Design Software List

Software design is the procedure of implementing software solutions to one or more sets of concerns. One of the main components of software design is the software requirements analysis (SRA). SRA is a division of the software development process that lists specifications used in software engineering. A software design may be as easy as a flow chart or text describing a planned sequence of events. There are also semi-standard technique like Unified Modeling Language and Fundamental modeling concepts. In either case, some documentation of the plan is typically the product of the design. Furthermore, a software design may be platform-independent or platform-specific, depending upon the accessibility of the technology used for the design.

Here is the design software list which makes the work easy and well designed.

  • Adobe Photoshop: Adobe Photoshop is a faster graphics editor urbanized and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. There is very little that cannot be done with Photoshop. It is always being one of the best designing programs, and it is recommended that the Photoshop makers should come up with more Photoshop programs.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor urbanized and marketed by Adobe Systems. Making up your personal designs in illustrator is so much fun.
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5: It is a pleasing combination of originality and control which left us pretty gob-smacked. This vector based illustrator software amalgamates photo editing and layout capabilities and has superior vector editing tools. It possesses more accurate color control and new web potential and you can re-purpose and carve up your creations anywhere with expanded file compatibility.
  • Adobe In Design: It is a desktop printing software application produced by Adobe systems. It can be used to craft work such as picture, flyers, brochures, publication, newspapers, and books. Graphic designers and production artists are the principal clients, creating and laying out periodical publications, posters, and print media.
  • E Adobe Flash: Adobe is a multimedia software platform for creation of animations, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, cell phone applications and Games. Flash exhibit text, vector graphics and raster graphics to offer animations, video games, and applications. It permits streaming of audio and video, and can imprison mouse, keyboard, microphone and camera input
  • E Coral Paintshop Photo pro.X3: Paint Shop Pro, which is the vital editing program, and Paint Shop Pro Ultimate, which bundles in other impartial programs, added artistic tools and plug-in. The particular bundled programs have diverse with each numbered version and have not been sold by Corel as separate products.
  • Vote E art rage 3.5: It is designed to be used with a tablet PC or graphics tablet, but it can be used with a usual mouse as well. Its mediums comprise tools such as oil paint, spray paint, pencil, acrylic, and others, using comparatively practical physics to simulate actual painting.
  • E Adobe Premiere: Adobe Premiere is a timeline-based video suppression software application. It is an element of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which comprise video editing, graphic design, and web development programs.
  • E Coral Paint: The application presents a broad range of traditional artists’ materials and tools. With the aid of a graphics tablet or computer mouse, the user is capable of replicating the effect of physical painting and drawing means such as watercolor, oil, chalk, charcoal and color pencil. There are also only some non-traditional items, like the Image Hose, pattern pens, F/X, Distortion and Artist tools for allocating artists to apply less conventional elements on an image.
  • E Wacom Tablets: E Wacom graphics tablet is a computer input device that enables a client to hand-draw images, animations, and graphics, with an unusual pen-like stylus, like the way a person draws images with a pencil and paper. These tablets may also be used to imprison data or handwritten signatures.

Design Software Online

When any user wants to run a business or start work for a large enterprise, then he needs some software. Therefore, he has to design software online for trading purpose. There must be some real-time collaboration to implement feedback regarding the software. There should be innovative content for users so that they will be influenced towards that organization. There are many online software available in the market for users in which many features are involved. By these software, user can easily access required feature to develop their projects. Some graphics related software are available to enhance the growth of their website. You can provide some attractive look to the web pages. Many users prefer Creative Cloud applications related to the graphic designing.

Main factors of design software online

1. Data Visualization.
2. Image editing.
3. 3D Software.
4. Vector art.
5. Photoshop plug-in.
6. Digital sculpting.
7. Adobe Flash Player.

