Latest News and Hosting Review JustCloud

Company Overview

JustCloud is one of the best web hosting providers, which offers online cloud storage and unlimited backup services. Only this web hosting delivers highly reliable and affordable data storage through user-friendly software. They do an outstanding job of backing up files instantly, safely and also allow access to files from any other device or computer around the globe. The Company provides features like file backup, sharing, versioning, syncing and restoring any kind of file, due to these benefits user can save time and money. This software is easy to use, works on Mac and Windows and free mobile app for Android and iOS.

With this, payment plans with 30-day money back guarantee and discounts with subscription for six months or more, excluding set up fee is provided. Clients can use their mobile app feature for sending file to send files via Facebook , Tweet on Twitter, Email. Company’s motto is to satisfy user’s need and keep them happy, for this it offers 14 day free trial, starting with 50MB storage space and up to 15 MB file syncing space, so that user can take proper time before choosing the web host.

JustCloud Pricing and Plans

The company offers three kinds of plans that are for Home/Personal, Business and Resellers with similar features but different storage space, customer accounts and number of licenses that can be added to basic accounts. User can save up to 30% by choosing for payment every three years.
User can opt for Home Plan which starts at $6.95 per month for a monthly subscription; Premium Plan monthly subscription of $7.95 and for Unlimited Plan client has to pay minimum $6.95 per month. Shorter the subscription, greater the monthly price for the service.

JustCloud Business Plan

Clients can choose between Business and Enterprise plan, and can customize plan according to their needs. Business plan offers 100GB storage space used on 5 computers for $19.95 per month. On the other hand, Enterprise plan provides access to 500GB storage space for $49.95 per month. The customizable plan includes 5TB storage space for $65.62 per month. Apart from prices, business plan includes free network drives support, unlimited user accounts and subaccounts, admin control panel, backup status monitor, business level support and email backups.

JustCloud Reseller Plan

In Reseller Plan, user will get choice of three payment plans for only $0.49 per month. It includes 100% automated backup, encrypted online storage and remote access. 500GB storage space plan starts at $9.95 per month, $0.08 charged for additional 1GB. The 1TB plan starts at $16.95 per month and $0.07 charged for extra 1GB. Best option in payment plan is 2TB reseller plan at $34.95 per month and for additional GB storage space they charge additional $0.06.

JustCloud Mobile App Feature

The company has mobile app for iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Window 8 tablets. User can view images and play music in the mobile app with other features such as ability to develop text file or draw doodle without opening separate app. Its photo backup feature in mobile app automatically adds copies of pictures into JustCloud account.

JustCloud Customer Service

JustHost help center is available on the website with step by step tutorials, FAQ’s, video tutorials, forum access and download and uninstall instructions. They deliver instant help to users for their queries. Issues or queries concern to billing, technical support and reselling can be sent through website’s ‘contact us’ form, dedicated email addresses. Company also maintains its online presences on social platform like Google, Twitter and Facebook.

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