Web Hosting Competition

Now the time in market this is generally going on web hosting market that a hidden battle is going on in the market which is very beneficial for the customers but the thing is that which host is giving us what? Generally you needs a better disk space and a high speed bandwidth but it depends on your site size, besides being a heavy weight, you are also going to be quick footed by getting unlimited pop e-mail accounts and e-mail aliases. You also get unlimited mailing lists or newsletters and auto responders which means being able to utilize the best marketing tool ever, which is building your own opt-in list which is going to be your prospective customer base for current and future product offers.

Apart of this many more is going on market which provides you a better environment like you can access the comprehensive online support, your account information, upload or update files via a web based interface, change your password, manage, add or access your pop3 e-mail, create mailing list or newsletter, setup MySQL database, view site statistics reports for your own analysis or if you use a third party analysis software just download the access logs, manage FrontPage extensions, submit your site to several search engines automatically, setup a secure server, setup a web page counter, setup a shopping cart, setup a search engine for your homepage, access your instant profit sites, backup your website, schedule nightly events, view error logs for trouble shooting your site and you can even design your website from this control panel.

These features can set you on a decision for selecting a better host in this battle.

Earn Extra with Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting can be a great way to earn some extra money on the side for your business or even a full time job once you get into it. Though this can be a great way to do business, it can come with some UN-foreseen downsides, headaches and a whole lot more. Not to say that you can’t be successful at it, but you must first take the steps to assure that down the road it doesn’t ruin your business.

An important part when dealing with reseller hosting is that some of the control has been taking out of your hands. This is important because you have to trust in the company you are doing business with and this limits to some things you can do.

How much uptime and downtime you have is really not for you to decide, as you are not the one looking over the server. The company you are going through may not be as professional as you and they figure what is a few hours of waiting to get your site up, Right? Wrong! The worse thing I have seen is sites going down and when you go to that company’s website that you do business with, all you think is ‘oh my, their site is down too and I can’t get in touch with them’. This can cause allot of headaches for your and your clients; it can even cost your business.

The best thing to do before going with a hosting company is to get a list of reference sites if you can, to see if they go down. Also watch the company’s site you are planning to go with and see if it ever goes down. If so, how quick does it come back up? Another great thing to do is ask around, if the company has good or bad service, then there will be people out there to comment on this, trust me. Also don’t be afraid to email those people who had a problem with that hosting company and ask them what exactly happened.

Also when dealing with a company, make sure they offer a good list of services and features that you can offer to your clients. Check with them to see how flexible they are with different scenarios as well as adding on new features. Remember a good company with go the extra mile to show you that they can be trusted.

Un-managed Dedicated Servers

Packages & Specs Un-managed dedicated Server Features

Did you know that whenever you pay for a web hosting service, you’re merely renting a space in a server shared amongst many other, sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands, other website owners? Therefore, some people, especially high-traffic websites, prefer to use dedicated servers.

A dedicated server service is a kind of service whereby the website hosting service provider rents out the entire dedicated server to one particular website, shared with no one else! A shared server is also called virtual hosting and whilst its perfectly find for a small corporate website to use a shared or virtual hosting package, if your business and traffic’s grown to such an extent whereby bandwidth has become a problem, you’ll need to take a good look at what a dedicated server can do for your website. When you have a dedicated server, not only will you fulfill the hungry web visitors of yours but you’re ready for exponential growth…particularly when you are running a major campaign and are expecting a huge influx or visitors to your website. With this type of website host service, CP Web Hosting dedicates the whole dedicated server to your website and we will manage the entire server for you, maintain it, troubleshoot it and give you our complete support.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When you use our dedicated server services, we’re leasing the entire server to you and NO ONE ELSE! Managed Dedicated Server hosting from CP Web Hosting delivers a “higher level” of managed IT services for deploying and hosting e-business, security, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions for the mission-critical applications that power your business.You’ll be surprised about this but collected data shows that a dedicated server may, at the end of the day, cut you some cost on overhead and give you a bigger share of the pie or ROI from your website. While this type of website host service is commonly used in the data centers and other high-traffic websites, banks and other forms of financial institutions also use a dedicated server because of security, flexibility and overall functionality issues.With the many different types of website host service packages that we have for you, our dedicated server packages provides collocation and dedicated space by the U ( 1U, 2U, 3U etc..) by the 3rd or a rack, half the rack or full rack.

Web Developers can be successful Web Hosting resellers

By becoming a reseller, not only can web developers create websites for their clients, but they can provide their clients web hosting, as another service. All you need to become a reseller, is to find a web host who: offers multiple website hosting accounts; along with reseller services; and then its up to you to host your client’s web sites from your own account. Your clients will be happy with the low fees you can offer; and, you will have yourself a very profitable side business.

To become a web hosting reseller, the first step is to get yourself a multiple domain account. For example, if you take out an account that allows up to 6 websites (or domains), you can use one of the domains for development of your own site; and, still have 5 domains to allocate to your clients sites. All you need to do is pay your regular fee to your web host; then, you can charge your clients what ever you like.

Most importantly your web host should give you the facility to ‘hide your web hosts identity’ so clients are unaware that you are offering a third party service. Ensure that you can customize your clients control panel to suit your own requirements.

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions are essential when offering any service; ensure that all your clients have a copy of your terms and conditions.