Design Software Online Services

Some portals are designed to create more outstanding online graphic design products and photo editor for creating page layout. It also helps to design 3D logos and text. More graphic tools and resources are embedded into online graphics program that consists of vector image editor. It is used to design more advanced page layout functionality that is linked with each other. Some organizations are able to create attractive logos pages, graphics, drawings and banner images. The online image editor is available to create 3D text graphics and templates. Some features include like photo editing, image resizing and image cropping are connected to this service. There are some websites of online software given below:

  • Lucidpress incorporates to put the content at user’s fingertips. It is used to transfer text from Google Doc that is embedded with YouTube video or attaches photos from Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox and Google. This website creates images in the form of PNG, JPG, and PDF format. User can also share images via LinkedIn, Google+ and LinkedIn that is linked with his own webpage.
  • Inkscape: This website focuses on SVG format which is most preferred file format. It provides excellent SVG integration that supports more advanced features. These features include alpha blending, markers, and cloned objects. It provides full support for various color modes that is flexible with web designing. It has an ability to trace bitmap images that support illustrator files.
  • Blender: It is a free, open source 3D content suitable website which is available for all primary operating systems. It creates 3D animations and features include are texturing, modeling, rendering, compositing and graphics animation. It is also available at an affordable price so user can easily afford it.

Design Software Online

  • Sculptris: If anybody is interested in digital sculpting art then he can consider 3D software provided by this website. The software is perfect for all artists and finds some easy way to understand the concepts. Mainly, Sculptris is based on Pixologic’s ZBrush, which is most widely used digital sculpting nowadays.
  • It is a free web-based infographic tool that provides a dozen of free templates to start the process that can be customized easily as per the requirement. User can get many features like shapes, arrows and connector lines that can modify text with fonts, styles, sizes and colors. The tool is used to upload the desired graphics and make position by one touch.

Design Softwares

Software design is together a process and a model. The design Softwares process is a series of steps that enables the designer to portray all aspects of the software for building. Imaginative skill, past knowledge, a sense of what makes “good” software, and on the whole commitment to quality are examples of critical success factors for a competent design. It is significant to note, however, that the design process is not always a straightforward process. The design model that is shaped for software provides a variety of different views of the computer software. Basic design principles facilitate the software engineer to navigate the design process.

Principals which are to be Adapted

Experts propose a set of principles for software design, which have been adapted and extended in the list below:

  • A good designer should deem alternative approaches, judging each based on the necessities of the problem, the resources available to do the job.
  • Because a single element of the design model can frequently be traced back to multiple requirements, it is essential to have a means for tracking how necessities have been satisfied by the design model.
  • Systems are constructed using a set of design sample, many of which have likely been encountered before. These patterns should always be selected as an alternative to reinvention.
  • The structure of the software design should, whenever possible, impersonate the structure of the problem domain.
  • The design is uniform if it appears fully logical. In order to achieve this outcome, policy of style and format should be defined for a design team before design work commence.
  • The design should be reviewed to minimize Conceptual errors

Well- designed software should never “blast”; it should be designed to hold unusual circumstances, and if it must finish processing, it should do so in an elegant manner. Even when detailed ceremonial designs are created for program components, the level of construct of the design model is higher than the source code. The only design conclusion made at the coding level should address the small implementation details that enable the procedural design to be coded. There is sometimes a tendency to focus on minutiae when the design is reviewed, missing the forest for the trees. A design team should make sure that major conceptual elements of the design (omissions, ambiguity, and inconsistency) have been addressed before upsetting about the syntax of the design model.

Design Deliberation

There are many aspects to deem in the design of a piece of software. The importance of each consideration should imitate the goals and expectations that the software is being shaped to meet. Some of these aspects are:

  • The software is able to work with other products that are intended for interoperability with another product.
    New potential can be added to the software without major changes to the original architecture.
  • The resulting software includes well defined, self-determining components which lead to better maintainability. The mechanism could be then executed and tested in isolation before being integrated to form a preferred software system.
  • A measure of how easily bug fixes or functional modifications can be accomplished. High maintainability can be the creation of modularity and extensibility.
  • The software is able to carry out a required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.
  • The skill to use some or the entire feature of the preexisting software in other projects with modest to no alteration.
  • The software is able to function under stress or tolerate erratic or invalid input.

