SAMP Server Hosting Sites

SAMP Server Hosting Sites

About SA-MP

SA-MP stands for San Andreas Multiplayer. It is a modification for Grand Theft Auto. San Andreas has turned it into a multiplayer game. You can play it over the internet or LAN also with up to 500 other people, which is fantastic. For this purpose, you need the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC game to play San Andreas Multiplayer.
SA-MP has almost all the features which we get in single player GTA. SA-MP also has the ability to create personalized scripted game modes. There are lots of game modes which features a series of different and funny things. It offers lots of features that are not possible in single player.

System Requirements

SA-MP can run on any computer that can run San Andreas single player. Moreover, it gives better performance in most cases. However, SA-MP Supports up to 500 slots. So, if you are playing on larger servers, then the speed of the game may run slower at times if you have a lower spec.

SA-MP specific

In addition to the standard Single Player requirements, SA-MP needs the following: 5.6MB free Hard Drive space, An Internet Connection (512k+ Broadband is highly recommended for smooth online play), A copy of GTA San Andreas for PC – V1.0 [NOT V1.01, V2.0, V3.0] SA-MP tutorial is also available, which offers the facility of – downloading, installing and SA-MP, creating your own server, getting your server online, advertising your server and many more.

Obtaining the Files

Very first step to set up your SA-MP server to download the Windows Server files from SA-MP downloads page. There you will able to find the current version of the Windows Server files. Under the Windows Server header, you need to click one of the download links to begin downloading. After that, you need to make sure to put the file somewhere, where you can easily remember it.

Configuring your Server

Once the files are downloaded, you need to extract (using program that can extract .rar files) the files. There is no need to put them in a certain folder. After that, you can proceed to edit your server.cfg file.
You will find server.cfg in the root folder for your server files. You need to open it in Notepad or another text editor. This file will appear to you in readable English language. This file is for the configuration of your server. Here you need to specify if LAN mode is on or off, host name, game modes, the max players, the server port, filter scripts*, web URL and your rcon password.

Executing the Server

Once you have configured your server you can run it. To run it you just need to simply click samp-server.exe, and your server will be running.


It offers you the facility of connecting your server to a local area network.

Keeping the Server Online

In the SA-MP Server It has limited anti-crash options available, with a large possibility of receiving Segmentation Faults or any other error which is generated by your (Pawn) game mode. In this situation it will shutdown the server, and you have to start up yourself again.

Free SA-MP Server Hosting Site

Free SA-MP servers offer various features, such as: FTP, Cpanel, Non-mysql game modes, Any Version [0.3c, 0.3d etc], Linux operating system, 24/7 uptime, Skype support and many more. There are lots of reputed companies and websites which offers SA-MP server hosting service for free.

RTMP Server Hosting

RTMP Server Hosting

RTMP stands for Real Time Messaging Protocol. It was initially a proprietary protocol which was developed by Macromedia for streaming video, audio and data over the Internet. It is between a Flash player and a server. Currently, Macromedia is owned by Adobe. It has released an incomplete version of the specification of the protocol for public use. So, RTMP may refer to: A multimedia streaming and remote procedure call protocol that is primarily used in Adobe Flash.

The RTMP protocol has several variations:

1. Protocol “plain” uses port 1935 by default and works directly in TCP.
2. RTMPS means RTMP over secure connections SSL and uses HTTPS.
3. RTMPE means RTMP encrypted uses a security mechanism of Adobe. However, details of the implementation are proprietary. And its working mechanism makes the use of standard cryptographic primitives. It is not designed correctly and does not provide safety too.
4. RTMPT is encapsulated within HTTP and request to pass the firewall. Its session can carry encapsulated inside packages RTMP, RTMPS or RTMPE.

Initially, the original motive for the introduction of RTMP was to provide a protocol for playing Flash video. However, in today’s scenario, its protocol is also be used for other applications too. RTMP server can receive audio and video streams from OBS. It supplies them to several viewers. If needed the Nginx RTMP server can also host a web page and web player. But it is for another tutorial.


