Choosing dedicated server

Why shouldn’t I choose dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is powerful, yet expensive. If your site doesn’t require huge resources or third party applications to operate, you are probably not a candidate for dedicated hosting.

When do you need a Dedicated Server?

While simple, text-based sites are better suited for a shared server, enterprise-level web sites operate much more efficiently on a dedicated server because the dedicated hosting environment provides higher reliability, increased performance, greater security and exclusive use of system and network resources. Therefore, those sites that have high traffic, secure information, a high number of visitors or complex applications (i.e. e-commerce, dynamic content, database applications and multimedia applications) are better suited for a dedicated server.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated hosting offers many enticing features such as:


• You do not have to purchase or maintain your own equipment.

• Better website performance due to dedicated machine(s).

• No chance of your website being affected by another website on the same box, as in shared hosting.

The most disconcerting factor of the Dedicated Server Hosting is the cost but alas, there are other disadvantages such as:

• The cost is generally much higher than shared hosting.

• The Web Hosting Provider charges hefty monthly fees as you’re paying not just for the physical hosting, but also for the hardware on which the site resides. While in the short run this is cheaper than the large capital outlay required to get co-location up and running, over time this model is more expensive.

• The server is the property of the service provider, which means all you own is the data you put on the server.

• Unlike co-location, you cannot simply pick up your server and walk away if you’re unhappy with the service.

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