Design Software App

If anybody wants to create an app for his organization, product, blog or service then he will be able to design at an affordable price. Nowadays, the most outstanding thing is in mobile are a lot of tasks is required. So, many mobile platforms are easily available which can provide quick help user to build an app on a budget, and no coding knowledge is required. A user can easily design his mobile website by using mobile apps. The advantage offered to a customer of dedicated mobile experience that involves engagement, revenue, and awareness. By using iBuild app maker, one mobile app is easily reachable to clients. A user can design single app for Android phones, iPhone, and tablets. This app allows businesses to create mobile apps in fewer minutes.

Key factors of Design Software App:

1. eCommerce Store.
2. Analytics.
3. Promotional Tools.
4. Mobile Solutions.
5. Custom Development.
6. Testing of application.
7. Configuration Management.

Design Software App Services:

The precious time and efforts and application software impact, as well as Application Tracking Software, want to fulfill its requirement in a very outstanding way. Mostly software provides a facility to major Application Performance Management organization’s experts that ranges from consultants and analysts to high-level vendors and users that they can give feedback. It will help to improve and enhance the overall performance which is a cause of those problems. There is a factor of application’s mobility which includes speed of IT computerization and movement. It can increase the memory efficiency also. The application named malloc () is used to allocate memory. Some essential apps are available which are as follows:

  1. Appy Pie: It is cloud-based DIY mobile app creation that enables users to create an app for Android, iOS, and Windows and then publishes to iTunes or Google Play. There is not anything that is to be downloaded or installed to design online his mobile app. The user can incorporate websites, social media feeds, audio, blogs, radio, and others.
  2. GameSalad: This app allows a user to design and publish games for different platforms that include Android, iOS, OSX, and HTML5. It is a drag and drop platform that allows a user to start app quickly without any requirement of programming knowledge. The features include actor and scene editor where a user can spend his time in game creation time, actors setting and designing images, sounds, attributes and actors navigation. The community forum is vast by accessing advice from game designers. It is available at an affordable price for Pro Image.

Choose Design Software App

  • Bizness Apps: It offers a platform which will help a user to design mobile apps for organizations which are a simple process. The useful features are available such as loyalty programs, dynamic content, shopping cart, food ordering, third party integrations, comprehensive analytics and push notifications. A user can update his app instantly online, modify without having any app for an update with Google or Apple.
  • It is a cloud-based mobile app builder by which user can create apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone that includes Apache Cordova by accessing built-in substituent. The builder runs on cloud platform which will have not anything to download and install. It includes features like visual editor used to drag and drop components to create UI.

Design Software Free Download

Design Software –Process of Implementing Complex Systems

Software design is the process by which an agent generates a specification of a software artifact, intended to achieve goals, using a set of primordial components and subject to constraints. Software design may refer to either all the activity concerned in conceptualizing, framing, implementing, commissioning and ultimately altering complex systems” or the activity following requirements specification and before programming, Software design typically involves problem-solving and setting up a software solution. It includes both a low-level constituent and algorithm design and a sophisticated, architecture design. Software design is the process of implementing software solutions to one or more sets of troubles. One of the main components of software design is the software requirements analysis (SRA).

