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Future Hosting is now offering its performance-managed Hybrid Server hosting plans of Pure SSD storage. All hosting facilities of company’s US and international are applied some upgrades. At price of the virtual server, performance of dedicated server provided by Hybrid Servers. Same virtualization technology of Virtual Private Servers is used by Hybrid Servers, providing considerable performance hike as depending on most reliable enterprise hardware. Some virtual servers running on every physical server by more guaranteed resources.FutureHosting

Company hybrid servers were made to provide the best performance, optimum flexibility, and greatest scalability at minimal price than equal to dedicated servers. No-compromise server hosting platform is created by shifting all Hybrid Servers to Pure SSD storage. Best and fastest technology is used to built.

The hybrid server is also known as Internet hosting and an aggregation of a physically-hosted server by virtualization technology. This server is a new type of dedicated server providing both cloud-computing flexibility and classic dedicated server. A user is allocated 100% hardware on hybrid dedicated servers. For dedicated servers, a price is lower.

Multi-level cell flash memory used by Pure Storage has more capacity of single-level cell memory for the same price. Data deduplication is a data compression software used by Pure Storage for marketing of FlashArray in complete with disk arrays of traditional rotating.

Pure Storage uses multi-level cell flash memory which has a higher capacity for the same price of single-level cell memory. Using software such as data compression known as data de-duplication, Pure Storage markets the FlashArray to compete with traditional rotating disk arrays. The company estimated FlashArray requires about 20% of the power and space required for traditional arrays. Pure Storage flash memory is packaged in shelves of solid state memory devices (SSDs), from two known suppliers, sTec, Inc., and Samsung

Storage of SSD which is pure increase responsiveness and performance in relation to SSD- accelerated and storage of hard drive. On SSD data is cached by acceleration and for a more storage traditional drive is used. Lightening-fast solid state technology for all data is used by pure SSD systems makes feasible for applications of I/O.web-hosting-concept

Hybrid server line of Future Hosting covers many tiers has features range from HYB 1 with 8 GB of RAM, 10,000 GB of bandwidth and 120 GB of Pure SSD storage to HYB 3 with 12 GB of RAM, 15,000 GB of bandwidth and pure SSD storage of 200 GB.

A performance of Future Hosting modified Hybrid Servers which are available from places across the US include Florida, Miami, California, Santa Clara and Michigan, Southfield with additional facilities in Australia, London, Brisbane and UK.

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