Website Security Solution Provider – Quttera

Services Offered

ThreatSign – Website Anti-Malware Platform

  • The company offers it as security-as-a-service (SECaaS) and an on-premise website anti-malware solution
  • Fully-managed environment: The service run in a distributed cloud environment and deployed on a private or hybrid enterprise cloud
  • Internal Server-Side (FTP/ sFTP) malware monitoring. It quickly removes malware and blacklisting.
  • External Monitoring (HTTP/ HTTPS) – Client Side malware scanning
  • Scalable bulk scanning
  • Uptime monitoring to alert upon down/uptime of website
  • DNS/ IP monitoring to track DNS attacks
  • Blacklisting removal: Enable organizations to secure their website portfolios. Hence, establish effective cyber risk management.
  • Furthermore, provides improvements to existing website security features.
  • Security analytics and metrics: Provides professional reports including email alerts and history

ThreatSign Benefits

  • Efficient and cost-effective malware solutions for websites

ThreatSign Technology

  • Uses a combination of threat intelligence gathered from millions of websites and URLs scanned daily all over the world
  • It uses patented malware scanning algorithms and proprietary malware removal frameworks.


CTO & co-founder: Michael Novofastovsky

Target Customers

  • enterprise-level website security to web hosting providers, managed service providers, IT solution providers, and the SMB market
  • Website of any size and complexity: supports sites created on any Content Management System (CMS) and hosted on any web hosting platform

What for Customers?

  • Provides hacking remediation support

Support: 24.7.365 by security experts and an incident response team

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