Draw, design, edit and create –it’s free

Not everyone has the money to spend kitting themselves out with the most expensive graphic design software, chiefly when starting a new business or embarking on a new career in design. Many will default to a variety of suite of applications, but for those who desire to do the groundwork, there is a set of free graphic design software out there that can do the job just as well. So scroll through this list and try out a few applications included in the design software free download–

  • SVG: SVG is an open format that allows you to replicate your Vector drawings programmatically, and one of the good projects is SVG-Edit. It is built entirely on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript without involving any server-side processing.
  • Inkspace: Inkscape is a highly capable editor has an excellent SVG integration, supporting many of the most advanced features
  • Drawplus: DrawPlus is designed to be intuitive in use and has an extensive range of tools that mirror functionality in Illustrator but in a more convenient manner.
  • Pixlr: Pixlr declares to be “the most well-liked online photo editor in the world,” which may have something to do with the fact that it’s free graphic design software.
  • Sumopaint: Sumopaint is a highly capable browser-based image editor. All the customary features you’d expect from a desktop tool are present and correct
  • Daz Studio: Daz Studio is a 3D figure customization, posturing, and animation tool that facilitates artists of all skill levels to create digital art using virtual people, animals, props, medium, accessories, and environments. With Daz Studio, you can create custom 3D characters and avatars, design effective environments, produce graphic design elements and much more.
  • Sculptris: Sculptris is based on Pixologic’s ZBrush, the primarily used digital sculpting application in today’s market. So, when you’re ready to move on to the subsequent level of detailing, skills learned in Sculptris can be directly translated into ZBrush.
  • Houdini: Houdini is a 3D animation and visual effects tool used broadly throughout the media industry for film, broadcast, entertainment, and visualization this free web-based infographic tool offers you a dozen free templates to start you off, which are easily customizable. You get admittance to a library of things like arrows, shapes, and connector lines, and you can customize the text with a variety of fonts, colors, text styles and sizes. The tool also lets you upload your graphics and pose them with one touch.

Design Software for Civil Engineers

Nowadays many software programs are available for civil engineers in every area. Some civil engineers are perfect in few areas such as structural engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, hydraulic engineering, construction management, land surveying, and project. The fashion for implementation of software programs into civil engineering has started for future reference to enter the twenty-first century.

Today, this style is applicable in this field which targets on continuing educational centers. The application land surveying relies on industry computerization. Civil Designer is an excellent example of design package which incorporates drawing, data gathering, design system and surface modeling for an infrastructure of civil engineering.

Consulting engineers can take advantage of insight software which can provide concerned services. The general purpose software used in the same manner at the rate of design software.

Key factors of Design Softwares:

1. Computer-aided design.
2. Project management software.
3. Softree Optimal.
5. Autodesk.
6. Auto TURN.
7. RFEM.

Design Softwares for Civil Engineers Services:

Another important thing is that civil engineers utilize the software programs for the use of designing site infrastructure and also for maintaining it. AutoCAD Civil 2012 delivers the ability to make streamlined applications and Autodesk programs which make it cheaper and easier for engineers. Therefore, above programs become faster than the previous versions having the capability to link more information. The infrastructure design relies on estimates of pressure, drainage, load, and flow. The continuous change in the project is very common in starting vast scale industry. The process of technical input of overall stakeholders at different stages and development phases is very simple. Some necessary software is available for the use of civil engineers are:

  • CloudCalc: The free structural analysis software in the cloud utilizes structural engineering for free cloud computing. The cloud-based interface users to collaborate, device independence and receive all updates of software automatically. The official website of this software is cloudcalc. Customers can sign up quickly on this site.
  • AutoTURN: The CAD-based software used for vehicle simulation maneuvers for transportation designed by Transoft Solutions. The software tool is used to measure vehicle and aircraft movements.
    Construsoft: It offers programs like 3D modeling system for steel structures, Xsteel, concrete, and timber which are used to analyze plates by using finite element method. The programs and finite description services offered. The programs structures developed as per the requirement. This software is precious to users.
  • Ezicad: It incorporates a package for contour routines and COGO and road design. The program downloaded for a free trial of 14 days.
  • Design Softwares: Inlet Master: It is a hydraulic program which can help to design and analyze a performance of inlets. It allows complete network inlets analysis.
  • Wallingford Software: The software makers for water industry includes features like data management and network modeling software to support operations and planning in water distribution, river management, and sewerage provision.
  • UnderSee Explorer: It is easy to use software to generate grids and contour charts. In real time mode, it is an automated collector linked to NMEA devices like navigation on the PC screen, real-time visualization, and GPS/Sounder. It is currently used by many companies and available at affordable price. There is a facility of downloading of free trial and 100% money back guarantee.

