Content Hosting on your platform

It is recommended, that your content must be hosted on your platform as it leads to several benefits. But most people don’t know benefits, or reasons. These benefits makes it essential for you.

In this article you will going to see those essentials which says that content must be hosted on your own platform.

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1. All traffic comes to you

When your content is hosted on your platform, all traffic comes to you. If you are using others platform, they will receive traffic in bulk but only a part of it will be received by you. So, why not get all traffic.

You can use other platforms to share your content and to divert good amount of traffic to your sites, blogs, video channels.

2. Your blog, Your Rules

Here everything is yours. You are having your own blog, content, post, website design chosen by you, voice and tone of content, all is yours. You have complete freedom. Even you are not required to sign any agreement or see Terms and Conditions as you are having a full power to post anything as more or as little you want.

3. Better search engine visibility

If you want that people who are looking for content creators on search engines, may directly reach to you and not others on same platform, so for this your pages must be indexed on search engines. And for this content must be hosted on your platform.

4. Hello, MySpace

It is difficult to say that platform which you are using exist forever. Sometimes media also change the perspectives of platform. It is also seen that some of the bloggers who don’t keep their data with them, may also loose the same with loosing of platform.

So, if content is hosted on your platform ,your longevity may last for long and your files are always owned by you and not by others. This allows you to take your content with yourself, wherever you go.

5. It’s your community – not someone else

On your platform only yours content is visible which readers can read. But on others platform, you may find yours content with other authors or writers also and mostly it happens that people having lease patience switch to other content soon.

And if people visit your platform again and again and they like your content, so soon you will see that this familiarity builds trust which leads to building of community. And this community is all yours and not someone else.

6. You can monetize your own platform

On other platforms, you may/ may not have the freedom to monetize. But on your own platform, your content can serve you so many things. It may highlight your specialization, run your business, your books, webinars, e-books, courses can be sold and others.

7. Your searchable archives

When people search for content on your platform, they find only your content and not others. Your expertise, your private brand and reasons will be shown that how you may prove good to them.

8. Pride of ownership

Your own content hosted on your platform makes you feel proud on your ownership. As Content is created by you so it makes you feel more diligent for accuracy, editing, design and continuity. It is also seen that people who are using their platform like to post on daily basis. They also used their URL on online profiles, bios, business cards etc. to publicize themselves.

9. You can sell your web property one day

It offers you one more advantage, you may sell your own platform or blog when you wish not to continue the same.

10. You can still share on other platforms

While using your own platform, you may have an opportunity to share your content on other platforms. And their traffic can be diverted to your website, blog, post.