content management system

An introduction to content management system

Content management system is also referred to as CMS. This application is very useful when you are trying to manage the content on your website. This application is very easy to use; you do not have to have very sound knowledge in the technicalities to operate this software. In fact you can start using the application to the fullest straight after the installation process is complete. The CMS application comes with designing templates that can be used to design or re design websites.

The features of Banana dance hosting/ wiki hosting can be listed below.

  • This particular application is not at all complicated, so anyone can use it to the fullest.
  • The process of installing the application is very easy. The developing company will often provide you with clear instructions on how you can go through the process of installation.
  • The level of security that is offered is quite high; so as a user can be assured that your website will be secure all the time.
  • The application gives you a lot of flexibility by giving you full control over the website. You can incorporate changes in the website whenever you want without facing any difficulties.
  • You can bring down the cost substantially as you do not have to hire professional help to maintain your website. You can design a website by using the templates provided.
  • This application also helps you to add a number of features to your website without paying any extra money.

The benefits of using Banana dance hosting/ wiki hosting

Since the application gives you total control over the website; you can decide how you wish to utilize on it. You can then develop suitable content and post it on your website.

  1. You do not have to limit yourself when it comes to adding pages. You can add as many pages as you want.
  2. You can also expect to have a strong communication with your fans. You can design a website that lets customers to pass on their suggestions to you so that you can improve your services.
  3. You can make changes to the display on the website whenever you want.
  4. Updating the content on your website regular is what this application facilitates without any problems at all.

Follow the tips n the article and you will have no trouble in using Banana dance hosting/ wiki hosting to maintain your website. This application is very easy to use and can give good results.

Havalite lightweight CMS Hosting

Havalite lightweight CMS is really happening


Content Management Systems(CMS) like Havalite are computer programs for maintaining websites. It allows you to manage, modify, edit and easily publish content with a central interface. It is meant to cut paste the technical process of coding the projects and getting directly to update the website. This allows you to quickly get to work without dwelling too much on the technical details.


Havalite is a very simple function-filled content management system developed by a team in Germany, especially designed keeping in mind to keep it uncomplicated for easy use. It has a simple, uncluttered interface giving you easy access to what you need when you need it. It is designed for blog management, written in PHP and SQLIte and uses the jQuery UI library.It is licensed under General Public License (GNU). It is designed for those who don’t have any technical knowledge and want to manage their content without any hassle. It is an open-sourced system, so you don’t need to spend a dime to use it. Its intuitive, simple-to-use design is better than most programs out there. Any donations made are redirected towards charity.


Once you download it, a one-step installation wizard welcomes you. As mentioned on their website, Havalite has been designed for those who do not have any knowledge of computer programming such as HTML etc. It is meant for those who passionate about writing and would like to publish their content without any trouble.

The first thing you notice when you open the program is its clean interface. Although the program is open-sourced, it is very professionally designed with a neat and clean finish. Since it is open-sourced you can modify it to better suit your needs. Third-party plug-ins and widgets are integrated into the program, with the ability of plug-in configurations. A host of plug-ins and widgets for Havalite are available on their official website

Several themes are also available, providing ready layouts for your content. A good theme is essential for any website, they are the basic personality of the website. You can either use the themes already available or can develop your own if you want to add your personal touch. Layouts are also available for designing custom themes.

The text, images, and SWF files are all backed-up in the SqLite Database. It allows for exporting the database to a server without altering the database structure. You can backup the entire system including the images also in a single SqLite file. You may also compress the database and save as zip files to save space.

Multiple databases can seamlessly run according to their sub domains. Once installed it can be used on how many ever sub domains.

Theme creation, theme preview, plug-in creation, sidebar widgets, RSS feeds and Mobile Detectors, for automatic switching when viewed from mobile devices, are some of the many more useful functions of Havalite CMS.

If you are an avid blogger looking for a content management system, look no further than Havalite. Havalite is a fully functional program for blog owners to manage and update their blogs.