Magento E-commerce Hosting

Every millisecond and every small transaction matter to your business. That is why poor website performance, security vulnerabilities, and unreliable infrastructure can ruin the best-laid online revenue generation plans. Whether you have tangible goods or intangible services, there are many challenges you have to face to execute your e-commerce strategy.
Delivering consistent and fast page loading, securing cardholder data, matching infrastructure resources to seasonal demand, and keeping up with compliance requirements are few of the never ending hurdles to success.
E-commerce hosting helps Internet retailers to overcome from these hurdles. They offer optimized and scalable infrastructure resources which are designed to meet the stringent security requirements of the PCI DSS standard. It offers unmatched levels of performance and security to your website. These eCommerce companies can deal with all sizes and all types of companies successfully to build online businesses.

E-commerce Website Hosting Features

eCommerce Website Hosting has various features, some of them are – Managed Firewalls, PCI DSS Compliant Infrastructure, Relentless Intrusion Detection, Vigilant Web Application Firewall, Log Management and Review, Fast Fiber Network, Experienced Team of Experts and many more.

E-commerce Website Hosting Benefits

The benefits of eCommerce Website Hosting are – Deliver a Compelling Experience and Performance, Speed to PCI DSS Compliance, Proven Reliability, Expert Support, globally approach, easy to use & handle, great control and many more.

Magento Website

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also controls over the look, content, and functionality of the online store. It offers search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalog-management tools. It enables about anyone to sell anything online. It provides an automatic Magento installer, which makes the install process as easy as a click of a button.


PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. It supports payment gateways, like Authorize.Net, Direct Pay, Google Checkout, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) and EBANX Checkout through their respective APIs. Further payment modules are offered commercially.

B2C eCommerce Site

B2C refers to the online selling of products, or e-tailing. In B2C retailers or manufacturers sell their products to consumers over the Internet. It is one of four categories of e-commerce, along with B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and C2B (customer to business).

Magneto Features

Magento employs the MySQL / MariaDB relational database management system, elements of the Zend Framework and the PHP programming language. It applies the conventions of model–view–controller and object-oriented programming architecture. It also uses the entity–attribute–value model to store data.

Trusted E-commerce

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce in today’s scenario. It has customization options and ease-of-use which make it perfect for everyone from beginners to seasoned online sellers.
Growing Volume
Magento ensures a stable platform to grow your e-commerce business. It increases your products, customers, and volume.

Over 200K Downloads

Magento is currently used by 240,000 online merchants. A number of users are a testament to its usability and scalability. It has thousands of extensions available to customize your Magento experience.

Magneto E-commerce Hosting

These Magneto Hosting Companies have experienced, dedicated & skilled technical support staff. They are always there to help & assist you. These companies also offer money back guarantee & free trial facility. There are lots of best Magneto E-commerce Hosting companies in the market, which offer various features, such as – Control Panel, Email Features, Application Hosting, Green Web Hosting, Award-Winning Support, Programming & Databases, Web Hosting Features, freebies and many more.

E-commerce Hosting Company

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is the facilitation of trading in products or services by using computer networks, like – the Internet. It draws on technologies such as electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, supply chain management, online transaction processing, Internet marketing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, etc. Modern electronic commerce usually uses the World Wide Web for at least one part of the transaction’s life cycle. It also uses other technologies such as e-mail.

eCommerce Website

It is simply any type of commercial or business transaction, which involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It mainly revolves around buying and selling of products online, both in the digital and physical way.

