Latest News and Hosting Review Realiablesite

Hosting Review Realiablesite

Company Introduction – Hosting Review Realiablesite

Key Selling Points

  • Long-time dedicated hosting provider
  • A financially stable and debt-free company

Establishment: 2006
Data Center Location: United States, Europe, South America and the Asia-Pacific area
Headquarters:  New York

Founder and CEO: Radic Davydov

Services Offered – Hosting Review Realiablesite

web hosting services and professional dedicated server

Dedicated servers, facilities include:
  • Low latency premium work and KVM over IP.
  • Network uptime SLA-100%
  • Complete redundant infrastructure
  • Cooling availability SLA-100%
  • Power availability SLA-100%

Different Servers type includes:

    • Quad Core Servers
    • Dual Core Server
    • 6,8,12,16,20 Core Servers.
    • Upto 20 CPU core

DDoS Protection:

  • Regular traffic unaffected
  • 10 to 50+ Gbps Protection
  • Included free with all servers
  • Server grade hardware

Target Customers: Individuals and businesses
What for Customers?

  • Provides greater stability and performance with the latest technology
  • Completely redundant service at every location
  • Reliable and quality service at competitive cost
  • Fully redundant data center with power cooling

Uptime: 100%
Reliability & performance
It is offering various reliable web hosting services to its customers at affordable & competitive price. It gives priority to reliability & redundancy on power, cooling & network. It empowers its customers to take full control on their server to perform well. Preventing data loss with software RAID at no extra cost is its special feature. Customer can choose in between SSD & HDD, in SSD speed increase with the size results in faster read & write option. In HDD more storage option is available.
Hosting plans is a dedicate server provider depends on Miami, Florida, New York technology. In server it has numerous options named quad core, dual core 6, 8, 12, 16 core etc, New York, Miami, Unmetered dedicated server, cheap server etc. with 7 days free trial. All plans are available with additional benefits. As a financially stable and debt-free company, a customer can depend on it to serve continuous reliable web hosting. Each dedicated server can be customized to include additional memory, hard drives, port speeds, and bandwidth. When a customer visits reliablesite website then he can find various options of hosting plans.

Features & Control panel
In realiablesite each dedicated server can be customized to include additional memory, hard drives, port speeds, and bandwidth. Every dedicated server is connected to their low latency premium network and includes KVM over IP, a fully redundant infrastructure. On-site technicians are available around the clock to assist with hardware and network related issues. Dedicated servers are ready for customers in 12 to 48 hours. They know the catastrophic effects and loss of revenue that can be caused by a DDoS attack and treat server security and uptime very seriously. It offer advanced settings to customize the protection specific to applications needs. It gives advance future proof technology with IPV6 for improved performance and security. . Each dedicated server is available with software RAID at no additional charge. RAID will add redundancy to prevent downtime and data loss from a complete drive failure. All of their dedicated servers can also be equipped with affordable backup storage option.
Reliablesite provide redundant power feeds, backup UPS, redundant generator. Cooler temperature allows server to perform faster. 24/7/365 support to solve problem quickly if arises. Whether it is RAM upgrade or simple drive swap reliable site have technicians to solve an issue as prompt as possible. Each facility is provided with optimal control of temperature according to different weather condition. Security with biometric verification & key guard for customer`s data is quite a priority. Reliablesite renders system administrator to customer whenever required. Ultimately it gives a support a customer can rely on.
Pros & cons
There are many benefits of using reliablesite servers. It is secured with various options, with support & control panel. Latest technology to serve to an individual or a company, it is for everyone. With a customer can take their content to the world because of globally connected network. DDoS protection with standard & enterprise options is available. Only problem with Reliablesite is that its refund policy is not clear.
Refund policy
Instead of refunding money back to customer, reliablesite has an option for resell server to anyone else. It has a separate link for resellers through those link customers are able to power the server on, pull up resource details, manage null routes and DDoS attack protection settings and logs, and more. Resellers enjoy having the ability to add or remove users and give their customers’ access to certain server details and advanced functions.
With reliablesite managing a dedicated server remotely shouldn`t limit options for performing basic and advanced tasks. Every server that they offer includes KVM over IP functionality and empowers customers to take full control of their server. Maintaining data integrity is typically an after-thought. They understand that data loss can be a major crisis and offer several options for preventing this occurrence. Each dedicated server is available with software RAID at no additional charge. RAID will add redundancy to prevent downtime and data loss from a complete drive failure. All of our dedicated servers can also be equipped with our affordable backup storage option. All of our FTP backup storage is RAID6 protected and monitored in-house for data integrity.

Latest News – Hosting Review Realiablesite

  • (September 05, 2017) Completed Network Upgrades to reduce latency and improve stability. Hosting packages would now include 20 Gbps DDoS protection.

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