OPEN Source Shopping Cart VamCart Detailed Review

Add VamCart to Shopping Cart


VamCart is an open sourced shopping cart software. Shopping Cart software, as the name suggests, is a software that allows a website visitor to make a list of the things he would like to purchase on the website and make a collective transaction. Further and beyond this, these programs give the ability to process client’s payment information, and in the case of credit card purchases they take assistance from the secure gateway provider, in combination with secure payment gateway to conduct credit card transactions online. VamCart is one such software. It is open sourced but it is function filled. It consists of all the functions an ecommerce site would require.

The ecommerce industry has boomed in recent years to become a multi billion-dollar industry with thousands of websites running from different countries competing for your business. It has become necessary to stay updated in the latest trends in such a dynamic market. VamCart can help you add a shopping cart to your ecommerce site with ease.


VamCart is open sourced software based on CakePHP with MVC framework. It has a host of features required for integrating a functional shopping cart to an ecommerce site. Since the software is open sourced it can accordingly be modified and executed according to your individual needs. Although it is open-sourced it is not short of features. It may not fare well against other paid software’s, but then again it is not paid. Being open sourced gives it the ability to be modified to add any requirements.

VamCart has been search engine optimized to offer better visibility for the products on search engines. The ability to add Meta Tags is also there. This is an important feature since it gives the flexibility to customize the page’s URL making it more search engine friendly. This is essential for redirecting potential customers to thewebsite without spending any resources. Being SEO optimized gives an extra edge over the competition.

VamCart can effortlessly manage unlimited categories and products. It also has the feature to automatically resize images. It has support for most popular languages and currencies. This allows for you to truly reach a global market place. VamCart has integration for coupons and product reviews adding functionality to the site. There are several more features available on the program and even more can be added by using add-ons.

Several add-ons are also available for VamCart, if you are looking for any additional features. Templates, CSS themes, shopping modules, payment modules, additional languages and many more are available.

VamCart is a straightforward program that delivers on what it promises. It is easy to use and easy to learn especially for those who have prior experience using such programs. The SEO feature is very commendable since the program is open sourced. If you are a small business with an online presence, VamCart is the perfect option because it has all the features you would require to set up a functional online purchasing system free of cost.

Processwire CMS Hosting

Processwire Hosting gives you the best in CMS

Intro to Processwire hosting

The CMS developed by this company is very powerful and user friendly; in fact it is an open source application. Since this application is open sourced you can tweak it to do anything. The CMS developed by this company is very popular with the people.

A summary on CMS

CMS is broadly known as content management system. Now this happens to be a very useful application that can be used to manage the content on any website. As a user you can operate all of the features on this application even if you do not have any technical knowledge. So you see that you need not have any knowledge about HTML and backhand codes. This application allows you to start using the application right after installing it. You can use this to design or re design your website anytime without facing any difficulties at all.

Some of the features that you can expect from the CMS developed by Processwire Hosting

  1. The application is very user friendly so anyone can use it for maintaining their website.
  2. The installation process is a very easy and quick. In fact you will be provided with clear instructions on how to go about the process.
  3. Now as a user your main concern will be security and that is quite normal but using this application you can be rest assured that your website will be very secure at all times.
  4. You will enjoy a great deal of flexibility, as you have complete control over your website at all times. You can make changes to your website as and when you like.
  5. The overall cost of operation comes down substantially as you do not have to hire designers to design your website. The designing template provided in this application will let you design a website within a very short time.
  6. You can add a number of features to this application without having to pay anything extra.

Let us look at the advantages of using Processwire Hosting

Since you have full control over your website you can decide what you would like to post on it. You can remove or add any content you like.

You will also have the benefit of adding any number of pages; so if you want to construct an elaborate website you can do so with this application.

This application will facilitate a strong and steady communication between you and your customers without any problems. You can let your customers post feedback or leave suggestions regarding the services provided by your company.

You can also change the display of your website from time to time. This application can let you do that very easily.

This particular application lets you update your website so you can keep the content fresh.

As mentioned earlier this application lets you change the design or the layout of your website anytime you want.

Since this is an open source application you can download it for free over the internet.