The TCP variant uses a constant connection, which offers real-time communication. For ensuring smooth playback and larger data blocks are transmitted. It’s protocol divide the data into 128-byte blocks (64 bytes for audio). It has RTMPT tunnels that are constructed to overcome firewalls. RTMPS offers the use of SSL which allows encrypted data transmission.

RTMP servers

There are some proprietary RTMP server implementations, which is Adobe Flash Media Server, z. B. jeeCam Communication Server, Onlinelib VCS Video Communication Server, Telephony MAD Server, Wowza Media Server and WebORB Integration Server. The Red5 project is working on, and it is an open source implementation services in Java. Moreover, Beta versions are already available. And another open source implementation is “C ++ RTMP server”. The free software FFmpeg can also be used as RTMP servers.


RTMPDump is a free software project. It is dedicated to develop a toolkit for RTMP streams. Its package includes three programs; they are rtmpdump, RTMP SRV and rtmpsuck.
• Rtmpdump is basically used to connect to RTMP servers. It is just like regular Flash video player clients. It captures the stream from the network and save it in a file. Its commands may be constructed by using connection and authentication. It’s information previously obtained from the RTMP server by RTMP SRV.
• Rtmpsrv is used to watch streams and connections.
• Rtmpsuck is also be used to capture streams. However, it can be used to detect parameters which is used with RTMP dump.
It has been reviewed as “an excellent utility for recording streams broadcasting TV and video on demand”. It has been used in academic research on video streaming rate selection and in developmental media framework. Its utility has been noted for its small size and it has ability to decrypt both RTMPE and RTMPS Digital Rights Management technologies.

Free RTMP server hosting

There are many reputed websites and companies which offer RTMP server for free.

Dedicated Server Hosting Free Trial

Dedicated Server Hosting Free Trial

How to Identify Best Website Hosting Package

A best Web hosting package is available for you, if you are in search of a new domain or may be to transfer traditional domain, web-hosting is the one stop solution. For understanding role and scope of hosting in online world, one must find an in-debt overview of different plans of hosting. Various online web hosting companies take care about the budget of its customers and that is why offers different codes and coupons for the benefits of their buyers. While setting up an online business, the quality of the website is not the only thing to consider.

There are certain other factors attached with it for proper growth and success. Domain name will come under one of the crucial factors. Start proofreading your text now. This is the reason why you should select a good domain name while building up a website. Website Hosting Package gives a strong impact on the SEO result and returns. It will additionally contribute to improve rank of your web portal.

Select Best Web Hosting Package

Hosting plan refers to the name of the most successful hosting company of this world. They offer great service, various discounts and hosting coupon with even Free trial dedicated server hosting facility. Simultaneously, various users of hosting service providing company also enjoy the benefits of hosting promo code. These features make a variety of facilities comparatively less expensive. Some points are mentioned below which help a person in analyzing different will web hosting packages offered by the company:-

  • One can get various domains at a single time with various hosting companies. Moreover, for a fresher website builder, this company offers a free setup while purchasing various hosting plans.
  • Technology has boosted requirement and need of web hosting technology. For getting free access to your portal on the internet, you have to satisfy you with name of web hosting service provider.
  • There is no need to expense on some designer. You will just need to choose a template and can build an easy website also.
  • Firstly, one must prefer a free deal; if important then go for a paid version. A free deal also provides same result to the business like a paid version. Therefore, a person who is willing to start business in small scale must prefer this.
Setting the server and choosing one from the Minecraft
  • One can host Minecraft on their own hardware. It is not a painful work and is simple fun. Just go to the download page for windows hardware or download .jar file if executing it on Linux or Mac. Both are available on same page of Minecraft downloads page.
  • Have Java installation beforehand with the latest version. Assign particular memory storage for the Minecraft server.
  • For Mac users, allocating memory is a splendid choice. Save the desired file as start. Command in server folder. Drag this file into a terminal with proper permissions. Double click on the file and it starts the server at the best onset.

