Latest News and Hosting Review OVH

Company Introduction

OVH is renowned to be the third largest company in the world for web hosting. Established in 1999 with data centers in USA, UK, and Europe. OVH has a unique quality which makes it different from all other web hosting companies.
OVH data centers are certified as “Green centers” as they do not harm the environment. 700,000 customers around the globe and a clientage of 155 European companies out of 1000, makes it impressive for its clients. Along with granting freedom it also takes care of innovation which plays a big role in their success.’s first ARMv8 Based Public Cloud has launched the first-ever ARMV8 based public cloud in which Cavium’s CAVM provides storage, 1.26% flagship 48 core 64-bit ARMV8- A Thunder X processor. For wireless network-enterprise and data center, the company has used Cavium as its products are best in the market. From coming quarter onwards it will be made available for users.
As is always innovative in reducing a cost for the users. It’s ThunderX processors deliver an ideal building stock for RunAbove cloud and their customer gets to benefit from fine-grained control of a significant number of cores, 10/40/100 GbE networking, powerfully integrated accelerators, end to end virtualization enabled through virtSoC technology security, virtualization, deep packet inspection and packet processing.

Hosting Review OVH- OVH VPS Hosting

OVH VPS hosting is very flexible and powerful. A user can choose between VPS cloud and VPS classic. VPS classic applies only Linux OS regarding the operating system along with Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and other distributors. This cloud is available on Windows and Linux windows both. Furthermore, VPS classic and VPS cloud have four plans respectively, and each guarantees server resources and clients can choose a suitable plan based on specific demands.
VPS classic is based on 64-bit OpenVZ virtualization including 1vCore CPU, 1GB of 8GB RAM, 10GB to 100GB RAID, ten hard drive, 1IPV4, 1 to 10TB data transfer per month. Also, 1IPV6 IP address KVM, full root access, RESTful API, default web control panel, unlimited reboot, and reinstallation anytime, etc. Their VPS charges are one of the cheapest with prices starting from $2.99 per month and user can choose lease duration from 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. The company does not offer any money back guarantee, but its VPS service is safe due to low prices and short services term options.

OVH Excellent Uptime and Reliability

The company guarantees 99.9% uptime and reboot within 10 minutes in the issue of hardware failure. They have 15 data centers around the globe along with more than 1 million servers hosting capacity. All these locations are available with compliance, maximum physical security, infrastructure and record ecological achievement. The company deploys global fiber optic network to provide and maintain high speed and bandwidth. Although, its networks are backed up by high-quality routing facilities, high-security components, and anti-DDoS protection to ensure full control, energy efficiency, and VPS reliability.

OVH Customer Support

Company’s technical support team is ready to help their clients anytime, or whenever they need support, in fact, they have 5 minute response time. They also have highly skilled support staff, so they can answer any hosting related questions to provide help. Additionally, they have forum and blog to help with ensuring best hosting experience. No matter what kind of issues users confront, OVH support team supports through a free phone call and email.

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