Hosting Review – ViaWest

ViaWest, a provider of hybrid colocation solutions in North America. As an industry leader, the company delivers support and personalized service to customers.

The company has introduced leadership webinar series focused on IT security with an objective to combat against data breaches and business risk. Users confidential information (classified corporate information, Address, Identities, Transactions etc.) could be in hands of attackers.

Luckily, Security: this new launch webinar Series titled with ”The State of Security: How to Survive in the Age of Cyberattacks’ and will take place on June 10, 2015, at 11 AM MDT. It includes security and reliability topics related to industries such as:-hosting-company-viawest

  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • E-Commerce Retail
  • SaaS providers

Webinar series also provide a number of security-related topics:-

  • Common missteps to avoid and best practices
  • IT Infrastructure Protection
  • Cost associated with Data-breach
  • Security developments during past year

Small companies which have less than 100 employees $3.5 million to recover from cyber attacks. Against these attacks company integrated with users and offer alternatives like:-

  • Engineered IT infrastructure Security
  • Address Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Shared-Hosting-Services-IndiaCompany coupled with fully compliant colocation and cloud services and dedicated compliance team to solve business issues and ensure IT environment are secure and always available.

It has created security package, designed to simplify how customer secures information and serve them with reducing risk.

In response to customer demand, Company has also launched three security products for users to consume most popular security:-

  • Perimeter Network Protection
  • Compliant Network Protection
  • Network Protection

The company has 28 data centers around the world with staffed by knowledgeable and expert customer support engineers. They offer upgraded power delivery equipment and energy efficient cooling.

ViaWest gives Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction by providing single point contact for all technical support needs for remote calls. Provides 24*7 technical support and on-site support engineers always available for customers.

A user can also take benefits of Support center portal for real-time visibility into system’s performance. It also entitled as One Stop Access Point For Reporting, Monitoring and Ticketing.

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