There are not much instructions or hassles for windows users. They can just invite friends directly after allocation of server.
For Linux users, save the required commands in folders. This only assigns 1 GB RAM. Depending on the 32 bit version or 64 bit version of Java, megabytes are assigned on the server.

Host Proxy Server

Host Proxy Server

Key Points for Newbie’s in Hosting Proxy Server

Picking the right web page with web hosting service is an extremely significant process that is all too consistently scurried through or; generally misinterpreted. Getting web-hosting done is actually one of the most vital parts of establishing up an internet business. If you are a starter then following is an explanation of the most popular queries and responses to think about when searching for a web host.

There are various resources and information available on the internet about choosing hosting plans while you are thinking about hosting a proxy server. Even with this facility, you can have the live support to help you sustain different web page. Being a person, one will preserve to 25% on certain chosen solutions. Even there is the opportunity to get a few dollars here and there while working with this company. New sites and clients may get a number of offers while applying their titles for the first time. For choosing ideal host a proxy server plan, you should choose an ideal program for finding the best cost.

About Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the technique of putting your site on a web server or web, so everybody associated with it Online can see it. In the event that you have a changeless connection to the Online you could have your site on your own PC, however, that is by and large not a great thought.

About Domain Hosting

Most Online Service Suppliers (or ISP) will contribute towards you a no cost web page when they offer you access to the Online. They do this in light of the fact that they would choose not to give for you a long long-term IP deal with, which is the thing that you require supposing that you’d get a punch out of to be able to have a web page on your own device. Unfortunately, most ISPs don’t help space assisting with their solutions.

About Virtual Hosting

If you wonder what VPS web hosting is, and you are rotating your head in misunderstanding, then you must not fear anymore as find below mentioned details over what is VPS web hosting, and it’s other areas of interest. VPN appears for Virtual Private Server. It’s a common term in the domain web hosting that is relevant to an online device that is actually a server for information relevant to the website owner. When you see a web page and it says “hosted by” that is in mention of a company that is keeping the site’s information so that customer can spot and interact with it.

Virtual Hosting is frequently used as a comparative word for imparted assisting, e.g. you have your site on a web server with several other sites and you provide the IP location to such sites. That means that with virtual assisting you ought to have your own particular IP deal with, as well as a dedicated return speed to the Online and an enthusiastic cut of the workstations managing power.

About web server

A web server is either a great PC or server for the strong assistance of websites or the product requisition that operates on that server. The most well-known is Hypertext Transfer Method (HTTP) to modify sites to your web program.

Game Server Hosting Australia

Game Server Hosting Australia

Game server hosting on a machine within minutes.

Game server hosting is the most professional and friendly servers backed by an impressive team who work together to get their client with best features and back-up facilities. The game plans in Australia that are established using game server are not very hardware based. It has the capacity to handle many players at the same time for any server all over the world. Just try having a good internet connection to make this effort more efficiently and worth remembering.
Virtual servers in Australia on cloud help people play online without much effort. Choose a Game server hosting Australia with less number of players.

Game Server is the Best

If you yet don’t know what Game server is exactly, let me tell you, it is the hosting server that allows you online playing. This can be done either on the hosted server or a virtual private server as well. Games have special graphics, music and a story line, which makes them unique and worth playing. Now this game server hosting provide game play. It uses an 8-bit block of graphics and hence you can change the dynamics of the game accordingly. The server gives the best pixels to make anything real and give you jitters.
The advantage of using game server is a public domain to share your gaming. It becomes a world stage at times with your simple server in line, and you can have fun fullest to your heart. The game server in Australia has five virtual private servers as well for its rescue and expanded base. They are inter-server,, rose hosting, server pronto and a small orange, all available at varied prices. is ranked the best among all game servers. They have twenty locations at which the servers are located. It allows choosing the best plans according to your needs from various plans available. They also have cloud hosting at certain places. The pricing starts from $20 per month. Bandwidth of 3TB, 512 MB RAM 1.2 GHz CPU and 10 GB disk space. It’s easy to host a game server on nay servers because it have managerial solutions for the system and efficient for the time. It comes in small, medium and large packages. Depending on the need you can upgrade your server for any benefits. The largest package gives 200 GB storage and 12 GHz CPU with 7520 MB of RAM.