B2C eCommerce Site

B2C terms refer to the online selling of products, in which manufacturers or retailers sell their products to consumers over the Internet. It is one of four categories of e-commerce, which are B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and C2B (customer to business).

E-commerce Website Hosting

E-commerce website hosting is used as a platform to build online shopping & e-commerce websites. It comes with countless features and functionalities, like database support, payment processing services, shopping cart software and security features which are needed to run and manage a commercial website.
E-Commerce hosting companies understand customer requirements and provide the same with perfect precision. They provide shared website hosting for clients who are just building their site, virtual private servers for the customers who are requiring exclusive disk space and bandwidth, and dedicated servers for those who need greater control and scalability. These e-commerce hosting packages allow to build an excellent website which can deliver a compelling experience to your online shoppers.
These e-commerce hosting plans are available with unlimited email, domains, and disk space. These websites also offer great uptime.
These companies offer various services, such as –e-commerce web design, e-commerce marketing, professional setup, SSL certificates, e-commerce hosting & enterprise e-commerce. These companies are reliable & scalable & provide high security.

E-commerce Hosting Company

Mostly e-commerce hosting company offers 24/7/365 technical support. Their technical support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled & dedicated. They are always ready to help & assist you. You can build, manage and market your online store through the assistance of these companies.
These companies have various plans. You can choose any of the plans as per your need & budget. They have plans for one army business to small, medium & big organizations.
These companies offer you the facility of – a mobile checkout, various payment options, easy integration with easy startup facility. It helps you to get more customers, with great security, high sell and many more. These companies are adaptive in nature & also offer the facility of customization. Most of these companies offer money back guarantee too. So, there is no risk to try it once.
There are various e-commerce hosting companies which offer various facilities. These websites help you a lot to grow in the market. They offer you a platform to deal globally. They assist & support you to survive in the high competition atmosphere. They are technically advanced & bring something new on a regular basis.

Google E-commerce Web Hosting

E-commerce Website

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. It is simply any type of commercial or business transaction. It involves the transfer of information through the Internet. It mainly revolves around buying and selling of products online, both in a digital and physical way.

Online Shopping Cart

In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server. It allows the visitors t to select items for eventual purchase over an Internet site.

Magento Website

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It also offers control over the look, functionality, and content of the online store. It provides search engine optimization, powerful marketing, and catalog-management tools.

E-commerce Web Hosting site Offerings

Currently, there are lots of E-commerce web hosting companies available on the market. They offer you various facilities, some of them are – your domain name, nothing to setup, free domain, unlimited bandwidth, Content Delivery Network (CDN), automatic backups, no hidden fees, server central hosting, money back guarantee, free trial facility and many more.

E-commerce Web Hosting Features

E-commerce web hosting sites offer various features, such as – shopping carts, all features of the personal plan, advanced anti-spam protection, free static IP & SSL certificate, Stats2 web analytics, merchant account support, dedicated secure SSL certificate, toll-free 24/7/365 tech support, instant account activation, money back guarantee, unlimited email accounts, enterprise-class webmail, and many more.

E-commerce Web Hosting Companies

When you need to transact online business enterprise, then you generally look for hosting companies who cater for their e-Commerce needs adequately. These e-commerce hosting providers offer e-Commerce hosting packages to their clients. They have various plans. You can choose any of the plan or packages as per your need & budget. Whether you have one army business or small, medium or large organization, these companies have packages for you. These packages are customizable, so you can upgrade it as your business grows. You can also modify the package if you have any special needs.
Mostly e-commerce hosting company offers 24/7/365 technical support. Their technical support staffs are knowledgeable, experienced, skilled & dedicated. They are always ready to help & assist you. You can build, manage and market your online store through the help of these companies.
These companies offer you the facility of – a mobile checkout, various payment options, easy integration with easy startup facility. It helps you to get more customers, with great security, high sell and many more. These companies are adaptive in nature & also offer the facility of customization. Most of these companies offer a money back guarantee too. So, there is no risk to try it once.

