Web Hosting Review Aseohosting

Key Selling Points

  • Industry standard BGPv4 to peer with multiple Tier 1 network

Services Offered

  • Dedicated Servers and Shared SEO hosting in the United states and Europe

Data Center: Europe, Detroit, Michigan, USA

ASEOHosting Overview:

ASEOHosting is a well-known company which provides prominent solutions related to multiple IP hosting, reseller web hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting. ASEOHosting delivers best quality of various IP hosting services which can be used by the customers. These services are provided by a wide network of an organization and geographically collected IP addresses. Each ASEOHosting IP Hosting account is incorporated with the dedicated IPs for use of customer only. Dedicated servers provide power and freedom of unique class IPs. These accounts also include many tools like installing Word Press. In this hosting, the hosting packages have more IP space.

Reliability and Performance:

ASEOHosting delivers reliable hosting services. The dedicated server of the company provides power as per the requirement of the user. An organization that have less efforts regarding SEO to the Local Stack gains less profit and they are advised by some SEO experts to adopt some SEO techniques such as Google, reviews and directory citations having some plans like content creation and paid search advertising. The SEO strategy is long lasting during any change regarding search algorithms and origin of a platform.

Hosting Plans

Dedicated Server comes with the ASEOHosting provides many IP’s and root access to manage the user’s own server. This can handle entire websites at a particular place and mange whole control.

Word Press SEO Hosting service provides facility to manage website platform within control panel. This hosting comes with many unique class C IP addresses to share similar IP, address of IP in the same track. New websites are added quickly by one-click Word Press installation software and SEO plugins to gain new website.

Scrape Hosting involves website scraping which means during crawling of website, the business needs powerful infrastructure and requires hosting solution to analyze available information and get storage of that analysis.

aseohosting review

Features and Control Panel:

  • Domain Registration
  • EU SEO Servers
  • SEO Resources
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Database
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • File Manager
  • Perl/CGI/FrontPage Extension
  • Easy Word Press installation
  • cPanel and WHM are used as a control panel.

Target Customer: web developers

What for Customers?

  • Helps users to gain higher ranks in search engines
  • Provide multiple class C IP addresses on which user can host their blogs
  • Performance: web pages load faster for visitors from different countries
  • Deliver reliability through automatic failover and maintain connectivity
  • Provides Softaculus on cPanel
  • Fast processors.
  • Multiple IP hosting.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and email.
  • Scalable and Reliable hosting at affordable prices
  • User friendly

Money back guarantee: 30-days

Support: 24.7.365 by technical experts via email, phone, FAQ, blog, and Knowledgebase

Uptime: 99.99%

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