Game server hosting in Australia gives the multiplayer facility at its best. One just has to be on same server to connect to other person. Local host in Australia as the keyword can help you’re reach to others or invite friends. Else go for an IP address sharing to connect externally. In short your gaming world can be hosted and created on your hardware easily with the help of these hosting servers located remotely. A single folder on your machine will run your entire gaming clan and friend’s subunits.
You can customize and modify the server settings according to your choice and need. Game server based hosting in Australia has made its default settings for the best use, thus making it less likely to choose any other settings. Have your username and password safe to protect your identity and cyber crime.

Game Server Hosting UK

Game Server Hosting UK

Game Server Hosting, the best for Game Play

One of the perfect hosting for any type of server and business with many plans is what game server hosting UK is all about. Some of the key features that make it appealing and suitable for you are:

  • 24 x 7 help through live chat for any problem encountered at any hour of the day.
  • Minimum setup time for game hosting. Automatic generation of server on payment.
  • Highest quality service servers for the most powerful dependability.
  • Daily backups for the data at Game server.

Features of Game Server Hosting at its best

Game server hosting have been the backbone of gaming servers since a while. They have allowed people to play online while sharing the space with others in public. Nothing seems more colorful and powerful with them. Here is brief of their best features in the hosting arena which may out burn others when it comes to gaming experience on their servers. The hosting is very simple and easy with lot of managing tools and plans to choose from. These configurations suit the best for any gaming service and make it easy to make a friendly game with best results. This is the reach and accessibility of the hosting servers of game server, which are known worldwide.

Features to take a look at-

The game server hosting provides with free web hosting for all plans of 1 GB. This gives a free hosting plan for a small website for any server. This is accompanied by back up like other plans. One can easily get information from their official site.
There are many customizations possible for this server hosting. With many plug-in like bucket installation and other modifications like tektite, there are endless customizations that can be done here. One just has to submit a request and rest is taken care by the company.
Game server provides automatic backup for the entire website even at the remotest place. There system of 40 TB can store data entirely and is accessible after a request is passed for restoration. Scams and cyber-crime proof server is backed by 24 x 7 monitoring for all possible attacks online. The team is vigilant enough for all networks of their host and high security. This comes with reliable speed and uptime guarantee.
The game server hosting is said to be the easiest to setup. It provides automatic generation of hosting and server after the entire documentation, payment and other processes are completed and have a green flag. Within five minutes the setup is ready and usable.Other features associated with game server hosting

Other Features Associated with Game Server Hosting

A special panel gives a lot of freedom and control over the server you choose. This panel is designed by game server specifically. Plug-in, configuration files, modifications and stat or stop server options are all embedded here.
They provide exclusive IP address for you, for all the 1 GB plus plans. This IP isn’t shared and provides exclusive access to 25565 ports.
Live chat at any time of the day is again a unique feature with them. The reply or a response to your problem is answered in less than an hour of the request made making the entire process more user-friendly and customer helping.

Java Hosting Server

Free Java Hosting Server

Free Java Hosting Server

It is now very easy to make your own server and distribute it among friends for fun. It also brings risk and so it must be done carefully following all the steps in proper order. It requires some technical knowledge so that if there are any problems it can be tackled easily. The Minecraft server gives an option where players can easily connect with their friends and double the fun. It is important to consider your system configuration so that server can easily be installed and executed. Minecraft is very popular for games and thus, players always wish to have it to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. The games developed can easily work on java server that is offered by Minecraft.

Install Latest Version of Java

It is beneficial to have the latest version of java that can come with all latest features. One who already has it in their system must update and get the latest version of it. It is advisable to make a dedicated folder for your server and thus once done with it start the server to move forward. As you click on it configuration files are automatically added in such folder. The most important thing to be done is to accept EULA and make it true from false. The file is located in the application folder and now it is important to start a server. One who faces any problem can start the server as an administrator.