Google E-commerce Web Hosting

Google is the biggest platform for E-commerce. This service is offered by Google to tracks and reports website traffic. It offers global visibility platform to a company. It helps a lot to grow your customers & business at the next level. There are various Google e-commerce hosting companies. Google assist & support you to survive in the high competition atmosphere. It is technically advanced & bring something new on a regular basis.

Top 10 e-Commerce Web Hosting

If someone is planning to conduct its business online, by selling their products and services using web, user always looks for the best e-commerce hosting company. However, unfortunately, people are not much aware of the top e-commerce hosting companies. So, here in this article, a brief description of the top 10 E-Commerce hosting companies is given. Have a look…

  1. Inmotion Hosting– It is considered as the best e-commerce hosting company. Excellent e-commerce features offered are shopping carts, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, domain registration for free, 99.9% uptime guarantee. It offers three hosting plans, first for start-ups or freshers, second for small businesses, and third for large businesses having 20-25 websites on a single account.
  2. BlueHost– One of the best e-commerce hosting provider, offers best e-commerce website features like shopping cart software such as Cube Cart, Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart and others. Several other features are offered, which includes SSL Certificate, Support of MySQL, Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, Unlimited Domains, Support of Perl, PHP and others at a nominal price of $4.95 per month.
  3. iPage– In the list of top e-commerce hosting companies, iPage acquires a position. It offers SSL Certification to conduct online transactions in a safe and secure manner. Great E-Commerce features it offers Security Suite, SSL Secure Server, Site Lock, Google Web Master Tools, Shop Site, shopping cart, site analytic software, free listing on the yellow pages.
  4. GoDaddy– It is listed as a top e-commerce hosting company along with Inmotion hosting. No. of great e-commerce features are offered which assist online websites. It includes free SSL certificate with premium DNS for free. Support for programming languages like PHP, Perl, Python is provided with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Various Shopping carts are also offered to promote online business.
  5. Fatcow– Fatcow, another great e-commerce hosting provider comes with several useful features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domains, free domain name and its registration for free. E-Commerce features or tools it offers are web stores such as Shop Site, SSL Support, Pay Pal Shopping Cart Integration, Power Pay. Marketing tools for electronic commerce it offers are $25 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit, $50 Google Ad Words credit, a free Submitnet basic plan and HubSpot’s Web Site Grader.
  6. JustHost– One of the best-rated hosting company, offers features to clients in unlimited qty. It includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited file transfers and unlimited domain hosting. Best e-commerce features it offers are a free SSL Certificate, support of SSL secure server, password protected directories and shopping carts such as OS Commerce, Agora, Cube Cart, Zen Cart and Open GPG/PGP.
  7. Hostmonster– A top-rated e-commerce hosting company offers e-commerce website hosting features like SSL secure server, Shopping carts like Agora & OS Commerce, Open PGP/GPG, password protected directories and generated certificate for free. With this, company also offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited IMAP e-mail account, unlimited POP3 e-mail account, SEO tools and a free search engine submission.
  8. Siteground– A popular and reputed e-commerce hosting company offers a great platform for setting up an online store. It offers more than 18 e-commerce apps, shopping carts like Magento and cPanel with 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24*7 customer support.
  9. UK Web Solutions Direct– A reliable and useful e-commerce hosting company having servers in UK offers instant setup, one-click installs via WHM and cPanel. Those require support for hosting e-commerce websites, options of managed server and managed VPS are provided by company.
  10. Layershift– One of the world’s top-notch hosting company offers specific solutions for e-commerce hosting. It offers Magento, a popular online shopping cart or an open source e-commerce platform with managed hosting services, simple install, and 24 hrs customer support. In terms of rendering security, it offers automated data backup in every 6 hours.

I hope after reading this article, one can take right decision in choosing best e-commerce web hosting company which cater to e-commerce needs effectively and deliver great and satisfactory results.