Fast and reliable support – Fast and reliable, service and support, is essential, from your web hosting company. If something happens to your client’s web site it is important to be able to get the problem solved as soon as possible. You don’t want clients being unhappy with your hosting services, as this will reflect badly on your other services too. Reselling can be a very profitable side business if you find the right host. It may take up some of your time, however, if you put the time and effort into providing a little bit extra in your services, not only will your clients be a lot happier you will have a rewarding total web services business.

Pros and cons of shared hosting

Shared web site hosting is such kind of providing space for web sites on the hosters server when you share this server with other customer’s web sites. All web sites use the same software and operating system. But unlike free web hosting which has the same conditions, with shared web hosting you have much more benefits.

Shared web hosting can be divided into two subtypes:

Free Shared Hosting is the best choice for trying some new ideas and not paying for hosting. This type of web site hosting provides you with everything necessary for floating your site. Bandwidth and Disk Space is limited. This type of shared hosting may not ensure you with MySQL, PHP support. Web statistics is also poorly provided.

Paid Shared Hosting provides such necessary features, as multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP are supported. You may use it if you want to host small business web site, intermediate or large professional site but don’t need the whole server’s space. Using shared hosting you get a good possibility to host your site on a powerful, well administrated server at a low monthly cost.

Now we can pick out pros and cons of shared hosting:


  • Low cost
  • Good server administration
  • Multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP support
  • You don’t need some unique knowledge in web site and server administration


  • Low security level
  • Resource limitation -everybody uses the same memory, CPU and Hard Drive.
  • You can use only the software which is provided with your web hosting company, and correspondingly you can’t install your own.
  • Some available ports and connections can be limited because of security policy.

The main feature of shared hosting is that you don’t need to worry about possible server problems. Your hosting company’s support service is to fix all troubles. So, when choosing shared hosting you must carefully look at company support’s quality, the better quality of support – the better conditions for your site.

Is it better or not to get domain name separate from hosting company

Prevent yourself from any possible trouble and register the domain at a registrar separate from the web hosting company.

Never register your domain with your web host. It’s a bad idea!

most of the problems i read are usually because the users did not check to see if the domain name is actually registered to them instead of the hosting company. i was assured by the company i asked ( ixwebhosting ) that i have full control over my domain and would be listed as the owner so i assume shouldn’t be too difficult to transfer if i find their services lacking. please correct me if i’m wrong

Completely agree with actually owning your domain name, because if you ever have problems with the hosting company, you can always transfer your domain name. From personal experience I have lost a domain because of this.

My answer is yes! I learned it the hard way, with my site down for a whole week.

While sayng ALL hosts are “keeping your domain names” may be a bit exaggerated, there are DEFINITELY more than just a few HUNDRED horror stories. I have personally come across quite a number of situations myself switching hosts for my clients; many, including some well established hosting companies, are making transfers or even changing nameservers DIFFICULT, and you could guess the reason why

Having two different provider for Domain and Hosting is totally depends on the clients and the way in which he find himself comfortable, some prefer different providers and they cant give the whole control to one service provider, whereas some prefer single provider as it help them in resolving the technical issues. So its all upto you and your mode of working.

Domain Hosting Services


Whois.co.kr is an expert provider of reliable hosting solutions and domain hosting services in Korea.
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The company has a highly professional customer support team that is available 24/7 via e-mail, Phone and live chat. This company moreover offers a variety of hosting solutions from SMS hosting to web hosting, server hosting/IDC, my hosting management extension and SSL certificates. Other services it offers are domain transfer, renewal and registration, domain asset management, trademark/brand consultancy and domain utilization and value-added services along with domain management. It also has a hosting academy where customers can learn via the knowledge library, Business lectures, and Internet video lectures.


AppServHosting Offer Domain Hosting Services


AppServ Limited Partnership is an internet solution and domain services provider that was founded back in 2006 and is a branch of the AppservNetwork.com.
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This company is an accredited ICANN domain registrar and offers domain services such as domain renewals, domain transfer, domain management and domain registration. It also provides SSL certificates and reliable web hosting solutions with various plans from which to choose. It further uses SSD hard drives to provide optimal speed and performance. Appservhosting.com has a reliable customer care team that is available round the clock to cater to customers’ needs.


Innohosting is Leader of Hosting Infrastructure and Services


Innohosting.com is a popular leader of hosting infrastructure and services.
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The company offers bandwidth, web space, and hosting tools that enhance website traffic without compromising with quality. Also, they provide 99.9% high uptime, 16 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers and 24/7 technical support. This hosting is perfect for bloggers and individual that need a reliable web hosting platform. Their hosting packages are designed to accommodate the most complex requirements. On top of this, the company uses quality hardware and multiple configurations that offer raw power to web services around the world. Innohosting migrates customer’s hosting account, control panel settings, emails, web applications, databases, etc. They have ActivGuard website security for protection of user’s website.

1FreeHosting Offers World Class Hosting Services


Founded in 2000, 1freehosting offers world class web hosting services. The company has established with an aim to provide best professional web hosting and free web publishing services to the industry.
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Their free hosting services are available without any extra cost or hidden fees. Moreover, their hosting technology is different from any other web providers. 1freeehosting servers offer reliability and best performance around the world. Besides this, a free web host members can access support ticket system and get instant response to their queries. Company’s hosting features include disk space, add-on domains, parked domains, FTP accounts, website builder, email accounts and much more.