Steps Involved

Now come to the command prompt where parameters are passed to run java and other executable files. To run java, it is important to specify the path and thus, from command line take it to the respective path. One can also set the environment variable and take command prompt to the newly created path. Once you are done with it next come the Minecraft server that is required to be executed with commands. The jar file is to be changed now so that it can be executed to give proper results. There are various options available for the user to work in such environment like they can use java for executing and even can go without Goethe next step is to set minimum and maximum memory allocated to the server and it depended on the configuration of the system. There is an option that is requiring making true and it will help to make server online and connect through LAN.


There is an option where the user can create a .bat file that will have all commands and thus finally executing can help to make server online. It is very easy to create .bat file just opens any notepad and start writing all important commands. The most important things are to set path and them write all command that were used to make it run from command prompt. Just save the file with .bat extension only. This file is to be stored in the folder where Minecraft server exists and will work same as the executable file. Now just copy file path of your exe file in bat file so that executing it will help to start a server. After saving it just click on bat file and it will popup up with some errors. Just ignore such errors and go for further step. Once you click start you can find your server is online here your friends can also connect with it.

PHP Mysql Server Hosting

PHP Mysql Server Hosting

Free Server Hosting PHP Mysql

The most common server that is executed locally and globally is PHP myself. The whole process of installation is very easy, and anyone can go for it. The first step required to perform is to download EasyPHP from respective website. It is a server that will help to connect to the database and thus mostly use for business purposes. The downloaded executable file is now to be executed and select any directory for further procedures.

Steps Involved

Now before performing any further procedure make sure that server is running so that other functionalities can be implemented. The system tray will have an icon of PHP. Once you get icon visible in the tray, just double-click on it to open the window where a server is required to be get started. The window will not only give the option to start the server but will also ask for selected PHP version that you wish to execute. This type of server is light in weight and thus, can be easy to install for developers to work with it. Moreover transferring from local server to global server is very easy in PHP and so people are opting for it.

The next step is to check options available in system tray once you click on administration. The different menus available here help, log files, configuration and many more. These options help anyone to make it easy to manage server and also get various options that make easy to make it as a server. The PHP pages that are required to be executed must be placed in LOCALWEB directory. There is also an option to go for virtual host folder. Now you are required to make changes in your PHP file which gives the option to make it work on the global server of local itself. One who has Cpanel can easily host all files in the root directory and make the connection to the respective server. There is an option to give Ip address where you wish to make the connection. There must be an IPaddress which remain static and thus using such IP address will help to make connection global.

Security Parameters

It is very important to maintain security and thus both username and password can be given for connection directly to a server. It gives the option to make the connection secure with myself. It is an easy way to install PP Mysql server and thus it’s possible for all to set up such server for all.


It is very important to check whether the server is working and also your file’s output. So, once you are done with local checking just changes your PHP file and make other changes. The changes are such that IP address along with username and password. It must be changed to your global server and thus upload file on such server. It has made very easy to make your application live and help other people to access it. There are many options where one can create their PHP file sand supported by myself. Many people prefer to have Apache that can be connected with global IP address easily. The server created in such manner can be used to upload any PHP sites on a server.

Hosting Minecraft Server with Hamachi

Hosting Minecraft Server with Hamachi

Hamachi Application – Best for Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft is an online game program software in which multiplayer has permission to access different item collection, and also, it allow user for developing items according to their will. In Minecraft server hosting you can play on your own server just by installing the software and can invite your friends for more fun. Server hosting allows users to configure and customize settings according to the requirement. In this game, multiplayer or team of players tries to kill or defend other players in the given time slots. Every game depends on time slots, so it is. Anyone of the team has to kill another team for winning the game in given slots. The graphics of this game is very interesting and has virtual feeling thus online gamers now preferring online gaming more. Your imagination changed into reality with these types of gaming. Minecraft hosting is best for online gaming as you have the freedom to do anything on the website. Hosting Minecraft Server with Hamachi program offers you and your friend’s full access of information on the site.

Install Hamachi Application Program

Hamachi is a virtual private network system that is very easy to set up and install as it does not require many steps for installing. To install it you need to log in and select hamachi from website menu and download it. With this, you can connect as many friends as you want. The installer takes some time in downloading the hamachi. When the download completes you can open “LogMeIn hamachi” client and then you can create your own private network by entering the name of your computer, and you then connect to hamachi. The same procedure will be applied to your friends for connecting with hamachi network.

Connect to Minecraft server

You need to log-in to the Minecraft server for connection and then you need to enter the IP address of your hamachi server which direct you to the game. After your connection, you can invite your friends for playing, and they will have to go through the same procedure. Once you and your friends are connected, you can enjoy and can do whatever you want to do.

Benefits of Minecraft server

On the server, only those people can play and make changes that have access permission. Every hamachi client assigned unique IP address for logging in for the first time. Hamachi is basically a VPN application used for establishing direct link connection over the internet. Thus having hamachi application with Minecraft server is a cherry on the cake as you get a lot of benefits such as you can increase computer network bandwidth for settling high traffic when required and remove it when not necessary. In the same way, you can expand RAM space, hard disk space for more files. The server kept your data safe and protected and only permitted users can access those files. You are playing on the server thus; you can easily identify the server by IP address therefore no problem occurs in terms of server redundancy. These are some of the benefits which give full freedom to use Minecraft server.

Integration Server Hosting

Integration Server Hosting

Overview Integration Server Hosting

Host integration server is an application that provides connectivity between windows network and IBM mainframe systems. It allows mainframe and server to work together but only when they are correctly installed and configured. It allows enterprises and organizations to serve data to their clients from different host server platforms. It is a powerful tool used to combine data, message, programs, and systems into existing web applications. Due to this integration, HIS can efficiently and securely connect new system to existing one which reduces a lot of development costs and make huge capital savings. Host integration server 2010 offer various tools and technologies that deliver new solutions to organization developers, administrators keeping host system integrity and performance preserved. With the help of it, enterprise developers provide application quickly, and it requires less coding system.

Features of Integration Server Hosting

It has various features such as network integration, data integration, message integration, application integration and security integration. In network integration, Windows applications like desktops, devices, servers, etc. are connected to existing mainframe system and reduce complexity and cost of network infrastructure. It is basically used to improve addressability and manageability of different networks. They can configure network settings and make the network secure from malicious attacks by encrypting the data thus the client can connect to the server and vice-versa. In data integration, HIS allow developers direct access of information from database management system and can record host file names of the system. Host Integration Server 2010 provide two connections one for connecting to mainframe database and second for connecting host file system. The application tool used for managing, creating, delivering and connecting data SQL server studio application is used. Thus, it is best for providing data warehouse solution.
In application integration, it allows organization developers to combine and extend transaction programs of the host by using .NET framework and visual studio application. Through transaction integrator, host developers can access and update applications of the server. Thus, network connection becomes stronger and safer. With transaction integrator, you can easily understand, read and print numeric data values. Message integration enables professionals to integrate Windows applications into existing programs, information, and messages through windows server. Application manually does the process through sending and receiving messages. Suppose if sent message failed thus the system manually respond to the failure and send a message about the failure. Thus, it keeps data safe and secure by converting the information into specific code. Security integration allows users to store data in encrypted form in database application which keeps data protected. Users can then retrieve data anytime. In security integration, professionals of enterprises, need to sign in for accessing the information. They can also configure auditing, accessing database, etc. Thus, these are some of the features through which you can host server and make changes according to the requirement.

Security of Integration Server

In security, network integration, data integration, and application integration are considered. As the data is on the network so to keep it safe from intruders, you can consider all these three features which play an important role. Due to this, a user without any tension can keep data on the network and whenever required accesses it.